Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Rick Springfield

Hey everyone, in chat during the RS Marathon on Saturday night, several of us had a simultaneous "light bulb moment" and came up with what we think is a brilliant idea to show our support for Rick singing as Dr. Noah Drake impersonating rock star Eli Love on GH on August 23, 2007 (Rick's 58th birthday). AND we believe this would all allow us to celebrate Rick's birthday in a way we hope Rick would be very pleased with -- a win/win for all! So Ally (RS4 & JT.org) & I (Rosie) decided to get things moving. A big thank you to RSU for allowing us to post this here.

There are two causes this year we truly believe from the bottom of our hearts that Rick would be pleased to have us donate to as our birthday gifts to him. Therein lies the purpose of this post -- to give you all both of our ideas, and encourage you to give as you can to one or both. Rick has said in the past that in lieu of actual birthday gifts, he would prefer we donate to charity. We agree with his past request wholeheartedly, and figured we'd begin a campaign to do just that. We hope it will generate a lot of support!

What better way to give Rick a great birthday present, then to give to the charity featured (a real charity) on GH, in his name and on behalf of his fans? OR, to continue to give to Sahara Aldridge as we KNOW what a special place she has in his heart, and so many of ours, and her medical expenses are ongoing. Therefore, we have outlined the choices and steps to follow below.

Please note that we propose to collect the monies via PayPal and/or checks written out to the charities, and track them in an Excel database, and send all at once as one donation from the RS community to each of the charities below, a few days after Rick's birthday has passed. We will track the names of the donors so that we can let the charities know who participated, and it's okay if you want to be known as "anonymous", too. Anonymous always works!

Choice #1: LIFEBeat.Org
A wonderful charity option this year, we feel, is to give to LifeBeat that is being promoted on GH during "Eli Love's" upcoming concert to be broadcast on Rick's 58th birthday, August 23, 2007. For more information, please be sure to check out their wonderful website at http://www.lifebeat.org/index.cfm.

Yes, LifeBeat IS an actual organization and it's mission: "LIFEbeat is dedicated to reaching America's youth with the message of HIV/AIDS prevention. LIFEbeat mobilizes the talents and resources of the music industry to raise awareness and to provide support to the AIDS community." This really ties in well to General Hospital and the HIV/AIDS related storylines it has continued to give credence to since the Nurses Ball, and with Robin Scorpio having contracted HIV from her former lover, Stone Cates, and how it plays out even in today's storylines.

While anyone can certainly donate individually and directly at https://www.lifebeat.org/login.cfm/donate/true (note minimum donation is $10.00 if you donate directly online at Lifebeat.org), we thought it'd be cool to have a group effort and combine it as one HUGE (we hope) donation from the RS community. Therefore, what we have set up, if you choose to participate, is as follows. Please feel free to forward this information to other groups, blogs, and message boards if the spiRICK so moves you. The more the word gets out, the better for the two causes below.

1. This campaign drive for both options begins immediately, and ends on August 23, 2007 at midnight EST. 2. Rosie Malthaner will collect donations via PayPal and Allycen Farnsworth will collect the checks if you prefer to donate via that method. Rosie's PayPal address is RMM618@VERIZON.NET (please be sure NOT to put donation or raffle in the memo, just LIFEBeat, Paypal gets funny about these things) . If you want to mail a check or money order, please make them out to LIFEbeat, Inc., and contact Ally at Cockka2s@aol.com privately for her mailing address.

3. Everyone that donates will be tracked in an Excel database, and then the combined amount will be sent as one donation from the RS Community (with names of the donors) to LIFEBeat a few days after Eli's concert and song airs on August 23, 2007.

Choice #2: - Sahara Aldridge
As always, we want to continue to encourage you all to donate to Sahara Aldridge, too, as we know that she is so very important to Rick and to SO many of us. Therefore, that is another option we recommend if you wish to do something wonderful for Rick's birthday. More information on Sahara can be found at: http://saharaaldridge.blogspot.com/

1. If you wish to donate to Sahara's ongoing medical expenses and be tracked as part of the combined donation campaign and be part of the random drawing at the end of the campaign, please make your check or money order out "Sahara Aldridge "Slam Dunk" Cancer Fund," and mail it to Allycen Farnsworth. Contact Ally at Cockka2s@aol.com privately for her mailing address. Or you can contribute via Paypal at Rosie's email address RMM618@verizon.net (please be sure NOT to put donation or raffle in the memo, just Sahara, Paypal gets funny about these things)

2. Everyone that donates to Sahara that sends their check to Ally or sends a Paypal to Rosie will be tracked in the Excel database, and then the combined amount will be sent as one donation from the RS Community (with names of the donor) to US Bank a few days after Eli's concert and song airs on August 23, 2007.

NOTE: We plan to have a random drawing at the end of the drive(s) with all the donors for both campaigns, and give some fun Rick things away (what those will be, we have yet to determine..LOL)
Again, either of these options, we truly believe, would be a wonderful gift for Rick's birthday, AND most importantly, they both help out wonderful people and causes! Additionally, the LifeBeat one is a great way to promote his character(s) on GH, and his singing on the show as Eli Love as well. And to continue to give to Sahara, and remember her in our thoughts and prayers, is something that cannot be encouraged enough.

Of course, this shows to the world (not that we need to show the world anything, as we do not) what we here already know – Rick Springfield fans are awesome and very caring! Hey, who knows, perhaps the LifeBeat site will add a shout out to Rick on it's site!!!

In closing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rick, and a BIG thanks to all of you in advance.

Monday, July 30, 2007

392 days down the drain?

Patrick & Robin are concerned that they can't find either Anna or Noah and automatically assume the worst (in their eyes) that they are together. But low and behold a very rushed Noah (again dressed as Eli in the hospital) comes up to them. He wants to know if Patrick can cover for him at the hospital. Noah: "Can you cover for me? I've got to get to the Metro, (looking at his wrist) how does Eli get along in life without a freaking watch?" Patrick tells him: "You know he has people to get him where he needs to be when he needs to be" (Ok, so where is Ronnie when you need him? LOL) "Don't worry I've got ya" Patrick assures him. In Eli mode, fist in the air, Noah replies "Its all Rock & Love people" with a laugh and rushes off. Patrick & Robin immediately assume he is meeting Anna for a quickie.

Are you committed?
At the Metro Court, NoEl finds himself alone with the concert promoter. He is talking to her about how happy he is to do the show. She begins to quote Bono from U2 & NoEl has no idea what she is talking about and who he is. "You 2, Me 2" he responds and then plays it off as if he is hung over once he realizes his mistake. She tells him they need to talk over a few details for the show. (Shouldn't Anna be here to coach him???) Suddenly two fans come rushing up to him. "It is you!" "Can I have your autograph? I'm your biggest fan!" He signs something for them and then she asks for a picture. Of course he obliges but it looks awkward and the promoter notices. After they leave she asks him if he is feeling ok? She goes on to say he is "known" for being generous to his fans (just like Rick!) and she wonders aloud if he really is committed to the benefit? He assures her he is giving this benefit "Everything I've got" If she only knew! "I'll be in touch" she tells him and leaves him alone at the Metro Court.

Is that really you Bobbie?
All alone at the Metro Court, Noah calls Anna (not sure if he was actually talking to her or leaving her a message) and says he just got done with the concert promoter and he is dancing as fast as he can and he could sure use her. A waitress brings him a drink as he sits there. "One for the road Eli, on the house" "It's a little early isn't it?" he replies and she laughs. Enter Bobbie! She sees Noah and heads toward him a little surprised at his appearance. He tells her his is pretending to be Eli "Hyperventilate or ask me to me to underwear" That explains a lot she says. "Sometimes its fun, sometimes not" he tells her. She voices her concerns. "Sounds risky". He explains he is doing it for the cause, that LIFEBeat does some amazing work. "But what is it going to cost you?" she wonders to him. She asks him if he has been going to meetings or called his sponsor. 392 days sober he says. He also admits he is terrified of going on stage. "Once you get past the fear of having women throw themselves at you and guys wanting to be you, I think, I can do that for a few weeks" and laughs. Bobbie says: "It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it" Noah tells her "there was a time with my life was full of possibilities with very few regrets ... I'm enjoying taking chances again" Bobbie: "Just don't take the wrong chances ..... you've come so far" She gets ready to leave and asks him if she can take his drink with her. And she does. Bobbie returns to GH and asks Patrick to talk. Where she tells him about running into Noah and that he had a drink in front of him, he didn't drink it she assures Patrick, but the whole situation worries her.

Whats in the glass?
Noah once again left unattended at the Metro Court leaves a message for his AA sponsor telling him he is going to find a meeting. But before he can do that the waitress appears with another drink "from a fan". One of the girls before is sitting at a table across the room. He raises the glass to her, stands up and waves her over (what is he thinking??? Trying to make up for before perhaps). She of course jumps at the chance and comes over (ok, so who wouldn't? LOL) He apologies for not giving her enough attention before, had his mind on business is the explanation. He thanks her for buying tickets to the benefit. She tells him how much she loves his music and pushes the drink toward him. "The waitress said this is your brand?" "Here's to you beautiful" and takes a sip. (the look on his face leads me to believe it was not water)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Rick Springfield on TV in August

It seems that Rick is popping up all over the place in August! From GH to HD Net. Be sure to mark your calenders! And you can always check back here for the latest info. Click on the TV Schedule link to the right under categories to view all upcoming TV appearances, keep in mind that sometimes they are listed a week or two in advance so don't hesitate to keep checking the TV appearance link!


Thu., Aug 2 - 4:00 PM ET / 1:00 PM PT

Rick Springfield, the teen heartthrob who has sold over 17 million albums, is captured live in front of a sold-out concert at the legendary Coronado Theatre in Rockford, Illinois. Rick rips through a catalogue of 17 Top 40 hits from "Jessie's Girl", to "Affair of The Heart" and "Love Somebody". Turn up the volume and sit back and sing along with all the hits from the 80's.

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)

Wed Aug 8th 7pm est VH1

TV Land Confidential

Wednesday, August 8, 10:00 p.m. TVLand

MUSIC: What does it take to make a song a number one hit? Featuring # 1 songs and stars from the 60's, 70's, and 80's, this episode looks at the world of pop music. What happened when the Monkees met the Beatles? How did Motown turn out so many hits? Which Woodstock performer wrote a song in front of the half million people in attendance -and why? Viewers will hear inside stories about song-writing and get the real story behind songs like: "December 1963 (Oh What A Night)", "Jessie's Girl" and "I Will Survive."

General Hospital

The Eli Love/Dr Noah Drake storyline continues this week and through the month of August on General Hospital! On Aug 23rd (Yes Rick's 58th Birthday!) the storyline comes to a head with the much anticipated Eli Love concert featuring Rick's new song, Who Killed Rock & Roll and an appearance by his real life band. In addition, national non-profit LIFEbeat will be incorporated into the concert storyline to educate the audience on the worthwhile, real-life charitable organization that works with the music industry and those affected by HIV/AIDS. Stay tuned for more details and daily recaps of Rick GH appearances.

And the answer is.....did they, didn't they? That is the question!

Old Geezers?

We actually pick up right where we left off yesterday. Noah: "How do we get from Mrs. Fineburg's condition to me sleeping with your Mother" he asks in astonishment. Here's where it gets good...... Robin tries to dig herself out of the hole but it just gets deeper. "Noah forget I said anything. It's so none of my business, you and my mother are way over 18" Noah replies "Hey, watch where you're going with that". Robin continues to dig that hole. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean you're old geezers or anything like that. You're old enough to know what you want and know what you're doing". Patrick is just standing by not saying a word (not that I blame him). Noah comes back with "I know this hospital for a long time, its been a breeding ground for rumors and innuendoes, has someone been saying I've been sleeping with your Mother?" but as he actually considered this he seems amused. Robin is totally grossed out by this thought. Robin pleads "Please stop saying that!" Noah comes right back "You brought it up" and Noah wants to know why Robin is thinking like this. Patrick finally steps up to the plate. He explains the reason Noah & Anna just can't be involved because their children are. Right???

Nipping it in the bed, um bud

Noah: "All right, I'm going to nip this in the bed, (realizes his mistake and corrects himself) bud, look with all due respect, what Anna & I do or don't do is none of your business.........Don't you guys have anything better to do?" And he walks off leaving Robin and Patrick in the dust. She is convinced they are sleeping together and Patrick finally agrees. Robin thinks its Anna's doing but Patrick puts the blame on Noah.

Throwing cold water!

Patrick & Robin are discussing options on what to do about the situation. Patrick "Throwing cold water on our over sexed parents is something I could get around" Robin is in disbelief she even asked the question. The decide the strategy is to act as if it doesn't bother them and they don't care what Anna & Noah do or don't do. (yeah right!) Noah comes around the corner dressed as Eli (looking good in my opinion). Patrick asks him "Done for the day?" Noah: "Yeah, I'm going to see Anna, rehearse, practice the part in Eli's show where he pulls an audience member up on stage, you know sings to them. Should be fun" (Wonder where that idea came from? LOL) "That's nice" a casual Robin says. Patrick adds "Have a good time" and Noah leaves. Robin: "I need a drink!" Patrick: "This is war! It's either them or us!". (I only wish they would actually show us some of this rehearsal time with Anna! I guess we will have to wait and see! The fans on the soap message boards also seem to be coming around and enjoying this storyline at last. )

Flashback Friday

Ladies Long for Dr. Noah Drake on "General Hospital", But Rick Springfield Wants 'Jessie's Girl' - People Magazine - 8/17/81
"It takes some very fancy footwork to juggle two careers," says Rick Springfield, whose metaphor is as happily mixed as his professional life. These days he breaks hearts as the suavely busy bachelor Dr. Noah Drake on TV's No. 1 soap, General Hospital. And Rick also busts charts with his No. 1 single, Jessie's Girl, and his first gold LP, Working Class Dog. Say the Australian-born Springfield: "These are the ultimate rewards for a working-class dog - and much better than a bone."
The lean times do seem over for Springfield, 32 next week, who has been rocking none too successfully for 16 years and acting for five. "I always liked Jessie's Girl, "says Rick of the song he based on "coveting my friend's girlfriend a couple of years ago. I was surprised at how fast it caught on." As for General Hospital, he admits, "I'd never watched a soap opera before I started in March." He had, however, acted in one. Initially Springfield was concerned about how General Hospital would affect his "credibility as a musician." It helped that Beach Boy Brian Wilson and many disc jockeys confessed to being G.H. addicts. Besides, Springfield explains, "I started acting later than most people, and I want to learn as much as I can as fast as I can. Doing a soap is a great way to get your acting chops together." (continued)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rick Springfield to Sing For First Time on ABC's General Hospital

Performance Is Part of Show Integration
With National Non-Profit Organization LIFEbeat

For the first time ever on ABC’s “General Hospital,” actor and musician Rick Springfield will sing on the multi-award winning daytime drama, it was announced by Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group. Airing on Thursday, August 23rd, Springfield will perform the song “Who Killed Rock ‘n Roll?” from his upcoming album due for release in early 2008. In addition, national non-profit LIFEbeat will be incorporated into the concert storyline to educate the audience on the worthwhile, real-life charitable organization that works with the music industry and those affected by HIV/AIDS.
In storyline, Dr. Noah Drake (Rick Springfield), his son, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson), and Dr. Robin Scorpio (two-time Emmy® winner Kimberly McCullough) tell hospital patient and rock star Eli Love (Rick Springfield in a dual role) that he needs emergency surgery and must cancel his appearance in a charity concert benefiting LIFEbeat. Enter Anna Devane (Emmy® winner Finola Hughes) who quickly devises a plan to transform Dr. Noah Drake – who strikingly resembles the rocker – into the musician so that the show goes on as scheduled. Pandemonium ensues as Dr. Drake tries desperately to become the rock star for whom he is “pinch hitting.”
“We love to find new, fun ways to keep the genre fresh, and this story fits nicely into that plan – good story and a fun ride. Too boot, we are happy to partner with LIFEbeat in their mission to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS,” commented Mr. Frons.
“The town of Port Charles is literally going to rock,” says Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps. “Long-time viewers as well as Rick Springfield fans will be entertained, while new viewers will see why ‘General Hospital’ is appointment television.”
The on-air concert culminates a show integration that began earlier this month between “General Hospital” and LIFEbeat with numerous script mentions – including the organization’s web address – as well as banners used in set decoration throughout the series, including a special benefit event at the Metro Court Hotel’s rooftop restaurant. “General Hospital” has been consistently committed to exploring issues and experiences around HIV/AIDS, including one of their continuing storylines about Dr. Robin Scorpio, one of the first characters on television to be infected and diagnosed with HIV.
“We at LIFEbeat are thrilled that ‘General Hospital’ has chosen to bring additional awareness to the HIV/AIDS epidemic -- which still infects 40,000 new people a year in America -- by writing a real AIDS organization into the storyline,” emphasized LIFEbeat Executive Director John Cannelli. “As the music industry’s AIDS organization, part of our work is to bring HIV/AIDS prevention awareness and education to young people through our concert outreach programs, so this opportunity to reach the huge ‘General Hospital’ audience with our like-minded message is just amazing!”
Based in New York City, LIFEbeat is dedicated to reaching America's youth with the message of HIV/AIDS prevention. LIFEbeat mobilizes the talents and resources of the music industry to raise awareness and to provide support to the AIDS community. Over the years, LIFEbeat has emerged as a leading advocate for prevention efforts directed at youth. Recognizing that music has always played a significant role in the lives of young people, LIFEbeat has carved out a unique niche by effectively using the power of music to reach this population. For more information visit: http://www.lifebeat.org/
Recently awarded three Daytime Emmy Awards and the winner of more Outstanding Daytime Drama Emmys ® than any other show, “General Hospital” celebrated 44 years of broadcasting on April 1, 2007, and is the longest-running dramatic serial on ABC, having aired its 11,000th in 2006. “General Hospital” consistently rates as one of the top-rated Daytime programs in Women 18-49.
“General Hospital” was created by Frank and Doris Hursley. Jill Farren Phelps is the executive producer. Mary O'Leary, Mercer Barrows and Michelle Henry are producers. Bob Guza is the head writer. “General Hospital” airs Monday-Friday (3:00-4:00 p.m., ET, 2:00-3:00 p.m., PT) on the ABC Television Network and on SOAPnet at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Did you sleep with my Mother??????

Talk about an episode full of Noah! And a happy Noah at that! Patrick & Robin are discussing the situation with their parents. Robin is worried that Noah is getting more involved with Anna than she would really like. Where is Noah anyway, she had paged him a while ago. Noah finally appears in a very good mood I might add thanks to the night before (cocktail party-remember its soap time-a day can last a week lol) "Sorry I'm late guys. It was one hell of a night!" Noah explains.

Looking like a Rock Star

Noah is reviewing a patients chart as Patrick starts asking him "Your really getting into this thing aren't you?" Noah thinks he is talking about the patient, but Patrick quickly corrects him, "The whole Eli Love thing". Patrick tells him he has the moves, Noah smirks and says he has to be convincing. Epiphany comes through with the student nurses (the ones from Night Shift) and one of them says "Oh, look who it is!" thinking he is Eli. Noah introduces himself and Patrick adds he is his father. Another one of them comments on his likeness to Eli Love. As the nurses walk away one says "two generations of hot!" Epiphany says there not there to "fawn over Doctors and wanna be Rock Stars!". "It's getting worse" Robin says. Noah disagrees. "It's getting better, until I introduced myself they thought I was Eli Love" "When I'm on stage, if I can fool the fans that's the whole point isn't it?" Robin says Anna is his biggest fan. Patrick adds she is the one making the difference, she is amazing. Noah "yes she is I give her full credit, she's amazing" Robin adds that he was totally against it at first. "I didn't think I could pull it off, I'm actually enjoying it" Patrick says "Look at the nurses practically throwing themselves at you. Anna takes you under her wing, she has you walking the walk, talking the talk. She is pretty amazing isn't she?" Noah: "You have no idea!" (Uh-oh)

Where were you last night dad??

Still at the nurses station, Robin asks where Noah & Anna went last night. Anna wanted to get away from the groupies Noah explains. Rehearse, focus, work on the songs. Robin "Where did you do this exactly?" Noah says innocently "My place. We worked pretty late so I whipped us up a little pasta dinner". Robin & Patrick continue to question him. "We worked until 2 this morning" Patrick: "Wow that's dedication" he continues to grill him. "So hows it going?" Noah laughs, "Anna says I should picture having great sex while I am singing, you know what, it works" with a smirk on his face. Noah starts talking all about Anna with a little sparkle in his eye. "She knows everything about Eli". Robin asks if they talked about any thing else . Noah says yes, some of her adventures.... Robin: "did she tell you she is basically an adrenaline junky ... she's a great Mom but as far as relationships go" .... Noah : "who said anything about a relationship here" Robin: "I'm sorry I was just curious." Noah explains that Anna is really fun, had him laughing with story's about trying to make it to Eli's concerts. Noah: "I want to do a flawless performance. I owe Anna that much" Patrick: "What about Life-Beat not to mention" Noah a little distracted (thinking about Anna perhaps?) "Yeah, right, right"

Extra curricular activities

Patrick & Robin are still talking about Noah & Anna. Robin is afraid of their extra curricular activities. Robin is a little more paranoid than Patrick at this point. "Do you think it happened already?" she asks Patrick. He kinda plays it off. Robin is really grossed out by the idea. A little away from the desk, Noah is on the cell phone obviously with Anna. He has a cute smile and talking and laughing. He is making a date to work on the Eli stuff with her for tonight. He is asking her to come to his place, asking her if she wants dinner. See you at 7!. Noah hangs up, smiles to himself and turns around to face Patrick & Robin. He starts to ask about a patient and Robin comes right out and says: "Are you sleeping with my Mother?" Bam! right to the point!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rick on Good Day LA

Wow, lots of Rick press today (albeit local LA..... hurray for the internet).
Rick appeared on Good Day LA this morning. He talks about GH and young Hollywood. The interview is up on their website. Also check out the additional interview under "web extra", where he talks about the Christmas cd, his upcoming trip to Australia, and his dog Gomer, among other things. Click here to check it out.

Rick Tells All to Star 98.7 in L.A.!

Below is a general transcript of Rick's interview this morning with LA's Star 98.7. Lots of great tidbits here, so enjoy!

RS On LA Radio

What is the #1 Question you get asked about JG?
“Was there really Jessie’s Girl…”

Banter back and forth about the word moot and the fact that RS lives “here” (“Not in your studio, but in the area”).

Talk about the “Huge” show coming up at the Gibson Amphitheater…”When is that?” RS: “Not sure..” and they remind him of the date. Info on how to get tickets…joking about how the ladies will all be going to the show.

DJ talks about his parents going to a show in CT and enjoying it. RS: “We have a great live show, high energy, a great band, people are surprised at how heavy the songs are.” He says he was listening back to JG and it was hip for the time, but they play the songs much harder these days. “It’s the show I always wanted it to be,” these days.

The female DJ goes on about the live show, how Rick stage dives, and how the ladies love it because they get to touch RS, and he says “My ass is more like it.” The male DJ talks about how great the guitar licks are in Jessie’s Girl, how recognizable the song is immediately and how it has stood the test of time. RS states he’s proud of the song.

The female DJ talks of how Rascall Flatts performed a karoke tribute live in their studio and RS talks of seeing a video of it on the internet and how he enjoyed it. “It’s one of those songs that people have fun with…it’s gone beyond anything I did.”

New RS Music: “I’m leaving for Alaska tomorrow with my youngest son Josh tomorrow, but we have to master the new record…we just finished the new record, a Christmas record. We were really concerned about it, because I love Christmas music, and I hate Christmas Rock records. It’s not going to be a rock record, very traditional. I want something really mellow, something cozy. On Christmas night, I put on Nat King Cole, something contemporary, that kind of vibe. It came out, apart from the surf song, it came out really great. We did a surf version of Deck the Halls, deck the halls with longboards.”

“It was a spiritual record to do. I was raised Christian, I went away from it to Buddhism, and searched other spiritual paths, but the core of that thing is still in me, you know? It was really actually amazing to sing these songs, it’s about a spiritual connection. You know, a lot of amazing music too. You know, ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’, the chords are brilliant. It was really exciting to do the record. I wrote an original song for the record, called ‘Christmas With You,’ which is what the album is going to be called. It’s kind of a tribute to being away from home. We were thinking of the soldiers in Iraq. We’re dedicating, we’re giving the proceeds of that song to the widows and families of soldiers who died in Iraq. We’ve been in touch with them, and we’re going to do a video with the faces passing across. It’s not a political statement about we shouldn’t be there or anything, it’s just a show of respect for the debt that has been paid. My dad was a lifer in the Army, and I was in Vietnam in 68-69, entertaining the American troops. So it’s not something I’m saying, ‘Hey, let’s see what’s hot.’ It’s something that is very dear to my heart. The families have been really amazing, very behind it. We’ll put the song up so they can go to a special website so they know it’s not any kind of political statement. It’s just a supportive thing.”

“I’ve had conversations with…you know, Martin Sheen, we know them, and they’re always super political. Some of the things I disagree with, I used to disagree with, I’d say, ‘What are you doing this for? Why don’t you do this over here or there?’ He actually said a great thing, he said: You do all you can. You can’t do everything. You do whatever you can with what you have in front of you. Whatever moves you. That really hit home to me. So now I see a piece of paper or plastic on the ground, I’ll pick it up. My mom always said, you’ve got to do your part.”

“We just bought a hybrid vehicle. It’s kind of almost a joke to a degree, but it’s still doing what we can.”

Banter about Christmas records, RS promises to come back during the season to talk more and play some of his record, stating he wanted to do something he was really proud of, and that he’s very happy with it. Apart, of course, from being attacked by a seal at the photo shoot for the record. He talks of how they put a lit Christmas tree on the beach for the shoot since there was shockingly no snow in LA for the shoot. “There’s a shot of me with absolute horror on my face and this very unChristmasy seal with his mouth open ready to chomp me.”

The interview ends with a ticket giveaway, and Rick jokes that maybe “Eli Love” will come to the show…but alas, the DJs clearly don’t watch GH and the joke falls flat. We get it!

To hear this clip for yourself, surf on over to: http://www.rickspringfield.us/library/multimedia.html

Thanks to Laurie B. for passing on the interview!
(photo by Susan Fortune)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Here's to the good stuff!

We jump right into the cocktail party where Anna & Noah/Eli are doing shots. Noah seems to be warming up to the role of Eli "Here's to the good stuff" "Party!!" he proclaims. As Anna & NoEl (yes I am using the nickname from the soap message boards) continue to do more shots "Here's to my vocal cords" Patrick looks on, getting madder by the minute. NoEl gives a speech, acting pretty buzzed I might add, "We're here to party and get drunk and raise some money for sick kids" Anna continues on, plugging the concert and says "Eli is going to Rock the house!" to lots of applause and cheers. Patrick watches from Robin's side looking quite pissed off.

Blast from the past
As Anna & NoEl are walking away from the bar a groupie approaches them that apparently has slept with the real Eli. She reminds him about her time with Eli in Cancun and she asks to go back to his room later Anna cuts in and says "he is soo busy" later .... the groupie says .... call me when you lose the baby sitter. He pretends to remember her but Anna bails him out before any damage can be done and she walks off. Patrick storms up to them and rips the drink out of his hand and says this is over NOW!.

Did I blow it for him?
Patrick & Robin are talking outside and this is where we find out he now knows it was water (it does seem like they cut out a scene that should have been before this one) Patrick thinks he made a mess of things .... but Robin assures him it was just water and that her Mom wouldn't hurt him. Robin tella Patrick that he played the part well of being Eli's holistic Doctor. Patrick is worried about how much his Dad is enjoying it and the continued temptation .... if he starts drinking again it would ruin everything and possibly kill him.

Cat Fight!
Anna is explaining to Robin & Patrick that she would never do anything to harm his father. She thought they would realize it was water (OK so at least they explained it) "I'll promise you I'll keep your dad out of temptations way". As they are talking, the scene at the bar is getting a little out of control. There is a girl (is it the same one from before?) lying on the bar waiting for NoEl to do a body shot. Well, Anna springs into action! (Watch out, here she comes!) Anna runs behind the bar and pushes the girl off, she lands on the floor, gets up and Anna proceeds to spray her with water. The crowd cheering while all this is going on. NoEl walks behind the bar, puts his arm around her shoulder and says "She's with me!" More cheering. The moment you have been waiting for........................Anna turns toward him, pauses for a moment then reaches up to kiss him! And yes he kisses her back, pulling her in. Patrick & Robin are stunned as their parents lock lips!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rick Springfield on the small screen

TV Guide Channel-25 Things You Didn't Know About TV Soaps
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This one is a little creepy, but if you haven't seen it, here is your chance!

With Harmful Intent

Directed by Richard Friedman. Starring Joan Van Ark, Daniel J Travanti, Rick Springfield, Christopher Noth, Bert Remsen, Michael Patrick Carter.

A small town's preteens are preyed upon in this mix of crime story and pysychological drama. From Judith Kelman's novel. NR, USA, 1993

Tue Aug 14 01:33A on Lifetime Movie Network
Tue Aug 14 07:27A on Lifetime Movie Network

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Derek Hilland Wants YOU!

From Derek Hilland: "I will be getting my hair cut and donating it to Locks of Love the week of July 30th-August 4th and am asking all Rick fans out there who have some extra hair to join me!

They make wigs for women and kids going through cancer treatment. So, I was wondering if you guys could put something on your site (s) about it to get more people to do it. I'll send an after pix when I'm done. Thank you! Derek"


(Englewood Cliffs, NJ) -- Best known for his role as Dr. Noah Drake on ABC's hit daytime TV series, "General Hospital," Rick Springfield has stood the test of time. Powered by 3 Top 40 hits including the classic Number One hit "Jessie's Girl," (RCA, 1981, # 1) and the Top Ten follow-up "I've Done Everything for You," (RCA, 1981, #8) as well as the party-starter, "Love is Alright Tonite," his album Working Class Dog enjoyed multi-platinum smash success, skyrocketing the performer to the top. Now for the first time, the Grammy Award-winning landmark of 80s Pop-Rock is set to perform at the bergenPAC, Thursday August 9th at 8P.M..

Rick formed his first band in high school, and eventually joined the group Rock House, who dodged mortars while performing for troops during a tour of Vietnam in 1968. A much sought after and highly accomplished lead guitarist in his native Australia, he moved on from Rock House to join the popular band The Zoot in 1970. Springfield went solo after Zoot's breakup in 1971, and garnered his first U.S. success the following year with a re-recording of his Australian hit "Speak to the Sky" (Capitol, 1972, #14).

Rick has sold over 19 million records while charting a whopping 17 Top 40 hits to date. Having performed for millions of fans over the last three decades, and showing no signs of slowing down, Rick continues to play 100 shows a year, sharing his love of performing, unstoppable energy and his unique brand of crowd interaction with thousands of fans each night. Rick literally wades deep into the crowd at every show. Don't miss his upcoming appearance at Englewood's bergenPAC, it's a must-see!

Known as The John Harms Center for 27 years, this cultural hub in Englewood, has been reborn as Bergen Performing Arts Center or bergenPAC. This 1367- seat theater is a landmark, and in its third season as bergenPAC it remains one of the finest acoustic halls in the United States. The legendary Tony Bennett and Canadian crooner k.d. lang recorded their 2003 Grammy award-winning CD live on bergenPAC's own stage through a broadband fiber-optic connection with Bennett Studios. bergenPAC is the home of a media production system that is unparalleled, upholding its reputation as a venue for outstanding music, dance and theater. As a non-profit corporation, bergenPAC has thrived thanks to the aid and generosity of sponsors, donors and patrons. BergenPAC is located at 30 North Van Brunt Street in Englewood, New Jersey.

Orginal article posted at: http://www.upstagemagazine.com/articles/getarticle-new.php?ID=5737&wherefrom=mainpage

Friday, July 20, 2007

You've got to get it together!

We start off with Anna searching for Noah .... proclaiming that she has less than an hour to transform Noah into a Rock Star. Noah, Patrick & Robin come out of the OR after operating on Eli for 7 hours. She asks how Eli is doing and they tell her he made it through but it will be a long recovery. Thinking he is not up to a party .... Anna tells Noah "You've got to get it together Doctor!" Anna insists because important donors will be there and they won't donate if the "Star attraction" doesn't show up ... Robin says that Noah might as well give up because Anna won't. Anna says that it won't matter if Noah messes up at the party because they will just think he is drunk again. Noah says he can handle that. Patrick is starting to worry that Noah might fall off the wagon while portraying Eli as Anna ushers Noah off for his make over.

Party Time
Patrick & Robin are there early discussing the situation and some record exec comes up to Patrick thinking he is someone famous. Anna & Eli make their entrance with Noah aka Eli wearing sunglasses to applause. He is very nervous .... Anna tells Noah to act charmingly distracted. Patrick is still freaking out and Robin tells him to relax. Robin then goes and pulls Anna away from Noah/Eli's side. Eli has everyone laughing (can't hear what he is saying, is there an accent??) Robin is disturbed that Anna might be falling for Noah. That it would just be gross if she was attracted to her boyfriends father. Anna tells Robin to "relax & chill". Patrick almost seems jealous of all the attention his Dad is getting. Anna goes to get "Eli" a drink .... Patrick tells Anna that Noah is an alcoholic ..... Everyone begins toasting ... Noah/Eli keeps toasting (yes, he has the accent down) so he doesn't have to take a drink, then Anna makes a toast to Eli's drink of choice Vodka ..... He stares at it not knowing what to think and what to do.

Until next week.......stop over at the new rs.net message board to talk about what you think will happen next to Noah & Eli on GH! http://www.rickspringfield.net/forum/

New Tour Dates

The tour dates keep marching in, two by two....

Coachella, CA
Spotlight 29 Casino
ACCESS-RS Member ticket presale 7/26

Biloxi, MS
Hard Rock Biloxi Hotel & Casino
ACCESS-RS Member ticket presale TBA
(photo - Biloxi, MS 10/20/00)

Flashback Friday

Rick Springfield - 99 Nifty Nuggets 'Bout that No-Nonsense Guy

Here are some select tidbits from this article, source unknown, circa late 1982:

99. Rick received his first guitar as a birthday gift from his parents when he was 13
92. Rick received awards for being Australia's top composer and guitarist
86. Rick was electrocuted while performing in a NY club
81. He deeply resented the emphasis on his appearance - he felt it detracted from the appreciation of his music
65. The tour was kicked off with Rick's incredible debut at Carnegie Hall in NY
60. The first thing Rick contracted to do after his summer '82 tour was a movie, tentatively titled Traveling Light, for Ray Stark.
58. His co-star is Nastassia Kinski of Tess fame.
43. Rick plays guitar, banjo, piano and harpsichord
36. Because he was always the "new kid in town," Rick was beaten up a lot as a youngster
18. Roses are his favorite flower. They remind him of England
10. Rick used to keep personal diaries for years. He didn't stop till last year, when he realized a lot of the entries sounded "....sad, so tormented..."
1. When Rick's mom visits him in California, she always has hot oatmeal waiting for him after his early morning jogs.

For the full countdown, check it out here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What Should Eli Love Sing???

Weigh in on this life and death matter and let your voice be heard. :) Vote in our message board poll about what you think Eli should be singing...or is it Noah who is pretending to be Eli when he sings...or is it really a third character who looks just like the two of them who has come back from the death that he really didn't die from...

It's a soap. What can we say?

Click here to vote!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Will he or won't he???

We open today to a sleeping Eli waking to find Anna is in his room. She asks if he remembers her. He does in detail, recounting that he signed her underwear, she travels for her job and that she has been to quite a few of his concerts.

The Right Hemisphere
Noah and Anna are discussing his schedule at the nurses station. He tries to tell her he has no time. She is having none of that. Anna: "Your afraid! Your all left brain, if you are going to find your inner Eli, you need to access your right brain" Noah: "We have a bigger problem than my dormant right hemisphere, at this moment Eli is not agreeing to the surgery". Anna is once again on a mission to convince him. Robin & Anna have a nice chat and Robin voices her concerns that she can't stick around long enough to follow through. Not to worry, she tells Robin, she has Noah & Eli under control.

The trouble with Rock Stars
Back in Eli's room, Patrick & Robin once again state the case for him. Enter Anna. Robin tells Anna "Eli wants a promise that the surgery won't leave him impaired" Anna: "That's the problem with rock stars, they expect to get what they ask for" "I thought we had settled this earlier" Anna makes a very passionate plea to Eli from the heart. Hitting the nail on the head. "For someone who doesn't know me too well, you sure take some liberties, Sister" (wonder who thought that line up! LOL) As he stares at her she says "I know you better than you think!" Patrick: "Is that a yes?" In a soft voice Eli says "Anna has to hold up her end of the bargain. She has to make sure your old make rocks the house!"

Panic Attack!
Back by the elevators, Patrick, Robin and Anna are discussing the situation. Noah appears and Patrick tells him Anna convinced Eli to have the surgery. "So the spot lights on you old man" Patrick tells him. Noah: "Oh dear God, wow, this is real" as he starts to have a panic attack. They tell him the concert is not for two weeks so there is plenty of time but, there is a fundraiser cocktail the next day. He doesn't have to sing but he does have to prove he is the real deal! Anna: "Eli is a really heavy drinker, I hope you can hold your liquor" Uh oh, we might just have a problem..........

Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh Just do it!

And on General Hospital today...........We find Patrick & Robin discussing Anna. Robin: "It's not enough that my mother is a groupie, that she traveled around the world so she wouldn't miss an Eli Love concert, my Mother just told your father to drop his pants!" (how many of us travel around the country to see Rick?)

Drop them already!
In another part of the hospital, Anna is still trying to persuade Noah to drop his pants. Anna: "Oh just do it!" Noah makes excuses as Anna pleads with him. Noah: "I'm NOT dropping my pants" Anna: "Oh come on your a healer and saver of lives!"

Looking good!
Patrick & Robin are discussing "their parents" and in walks Anna with Eli, oops Noah I mean dressed as Eli. Patrick & Robin both start to yell at him because they really think it is Eli and he is supposed to be having tests. Noah: "Hey, hey, just relax alright, its me, your father" Robin: "Just seeing this can trigger an embolism."

Strutting his stuff and more!
Anna tries to teach Noah aka Eli how to "strut". Robin "Mom, I think he has it" (Not in a million years lol) Anna with the hands up "Working here!" Noah: "I can handle this" breathing deep. Noah walks back and forth rather stiffly. Anna: "We will work on that" On to the music-Just three cords with attitude. "I think you are going to have to watch all of Eli's videos......." Anna announces. "I think it will be better for us to work one on one" she continues. She hands him a guitar. "Do you play?" "Yeah, I've dabbled" Patrick: "See you have secretly always wanted to be a rock star!" Anna: "go for it!" Anna sets the concert scene for him and says give us your stuff. Noah: "oh baby" as he strums the guitar (OUCH!) Noah keeps trying unsuccessfully to play. Patrick says: "Its not too late to change the plan!" Noah: "You think I can't do this" with attitude. (go Noah!) Robin: "Have we ruled out lip synching?" Eli would NEVER do that Anna insists. Noah insists he can do it. Anna instructs him on the 3 basic cords, to practice his "strut" and she will see him in the morning. Noah grabs the guitar like a kid hugging his teddy bear and tries to leave the room, his last words "this is going to work!!"

Preview for tomorrow: Eli needs Anna's help

Happy Birthday RSNET!

Today is http://www.rickspringfield.net/ 11th birthday. The above graphic is one of the first graphics to ever get housed on the site, and the original title was "Still Crazy For Rick".

My girlfriend Dawn and I started the site as a fan club website for the RLS fan club. We'd met Vivian Acinelli at a fan club gathering in Springfield, OH (appropriate) earlier that summer, and mentioned that we were interested in doing a site, and did she have one yet? Us feeling like we knew our way around the fledgling internet having been "online" for all of a year and a half.
Viv was interested in us working on the site, and our initial site cost $30 a month and didn't even have the name Rick Springfield in the web address. There was no such thing as free or even cheap hosting back in those days. Dawn and I split the cost every month.

Our initial site had just a few different areas to it. Dawn had a scanner, so the way we put photos on the website was to scan our old magazines and tour programs. This was before Google, before Amazon, before there were sites out there you could use templates from, or even photos from. I remember we were heavy on the tour photos from the '84 program, that had been my favorite.

A year later, Dawn bowed out of the site because her life got much busier, and I took it over. That was the year Sahara Snow came out, and it was also the first year Rick hosted the Tucson charity event. The site got much busier. There were even rumors about an official website coming about, but no movement happened on that for a while.

In 1998, I moved the site over to a tripd site, which was free (exciting after having paid for the site every month). The skeleton of the site still sits online today: http://members.tripod.com/~amy1970. I remember citing this very long address off to a reporter in Tucson that year. I'm still surprised people even found the site, but they did. That was the summer that Rick started touring again after so long, and with rumors that a new album was in the works, the fans got really excited.

In 1999, an official website was launched, http://www.rickspringfield.com/. By then our site had been online 3 years, and a few other sites devoted to Rick were starting to pop up around the internet. Mailing lists were driving fan communication by then and it was a heady time for RS fans. Lots and lots of fans were discovering Rick again through his tour. Later that year, I was asked to start working on http://www.rickspringfield.com/, and that was an honor that to this day I still can't believe.

In 2000, I moved our site to its current home, http://www.rickspringfield.net/. If you click this link: http://web.archive.org/web/*/www.rickspringfield.net you can see the various incarnations it has taken over the last seven years at this address. Because I never delete things, a lot of these old files are still online and therefore visible. It's kind of crazy to look at all of this now, isn't it?

In late 2004, Vivian announced she would be closing the RLS fan club. The club had served fans through the very long dry years of the late 80s and early 90s, through his TV boon of the mid 90s and through the dawning of the internet age in the late 90s and the year 2000s. The club raised thousands and thousands of dollars for charity and brought fans together at a time when they truly felt perhaps they were the only ones who really "got it" about the talents of Rick Springfield. In 2004, I also relinquished my role on http://www.rickspringfield.com/ to its current webmaster, and it was an odd transition for me to go from being in the forefront of Rick's career path to watching from the sidelines.

That being said, I am still amazed at Rick's career, his longevity, his talent and his chutzpah. And like him, I just can't seem to give up the ghost. http://www.rickspringfield.net/ is still online to this day, mostly serving as a historical archive. Our current news now gets posted on our sister blog, http://www.rickspringfieldandus.blogspot.com/. This is where we keep things fresh and current. But there is something in me that thinks http://www.rickspringfield.net/ still has some value and some purpose, and so eleven years later, it is transitioning to whatever its new role may be.

We have launched a new message board on http://www.rickspringfield.net/ at www.rickspringfield.net/forum to go along with our fresh new chat room installed earlier this year. I'd love it if you dropped by and left a few comments about rs.net and what it has meant to you, if anything, in the last eleven years. I hope you've enjoyed the efforts I've put into http://www.rickspringfield.net/. It has not always been perfect, but I hope that the good has outweighed the bad.

Happy Birthday http://www.rickspringfield.net/. I'll never stop pinching myself for the amazing dreams it helped come true.


Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Soup on E!

The video clip for The Soup on E! is now available if you missed it.


You can also check below or click on TV schedule for additional airings.

TV Time for Rick Springfield!

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
Wed, 07.18.07
8:00 PM ET

Hard to Hold
Directed by Larry Peerce. Starring Rick Springfield, Janet Eilber, Patti Hansen, Albert Salmi, Gregory Itzin, Peter Van Norden, Bill Mumy, Garry Goodrow, Tracy Brooks Swope.

A rock star becomes involved with a child psychologist. 100 minutes- PG, USA, 1984, Monique Gabrielle, Stereo, SAP, Sexual Situations

Wed Jul 18 07:40A on Encore

A Change of Place
Directed by Donna Deitch. Starring Andrea Roth, Rick Springfield, Geordie Johnson, Stephanie Beacham, Ian Richardson, Viktoria Kerekes.

A shy student trades identities with her flashy twin, a top fashion model with a dark secret.

Sun Jul 29 11:05A on Lifetime Movie Network

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Grand Ronde, OR 7/12/07

Grand Ronde, OR 7/12/07
Spirit Mountain Casino
photo by Tina Wyche

This was an outdoor show that started at 7:00 pm, so plenty of daylight for the show. There was a major gap between the front row and the stage, and security said that the crowd would be allowed to come up closer to the stage, so there was a lot of pushing and jockeying for position during the show. It was a "normal" set list, and the show was over around 8:30, with it still being daylight outside which was kind of weird.

When Rick addressed the audience, 5 songs into the show, he even said "Good Afternoon". After Rock of Life, Rick mentioned that only one person had left, and he was in a walker, so he was excused. During DTTS, after the line "How's life in the big city" Rick said "I don't think we're in the big city now". Also during DTTS, after had the first person sing, he said to Matty, really slowly "turn on the mic" then he had the girl sing again and said to Matty, really slowly "turn it off". Rick tried to get a security guard to sing, his name was Robin. He tried twice but Robin wasn't having any of that, so he went to the other security guard, Steve, and he told Steve "Don't be a turkey like Robin", and Steve had some of the girls around him sing with him, so it sounded pretty good. He goes way out into the audience for some more of DTTS and he asked something about whether that was a private bar. I'm not sure what else happened out there because I couldn't see.

After the Medley, he asked if there was any making out going out in the back section, he said they were going to have a little bit of a "brokeback mountain" moment while George hooked him up with his cordless stuff, then he said it was a good thing they were both married. He talked about the movie he did in the 80's "Hard to Watch" and how it had some pretty good songs, but was mostly his naked butt. He actually played Love Somebody and My Generation on the stairs coming down from the stage, and didn't go out into the audience until Human Touch. He did a two song encore, which is always nice. He introduced the band twice, once at the end of JG and once at the end of the encore. He really didn't do a lot of talking (I just milked this for every single thing he said, practically).

It was a high energy show, and he seemed to be enjoying himself.
The full set list was:
Who Killed Rock and Roll
Will I
Affair of the Heart
I've Done Everything For You
Rock of Life
Red House
Don't Talk to Strangers
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Love is Alright Tonite
For pictures from this show check out the picture spotlight section.

Call in the Calgary

Calgary Alberta, Canada
Calgary Stampede
photo and show report by Lisa R.

The venue was really cool. It was an old theatre in downtown Calgary that has been totally renovated and is very modern but still has some of its heritage features. It was multi-leveled, including balconies, a mezzanine and some private suites up above, which they opened up for the concert. It was a very intimate space, with great sound and great lighting! The venue is pretty new - they had just had their first concert there the night before (Kool & the Gang).

The show was fantastic as always, but pretty typical set list-wise. The show started really late - Squirts at 10-ish and Rick about an hour later. He went out into the audience during the usual songs. There was a circular row of bar-style tables surrounding the dance floor/pit area and he mainly stuck to those. He asked for a beer and someone handed him a nicely wrapped bottle of red wine. He pulled it out of the package, asked for a corkscrew and opened it quite skillfully considering he was holding it between his knees while balancing on the table and holding a guitar! He poured it out to the people at the tables until it was gone. Then someone finally gave him a beer. Of course someone handed him a cowboy hat while he was out in the audience (though he only kept it on for a second or two...didn't want to mess up his hair I guess!) and he changed the DTTS line to "every man's a cowboy"!

The reported set list was as follows:

Who Killed Rock N Roll
Will I
Affair Of The Heart
I’ve Done Everything For You
Rock Of Life
Red House
Don’t Talk To Strangers
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie’s Girl
Love Is Alright Tonite

E! The Soup

The Soup on E!

Host Joel McHale takes a look at the week's hottest celeb news events and goofiest reality clips. They poke fun at GH and the Eli/Noah storyline as well as Epiphany.

Scheduled to Air:
Sunday, Jul 15, 2:00a
Saturday, Jul 14, 10:00a
Saturday, Jul 14, 11:00p
Monday, Jul 16, 3:00a
Sunday, Jul 15, 10:30a
(you may also want to check your local listings on http://www.tvguide.com/ to be sure)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Drop your pants sweetie!

GH was jam packed with Eli & Noah today. But to tell the story we have to start at the beginning with Anna's entrance.

Enter Anna!
Anna arrives by coming through the skylight in Patrick & Robins apartment. Patrick: "Did you hear we have a door now?" Typical Anna. Once settled in and caught up, Anna says to Robin "So I have these tickets, to see Eli Love & you're coming with me, FRONT ROW! Anna proceeds to start gushing about Eli (not unlike some of us when talking about Rick LOL). They tell her, no concert & why. After finding out Eli is a patient of theirs, "can you introduce me?"

Another groupie?
Next we find ourselves at the hospital where Anna has changed and is checking her makeup. She begs Robin & Patrick to let her see Eli. (Just think about the first time you met Rick or how you would be if you finally got the chance to meet him!)

Finally we get a double dose, Noah & Eli are talking in his room. Eli asks Noah "You know Doc, women show up backstage & ask me to autograph parts of their bodies, how can I give that up?"(wonder how many times Rick has done that? LOL). Noah: "You've seen one, you have seen them all" (said with a little smirk I might add). Noah once again offers to stand in for him. "How hard can it be" asks Noah.

Anna bursts in the room to see Noah & Eli and stops in her tracks. "There are two of you?" Noah asks if she is a friend of Mr. Love's. She reads his name badge and realizes he is Patrick's father and introduces herself. Once Noah knows who she is he gets a nice smile on his face and says the really should get together to talk about the "kids". Anna asks Noah to talk in the hall.

Everyone has a twin
As Anna & Noah are talking in the hall she comments on how much he looks like Eli, "they say everyone has a twin". She ask him not to mention to Eli that she has an adult daughter, all the while checking Noah out and staring at him. Uncanny. "We are very different below the surface". Noah is paged and off he goes, leaving Anna to go back into the room.

Crazy, stalker or a fan?
Eli asks her where is Dr went. She says he left him in good hands. She goes to shake his hand and he cringes back a little (like is this women a crazy stalker?) Anna goes on and on about all the times and places she has seen him live, his dvd's etc. He is still a little skeptical of her. Then she asks: "So I was wondering if it wasn't too much......." "Isn't the first time I was asked since Ive been in the hospital" and out from under the sheets comes a sharpie (wonder who he stole it from? And where was he hidding it? LOL) "where do you want it?" (dangerous question!). Robin & Patrick are on their way into the room, Robin assuring Patrick that her mother is not doing anything to embarrass herself. "MOTHER!" Anna has her back to the door, holding her shirt open. She turns around to reveal a tee shirt underneath that Eli had just signed. Eli is laughing at this.

No concert or will there be one?
Anna raves to Robin in the lobby about Eli (its really pretty funny seeing her like this). Robin once again explains that Eli can't perform so no concert. Unless Noah takes his place that is. You can see the wheels spinning in Anna's head. She makes it her business to make sure the show goes on. Patrick, Robin & Noah all get paged to Eli's room. While Eli is gone for tests Anna is there going through his things and Robin thinks she is being a groupie and steeling them. "I'm just trying to save a rock legend!" Anna says to Noah "Drop your pants Sweetie!". A shocked Noah looks at her.

Previews for next week: Dr Noah Drake dressed as Eli Love.

Flashback Friday

Rick Springfield "Success Ain't Spoiled Me Yet"
(Sunday Woman - 5/2/82 By Patrick Agan)

Can it be true?
Rick Springfield is a hot TV soap star and a Grammy-winning recording artist. so why is he still such a nice guy?

Whether rockin' and rollin' through his latest hit record, "Love is All Right Tonight," or making his rounds as "General Hospital's" suave Dr. Noah Drake, Rick Springfield makes quite an impression. No doubt about it, this is a great looking guy. True, the strain of a seven-day work week shows a little in the crinkly lines around his hazel eyes, and his thick black hair is lightly traced with gray, but all 6 foot 2 of him exudes the kind of energetic personality and sexuality that says star.

At 33, the Australian-born Springfield has come a long way from Melbourne and his first singing group, The Zoot. A recent Grammy Award winner as Best Male Rock Vocalist for his "Jessie's Girl" smash, his new chart-climbing album is appropriately called "Success Ain't Spoiled Yet!" Says Rick, "it's all happening at just the right time."

But it didn't start out that way. When Rick Springfield arrived in Hollywood in 1972, he had a hit single, "Speak to the Sky," climbing the pop charts. That, plus his good looks, earned him the "teen idol" tag and soon his deeply dimpled grin was seen on the covers of teen magazines. The publicity splash was tremendous but no more hit songs followed.

"And that's why I eventually split from my managers," says Rick. "I came over here for my music, not just to be a magazine star." .........

(for full article click here)

I have to wonder if anyone at the time told the author that the correct name of the album is "Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet"????

New Tour Dates

The tour dates continue to trickle in.
Hollywood ,FL
Hard Rock Live
with special guests John Waite & Eddie Money
ACCESS-RS Ticket Presale TBA

Elizabeth, IN
Caesars Indiana
ACCESS-RS Ticket Presale TBA

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sirius contest info

According to http://www.rickspringfield.com/ home page the Sirius contest is up and running. See the details below and click the link to enter! (You do not need to be a Sirius subscriber to enter.) One entry per person.

Some of your favorite artists of the '80s are hitting the road for the Working Class Tour and Big '80’s is giving you the chance to win tickets to several dates on the tour. You'll have the chance to see Rick Springfield, Eddie Money and Scandal - three legendary artists on the same stage! As if that wasn't enough, we've also secured a once in a lifetime experience to visit the set of ABC's General Hospital to see Rick Springfield shoot a scene for his role as heart-throb Dr. Noah Drake! Even if the tour doesn't hit a city near you, you can still enter to win the General Hospital tour - all exclusively from Big '80s and SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There is no substitute for the real thing!

GH once again starts out with a scene with our guy! And again at least 4-5 scenes in all! Two days in a row, we could really get used to this!

We open with Patrick hearing music coming from Eli's room. Enter Patrick with test results, but Eli is having none of it. A groupie (picture yourself here! lol) sits on his bedside as Eli strums a guitar. Patrick once again insists Eli have the surgery. He insists he is not having the surgery and tells the "groupie" that they want him to either postpone or have a stand in. Eli tells "Janelle" "tell the good Dr that there is no substitute for the real thing" .... she rants about paying $600 for the tickets waited in line for 2 days for tickets .... she says she didn't pay to see anyone else (I can see anyone of us saying this! LOL). Patrick said it would be a better show than Eli stroking on stage ... or would seeing him die be worth the $600. I do have to say the accent is getting much better. Robin enters as Patrick is defending (imagine that!) Noah. Eli: "Chill out Mate, you're going to be the one who has the stroke!"

Rock Star Fantasy

Patrick finds Dr Noah Drake working on charts in the break room. Noah says he still should be the attending Dr but offers to assist. Patrick makes his case again for Noah to take Eli's place.
He told him how it was for Pediatric Aids. Noah says he can't carry a tune .... even if it had handles (lol) "Don't tell me you have never had a fantasy of being a Rock Star!" says Patrick. "I am a Dr! I have no business imitating a singer" (did I see a little glint in Noah's eye?)

Seeing double!

Noah walks into Eli's room Eli says "seeing my double in a Dr's coat is like a violation of the natural order of things". Noah: "I know I spent years in the bottom of a bottle, this is like a bad flash back" ....he really needs the surgery. Of course Eli says he can't because a lot of people are counting on him for the concert. Then Noah says if the only way for you to agree to the surgery is for me to take your place then I'm willing to do that....... To which Eli flips out and throws back his covers and starts trying to rip out the tubes. Noah walks out in disgust and in comes Epiphany (who takes no one's crap!) then Patrick & Robin telling him that he can't leave and that the medication isn't a cure, its a stop gap. Eli tries to get up and says they can all watch him get dressed if they want to and Epiphany says "nothing I haven't seen before" and pushes him back to the bed ... then Eli falls back passed out or worse ???? Guess we'll have to wait and see ... that was the end of the show.

Don't forget to let ABC and the powers that be at GH know how much you are enjoying the storyline!
There are a few phone numbers that we all can call EVERYDAY telling GH & ABC how happy we, Rick's fans, are that we get to see him on our TV screens. EVERY call or letter COUNTS!!!
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Shirtless in Port Charles!

Almost as good as a shirtless encore! Rick Springfield served up double duty big time today on General Hospital. There were at least 4 scenes today! And more coming according to the previews for tomorrow's show.

We start off the week (the VERY first scene)with Eli arguing with Patrick about the surgery he needs. Patrick argues with him as if he were talking to Noah. We get more of Eli's accent as well, which seems to be getting better although he did slip in and out of it a few times. Eli was cute when he asked Robin for a new Dr. "You got any nice ones?" with a little smirk.

As Patrick & Robin discuss his objectivity in the hall, we see Eli getting dressed to leave the hospital and yes we get a shirtless Eli and a glimpse of, yes a tattoo!

And Noah is working today too! Robin pages him and is kinda funny as she states her case why she doesn't think Patrick should perform the procedure (he looks like Dad, reminds him of the liver transplant), besides the fact that Eli wants a new Dr because of Patrick's attitude. Noah says "You're still gnawing on that bone???" Patrick finally gives in and tells Noah that he is "sorry". Well, Noah gets a bit of a backbone and tells Patrick sarcastically he accepts his "apology" and starts to walk away.
Just then Epiphany appears dragging the escaping Eli, who looks a lot like the real Rick with a tight black tee shirt and the rock star earring seems to have found its way home. He is deposited back in bed with a tongue lashing from Epiphany. Patrick explains again he needs the procedure, Eli wants a second opinion. He totally has Patrick's number. Eli can't and won't postpone his benefit concert!

Uh oh, Patrick has an idea! Noah enters Eli's room and Patrick tells them he thinks that Noah should step in for Eli. Noah: "Are you crazy?????" Eli: "No way in hell". And more to come tomorrow according to the previews!!!

Rick hikes up to the Upper Peninsula

Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Kewadin Casino
(Photo by Charlotte Poe)
Memorable Moments by Jen Haskins

Rick Springfield kicked off another triple shot weekend by heading up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It's been seven years since he played this particular casino, so it was definitely time for a return visit. Apparently the "Eli Love" frenzy has already taken affect, with fans yelling out for the fictional Australian Rock Star, and Rick obliging with an Aussie accent that made them squeal.

The reported set list was:
Who Killed Rock n' Roll
Will I?
Affair of the Heart
I've Done Everything For you
Rock of Life
Red House
Don't Talk to Strangers
Wild Thing
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Love is Alright Tonite

Memorable moments from the show -- During Don't Talk to Strangers he had several people sing - one lady had her mom there and it was her 75th birthday, and then one boy was brought on stage wearing a homemade t-shirt. He was so excited to sing it was cute. At one point, Rick commented after a song "Not too bad for a Doctor?" that was cute and then when he heard "Eli" yelled he treated us to a bit of his Aussie accent. {Which clued those of us who'd been on the road and missing GH that Eli was to be an Australian singer! sweet!} The medley was GREAT! I swear, although I'd love to hear the entire song - hearing bits of Celebrate Youth and Calling All Girls is just a treat. Even makes me appreciate IGE again. When he came out into the audience he came right down our aisle - pacing back and forth a bit. I once again got to hold him up a bit during "Love Somebody", what is it with that song? He ventured back 8-9 rows and covered the sides fairly well. I was SO happy to hear "Wasted" in the encore. Sweet! :)

Rumor Mill - what's that we hear about someone turning over Rick's bed......possible band prank?

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Arlington Heights, IL Show report

Arlington, Heights, IL 7/07/07
Frontier Days Festival
by Amy Krueger
(photo by Hannah Krueger)

Believe it or not, Rick and the boys almost started on time! It was great to get the show going, because it was HOT, and that was before Rick came out.He started with Who Killed Rock and Roll, those that knew it sang along and those that didn't seemed mesmerized. There were several people walking through who stopped to listen. He kept the show going from one song right into the next. Not a lot of talking, but it was hot for us, so I can only imagine how hot it was for the guys on stage.After four songs, he did a little guitar jam and then said "he plays pretty good for a doctor!" The crowd went wild. Then he asked if he had white fuzz on his face from the towels. He got a mixed reaction from the crowd, but chose somebody to get it off. One rule "Don't touch my butt". Back on stage for Red House and DTTS, then into the/a medley. I think they keep getting longer. During DTTS he said that everybody was doing good. Got a couple of kids to sing Taylor was cute. She had been dancing through the whole concert and he made her come closer to the stage to sing. Ed sang too. He cropped up later on. Also, there was one little boy ( I didn't catch his name), when Rick gave him the mic he said "What am I supposed to sing?" It was cute!He did the Nakked butt song, and then headed to the audience. He asked for a chair, and I think he was standing on it. He said something about it breaking and he moved, but it was hard to see for sure through the mob of people. While he was in the audience, he gave Ed permission to touch his butt, more than once. Said he needed Ed to help hold him up. He also said "It's okay, we've already sang together." He did two more songs before introducing the band and then leaving the stage.The guys came out for the encore. Rick was shirtless and I think that was when the crowd screamed the loudest, or maybe that was just me. They only did one song for the encore and they were off. Over all, it was a great show. Nice to see so many people come out to see Rick (did I hear 5- 6,000?!?!?) It was hot, but not unbearable, and I think everybody had a great time.

Set List:
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Will I?
Affair of the Heart
I've Done Everything for you
Rock of Life
Red House
Bop Til You Drop,
Celebrate Youth,
Calling All Girls,
JG snippet,
Don't Walk Away,
State of the Heart,
What Kind of Fool am I?,
Bop Til You Drop

Love Somebody
My Generation (in the audience)
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
ENCORE:Love Is Alright tonite

Playful singer returns to Frontier

By Eileen O. Daday
Daily Herald Correspondent
Posted Sunday, July 08, 2007
Additional photos added taken by Carey B.

Rick Springfield may be 57 years old and recorded his biggest hit, “Jessie's Girl” more than 25 years ago, but you would never know it by the number of screaming fans who turned out Saturday night in Arlington Heights.
Springfield headlined Frontier Days at Recreation Park, making his first return to the festival since playing there in 1999.
Fans, admittedly mostly women, positioned themselves for his entrance, with cameras and phones in hand, while others held bouquets of roses — one of his trademarks — and posters to sign.
“He’s adorable,” said Lisa Padar of Schaumburg. “He has such a playful personality and sparkling eyes.”
Wearing a sleeveless black shirt and jeans, the rock star threw rose petals to the crowd, and kicked off a 90-minute set, with “Who Killed Rock ’n’ Roll.”
It would take until nearly the middle part of the set before he hit his stride and sung one of the crowd’s favorites, “Don’t Talk to Strangers.” Fans in the crowd sang along to the 1982 hit, and some of them even got a chance to sing the chorus in his microphone.
Later he would thrill his fans with an intricate guitar solo, that resonated on stage amid the black lighting and fog special effects.
“Not bad for a doctor,” Springfield quipped, referring to his role as Dr. Noah Drake on the soap opera, “General Hospital.”
For the song, “Human Touch,” Springfield jumped out into the crowd, and body surfed through the first 30 rows or so, later in a lawn chair, while performing the song.
The chance to see Springfield perform — for free — drew some fans to camp out for a front row lawn seat, while others put down their blankets before dawn. Arlington Heights Police estimated that approximately 8,000 fans sat in the park’s infield to watch Springfield, slightly less than Friday night’s crowd to hear the band, Kansas.
Gina Scala of Schiller Park was one of those who spent the night at the park, in order to reserve her spot. Even though she knew Springfield’s playlist by heart, and regularly sees him perform, being in the front row was worth it, she said.
“It’s just such a great show, he’s so interactive and playful,” Scala said. “I suppose in a way, it’s a way of reliving my youth.”
Another die-hard fan, Anita Cooper of Waukegan, figures she has seen him perform more than 200 times over the last nine years.
“When he looks at you, his eyes go right to your soul,” Cooper said.
Fans got what they were waiting for at the end of the set, when he sang the ever popular, “Jessie’s Girl.” Springfield tried to end the concert on that note, but came back to perform an encore, closing with “Love is Alright Tonight.”

article originally posted at http://www.dailyherald.com/news/cookstory.asp?id=329622&cc=c&tc=&t=

Friday, July 6, 2007

Eli Speaks

Rick Springfield showed up four out of five days this week on General Hospital to get the Eli Love storyline underway. I'm really not understanding why they didn't give Eli some slight physical differences, that could easily be changed, so that there would be at least some minor changes that would need to be done to have he and Noah look exactly alike. The only real difference I've been able to see is that Noah's hair is a little flatter (and did they really do that on purpose)? I mean, where is Mr. Rockstar's earring, for Pete's sake. And they could have given him some streaks in his hair (with hair extensions) or something. Some kind of effort, at least. But if we didn't know any better, Eli looks exactly like Noah did when he was in the hospital for his liver transplant, right down to the stubble.

And what is up with that accent? I've heard him do an Aussie accent and it's always sounded great. This, I've never heard before, and if he hadn't said "Mate", I'm not sure I'd know that is what they are going for there. Too bad they didn't film this after his trip to Australia in August. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but bring back Ms. Sneed! (that was my favorite part of the week).
Anyway, lots of Rick Springfield this week, and lots more to come.
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Also, the footage from this week can be found on Youtube - courtesy of JasonThompson.org

Soap Opera Digest

Rick is featured on the cover of the current Soap Opera Digest (7/17/07).
The story featured is about the return of Fiona Hughes as Anna Devane and the addition of Eli Love to the cast. Go get it now!