Monday, July 2, 2018

News Blog update

Rick Springfield and Us will no longer be updating the News Blog. With news being readily available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we feel that they will be the quickest way to get up-to-date announcements regarding Rick's tour schedule, TV appearances, and radio interviews.

We will continue to leave the News Blog on line for archived articles and past concert reviews, etc.

Thank you for all the years of supporting the News Blog.

Photo by Renata Hearn

Saturday, February 24, 2018

New Buffalo, MI review

Four Winds Casino
New Buffalo, MI 2/23/18
Review and photo by Darla Gerken

It was a high energy night and Rick stated that he was glad to be back at Four Winds playing for us. We all know how he loves to play in Michigan.

Spoiler alert - It was a new wardrobe night! First time I’ve seen the jacket and vest. Funny how I get a kick out of “new to me” clothing. Rick looked pretty dapper in the vest.

We got a treat when two new songs from The Snake King were added to the set list: Little Demon and The Devil That You Know. After singing The Devil, he mentioned that we should listen to it a few times and we will begin to like it.  After listening to the song on the CD, I have to admit that it was not one of my favorites. Hearing it live changed my mind, I think it will grow on me. Rick talked a little about the new CD and said if we don’t like it, he will come to our house. It’s not my favorite, so I guess I will be getting a visit from Rick.  Darn, I forgot to give him my address!

There was a couple on stage doing sign language and Rick was kind of ornery with them. He used his usual four-letter word and looked at the “signer” and made a comment about if the word was interpreted correctly.

If anything good came out of Rick’s arm injury last year, it has changed things up a little. For Jesus Saves he sang without the guitar and during the medley portion, he didn’t play during State of the Heart. I think he likes to be free from playing on a few songs, gives him a chance to stroll the stage.

Jorge got a little excited, and a drumstick went flying on the stage. Siggy picked up the stick, tossed it back to Jorge, and he caught it in mid-air and never missed a beat. Love to watch Jorge play, he seems like a guy who loves his job.

My most memorable part of the show is Don’t Talk to Strangers. Because of the way the front row was situated, we were not able to be right up to the stage. Rick had to hand the microphone to people to sing. After the lady beside me sang, she handed the mic to me. My husband and I had decided if we ever got a chance to sing, we would do a duet. Mic in hand, I looked up at Rick and motioned to him that both of us were going to sing, he shook his head in agreement. I love how Rick smiled after we sang. Another check mark on my Rick Bucket List!

Human Touch was a little shaky when he stepped over some chairs and fell backwards. Didn’t look like anyone caught him, but he was up in no time like the Energizer Bunny.

The security was enforcing no pictures in the first couple rows. So, it was not a typical night for us since we usually take a lot of pictures. Watching the show without a camera in hand was a different experience, though I was able to sneak in a few pictures.

The show will go in the books as one of my favorites.

Set List
Light This Party Up
I’ve Done Everything For You
I Get Excited
Little Demon 
Affair of the Heart
Jesus Saves
The Devil That You Know
Bop Medley
Love Is Alright Tonight
Miss Mayhem
Wild Thing
Don’t Talk To Strangers
Human Touch
Love Somebody
Jessie’s Girl

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Upcoming TV Appearances

Set those DVRs!


                                         Wednesday, February 7
                                         Harry Show
                                         Elevator Jam with Rick Springfield


Thursday, February 8                          
Steve Harvey Show


Monday, February 19                           
Hallmark Channel                     

Check your local listings for channels and times


Two New Shows Announced for May 2018

Two New Concert Dates have been added to Rick's 2018 Tour Schedule

May 11, 2018
Shubert Theater
New Haven, Connecticut
Solo Stripped Down Show

May 12, 2018
Twin River Event Center 
Lincoln, Rhode Island
Full Band Show


For a complete list of Concert Dates, Click Here 

Photo by Renata Hearn


Sunday, January 14, 2018

TV appearances

Set your DVR's! 

Rick will be making the rounds this week promoting the release of "The Snake King" on January 26th.

The following TV appearances have been announced:

Good Morning America
Tuesday, January 16

Wednesday, January 17

Check your local listings for air times.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Rick makes a Wish Come True

This is Gavin Sibley, one of Rick's biggest fans...
It's no secret that Rick loves his fans and does everything he can to make us happy. So when the Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted him and asked if he would be willing to grant a wish for one of his biggest fans, of course Rick said YES. The arrangements were made and Rick welcomed a special guest on stage to sing "Jessie's Girl" with him during Thursday nights show in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Review from The Morning Sun

Photo by Mike Gerken

Two Shows Scheduled in Orlando

Epcot Center announces Rick Springfield Concerts

April 15 & 16, 2018
Orlando, Florida
Full Band Show

Photo By Lucy Apple