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Rick Springfield returns to the Borgata in Atlantic City

March 28th 2009
Borgata Casino
Atlantic City, NJ

Review by Pam Geiger
Pictures by Rosie Malthaner

Atlantic City’s skies were treating all who gathered for this show to some very yucky weather, but luckily we had an antidote with the initials RLS, and he wasn’t just the “warm up” person. While rain and fog have their purposes on this earth, they often cause confusion; things are not always what they appear to be, and that is why as soon as Rick took the stage I thought I was an audience member at a game show.

Apparently Rick was feeling the need for some love tonight as he entered stage left exhibiting a sign that requested “Applause” with a stride only Vanna White could replicate. He quickly lost the sign and snapped me back into the now with the tour’s current opener “Mr. PC”. Thank goodness, I really was at a Rick Springfield concert! Or was I? Being in the midst of the center section of the Music Box, I was surrounded by squatters, and I found I would have to sit and squirm for almost the entire remainder of the night.

Within minutes Rick removed his jacket to reveal a recently added wardrobe piece – a tartan plaid shirt with sleeves (I wonder how long they will last), and while the sparkly Converse were back, I think it would be remiss not to mention an accessory of sorts - Rick’s new guitar that looks like a vintage Sunburst Fender Esquire – very nice!

It was a pleasant surprise to have the set list changed up a bit from the night before. Actually, it was more than pleasant, it was impressive. It was the second night in a row without WKRR, the medley was bumped, we got “Love Me Do” (I love to watch that left leg go during this song), Jesus Saves, and IGE; entirely all cool stuff being performed and I was still sitting in my seat!

The set list shined, however the “featured guests” were brilliant. IGE was performed triad style. The first girl to get up on stage either didn’t want to sing or didn’t know the words, so with some prompting from a sign, Rick chose a second girl who knew the words. Both ladies strapped under Rick’s guitar did a great job. Evan, the little guy who graced the Borgata’s stage last year was chosen again to get up with Rick. Now one of the things I’ve admired about RS is his ability to keep a mouth load of lyrics flow in small measures of time, and Evan must study RS quite often. When Rick prompted, “Sing it Evan!” the cutie replied, “Kiss my mommy, don’t talk to strangers.” without missing a beat.

The grand stars of the evening were a pair of elder women who boogied in their seats all night with finger points that would make John Travolta proud. They were having a great time, and Rick was simply enamored with them. He offered them his best, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” and a snippet of “Don't Keep The Sandman Waiting”, which sounded really great. After he asked them if they thought they were going to see Dr. Noah Drake, he attempted a bad, flirtatious, pick up move with a flash of his…well…his nipple!

While the entertainment all around was bar none, the fog of the room didn’t lift until midway through “Human Touch”. Finally everyone stood and all was clear and the way it’s supposed to be. After playing the new version of “Jessie’s Girl”, Rick returned to the stage with a one song encore of “Kristina”.

As Music Box cleared I overheard the squatters around me comment with surprise what an amazing show it was, and that is was.

Many of us went directly to the MIXX After Party where Rick turned the tables and was the voyeur in the upper level of the club. Looking over the balcony he got to see a club full of people dance to a remix version of “Jessie’s Girl”. While I prefer the new stage version, I think it must have been cool for him to see people of all ages still having fun to his music; so many years and generations later. I don’t know if anything else happened as I left the club early, but as I was leaving, out of the corner of my eye, I saw six of the show squatters looking up at Rick in the upper level. I think it’s a safe bet to say some new admirers were won over that night and it certainly was well deserved.

Set List

Affair of the Heart
Living In Oz
VIO (Tony Bennet Comments)
Don't Keep The Sandman Waiting
I'll Miss that Someday
Love is All Right
Harmonica-Love Me Do
Jesus Saves
I Get Excited
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl (new version)


Rick Springfield in Verona, NY

March 27th 2009
Turning Stone Casino
Verona, NY
Review by Pam Geiger

The 2009 Spring Northeast tour began with an amazing, energy filled show. Little did I know when the lights came down, “Nothing is Ever Lost” blared, and Rodger soloed, would be I be partaking with Rick Springfield in the superlative. This show was never the least bit short of jumps, turns, table surfs, wine ships, and “wows”; Rick seized every moment away from the mike to indulge. Even a new arrangement of “an old family member” premiered.

From the shoulders to the ankles the wardrobe was familiar however, the feet! The feet were donned in the newly toured sequined, black Converse; shinny and ready to dazzle – air borne and all.

“Mr. PC” transitioned the table seated Showroom into the journey with tracks from “Venus in Overdrive” in the starring role. Yes, Rick reminded us that “We are still talking about that new album” while also mentioning a new album to be out by the end of the year. Rick also reminded us of his roots. Remember, that place called OZ? A little tease of The Who’s “I Can’t Explain” would be all we got for that cover as “Crossroads Blues” won out.

Classic Rick Springfield then ruled for the remainder of the night. It’s really great to enjoy “Love Is Alright Tonite” again. Listening to it in the middle of the set list brings new life it. Where I used to dread that song and try to telepathically slow it down to a snail’s pace, I found myself enjoying the only party song Rick ever wrote. DTTS played its wrath on the usual suspects, and it is endearing to be a part of other people’s moments whether it be their first time or their hundredth. “Love Somebody “was performed at the mike and “Human Touch” was the one and only song performed out in the audience.

While the set list offered some changes, this show was all about what was fueling it and it could have gone on indefinitely as far as I’m concerned, which ultimately brought us to…drum roll please…a new, extended, guitar licked “Jessie’s Girl”! It was awesome!

A two song encore of “Wasted” and “Kristina” left me wondering when I last saw a Rick Springfield show like this, so off to Atlantic City to remind myself again.

Set List:
Mr. PC
What's Victoria's Secret
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz
I've Done Everything for You
Venus in Overdrive
I'll Miss That Someday
Love is All Right Tonight
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl (new extended version!)


Springfield's fans remain loyal to actor/rocker

Check out this interesting new article.

Springfield's fans remain loyal to actor/rocker

By Ellen S. Wilkowe • Daily Record • March 29, 2009

For the gal coming of age in the 1980s, Rick Springfield provided instant relief from suburban teenage blues, both in his "General Hospital" role as dreamboat Dr. Noah Drake and in his time-tested signature songs such as "Jessie's Girl," "I've Done Everything for You" and "Love Somebody."

Read the rest of the article here :

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New Concert Dates For Rick Springfield Continue! announced two new tour dates today!

July 31, 2009
Asheville, NC
Biltmore Estate
Summer Concert Series

September 29, 2009
Bakersfield, CA
Kern County Fair
Budweiser Pavilion FREE show!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More New Tour Dates For Rick Springfield announced three new tour dates today:

July 12, 2009
Costa Mesa, CA
Pacific Amphitheater

August 07, 2007
Westbury, NY
Theater at Westbury

August 08, 2009
Dearborn, MI Dearborn
Homecoming Festival

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TV Listings for Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield - Live At The Coronado Theatre
Sun., Mar. 29 - 6:30 PM ET

- Rick Springfield, the teen heartthrob who has sold over 17 million albums, is captured live in front of a sold-out concert at the legendary Coronado Theatre in Rockford, Illinois. Rick rips through a catalogue of 17 Top 40 hits from "Jessie's Girl", to "Affair of The Heart" and "Love Somebody". Turn up the volume and sit back and sing along with all the hits from the 80's!

Thurs March 26th 12pm est
Thurs March 26th 6 pm

BIOGRAPHY: RICK SPRINGFIELD is the story of the performer who has sold fifteen million records and after nearly thirty years in show business still performs with the reckless abandon of a twenty-something rock star. Springfield's hit song, Jesse's Girl became the anthem of the 1980s - a time when his feathered hair, tightly-suited body and boyish face became hallmarks of the era. Concert footage, photos and interviews chronicle his early life in Australia and his career - a path that has taken him from teen idol to TV soap star to serious rocker. Includes interviews with former managers Steve Binder and Tom Skeeter; his mother Eileen Springthorpe; musician Sammy Hagar; drummer Jack White; actresses Linda Blair and Jacklyn Zeman; and record producer Keith Olson.

Rick Springfield rocks the house for "Voices of Uganda"

March 19th 2009
Key Club on Sunset Blvd
"Voices of Uganda."
Review by: Laurie Bennett
Rick Springfield's "Airplane Girl"

Several brave California fans braved the cold breeze (okay, I know - cold to US) to wait outside for a good spot once inside. Having not seen Rick yet in 2009, we were all excited. About an hour before the doors opened, the venue set up a check in table for Press and VIPs. I managed to get a sneak at the list, and recognized at least the names of the Landon family - as in Michael, or "Pa" from Little House on the Prairie TV show fame. Mr. Landon passed away in 1991, but his wife, son and daughter were in attendance. In fact, his wife Cindy was a major organizer of the event, and apparently is who got Rick involved in the cause. Jackie Zeman was also in attendance, looking smashing in an all black outfit. Too bad she was talking on her phone, or I would asked her if she had as much fun on the cruise as I did. After soundcheck, we got a wave from Rick and even Barbie as well as they went to and from their limo. The whole gang waved again to us after they returned from dinner, with Rick yelling to us, "You're Early!" (of course - it's a General Admission show!).

The venue itself was great - very small and intimate, with a balcony where most of the VIPs were sitting for dinner. It didn't look like there was going to be a large crowd for the show, but the place did ultimately fill up nicely. The opening band came on late, did about 5 songs and were very entertaining. The Landon son, Sean, was a guitarist in the band, and the Landon daughter (Jennifer, an Emmy winning actress) was in attendance as well. A friend told me several times who the guest lead singer was, and I've forgotten again. I think he was a winner on the reality show SuperNova or Rockband or something. He did an amazing rendition of Billy Idol's Rebel Yell.

During intermission, the event organizers were up on stage explaining the cause and their choice to support it. Northern Uganda has been involved in a civil war for 22 years (!). The "rebels" routinely abduct children for soldiers and sex slaves. Monies raised promote getting the word out to the public, and the politicians who represent us, about the atrocities happening in that country, referred to as the "Silent War." All in attendance were encouraged to sign preprinted letters to be sent to our local politicians. Several items were up for auction - a $1500 black Prada bag, a guitar signed by all the members of Maroon 5 (for $1700), and 2 very expensive Fender guitars donated and autographed by Rick, each selling for $1300, plus all the ticket sales (at $50-$350), and the use of the venue was provided free. We watched a short video interviewing teenagers in Uganda. Check out for more information, to donate, and to watch the video we saw.

An hour after scheduled, Rick finally appeared and was very excitedly received by the crowd. He wore a dark plaid sleeveless button down shirt, blue jeans, and the new rhinestone dazzled shoes. There were several rose smashes (roses provided for him, I didn't see any fans with flowers) but no guitar smashes. He performed for about one hour, giving us song after song to pack in as much entertainment as possible. At one point he said a few words, saying he was here for the cause and not to promote his own music. Then a fan held up the new MPLO CD, and Rick pointed to it, "Well, she brought it up. Yes, I have a new album of lullabies out." And then back to the music. Later, he did thank all of us for coming (since the ticket price was a donation) and told us "we all go straight to Heaven for this one." The set list was: Nothing is Ever Lost as opening music played on the sound system, then Rick performing Mr. PC, What's Victoria's Secret, Affair of the Heart, Living in Oz, I've Done everything for You, Allyson, Venus in Overdrive (with audience participation on the "Yeah Yeah" part), Love is Alright, Don't Talk to Strangers, Cross Roads (cover), Love Somebody and Jessie's Girl. Eddie Money's daughter Jessie joined Rick on stage to add her voice to the chorus. Overall, while Rick was not as interactive with the audience as at a normal show, his energy was high as always and it was obvious he was having a great time.

While I sure missed the usual audience surfing and an encore, the jam packed set sure got a bunch of people who may not be familiar with Rick's music (at all, or at least, currently) really rocking, and everyone in the room seemed to enjoy the evening. There were at least 3 Press photographers in attendance, one even from Billboard. He told me he was asked to attend, and having never seen Rick perform before, I replied he was in for a good time and would be much impressed. I think after the show, he agreed.
Laurie Bennett
Rick Springfield's "Airplane Girl"

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The tour dates keep coming for Rick Springfield

confirmed on

June 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Isleta Casino Resort

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another new tour date for Rick Springfield

Confirmed on

May 15, 2006
Richardson, TX
Wildflower Festival

Cool press links for Rick Springfield's promotion of new Lullaby CD

Rick is doing lots of press to promote My Precious Little One, links as posted on Test & Tunes My Precious Little One
Posh Mom New Rick Springfield CD For Kids

People Celebrity Baby Blogs Lullabies for A New Generation Coolest Dad Ever

NBCLA Around Town

Café Mom Baby Buzz Rick Springfield "Rocks" The Lullaby In New Album

The Insider Rick Springfield Introduces First Kids’ Album

Hot Feeder

LA City Beat

Parent Dish Hula-Hooping Baby, Rick Springfield and More links we love:

KTTV Web Extra Rick Springfield

Netscape WHAT DAD HAS BEEN UP TO: Rick Springfield is coming out with a lullaby CD

new tour dates

New tour dates confirmed on

November 06, 2009
Englewood, NJ
Bergen Arts Center

May 15, 2009
Ardmore, OK
Heritage Hall

Photo: Bergen Performing Arts 2007

Rick Springfield interview on Air America

Audio interview on Air America, Rick talks about the Uganda benefit show.

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Rick Springfield interview on

Rick Springfield: Coolest. Dad. Ever.
Once singing about Jesse's Girl, now he's singing lullabies on his newest album, My Precious Little One
By Lauren Passell,

Rick Springfield (yes, that Rick Springfield) has had his fair share of screaming female fans and wild rock shows. But as a father to two kids, he's also experienced screaming babies and wild Chuck-E-Cheese birthday parties, too. Between rocking out on stage and touring around the country, he was singing pretty little tunes to his baby boys, now 20 and 24. My Precious Little One is a collection of the lullabies he wrote during his heyday –- but never shared until now.

We're giving away 25 copies of My Precious Little One. Click here to enter for a chance to win.

So tell me about these lullabies.
Rick Springfield:
I wrote these for my sons in the mid '80s. We played them [at home] and I had a couple of copies made for friends. I discovered them last year and thought I'd bring them back.

for the complete article go to:

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Rick Springfield on

*Web Extra! Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield's

A clip of Rick's appearance on on Fox's Good Day Live LA

New Tour Date for Rick Springfield

confirmed on

Timberwood Amphitheater
Hot Springs, AR
Free with fair admission. VIP seating available.

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Rick Springfield "Rocks" The Lullaby In New Album

A nice article on Rick Springfield's new Lullaby CD "My Precious Little One". Which was release exclusively on Amazon today 3/10 and will be fully released on May 5th.


Scroll down to:
WHAT DAD HAS BEEN UP TO: Rick Springfield is coming out with a lullaby CD - "My Precious Little One" - this week, comprised of songs he wrote for his own sons, who are now 23 and 20 years old. As for what his offspring think about that, the 80s heartthrob tells us, "They don't really know about it yet. I haven't told them in case they don't like the idea. It's kind of like when they found out I didn't graduate from high school. They don't need to know right away. But I don't think they'll mind."Rick found the songs in the back of a drawer, long forgotten. He says they "took me back to those moments of sleepless nights. It's such a cool thing about music, how it always brings memories back to me " He also remembered the fact he found the kiddie music around their household at the time pretty bland and repetitive, he says. His songs are more parent-and-child oriented, "a little more modern approach, like little pop songs with baby lyrics."Both Springfield sons seem to be taking after Dad, at least to some extent, with the elder being an actor and the younger a musician. "They've got their own lives now," he notes. "It went so fast -- you don't realize how fast it goes."Besides launching the new record, the long-time "General Hospital" hunk has ongoing concert commitments through the year, and says he's also pursuing acting work again. "I'd love to do a series. The way we tour, it's possible to do both," he notes.

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Rick Springfield rocks Ft Worth

BillyBob’s Texas Fort Worth, Texas February 28, 2009
review & picture by Shelly Reigh

Every time I see Rick in concert, I think how the show is even better than the previous one I attended. Rick continues to amaze me, and I am still reeling from the excitement of the show this past Saturday.

Billy Bob’s claims to be the “world’s largest honky-tonk.” The venue has some serious limitations, like the obtrusive columns, wide seating area, crowded tables and chairs, expectation of staying seated during a show, overzealous bouncers, and lack of decent wheelchair seating.. (Seriously, don’t get me started on the pitiful excuse for a wheelchair area, or on how cruel the staff was to our friend who couldn’t see anything during the entire show because of this shameful lack of accommodations.) It does have the advantage of a second stage, so the opening band doesn’t interfere with the equipment setup on the main stage.. Before taking my seat I made the obligatory trip to the hand print wall to find Rick’s prints from his Feb. 2008 show. I was amazed at how Rick’s hand print makes my hand look like that of a child by comparison. His fingers are very long - so fitting for a master of the guitar.

I took my seat fairly early. I was in the front row, but way to the right side and directly in front of the PA speakers. Thank goodness I still had my daughter’s ear plugs in my car from Rick’s show in October. On time, the stage lights went down and we heard “Nothing Is Ever Lost” coming from the PA. Rodger went into his extended drum intro, and when the lights came up we had that beautiful moment when Rick first appears in the spotlight, full of promise for the 90 minutes to come. Rick was a dashing sight in his long black jacket, black embroidered sleeveless shirt, ripped jeans, and new black sparkly Converse. He began “Mr. PC” with a vengeance, jumping around the stage, smiling at the audience, doing all his moves passionately. Without pause, they segued into “What’s Victoria’s Secret”. It was clear that most of the audience was there just for Rick, as all but the front-and-center most section of the crowd had already risen to their feet. Rick’s energy was through the roof, and that perfect feedback loop between him and his audience was in play. He seemed just as awed by us as we were by him. Yeah, Texas loves you, Rick!

When “Affair of the Heart” began, so did the rose explosions. There were plenty of bouquets and single roses; more than once he picked up a single rose and put it in his mouth (Tango style) before bashing it against his guitar. The show continued with “Living In Oz,” and we could not have asked for a more passionate performance. Rick was all over the stage: leaning over to interact with the crowd, beating his guitar, jumping to the beat, soloing on his knees just above the fans, returning to the mic only when necessary. After the first four songs, Rick removed his jacket and treated us to his beautiful biceps.

There was a guy in the audience, front and center, who knew all of Rick’s moves and was performing them in sync with Rick. He was so funny, facing the crowd, acting out the songs like a cheerleader at a pep rally. I loved the fact that this guy had clearly seen a number of shows and was not afraid to enjoy himself. Remember our friend Mark (I learned his name later) because he has another important role to play.

Rick stopped after Alyson to tell the crowd about his newest CD. He then tutored everyone for the audience participation portion - the “Yeah, yeah” of “Venus In Overdrive”. When he was satisfied that we knew our part, the song began. Was the crowd into it? Yeah, yeah! There were screams of delight from the audience to keep Rick pumped. He jumped, spun around, and danced with his guitar. The intensity was sustained through “I’ll Miss That Someday,” and rose again for “Love Is Alright Tonite” in its new position on first half of the set list.

That brings us to the most spontaneous moment of the night. Rick was clearly loving the crowd. After “Love Is Alright Tonight” he stood at the edge of the stage, leaned forward, and dropped down to the floor. Others have written that he “fell” off of the stage. From my vantage point, it looked like he simply leaned forward past the point of no return. Perhaps he had planned to jump onto a table, but decided against it at the last moment. Maybe he was in the mood to do a stage dive. Either way, he landed safely in the capable hands of our friend Mark. Still holding his Sunburst Fender Strat, he mounted a table and walked into the crowd as far as the cable would allow. He usually switches to the wireless rig before “coming out there;” this was a completely unexpected move. George N. rushed to Rick’s guitar amp on stage to keep the cable from being unplugged. He crouched down, held the cable in place, and wore an expression that said Rick had clearly gone insane. (You gotta love George. He is the glue that holds the shows together.) In the meantime, Rick was on the table playing a hot solo for the surprised crowd. He then began “Crossroads,” walked back up the table, hopped up on stage, and got to the mic just in time for the first word. Now that’s a class act!

“Crossroads” segued into “DTTS.” Rick was all energy and passion, kicks and moves, and my poor little camera couldn’t focus on him long enough to get a decent picture. He again walked the tables into the crowd, but this time with only the two wireless microphones . Everyone on the receiving end of his mic seemed to be prepared. He commented, “You guys are all pretty brave to sing. Any scaredy-cats in the audience?” and thrust the mic to a guy who didn’t miss a beat. He moved on to a guy named Keith, “to see if you’ve been paying attention,” who also was up to the task. Finally, Rick found a cute little girl named Kennedy and got her up on the table with him. He said how he loved Texas, because “you can bring your kids with you to a bar.” Kennedy was also up to the challenge and did a great job. Rick joked, “Get that girl a tequila shot.” He made his way back to the stage, picked up his guitar, and the Medley began.

After the Medley, George helped Rick into his wireless headset and guitar, and Rick introduced “Love Somebody” by asking how many of us were under 15 when we saw “Hard to Hold.” (In fact, I was barely 13, and that movie was whole reason I became a fan. Yeah, that naked butt catapulted me right into puberty, and I was hooked for life.) Someone in the audience had a big, rainbow-striped hat, and Rick put it on for a few seconds, saying, “I’m not above making an ass of myself.” He put down his guitar and walked the tables for “Human Touch,” both hands free to give high-fives and hugs. When he made it back on stage and picked up his guitar, “Jessie’s Girl” began and I knew that it was the beginning of the end..

During “Jessie’s Girl” Rick was still dancing, jumping, and doing windmills on his guitar. There were lots more rose explosions as fans rushed to get their bouquets up to the stage while they still could. On the song’s last note Rick exploded some roses on Rodger’s cymbals, and then the band played the Beatles’ “She’s So Heavy” while Rick introduced the band members. I would be negligent if I didn’t mention what a great job those guys do - they are all amazingly talented musicians who really know how to rock. Rick gave us our long-distance hugs, and they all went back stage. The lights stayed down while the “heavy breathing” track played through the speakers. When the breathing accelerated to a frenzied level the band took the stage, and Rick ran back out in a dry WKKR T-shirt. They went straight into “Kristina” for a powerful one-song encore - more jumping, rose explosions, and Rick connecting with his adoring audience. The screaming, pulsating guitar riff and sexual innuendo of that song make for a fabulous ending to a high-energy show and leave me trying to figure out when I can make it to the next one.

Set list:
1. Mr. PC
2. What’s Victoria’s Secret?
3. Affair of the Heart
4. Living In Oz
5. I’ve Done Everything for You
6. Alyson
7. Venus In Overdrive
8. I’ll Miss That Someday
9. Love Is Alright Tonite
10. guitar solo - Crossroads
11. Don’t Talk to Strangers
12. Medley:
13. Love Somebody
14. Human Touch
15. Jessie’s Girl
Encore - Kristina

New tour date for Rick Springfield

September 02, 2009
Syracuse, NY
New York State Fair

Upcoming New TV apperances

Rick is scheduled to appear on Good Day Live LA (Los Angeles area) on 3/18, in the 9 am hour

And on the CBS Early Show (nationally) on 4/4.

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Rick Springfield-7 Questions on "His Precious Little One"

A cute article where Rick talks about the new album, My Precious Little One, available exclusively on March 10th. In stores May 5th.

More summer tour dates for Rick Springfield

Confirmed on today

August 22, 2009
Michigan City, IN
Blue Chip Casino

September 11, 2009
Knoxville, TN
Tennessee Valley fair

September 12, 2009
Arnold, MO
Rickman Auditorium

Rick Springfield-Voices of Uganda


Rick Springfield Promotes More Than New Album!
Los Angeles Area Fans Should Buy These Tickets ASAP.

Posted on:

When a rocker comes out - to a #1-rated venue, no less - for a good cause, it’s bound to be a special evening. That’s exactly what’s going to happen on Thursday March 19 when Grammy winner Rick Springfield takes to stage at Sunset Strip’s Key Club. The setting will be intimate and the cause is certainly heartfelt - Voices of Uganda, a nonprofit group that gives humanitarian aid to victims of the Northern Uganda rebel war.

Rick has joined other celebrities such as Allison Janney, Marlee Matlin and Martin Sheen to bring attention to the work of Voices of Uganda. You can learn more about their mission and the 900,000 + children who need help by visiting their site.

In addition to March 19’s event, Rick is promoting his new album that comes out on March 10, called “My Precious Little One.” For tickets to the special evening at The Key Club, go to the Key Club box office or Ticket Master.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Tour date

Confirmed on

Spirit Mountain Casino
Grand Ronde, OR