Friday, December 26, 2008

Rick Springfield on Regis & Kelly

Rick's appearance from July 2008 will re-air on Dec 29th. Performance of "What's Victoria's Secret"

Live With Regis & Kelly
Dec 29th 2008
Syndicated-check your local listings for air times.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Tour Date

Rick retuns to Verona NY!

Turning Stone Casino
Verona , NY

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And more 2009 tour dates for Rick Springfield

More 2009 tour dates confirmed on

Forth Worth, TX
Billy Bob's

Coquitlam, BC (Canada)
Red Robinson Theatre
On sale tomorrow

Rick Springfield's The First Noel on new CD

Also available at Target is: A Soft Rock Christmas which includes Rick's version of The First Noel.

vIO Billboard's Critic's Choice for 2008

vIO Billboard's Critic's Choice for 2008
In Billboard Magazine's Year In Music and Touring issue, longtime music journalist and Contributor for Billboard Magazine, Chuck Eddy, listed "Venus in Overdrive" as his fourth favorite, personal album pick for 2008.

New Canadian Tour Date For Rick Springfield
Announced a new
Canadian tour date today.
River Cree Resort & Casino
Edmonton, AB Canada

Saturday, December 13, 2008

TV Listings for Rick Springfield

Dying to Dance


Mon Dec 22nd 6am est

Directed by Mark Haber. Starring Kimberly McCullough, Mary-Margaret Humes, Rick Springfield, Natalija Nogulich, Les Porter, Mimi Kuzyk.Anorexia afflicts an ambitious teenage ballerina who's overwhelmed by competitive stress and parental pressure. Romantic discord adds a further complication. 107 minutes-

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
Tues Dec 23rd 4pm est
(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)

More 2009 tour dates for Rick Springfield

Confirmed on today
New Date:
Turlock, CA
Stanislaus County Fair

Rescheduled Date:
Now 05.30.09
Stateline, NV
Harrah's Lake Tahoe
South Shore Room(was 05.09.08)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two New Concert Dates For Rick Springfield

Two New Concert Dates were announced today on

Wendover, NV
Peppermill Casino0

Primm, NV
Primm Valley Resort

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2009 Rick Springfield & Friends cruise

The dates for the 2009 cruise have been announced! Nov 12th-16th 2009 on the Carnival Ship Destiny. All info on the 2009 Rick Springfield & Friends cruise can be found on:
General booking begins Dec 17th and there is a presale for Access members Dec 12th. Visit the cruise website for more info.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rick Springfield to perform at CA tree lighting

Posted on the home page of -Rick is to perform at the 77th annual State Capitol Christmas Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on the West Steps of the State Capitol on Tuesday December 9th, 2008 in CA.

More details can be found at

2009 Tour date for Rick Springfield

Confirmed on
Biloxi, MS
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rick Springfield's Christmas With You

Rick Springfield
Christmas With You
Available at Target with an exclusive Bonus Track:
White Christmas (with vocals)
This version also includes slightly different artwork on the packaging.
Featured in the Target ad flyer 11/30/08
Get your exclusive Target edition today!

Friday, November 28, 2008

TV listings for Rick Springfield

With Harmful Intent

Tue Dec 2nd 4pm est
Wed Dec 3rd 6am est

Directed by Richard Friedman. Starring Joan Van Ark, Daniel J Travanti, Rick Springfield, Christopher Noth, Bert Remsen, Michael Patrick Carter.A small town's preteens are preyed upon in this mix of crime story and psychological drama.


Thurs Dec 11th 10 am & 4pm est

BIOGRAPHY: RICK SPRINGFIELD is the story of the performer who has sold fifteen million records and after nearly thirty years in show business still performs with the reckless abandon of a twenty-something rock star. Springfield's hit song, Jesse's Girl became the anthem of the 1980s - a time when his feathered hair, tightly-suited body and boyish face became hallmarks of the era. Concert footage, photos and interviews chronicle his early life in Australia and his career - a path that has taken him from teen idol to TV soap star to serious rocker. Includes interviews with former managers Steve Binder and Tom Skeeter; his mother Eileen Springthorpe; musician Sammy Hagar; drummer Jack White; actresses Linda Blair and Jacklyn Zeman; and record producer Keith Olson.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fan Appreciation Concert on the Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise 2008

Sunday, November 16th 2008
The Squirts Concert The Rick Springfield Fan Appreciation Concert
Palladium Lounge

This was to be our "fun day" at sea and it was anything but if you were one of those that were sick. I spent the day in my cabin in bed in hopes I would feel better for the last show. And rest paid off and I made it to the show.

The Squirts

Mark Goodman was our host and we were treated to The Squirts first and they never disappoint. Matt was wearing a life vest during the first part of the show and Rodger had a funky hot pink hat on jamming away on drums. George B was quite chatty also. They played great music from their CD's, which if you don't have, go get them now!

Fan Appreciation Concert
We voted and they played!As I got ready for the show I could hear sound check pretty clearly so I knew they were going to play WKRR and that they did. Rick opened the final show with it. After that they played two more SDAA songs and it almost seemed like we would get a whole SDAA concert. lol Rick mentioned that they hadn't had time to rehearse so if they sucked that was why. No need to worry Rick, because the show ROCKED! I believe Rick asked if anyone had been sick that day and can we feel the ship still moving. It had slowed down by show time but at the end of the ship we could still feel it. No crowd surfing and Ronnie had to bring Rick his lyric sheets, which Rick threw all over the stage as he performed the songs.

There was a marriage proposal on stage and a final IGE girl. Rick said "There was a good balance of very polite and very psycho fans" on the cruise. The show ended with the song Rick & John agreed summed up the cruise "All Right Now" where Rick thanked all of his guests (they also joined him on stage) and the band. Rick & John performed this as a duet and they rocked.

Set List
Jesus Saves

What Kind of Fool Am I
It's Always Something
Take a Hand

Just One Kiss
Everybody's Girl

All Right Now (Rick & John duet w/all guests on stage)

Rick Springfield in Mexico 2008

Saturday, November 15th 2008
Beach Party at Playa Mia
Cozumel, Mexico

This has to be the most controversial event on the itinerary. I have say first off that I had a great time. I know many were disappointed but my review is based on my experience and not of our group as a whole. And I do hope there are many changes for this event next year. Everyone should be able to see from any vantage point. So with that said.......

Those of us in Group A hurried from the Q&A to get our bracelets to board the buses. This part was a bit chaotic but it was a nice surprise when we got on buses with air conditioning. Off to Playa Mia. We arrived and found seats and had lunch. Then as Group B was arriving we moved to the beach, where we had some time for swimming and sun bathing. The band was setting up under the tent as we ate.

Rick arrived at some point and I happened to be down at the beach taking pictures of friends and was able to snap a few good pictures as he walked in the water before he was mobbed. Mark and Doug were also hanging out on the beach with some of the wives right in front of where we were sitting. At one point Doug and Mark were standing right in front our chairs so we took this opportunity to ask them for a picture and they were too happy to oblige. They were really happy to chat. Doug is really a sweetheart. Doug thought he was over dressed and it was hot. Mark was just having a blast.

Show time! And this was a bit of a disaster unless you were up front or behind the stage (not really a stage but the concrete floor). I ended up right behind the VIP seating and equipment. The view of Rick was obstructed for much of the show, however when Barbara found out we couldn't see (I was standing right behind her seat) she got word to Rick and he moved back and also turned around for those on the beach & pool to see. I really enjoyed watching the band and just listening to the music, not trying to take pictures of Rick for quite a while. They all really looked to be having a good time just playing music that they hadn't before. There were requests for Rick to take his shirt off and he obliged for a minute only to put it back on. lol Rick must have been itching to get into the crowd as he had not been able to do that at the other shows so he climbed up (not quite sure on what though) and did a song from the audience. He couldn't go too far back as there was nothing for him to climb on. Of course the show was over too soon and it was time to head back on the buses to the port.

Set list:
Under The Milky Way
Invisible Girl
Red Hot and Blue Love
Me & Johnny
April 24, 1981 - My Father's Chair
Just One Kiss
I Feel Fine
Here Comes the Sun/Love Somebody
Twist and Shout
Surf Music

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day three of the Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise

Saturday, November 15th 2008 Q&A Session with Rick Springfield & Daytime TV Stars in the Palladium Lounge
(Doug Davidson, Jackie Zeman, Jay Kenneth Johnson & Mark Goodman)
It was nice to hear VIO playing as we enter the theater. Mark welcomed us, introduced our Daytime Stars, and Doug and Rick quickly stole the show with their bantering. They could and should be a comedy act. People lined up with Mark and other Rose Tours people to ask questions. Mark was there to keep things moving and under control but almost from the beginning, Rick informed him that he had already lost control. A few gifts made their way to the stage; one was a book on model trains for Doug's dad. A long time Y&R fan knew his dad loves model trains which prompted Doug to take a moment and comment that Soap Fans are the best and really become like family.

While the others were talking, Rick wandered to the side of the stage and started signing autographs. One was a picture a fan asked him to sign for Steven Colbert. Rick told us how he was on his show for about 30 seconds a few years ago and yes, he knew about the picture behind his desk and that it was up for auction on Ebay.

Jackie talked about being on re-occurring status with GH, designing jewelry for HSN, and working on a new syndicated radio talk show which will begin in the new year. She spoke about how she has been with GH for 30 yrs, was on OLTL before that, and how she got her SAG card by being a dancing tomato in a commercial. Rick and Jackie reminisced about his start on GH and how Barbara (before she was his wife) would write little notes on the scripts that said things such as, "No tongue." As Jackie was responding to this, Rick spilled his first cup of coffee all over his gifts, and Doug used this opportunity to explain that Rick's constant spillage is a lame attempt to steal all the attention. Doug then empathized with Rick's band.

Around this time Doug interrupted to ask if anyone had gotten lost around the ship. Rick decided right there and then, he did not want to invite Doug next year because he keeps stealing his spotlight. "Boo's" from the audience were heard on that remark. We all loved Doug and being able to experience the comradeship between he and Rick.

One question was, "Did any of them have suggestions on how to improve Daytime viewership?" Doug enthusiastically jumped up! he knows the answer! LOL The "Powers That Be" are forgetting who brings in viewers, the older demographic. He recalled a fan that told him she had started watching with her grandmother, and now her children watch - it's generational. They all agreed with Doug. He further offered the thought that the young kids are not driving story, but the story lines are written towards all the young people. "It's all the young punks like Jay", Rick said. Jackie chimed in and noted that story lines are no longer written for long periods of time. Jay added the networks don't want to spend money (I read he quit DOOL the day we got back. Not sure if that is confirmed yet or not.) All of the actors then agreed that history needs to be honored.

When will you be back on GH? Rick didn't directly answer this question but mentioned with the canvas being so full it's hard to write around his touring. "It's the hardest gig." he said.
How did you decide on the guests for the trip? Jay wanted to know that too! Rick told us he digs Jay, and that he is a talented guy and they needed a young stud! (Or the "Resident Hunk" as Jay was referred to as quite often). Rick told us he doesn't go anywhere without Doug - they had a blast in Italy. Jackie was an obvious choice because of her history with his acting. Mark is the best at what he does and Rick really enjoyed the Sirius interview he did in NY during the VIO promo. Mark was also the first to play the Jessie's Girl video on MTV. John Waite has an amazing voice.

What would be your ultimate band? John Bonham, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, and Paul McCartney. Rick's answer led into the story of when Rick met Sir Paul. Rick was so starry eyed and Paul was really more interested in Barbara, and Barbara was really more interested in the also present, Kevin Costner, and Kevin Costner was more interested in Rick, and all Rick wanted to say to Paul was, "Dude, you can have my wife, just let me spend 5 minutes with you." LOL

Would any of you go on Dancing With the Stars?
Jay - "You don't want to see me dance."
Jackie - "Well they just had Susan (Lucci) and she did a great job." Jackie was a dancer 30 yrs ago so you never know, she has not been asked though.
Doug - Told the story of when he had to learn a Tango for Y&R years ago. The lessons were not successful and was the only person in the dance teacher's career who was not able to dance after the lessons.
Rick - I am only dancing with a guitar wrapped around me.

Love and Marriage-How do you do it? Rick paid homage to Barbara by lovingly giving her all the credit for their marriage. (This was an awwww moment as Barbara was sitting in the theater.) Doug explained that Cindy feels sorry for him, so she keeps him around. Jackie is newly single after being married for 20 yrs and is now dating again. Doug wanted to know what happens on a date and Rick immediately wanted to know if she goes all the way on the first"NO." she emphatically responded. She told us about the some of the new things she is learning in the dating world. And his own words, Jay said, "I'm a bad boy."

At this time a question was directed to Jay, and Rick jumped up and reminded him, "Wait, this is my cruise!" Seems as if someone needed some attention and there wasn't anything around to spill. lol

What is the significance of your tattoos? Rick explained the Red Shouldered Hawk on his back represents his dog Ronnie, of WCD and SSHSMY cover fame. Rick told the story of how after he had received Ronnie's ashes, he was lighting his fireplace and heard something in the chimney. When he looked up it was a hawk. He called animal rescue who was in the area saving a seal. The hawk was able to be set free and Rick described the moment as a release of letting Ronnie go and knowing he was present. Rick then explained the Celtic Warrior Cross on his left arm. The tattoo has a Red Shouldered Hawk to represent Ronnie and the face of "Scooby"/Gomer. He remarked that the tattoo was done at a time when he wanted to re-established the faith he was raised in.

Do you get your fan mail at GH? "Yes." When he goes in to the set he receives it.

Rick told us when he was boarding the ship, a person not in the RS group recognized him and called him "Rick Springsteen." A fan from Wasilla, Alaska asked when he would be coming there.....NOT anytime soon he replied with a laugh and then there were some Sarah Palin jokes after that which prompted a question regarding who Rick voted for. Rick would not say, but he did say talking about politics will NOT lead to sex in his house.

Rick commented that the Lido concert the night before was a "Fly by the seat of your pants night." He was asked about favorite venues and he said it depends on the audience. Just then the ship rocked a bit and Rick said "Either we are docking or we are hitting an iceberg". Docking it was. Mexico here we come! And with that I believe the Q&A was over and it was time to hit the beach party.

Rick Springfield on the Lido Deck of the Carnival Ship Destiny

Rick Springfield Bonus Concert on the Lido Deck, Friday Nov 14th 2008
The view from afar! Rick and Company were high atop the Lido Deck. Just below them was the pool and hot tubs. By the time Rick finished the first song the deck was packed wall to wall with people and the levels with the beach chairs around the deck were also full. He did dare us to jump in and a few brave souls did. lol There was a big screen that plays movies, TV and music video's during the day so even if you didn't have a good view you could still see the action. They were somewhat plugged in, no keyboards though. Derek played percussion instead, drummers took turns most notably Rodger playing with Matt on his shoulders. Ronnie got a turn too. Both Georges took a turn at guitar. A friend summed it up as a "garage band feel" and that it was. Free and unscripted. And you could see all the guys were enjoying themselves.

All cruisers on the ship were invited to this show. And I am sure some were curious about all the goings on during the cruise and they finally got a peak into it. Rick asked for an IGE girl and eventually one was found.
A different kind of set list for sure and even took a few requests.

Set List:

Red House
Twist & Shout
Part of the Hustle
Love Me Do
Come Together
Jesus Saves (he asked if it was ok to do this one first lol)
Norwegian Wood
Brick House
Surf Music
Jessie's Girl(this would be the last time we heard this!)

John Waite on the Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise

John Waite & the Rick Springfield Band
(George B, Rodger, Derek & Matt)

Friday, Nov 14th 2008

Following the Rick & John unplugged show, John Waite took the stage with Rick's band supporting him. He played all his greatest hits and some from his past bands the Baby's and Bad English. The guys all looked to be enjoying playing with John. I believe he played (please correct me if I am wrong) I Ain't Missing you, When I see you Smile and many others. John and the guys rocked the house. To find out more about John Waite check out:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day two of the Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise

November 14th 2008
Rick Springfield & John Waite unplugged w/George Nastos on guitar

I'm sure I won't get this in the order they played the songs and I will probably miss some details so leave comments!

I think we started with I Ain't Missing you from John who talked about it being about 3 women, someone he was engaged too, someone he married and Nina Blackwood (MTV VJ) was in the video?

Wasted was up next for Rick and he said he would like to talk about it but can't. Its really really not fun to talk about and he needed to leave out about 3 versus. And yes the burning question has finally been answered....A toe ring is just that....a toe ring! Both John and Rick agreed writing songs from a painful place gets good songs.

Someone asked both of them to pick a song that sums up the cruise.....both agreed "It's All Right Now" and that is the song the cruise ended on! Rick also talked about meeting Hank Marvin. How he really gets us because of it. George B also joined us to play guitar during one point in the show so John could sing but I can't remember which song it was during.

Rick played Ordinary Girl, talking about how it is about his wife and also sang Inside Sylvia. Someone handed him the lyrics for Believe in Me and he explained its about a girl named Sally from Australia, who he also used her name for in Human Touch. And he also played State of The Heart. John also played a few songs and I must have forgotten to write them down. He did talk about how he is living in Nashville now and did some work with artists there. They all really seemed to be enjoying themselves and Mark was on hand to keep things moving.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Movie night on the Rick Springfield and Friends Cruise 2008

Thursday, November 13th 2008
Rick Springfield & Friends Movie Night at the Palladium Lounge

Rick, Doug, Jackie, Jay and with Mark hosting kicked off Movie Night with the Butt scene from Hard To Hold. Doug especially enjoyed making fun of Rick during this clip, well actually during all the clips. I have notes from some of the clips.

The following clips were shown:
Rockford Files (Rick mentioned how nice James Garner was)
GH-old clips of Jackie-the most moving one was the BJ scene where Bobbie says goodbye to her little girl. Jackie mentioned how Brighton (the actress that played BJ was now 24 and getting married next month and Brad Maule (Tony) was teaching in TX)
GH-Drunken Dr Noah Drake's return-Rick told the black paint story-for those that don't know it.....the scene where Robin throws water on Noah and he gets up and looks at his hand....there is black paint on them. The prop dept painted them with water soluble paint and it got all over his hands. The director assured him you wouldn't see it.
Dying to Dance

Six Million Dollar Man

Just Deserts

Loyal Opposition-Rick mentioned how he made a few movies with Joan Van Ark and she was a sweetie.
High Tide-Doug mentioned Yannick and what a great actor he was. Rick mentioned he was in Canada doing well. He also said the first season was shot in New Zealand and how cold the water was when they shot beach scenes.
Suddenly Susan-He mentioned how tall Brooke Sheilds was.
Young & The Restless-This part was too funny when Doug's clips came up he started running to the screen and jumping up and down trying to punch someone.

There were also several clips of Jackie when she was much younger in workout videos and Doug from Y&R. There were also clips from Jay, who Rick & Doug called "the kid" and really seem to like him. Doug & Rick were on a roll with each other, constantly joking around and Rick kept knocking wine over and kept threatening to moon us again. No such luck. There were still sound problems and Rick fired Matty repeatedly even though I don't think he was in the sound booth at the time. Rick was still amazed to be on the ship and loving it. The clips ran long and it was after midnight when we started so finally Rick said it was going on way too long and couldn't wait to end the torture. It ended shortly after that.

If anyone remembers more, feel free to leave a comment! Check back for more recaps of the First Annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise!

The Frist day of The First Annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise

Thursday, November 13th 2008
First show at the Palladium Lounge-
John Waite Acoustic Concert w/George Bernhardt on guitar
Rick Springfield & Full Band concert

Welcome Aboard!

After checking in and receiving our wrist bands that would identify us for the next few days the party got started!

After a warm welcome from Mark Goodman, the first show got
underway with John Waite and George Bernhardt accompanying
him on guitar. The played for about a half an hour and both seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

Mark came back out to announce Rick's first show but first up were some drawings for front row seats and the fan MC's for the show Sunday. The new intro with Rodger in the spotlight (very cool) Rick came out and asked if you could feel the ship move? There were sound problems but Rick the true performer played through them. We started off the show with Mr. PC and Rick sang half of it with no sound from his mic but you could still hear the band rockin! Rick picked on a few victims for DTTS and the camera man (only time he played it all weekend)

Rick was quite chatty and even treated us to a "moon over Miami" well not quite over Miami but Rick felt the need to drop his pants and moon us in response to the sound issues. Sorry, no pictures to share of that one. The set list was pretty standard the first night with the exception of a full IGE but I do have to say the Venus in Overdrive ROCKS live and the band just rock the house with it. This one needs to be added permanently.
Feel free to leave a comment with any details I left out! More details to come on all the cruise activities in the coming sure to check back often.

Set List:
(not necessarily in this order)
Mr. PC
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz
Venus in Overdrive
I'll Miss that Someday
What's Victoria's Secret
IGE w/actual Guitar girl
Red House
Love Is All Right Tonight
I've Done Everything for You
Jessie's Girl

No encore

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rick Springfield Rockin in MN!

11/07/08 & 11/8/08
Onamia, MN - Grand Casino Mille Lacs Event
Review & Picture by Jill Fahey

A two day in a row with Rick is always the best. The first night I had fellow co-worker who her and her husband have gone to a show before. We had pretty good seats the first night. I was happy I didn't go up to the stage. I wore my t-shirt that said "If found please return to Rick Springfield" and brought along the sign that said "Hey Grandpa Drake, Emma was born". With that and that the people in the front row were standing I had good view so I didn't have to raise my sign and obstruct the view of those behind me. I could sense alot of eye contact from Rick. After the second time of showing the sign, I had placed it back in my bag. A little time passed and Rick brought up to the crowd of the sign and I took it out and it got up on stage with him :)

The second night I stood up by the stage with Angie. Pretty good spot except it didn't work out to get many picture moments of DTTS. Rick was on the far (our left) of the stage and went to an elderly woman and her name and age was pretty close to Rick's mom. Than he mentioned someone was giving him finger motion for.."Come here". He was making comments and than said "kiss my ass and he pulled down his pants. He came over by Angie and I. Let Angie hold the microphone while he buttoned up his open fly and I took the moment to take a picture :) When Rick is out and about in the crowd I watched the fellas and they looked like they were enjoying to goof around. Roger banging and causing Rick to yell at him. Derek, Matt and George were doing something all by each other...who knows. Every Rick show that I go to has some sort of experience that I will never forget ...from the Rick experiences (my shirt, the sign and the hug) and to the people (the people that I have seen on the list and meeting for the first time. The people I am next to and finding out they live in my city. And to the one I met from my state and has the same name. I will never forget.

Set list includes
Victoria's Secret
Affair of the heart
Living in Oz
I've Done Everything for you
Venus is Overdrive
I'll miss that someday
Love is alright tonite
Don't talk to strangers
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human touch
Jessie's Girl

One Passenger

Saturday, November 8, 2008

TV Listings for Rick Springfield

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
Sat Nov 8th 8pm est
(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)

Change of Place
LMN (Lifetime Movie Network)
Thurs Nov 13th 2AM est & 8am est
Directed by Donna Deitch.Starring Andrea Roth, Rick Springfield, Geordie Johnson, Stephanie Beacham, Ian Richardson, Viktoria Kerekes.A shy student trades identities with her flashy twin, a top fashion model with a dark secret. A.k.a. 'Harlequin's 'A Change of Place'.' 108 minutes- NR, USA, 1994

Friday, November 7, 2008

Another new Tour Date for Rick Springfield

Confirmed on

Stateline, NV
Harrah's Lake Tahoe
South Shore Room

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebrate New Years Eve with Rick Springfield

Confirmed tour date from
New Year's Eve
Pechanga Resort & Casino
Temecula, CA

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rick Springfield's "Christmas With You" Re Released.

Rick Springfield's "Christmas With You" CD will be re released in an exclusive edition available only at Target. "Christmas With You" will be in stores November 2nd and available in Targets trim-a-section only. This exclusive edition includes a new recording of White Christmas with vocals.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Charlotte, NC / October 18, 2008 / Wam Jam '08 @ Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre

Photo & Review
By Kelley Pearson

I think I can speak for everyone who attended the concert in Charlotte, NC this past weekend by saying…"Rick, we love you here. Come back!" A Rick Springfield show is one that never disappoints. I literally could have listened to those guys play all night long. He started off the show with a high-energy performance of his new song Mr. PC! What a cool live song that one is! The intro music just before Rick hit the stage was Nothing Is Ever Lost. ;-)

We had incredible seats for this show (my first time ever pulling front row seats through access!) It was my 14-year old daughter's first Rick concert, which ended up being quite interactive for her with high-fives from Rick as he balanced across our chairs, a rose explosion with the flowers she brought for him, a lot of guitar jamming either on the stage in front of us or on the speaker between us and the stage & then yet another rose explosion that showered us with gorgeous petals. It was quite a rockin' performance & a fun night! I also "converted" two people into Rick fans that night. ;-) My friend who was there had seen Rick with me in '06, from the 14th row. She liked his show the first time…a lot…but this show sealed the deal for her I think. She claimed there is nothing like seeing him perform up-close and personal. My daughter also loved the show. She left the venue with a lot of "whoo-hooing," chattering about how much "Rick rocks" & saying that she now likes Rick better than Elvis!!!

I was very pleased the band performed the song Venus In Overdrive. This is still my favorite dance-along, sing-along song on the new CD. J It was surprising getting to hear several of the new tunes---VIO, Mr. PC, I'll Miss That Someday (which truly needs to be Rick's next radio hit!), What's Victoria's Secret? & of course Who Killed Rock & Roll (which I never seem to tire of). I'm hoping they will eventually add Time Stand Still & 3 Warning Shots. I love the cool new guitar move Rick is doing now during VIO. He's added a pink sticker to the back of one guitar that simply says, "YEAH." At points in the song where the background vocals say, "yeah yeah" Rick quickly flips the guitar up to expose the word "YEAH" on the back. Pretty cool move! He should get Matt & George to label their guitars as well and they could all 3 flip them up in synch, just at the right moment. :-P I was surprised that Red House was not on the set list that night. If memory serves me right, I think they also left out Rock Of Life. I was glad Rick did that little guitar solo that I love so dearly. He was standing on the chairs just down the row from us when he went into that bit. (It reminds me so much of April 24th during the slow part of the jam). Then it kicked into a furious rhythm and ended up going into the cover song Crossroads, which is a great version of the song.

Two songs that really surprised me were Love Is Alright Tonight & I'll Make You Happy. LIAT came very early in the show. For one alarming moment I thought to myself, "OH NO…the show is over already??!" I'm used to this song being in the encore. Wow, that really threw me for a loop. Of course, the show was probably shorter than usual since Rick shared the stage that day with John Waite, Lou Graham & Eddie Money. And even when the guys play a full set list with no opening bands, is it EVER long enough?? ;-) The answer is simply---no. Rick's shows are so much fun, that it feels like only moments have passed and then it's over. No wonder we continue to go back again and again for Rick's live shows! The man is more addictive than fine wine & chocolate. J I was QUITE happy to hear a song from the Shock CD! I actually think hearing I'll Make You Happy at the end of the show was appropriate, since Rick DID make us happy. You might say it was a perfect "send-off." I can never get enough of hearing SDAA songs live. That's another of those high-energy songs that rocks the house & displays Rick's incredible guitar skills & enthusiasm.

Here is the set list to the best of my knowledge (or should I say…memory?!) If anyone knows of any songs I'm leaving out or any that are not correct, please speak up. ;-) I'm not sure if the order is "exact," but I think it's pretty close.

Intro music: Nothing Is Ever Lost
Mr. PC
Who Killed Rock & Roll
Affair of the Heart
What's Victoria's Secret
Venus In Overdrive
Love Is Alright Tonight
Guitar solo/Crossroads cover song
Don't Talk To Strangers
Love Somebody
Human Touch
I've Done Everything For You
Jessie's Girl
Pre-Encore Heartbeat music
I'll Miss That SomedayI'll
Make You Happy

My friend who was just down from us had this really cool blow-up pirate that took her quite some time to blow up! She & her 2 friends started working on him with the air pump during Eddie Money so that sucker would be ready when Rick came out. Yes, it took them THAT long to blow it up! It was BIG! I thought it was a really cute "toy" for Rick to play with. But along comes a security guard and he took it away. L Seriously, the guy just didn't understand that Rick would LIKE having a cute prop like that on stage, even though they assured him that Rick didn't mind. He finally told her he would prop it in the corner of the stage & we all hoped Rick might still get to play with it, but alas…a big speaker was on that side and I'm not sure he could see around it to spot the pirate. Strict security! :-q The point of this story….Rick was goofing off on stage when he spotted the air pump lying on the speaker. He grabs it up and gets the funniest look and says, "What in the hell is this?" The girls yell something like, "It's a pump." They were pointing & trying to tell him there was a pirate beside the stage. He must not have heard them. He looked around but he missed the whole point! He looks the gadget over and says, "A pump? A penis pump?" Then I thought he said something about "an enlarger?" LOL He asks across the front with it, "Is this yours? Is this yours?" then looks at me and says "is this yours?" I nod "no" laughing out loud! Rick did find the blow-up Destiny cruise ship that she brought. He tucked it under his arm for a bit and played guitar with it. Then he asked if any of us are going on the cruise with him next month, to which he got a round of cheers & screams.

I don't recall Rick doing any cell phone pranks for this show. Hey, he could've ordered some pizza & beer for all of us. :-p He did take a sip of someone's beer though while out in the crowd. He must have been pretty thirsty by this point! He had some boys sing Don't Talk To Strangers while he was out in the crowd & I saw him giving someone a high-five. Rick didn't "surf" out too far through the crowd at this show. I would guess he went back maybe 10 or 12 rows deep, then he came back. We didn't get any guitar smashes for this show, which is actually one of my favorite things he does on stage. :-D He did some guitar tossing & catching though. Don't you know the guys in the band must want to run for cover when Rick starts throwing guitars around?! Haha

Hopefully Rick and the guys will make a return to the Charlotte area in the future & put us into "overdrive" once again! The show rocked as always & I'm definitely ready for my next Rick adventure. As far as I'm concerned, a Rick show would be the perfect place to make "time stand still." ;-)

Thanks to Rick and the band for coming our way! We hope to see you back in Charlotte next year…Kelley Pearson

Saturday, October 25, 2008

More new Confirmed tour dates for Rick Springfield

Confirmed on
Silver Springs, FL
Silver Springs/Twin Oaks Amphitheater
FREE SHOW with park admission

Las Vegas, NV
Thomas & Mack Center

TV listings for Rick Springfield

Linda Blair-Biography
Fri Oct 31st 8am & 2pm est
In honor of Halloween, BIO is airing Linda Blair's biography. Catch Rick talk about his first love.


Soapography: Rick Springfield & Kimberly McCullough

Sun Nov 2nd 5am est

Rick Springfield and Kimberly McCullough (“General Hospital”) are profiled. 30 min- 2006

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another new Tour Date for Rick Springfield

Confirmed on

Morristown, NJ
Mayo Center

Picture: New Brunswick NJ 2008 Rosie Malthaner