Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rick Springfield appears on Good Day Tampa

Rick appears on Good Day Tampa to promote his show at the Hard Rock in Tampa Bay. He talks about his autobiography, his new album, the cruise, and more.

Link to Video

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Celebration on Ice-Rick Springfield on TV


Thursday, December 24 (6p.m. ET/PT, 5C)
Bing Crosby may have dream of a white Christmas, but this year Brian Boitano and friends will be heralding in a holiday of rock and roll! Rick Springfield and REO Speedwagon perform as a star-studded cast of Olympic, World and National figure skating champions celebrate the wonders of the holiday season. The two-hour Cable Television Premiere of “Holiday Celebration on Ice” is Thursday, December 24 (6p.m. ET/PT, 5C), exclusively on Hallmark Channel.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rick Springfield in KC

December o5, 2009

The Midlands

Kansas City, MO

Review: B Dahl
Photo: B. Minett

* The Midlands is a remodeled historic theatre in downtown Kansas City . It has elaborate ceiling and wall decorations, as was popular in older theatres. Though the setting was beautiful, the ambience really didn’t suit the energy of a rock concert. A good-sized crowd was in attendance, though I’m unsure how close to a sell-out it was.

* There was an opening act, whose name I never did hear. They were fairly decent musicians, and didn’t make the wait for Rick unbearable, as sometimes opening acts can. The lead singer looked like an imitation of Rick, as he had shoulder-length hair, was wearing a suit jacket and tie with blue jeans, had on high-topped sneakers, and played guitar. The opening band played a lot of cover songs, and seemed to have a following of fans in the audience, who sang along to some of the songs I didn’t recognize.

* No screen for the opening video retrospective of Rick’s career, so the concert just began with ‘Nothing Is Ever Lost’ playing, then Rodger banging out the ‘Mr. PC’ intro.

* During the first break between songs, Rick pointed out the ray gun that was sitting on top the speakers (seen in the background of photo). He made sure that a spotlight was put on it, and explained how Mancow (a Chicago DJ) had given it to him last night (in Elgin , IL ). He said the two of them were “probably the only two guys in all of America who collect this crap”.

* He introduced ‘Jet’ by saying it was his new single out on iTunes. This is a song that Rick was meant to play live!

* After having the audience practice the Yeah Yeah portion of “Venus in Overdrive’, with the aide of two audience members holding up their YEAH YEAH signs, Rick briefly mentioned the holidays, saying, “I’m only gonna say it once: Merry Christmas!” Then he launched into the opening chords of ‘Venus in Overdrive’.

* After playing ‘Red Hot & Blue Love’ (a great new addition to the set!), Rick said that “for a two and a half minute song, it sure has so many frickin’ chords and changes”. And, he said, for some reason, people thought he only wrote songs with two chords!

* For the ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ chorus, Rick choose a few audience members up front to sing, before picking on a security guy, Ed, who he told, “Girls like that when you sing.” Then he brought a young girl on stage, and was surprised by George N bringing up another young girl from the other side of the stage. While Rick was talking to one of the girls, Matt stole away the other girl and put her on the drum stand behind Rodger. When Rick told the girls to dance, he followed the lead of the girl on stage, who was waving her arms and jumping from side-to-side. It’s amazing that he has as much energy as 10-year-old girls!

* Rick waded out into the audience for ‘Human Touch’, sans guitar and with a handheld mic. He went into rows fairly far back, but stayed mainly in the middle of the theatre, and he fell a few times while walking across the chairs. Once back on-stage, he was given a flashing Christmas-light necklace, which he wore for the final song. Earlier on in the show, someone had given him an elf hat with attached ears, which he put on, saying, “I’m not afraid to look silly” – though he only wore it briefly.

* A two-song encore – I was hoping to maybe hear ‘Wasted’ or ‘Jesus Saves’, both really rockin’ songs with which to end a high-energy show, but it was the usual cover song ‘Wild Thing’ instead, followed by ‘Kristina’ (which I always sing as “Rick Springfield, take me away…..”)

* Rick’s energy level was very high again tonite, even though early on in the concert he asked George N to bring him some tea, saying he’d screamed his voice out last night ( Elgin , IL concert). Matt and George B. were in a playful mood again tonight also, with Matt rushing forward to towel the sweat off Rick’s brow a few times. Of course, Rick then had to jokingly extend other body parts for Matt to wipe off (underarms, behind).

* Who was there: all the usual suspects - Rick on lead guitar and vocals, Derek on keyboards, Matt on bass, George B. on guitar, Rodger on drums, sound guy Mattie, guitar tech George N, and crew guy Buzz.

* What he wore: Rick had on a black vest, a short-sleeved light gray dress shirt with a white collar and rolled-up sleeves, a skinny black tie, light gray checked pants, and his black high-top shoes with the sparkly embellishments. He again wore several beaded bracelets on his left wrist and a sweatband on his right wrist. For the encore, he changed into a faded black sleeveless shirt.

Set list:

Mr. PC
What’s Victoria ’s Secret?
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz

I Get Excited
I’ve Done Everything for You


Venus in Overdrive
I’ll Miss That Someday
Love is Alright Tonite

Red Hot & Blue Love

Don’t Talk to Strangers
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie’s Girl
Wild Thing


Friday, December 18, 2009

2009 Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise Day 4

The Second Annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise
Carnival Ship Destiny
Day Four
Sunday Nov 15th 2009

The Fun Day at Sea!
First and foremost the weather was great! There was none of that rocking and rolling (well the ship anyway) that we had last year that caused so many of us to be sick! Our day didn't begin until 2:30 that day so there was plenty of leisure time!

Actors Q&A Palladium Lounge

Hosted by Mark, Rick was joined by Doug & Brandon to discuss and take questions that had been previously submitted. There were questions for all of them including Mark and they all took turns reading them.
Immediately the tone was set with the guys joking and goofing around until Mark could finally seize control of things.

The first question went to Rick-Your character on Californication is a twisted version of yourself. On a scale of 1-20 how close is it to reality? Rick quickly responded with a "pretty close" Doug also responded that hip movements go a little faster and Rick came back with "once you hit 60 its all about technique" Joking aside he did finally answer the question.....No really, very different. This was the tone of the whole Q&A so if your easily offended stop reading now! LOL

Question to Brandon (Mark injected this first part) Who did you sleep with to get the role of Johnny Z? No really how did you get the part? Jokes around about sleeping with a stage hand, cute sound guys....seriously.....He kept going in for various parts, they just didn't happen to be the right one. He commented that as soon as he printed out the audition sheet he knew it was the right part!

Question to Mark-Who has been the most difficult person to interview and why? Uh, Rick! Mark responded quickly. No really it was Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Their first time in NY and rolled in from the clubs. Mark told them that America doesn't give a s**t about them and asked if they wanted to finish the interview. I believe he said the didn't.

Rick commented at one point that most actors accept a roll because they get a call and say YES! Mark talked about how there was a casting call for a "Mark Goodman type" Apparently someone else does a better Mark Goodman because he didn't get the part.

Question to Brandon-What was the reason he changed from med school to acting? Brandon explained that he wasn't really excelling, medicine had become a back up plan and "I feel a backup plan is a plan for failure" They all agreed with this.

Question to Doug-5 songs you have on your Ipod? Next thing you know a 1970's song that Rick and Doug had written and recorded starts playing......You don't bring me......" Matty had hooked Doug's Ipod into the sound system and Rick got quite a kick out of this. (this alone might be a good reason to buy the cruise DVD!)

Question to RS- Your character from Scandalous Life vs Californication? Compare?
Scandalous Life character was very sexual, Califronication was more comedic.

Question for Mark-Do you watch MTV currently? What do you like/dislike? Like most in the room-he used to watch, now he could care less, it sucks (his words and the crowd approved). Rick commented that most kids don't know what MTV means. They talked about when Rick first went to be interviewed at MTV in NY and he thought it was a hole in the wall.

Question to Rick-Back to GH or Broadway? Rick-Taking GH to Broadway. Doug to RS-Would you ever consider returning to the #1 Soap? (meaning Y&R) Before Brandon was was joked that Rick had done a quick stint on Y&R. Rick would like to do Broadway again and wouldn't turn down a soap.

Next thing you know Brandon is running around with the sample blanket (pictures would be taken later that night for the blankets) around him as "Doug Springfield man" they all took a turn making fun of this....... next up would be the Farewell Concert.

The Fan Appreciation Concert Palladium Lounge

Hosted by Mark, the fan appreciation concert was the last show of the cruise. Mark thanked us for making this trip so amazing and he will be back next year for sure! On to the show!

After a beachy intro the entire Working Class Dog album will be performed in order! Rick and the guys worked very hard on this set! And I have to give props to the band, who never cease to amaze me with their talent. They all seemed to enjoy playing new, ok not new music but new live music. There are a couple of these songs that I hope find their way into the set lists. Richard Marx also played guitar during the set and didn't miss a beat on back ground vocals, very impressive. During Jessie's Girl, Rick talked about how the name came to be and even changed into the original jersey he had been wearing when writing the song. Keyboards were brought out for Rick to perform Inside Silvia and he really seemed to enjoy it. I don't have a lot of notes from this show as I kinda stood back and enjoyed it all so if anyone remembers any memorable tidbits please leave some comments! After the WCD songs were done Rick & Richard performed I Hear You Knocking together then a few fan favs were performed. After I'll Make You Happy Rick wanted the Squirts to play a song while he took a quick break......they wanted Richard to join them and he did. After they played Don't Mean Nothing Rick reemerged wearing......yes a KILT! From what I have heard it was given to him by the Scottish fans on board and was dared to wear it. With that Wild Thing was played as the last song and the show was over. There was a Farewell cocktail party after the show but we got there late and I don't have much to report from that so if anyone has any good stories, please leave comments!

Set List:
Love Is Alright Tonight
Jessie's Girl
Hole In My Heart
Carry Me Away
I've Done Everything for You
The Light of Love
Everybody's Girl
Daddy's Pearl
Red Hot & Blue Love
Inside Silvia
I hear You Knocking-with Richard Marx
Jesus Saves
Who Killed R&R
I'll Make You Happy

The Squirts with Richard Marx-Don't Mean Nothing

Wild Thing with Rick in a Kilt

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New (old) Music

Rick Springfield's next release will debut February 26 on Frontiers Records. The album features songs from the vault (some previously released under Sahara Snow and some exclusive unreleased tracks and demo versions), all with the common theme of being co-written with the great Jeff Silverman. Jeff and I actually cooked up the idea while working on the Rick Springfield Tribute project for Angelmilk Records - a project that unfortunately has thus far still not been released (but I hope will be in 2010!).
One example is the original demo of Religion Of The Heart with alternate lyrics. More info shortly...

Rick Springfield Rocked Elgin

Rick Springfield plays
the Hemmens Cultural Center
Elgin, IL - December o4, 2009

Review by B. Dahl
Photos by B. Minett
* The theatre seemed to be filled almost to capacity, from the floor seats to the balcony, despite the cold and snowy weather outside.

* The concert began with a video retrospective of Rick’s career – I never tire of seeing this, and am still hoping they decide to put it out on something sometime so fans will have it as a memento to keep. After seeing all these vintage video clips, it’s only appropriate that ‘Nothing Is Ever Lost’ plays. Then Rodger began the drumming intro to ‘Mr. PC’. Such an energetic way to open the concert; it never ceases to excite me!

* Several songs into the set, Rick mentioned how when he woke up this morning, it was SNOWING outside. He said to himself, “There’s no way I’m gonna sweat on stage tonite” - brief pause with guitar playing - “But I was wrong!” He had already worked up a sweat and had to take off the suit jacket he was wearing.

* He introduced ‘I Get Excited’ by saying it was a song that Rodger “loves to hate”. During the pause between the first and second verse (where Rick used to invited a girl on-stage to sing with him - I’ve finally gotten used to hearing this song minus that stage antic), Rick said how he was surprised this song wasn’t played on “Californication”.

* Also, someone tried to hand him a beer during this song, which he used briefly as a slide. At the end of the song, Rick asked what he was supposed to do with a beer while he was playing the guitar? Then he said that’s how the roses thing got started – with someone trying to hand him roses while he was busy playing his guitar.

* Rick asked who went on the cruise, then said he recognized some in the audience as having been there. He said, “Wasn’t that the most fun you had on the water?” Then added, “Other than on a waterbed with your boyfriend….”

* He wished everyone a Merry Christmas, then corrected himself, saying “Happy Holidays – I mean Happy non-denominational-so-you-don’t-offend-anyone-and-by-the-way-I-see-you’re-an-a$$.......Merry F**kin Christmas.” Which got a roar of approval from the audience.

* When introducing ‘Venus in Overdrive’, Rick joked, saying that if anyone hadn’t got the new CD yet, “please go and get it - not that it’s any good, but because I need to buy Christmas presents for my kids!” He then went on to say how “sucky” he thought it was when performers advertise their records on stage like that, then proceeded to add “Venus in Overdrive” at the end of every thought as he continued to talk about how “classless” (Venus in Overdrive) it was to push an album on people who are there to see you (Venus in Overdrive) and how he would never do that (Venus in Overdrive). Matt was also helping in the background by saying “Venus in Overdrive” very subliminally when Rick wasn’t saying it. Rick also brought on stage an Illinois license plate that read VNUS N OD, which he said looked “really rude”.

* After having the audience practice the “Yeah Yeah” refrain for ‘Venus in Overdrive’, Rick started singing, “Dashing thru the snow…”. The audience supplied the next line, followed by Rick, then the audience again, after which Rick said that was enough Christmas music, and literally jumped into the opening of ‘Venus in Overdrive’.

* The surprise of the night for me was hearing ‘Red Hot & Blue Love’. It sounded amazing live, and I’m glad he decided to add it into the set list, after he and the band had learned it for the ‘Working Class Dog’ concert on the cruise.
* The three cover songs – ‘Fire’, ‘Crossroads’ and ‘Wild Thing’ – all highlighted Rick’s amazing guitar talents. He also displayed some awesome guitar work on the intros for ‘Affair of the Heart’ and ‘Alyson’. One of my favorite things about seeing Rick in concert is watching him play guitar.

* Before ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’, someone gave Rick an animated gingerbread man that danced and played a guitar. Rick imitated the dance movements of the toy, then said there was no way he would be on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. But the audience indicated by their response that they would like to see him on the show.

* After briefly wearing a Birthday B*tch crown that he grab from someone in the audience, catching Rodger smoking on stage, and having a few other fans sing the “don’t talk to strangers” lyrics, Rick brought a young girl named Jackie onto stage. When Rick said, “Ok, Jackie, let’s dance”, and began his funny arms-in-the-air dance moves, Jackie went down on the floor into the splits. This surprised Rick, who then tried to copy her move – but was unable to go as far down on the floor as Jackie did.

* Rick went into the audience for ‘Human Touch’, sans guitar and with a handheld mic. He didn’t seem to go too far back, but made it across both the left and right side of the auditorium.
* A two-song encore – at the end of which Rick pulled Jackie (the ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ girl) back up on stage, where she did a dance, followed by a cartwheel – so Rick also did a cartwheel. And when Jackie did a handstand – so did Rick. What a way to end an energetic concert!
* Rick’s energy level was very high tonite, with lots of jumping and leg movements, a weird donkey-kick off the drum stand, and much interaction with the audience. He seemed to be enjoying every minute on stage. Matt and George B. were also in a playful mood, joining Rick at the front of the stage and messing around with him, even giving him a ‘Melvin’ at one point! And Matt and Rodger came back for the encore wearing Hemmens Center safety vests, for some unknown reason.
* Who was there: all the usual suspects - Rick on lead guitar and vocals, Derek on keyboards, Matt on bass, George B. on guitar, Rodger on drums, sound guy Mattie, guitar tech George N, and crew guy Buzz (snapping photos from the sidelines).
* What he wore: Rick came on-stage wearing a black suit jacket, black pants, white dress shirt with a skinny black tie, and his black high-top shoes with the sparkly embellishments. He had several beaded bracelets on his left wrist and a few braided string bracelets on his right wrist along with his black sweatband. He took off the jacket after a few songs, revealing the rolled-up sleeves of the short-sleeved dress shirt. For the encore, Rick changed into his black sleeveless shirt with the spider design.
Set list:
Mr. PC
What’s Victoria ’s Secret?
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz
I Get Excited
I’ve Done Everything for You
Fire (Jimi Hendrix cover)
Venus in Overdrive
I’ll Miss That Someday
Love is Alright Tonite
Red Hot & Blue Love
Don’t Talk to Strangers
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie’s Girl
Wild Thing

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rick Springfield to Pen Memoir

Rick Springfield, Grammy-Award-Winner Recording Artist And General Hospital’s Dr. Noah Drake, To Write Memoir for Touchstone Fireside

(December 14, 2010) Grammy-Award-Winner, singer, songwriter and actor, Rick Springfield has signed with Stacy Creamer, Vice President and Publisher of Touchstone Fireside, a division of Simon & Schuster, to write his memoir. Springfield is best known for his 17 top 40 hits including his now classic #1 song, Jessie’s Girl, his role on ABC’s hit day time drama General Hospital as Dr. Noah Drake and a wickedly twisted version of himself on the Showtime hit series Californication. Late, Late at Night shares the extremely candid story of Springfield’s initial rise, subsequent fall and his rise again in the music and entertainment business as well as his life long battle with depression. Creamer acquired world English, first serial, and audio from Steve Fisher at APA. Touchstone will publish in October 2010. Aussie Springfield will be published in Australia by Simon and Schuster.

“Many of the things I have had to face in my life are universal issues; my lifelong battle with depression, fear of failure, self doubt and my journey to overcome these,” commented Mr. Springfield. “There have been ups and downs in my life, and reaching the milestone of my 60th birthday made me want to tell my story finally and honestly. I seized the opportunity to tell my story in my own words, so those who may be going through similar things in their lives, can take my experiences, grow from them and hopefully have a good laugh along the way.”

"As a longtime fan, I was naturally interested in Rick Springfield's memoir,” said Ms. Creamer, “Reading his pages I was instantly taken with his great voice, great stories, and charmingly self-deprecating wit. His utterly candid discussion of the serious depression he's battled throughout his life is both chilling and inspiring. With Late, Late At Night, you'll really have to add 'writer' to Rick's already impressive rock star/actor status."

To date, Rick Springfield has sold over 19 million records. His most recent studio album, Venus in Overdrive, released in July 2008, debuted on the Billboard chart at #28; his highest chart position since the mid 80’s. He maintains an active touring schedule, playing 90 to100 high-energy shows per year across the country. His tour dates also include a 5-day fan oriented cruise. This year, the 3rd annual Rick Springfield & Friends cruise is set to sail in November 2010. In 2005, Springfield returned to daytime TV’s General Hospital as the character he originated in the 80’s, Dr. Noah Drake as well as assuming an alternate character, Aussie rocker Eli Love. More recently, Springfield appeared on a 4 episode ARC on Showtime’s hit show Californication’s 3rd season.

Springfield’s official website,, is the home for his incredibly active fan base. He also has a strong online following on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter and even has his own official Rick Springfield iPhone app.

Simon & Schuster, a part of CBS Corporation, is a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed, electronic, and audio formats. Its divisions include Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, Simon & Schuster Audio, Simon & Schuster Online, and international companies in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit our website at

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2009 Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise Day 3

The Second Annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise
Carnival Ship Destiny
Day Three Saturday Nov 14th 2009

Beach Party @ Playa Mia
Cozumel, Mexico

Unlike last year when there was an early event the day of the beach party there were none this year so it made for a relaxing morning! Yes we actually had some down time! But before we knew it, it was time to head to the buses for the beach party. Would it be improved from last year I am sure we all wondered????

We arrived at Playa Mia to find a raised stage, unlike last year and of course people were already staking their claim for front row. We decided that food and some beach time were in order and enjoyed the day before the show would begin. Mark welcomed us to the second annual beach party and the show was to begin. Rick commented on how much more fun it has been than the previous year and how happy he was to have his "friends" even though Richard stole his best friend and is now looking for a new one! Rick threatened to throw Matty in the ocean if he didn't get the sound right.

Rick and the guys started off with some surf/beachy music and then talked about how 3 Scottish guys came up to him at dinner the night before and gave him a kilt. So I believe that is where the promise to wear the kilt came from....Oh Well was next and more props to Richard Marx and his new BFF Doug Davidson, the band for how well they have played, especially for not having rehearsed at all. Milky Way was up next even though he commented he had played it last year. The Here Comes the Sun/LS medley was up next and is very cool to hear live. Next thing Rick noticed that Ronnie was on stage, so he proudly announced him. It was really nice to see Ronnie back. Rick asked for requests and Wasted it was. Rick mentioned that Brandon & Richard would be joining him shortly as would Doug because he was Richards new BFF. Next thing you know there is a harmonica and Love Me Do with some really great vocals by Matt. State of The Heart was requested next and Rick graciously complied.

A couple of
lines of Brick House as a teaser before Brandon was invited to join Rick. Chuck Berry's No Particular Place To Go was performed with Brandon on both vocals & harmonica. Rick was quite impressed with him. Gloria was next with some Rick banter about the guys, Californication and a red speedo.

Rick asked for the guitar to be tuned so that Richard could join them. Richard thought it would be a good time to do some of the theme to the Love Boat with audience participation. Richard decided on a blues song (and if anyone knows what the name of it was please post a comment!) next he did a song by his best friend (other than Doug), the lead singer of Vertical Horizon, Everything You Want.

Of course Doug was not to be left out........after chants from the crowd for Doug, he made his way down from the terrace that the families were watching the show from. Rick an
d Doug continued their comedy routine they are now so famous for and started talking about pajamas. I believe Rick wants a PJ night, he asked the crowd who had cool PJ's and decided to share that Ronnie has those pjs that come with a night cap..... Doug doesn't really sing.....Since this is the only song Doug knows according to Rick they would play I Want You to Want Me. The last song would be Twist & Shout and Rick complimented his band and off to the water he went!

Set List:
Surf music
Oh Well
Under the Milky Way
Here Comes The Sun/Love Somebody
Love Me Do
State of the Heart
Brick House (part)
Chuck Berry's No Particular Place To Go- Brandon on vocals & Harmonica
Gloria-w/Rob Kos on Bass
Love Boat Theme (Rich
ard Marx-part of)
A Mess of Blues -Richard Marx
Everything You Want (RM-Vertical Horizon song)
I Want You to Want Me-RS & Doug
Twist & Shout
Money-The band

The Piano Bar Sometime after midnight

The photo session scheduled for that night was in the Criterion Lounge which just happened to be next to the Piano Bar. Shortly after the photo session was over Rick, Doug, Brandon and some of the families joined us there. Rick & Doug immediately went to join Brad, the host of the piano bar. Superstition was the first song of choice for Rick, while Doug passed around the tip jar. Some of the songs were just sung in part, others with made up lines and some with the help of the crowd. Rick was greatly disturbed by the Ken doll that was riding the fish on top of the piano, I believe the word mangina was mentioned....sorry that is all I am saying about that one! lol The Stripper song was played when Rick couldn't decide on a song and looked through the request book and Brandon joined Rick for an awesome version of Imagine, Rick on vocals, Brandon on the Piano. Brandon then took a turn on the harmonica during I Saw Her Standing There.

Set list:
Let It Be
Bennie & The Jets
Your Song
The Stripper Song
Shoulda known better
Imagine-Brandon on Piano, RS vocals
I Saw Her Standing There-Brandon on Harmonica

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2009 Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise Day two-Part 2

The Second Annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise
Carnival Ship Destiny
Day Two
Friday Nov 13th 2009-Part 2

Richard Marx Concert with special guest Rick Springfield
Palladium Lounge

Mark welcomed us to Richards set. Richard Marx was joined by The Squirts-Matt B, George B, Rodger and special guest on keyboards, Rick Springfield. Richard Marx was quite impressed with the band! He gave them big props for learning all his songs but did comment that the keyboards sounded a bit weak and thanked the crowd for the warm reception.

Before playing Hazard he commented that "
a song he tthought was the worst thing he’d ever written, but his wife loved it and so did the fans, it became one of his biggest hits" He also joked that it was from his huge mullet days and the Dick jokes once again started when he mentioned that the other Dick had one too. Who had it first was tossed around and it was decided that Rick was older so he must be the first Dick to have one. During one of the ballads, (my notes are a bit fuzzy here. lol) Richard called them pussy ballads and the band took a break, union rules Matt explained. The band and Rick joined Richard for the last few songs again. It was fun to see Rick in the background, not center stage doing his thing for a change. He was bouncing around while playing the keyboards and really seemed to be enjoying himself.

Set List:
Love Goes on??? Not sure about this one

Endless Summer
When Your Gone

You Never Take Me Dancing
Now and Forever
Keep Coming Back to You
Over My Head
Ain’t No Sunshine
Hold on to the Nights
This I Promise You
Better Life (cover Keith Urban)
Should’ve Known Better
encore: Right Here Waiting

First Photo Session/Meet & Greet Criterion Lounge
Rick, Mark, Brandon, Doug and Richard

Some my friends and I were in the first photo session group. I wasn't quite sure what to expect after last year but I was very pleasantly surprised with the set up. Each celebrity was stationed with someone to take your camera and picture, and another to hold your stuff while you met each one. They were all very gracious and made sure a picture was taken and you got your signed photo provided for you. If you were quick you even got a few words with each. After meeting all the celebrities you went around the corner and you had your minute with Rick. It was actually quite organized and I think most if not all were happy with it.

Rick Springfield Lido Deck Concert
Lido Deck 1
1:30 pm

After our formal captain's dinner it was time to head to the Lido deck where everyone on the cruise, not just the Rick fans would be treated to an outdoor, under the stars concert. All the celebrities were there and really seemed to be enjoying it as much as we did. Rick joined us still wearing his tux and bow tie from our formal dinner! We would be treated to almost all covers during the show with appearances by Richard, Brandon & Doug. The entire band was up on stage hanging out playing various instruments during the show too! I know I even saw Ronnie playing drums at one point.

The show started with Crossroads and then into a slightly different bathtub version of Gloria
describing how he was in the bathtub when she rang the bell, and then because he has a man crush on Richard Marx, he joined into the bathtub, then Doug comes in and wants to join and wow Gloria is getting pretty kinky – 2 Dicks in a tub plus Doug! Next up was part of Pretty Woman and this is when Rick decided much to George N's astonishment to toss his guitar into the pool below. Lucky there was a net covering it! Rick introduced Richard Marx and said that since they didn't have time during his set he should play It Ain't Nothing and Rick joined in on tambourine. Brandon was invited up next to join in on a Rolling Stones song. Doug not to be out done by the musicians in the group made his way to the mic to join in I Want You To Want Me, since its the only song he knows (Ricks words I believe). To add my own two cents here I really enjoyed that ALL the celebrities participated in ALL the events this year. Even when they didn't need to be at one they were all in the audience enjoying the performances!

Set List:

Gloria (bathtub version)
Don't Mean Nothing-Richard Marx
Pretty Woman
All Over Now (with Brandon)
I Want You To Want Me (w/Doug)
Come Together
You Really Got Me