Friday, July 24, 2009

tv appearances

Confirmed on

August 6
CW Morning Show
NYC and surrounding markets only.
Rick on at approx. 8:30am

August 6
The Today Show
Nationally Televised
Rick on between 10-11am

August 6
FOX/FNC'S The Strategy Room
Live Online Show 3-5pm

There will be no studio audiences for these appearances.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rick Springfield Rocks Orange County

Rick Springfield Rocked Orange County on July 12, 2009

Review by Laurie Bennett

Rick's show was part of the concert series at the Orange County Fair, but held at the Pacific Amphitheater, a permanent venue that has concerts year round and happens to be next to the fair grounds. It's a large outdoor venue, amphitheater style, so the seats rise up behind each other, as if built in the side of a hill. I like these arrangements so much better than the "flat" floors, where every seat is at the same height, and the short people miss out.

It was still light outside when Rick began, and although the day had been 85-90 degrees, it had cooled off by evening and became pleasant. I didn't check my watch when the show started, so I don't know if it was on time or not. They started playing several songs from VIO on the sound system, and then the evening officially started with the video montage showing on 2 huge screens to the side of the stage. There was a decent pause at the end of the video before the Roger started the drum solo, and finally the guys all came on stage.

Rick was wearing pale grey jeans, his black studded shoes, a sleeveless button down shirt and a grey striped vest. Three ladies in the front row came in a bit late, one holding a bottled beer. Rick walked over towards her, as if she had been late specifically because she was getting him a drink, and said, oh thanks, and took the beer out of her hands and took a swig. Pure surprise on her face, too funny! He asked once how his beer was doing, and made sure she got a piece of the guitar he smashed later in the show.

After a song or 2, Rick threw his first guitar towards George, but since Rick had stepped on the cord, it came to a quick stop short of where George was standing. I think he managed to catch it with his foot before it landed too hard on the ground. But every guitar George threw back was unsatisfactory to Rick - in a span of only a few songs, Rick traded out 6 guitars!!! Not being familiar with the technical aspects of a guitar, I'm not sure what was wrong with each one, but at least one was sorely out of tune. At first Rick took it in stride, then he seemed frustrated and broke that particular guitar into smithereens, then really quite peeved, and finally had to give up and just laugh it off, telling the audience that the Guitar Gremlins were out and about! Finally he got a guitar he really liked and sounded good, but before he even finished a verse a string had broken. So he did most of Alyson sans guitar. Meanwhile, Rick was working up quite the sweat, and shortly into the show the vest came off. He teased the audience by pretending to throw it to a fan, and then tossed it aside instead towards George, who ran out to pick it up with the tips of two fingers, and making a face as in "ewwww, Rick Sweat" he carried it away, holding it as far away from his own body as possible. Eventually, all the buttons of his sleeveless shirt managed to come open on their own, and the intensity of the group greatly increased when he finally just took the shirt off.

At that point he had to be sure everyone knew he had a birthday coming up, and did anyone know how old he is? He said - thirty... times two!!! (Hi Ally!) He went into the audience for some human touch with a handheld microphone. Fans were either thrilled he was coming towards him, or a bit turned off by the sweaty body (sigh), because lots of people reached out for hands, but he received less help being held up, standing on the backs of the chairs. Finally one girl put her hands square on the back pockets of his jeans, she truly couldn't reach any higher, but he didn't seem to mind since he was still upright. He did fall once, but nothing serious. He got the security guard to sing for Don't Talk to Strangers, and then also went out to find the one woman he had been watching all night, just sitting in her chair, arms crossed, no expression on her face. He teased her saying she was thinking - who the heck is this guy? That's not Noah Drake!

Back on stage, George had set out a dry shirt for Rick to wear, it was the same color as the Who Killed R&R shirt, but sleeveless and had the seams on the outside and a detailed collar. He started to put it on, and everyone began booing. Seems it took Rick a second to figure out why everyone was upset. He gave us a funny face, threw the shirt back on top of the mic stand, and said, "You guys are so spoiled!!!" A song later he tried again, finally explaining he was cold! He also had two darling girls on stage for DTTS (I may have a photo, so please contact me off list). The older girl, about 11? was ready for her part and excited, but the little 8 year old was quite shy. Rick praised her for wearing ear plugs, saying if he had only done so 30 years ago he wouldn't be half deaf today. The first girl sang, trying not to stand too close to Rick, dripping sweat, and when the little girl made an "ew" type face, he said, hold on, I'll sweat on you in a minute! When it was her turn, she sang "Baby don't, don't talk to strangers" in the most adorable voice. Not to excited about their sweaty hugs, they ran off stage at the first possible chance.

During Crossroads, Matt's son Josh, age 12 played the drum part - amazingly well! Rick said, wow imagine him at 15! And there was another boy Nicky who played tambourine; I think he was also Matt's son but I'm not sure. Proud mom came on stage to take photos of the drummer. He was really talented, and I could see him watching Rick for cues on timing, etc. Roger stood behind in event of having to take over, but there was no need. During the rest of the concert, I saw the boy sitting on the floor behind Roger, playing the exact same parts with his own drumsticks, hitting the floor. There were a few rose explosions, almost all of them red, and one or two already on stage prepared for Rick.

Rick really seemed to be having a great time and was full of energy, though I did hear him cough once or twice. The audience had blown up about 3 or 4 different round balloons, which were being tossed all around the venue, a la beach ball at a high school graduation ceremony. Rick and the guys participated by kicking them back towards the fans each time one ventured on stage. One even went straight up and then came down on top of Rick's head, and he laughed quite hard at that. We got a 2 song encore - and instead of doing wasted, as written on the set list, he sang "I'll Make You Happy", such a nice treat to hear.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Rick Springfield hot & sweaty in Iowa!

July 9th 2009
Val Air Ballroom
Des Moines, IA
Cindy Huebner

I had a sound check, and Rick was in a wonderful mood then on to the concert:
He started with Mr PC, Victoria's Secret, VIO, Alyson, Crossroads, Living in Oz, Human touch, DTTS, (my daughter got to sing on stage with him) IGE Love is alright tonight, sorry, I cant remember all of it if someone else can fill in blanks good.
He did 3 rose explosions, he didn't go into the crowd only first row, it was very crowded.
The encore songs were I'll make you happy and Kristina.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm pleased to put up a very special guitar to help raise funds for this Campaign to help the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation.

See, in 2003 I won one of Rick's amazing personal guitars in an eBay auction. One beautiful Yamaha Pacifica Telecaster In great shape, playable! Original strings, too. OK, so there are nicks below the volume knobs. Just little ones!

I loved owning it, but it's time for it to do some good by finding a new home helping out the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation! In honor of Rick's birthday this year, he's requested in lieu of gifts that donations be made to this wonderful foundation.

So, I've decided to do a short and sweet random prize drawing for just this guitar to help out the 60 Day Campaign of dontations. And Rick has graciously agreed to draw the winning ticket, as well as autograph the guitar before we ship it to the winner.

If you want in on this, from now until Saturday, August 1st midnight, just make a donation by check or Paypal . One chance for $5.00, $20.00 for 6 chances.

On or about Saturday, August 8th, the winner will be notified by email and by phone. The guitar will be autographed by Rick for the winner, personalized if that is what they wanted.** It will be shipped to them via UPS. Please note, no sound check or meet and greet passes are included. Sorry, no exceptions!

Donations for this guitar random drawing by check are to be made out to The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation.

Snail mail them via the USPS to:

Mufi Hayes, P.O. Box 1462, Salem, NH 03079.

-Please include your phone number and email addy so I can email your random drawing numbers.

-**You also need to include how you would want the guitar personalized, should you win. This is important!

-All checks are tax deductible.

Note: All checks must be received by Saturday, August 1st. No exceptions will be made. We can't be responsible for lost or misdirected mail. Anything received after that date will have to be returned.

If you would prefer to use Paypal, please send Paypal donations to

-In the "message" section , **please include how you would want the guitar personalized, should you win.

-Please include your phone number.

-Random drawing numbers will be sent to the Paypal email address used within 24 hours.

-All Paypal transactions MUST be completed by midnight EDT Saturday, August 1st.

-Please do not use the words "raffle" or "random drawing,” just how you would want the guitar personalized should you be the lucky one.

Because of shipping costs, this drawing is open only to residents of the USA.

Paypal fees and shipping costs are being donated, so all funds collected will be going to the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation.

After August 1st, everyone who donated to this grassroots fan-generated guitar thing will be entered and added to the Grand Prize Random Drawing of the 60 Day Main Campaign ending August 23rd.

Any questions regarding this sweet guitar? Just email Mufi at

If you do nothing else, have a great summer! :)

- Mufi

Rick Springfield to do in store CD signings

Confirmed on
Rick will be appearing at the following BORDERS locations to sign 'My Precious Little One" CDs purchased in-store with a short 3 or 4 song performance. Don't miss it!

Los Angeles Area
Monday, August 10, 2009
7:00 PM
9301 Tampa Avenue
Northridge, CA 91324

New York City
Thursday, August 6, 2009
7:00 PM
461 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rick Springfield Rocks Canada!

July 4th 2009
Casino Rama, ON, Canada

Picture & Review by Pam Geiger

I am a product of the parochial school system. Thirteen years of beginning the day with prayers and ending it in the confessional box has lasting effects and leaves you in a state of constantly wondering what you are doing wrong. When friends suggested going to this show, I instinctively felt something was wrong. I couldn't go to this show. Isn't it a sacrilege to leave your country on its day of Independence? After much coaxing I was assured the concept of church and state is still very much alive and nothing would strike me upon my departure.

I must admit, I had hesitations until I actually crossed the border and the sun gods shone - see all roads lead to some sort of god – sun god, rain god, earth god, rock god, etc. I was finally excited to see my rock god and looking forward to that something extra he has after a break from the road.

Casino Rama is very nice casino resort in Ontario, Canada that contradicts itself in size and scale. It hosts a 300+ room hotel, with a very small casino floor, small shopping area, and a 5000 seat arena. Great musical artists entertain there on a regular basis and of course our very own Rick Springfield was no exception.

The Entertainment Center is a basic, arena type of venue with a very long, wide, high, sparse stage. With the house lights off, the large screens on each side of the stage started the show perfectly by showcasing the video montage highlighting Rick’s career.

As the stage lights went on, the audience was welcomed by a very relaxed looking Rick and the always awesome Mr. PC. Right from the start I knew this was going to be a very musically clean, methodical, energy (and possibly Canadian?) injected show as Rick would later use the old “injection” joke to claim his stake on Canada.

After AOTH Rick humbly addressed his Canadian audience by reminiscing about his last Toronto show 26 years ago - training bras and all. He advised us it is a good thing to grow old and asked, “Don’t we all look great?” Appreciating his warm welcome, Rick wished everyone a Happy Canada Day and then asked for a show of American hands while offering a “Happy 4th”. He then quickly retracted the happy tidings, because referring to his British stock, “We lost.” On to Jet and “was your father as bold as the sergeant major” – I love this song, the band and Rick sound great on it, and while I am one of the many who would prefer a no cover show, I have to admit he picks some very cool tunes to pay homage to.

Venus in Overdrive brought Rick directing accolades for himself. As we all know, the man is obsessed with his nekkid butt, but now he is brainwashing us to remind him of his sexiness all under the guise of “teaching “the “Yeah, Yeah” part of VIO – repeat after Rick, “Hey Rick you’re so sexy!” Good thing some young, beautiful ladies, who he referred to as his nieces, joined him on stage to neutralize his ego and continue on with the music of the show.

Earlier in the show Rick debuted a new guitar, which I assume is representative of his upcoming Signature Edition. It was obvious Rick did not waste any time decorating it. Inspired, he stamped in his own handwriting, “I’d like to apologize in advance for my behavior tonite.” Without even knowing where the night would bring him, Rick knew he would have to apologize for something eventually especially with both his mother and George B.’s mother in attendance. He did a really awesome job of being lewd during DTTS as he spoke about his complex with his “whatsie” which really was his “dinky” while all his friends had “biggies”! In a less rude but still funny moment, a DTTS victim failed her cue and said, “It’s my birthday.” Rick replied, “I don’t think there is anyone in here that doesn’t have a birthday.” And then sang her a few bars of “Happy Birthday”.

The night continued with a shirtless “Love Somebody”, the seated audience rising for the “Human Touch” occasion, and numerous jumps and kicks. I think what best summed up the energy of the night would be the five full jumps in the show’s closer, Kristina.

When the house lights went up I realized I made it through my adventure with nothing more than my rock god striking me where he always does and realizing it’s fun, and indulgent, and somehow innocently, confessional box worthy, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just wonder, how can I make all roads lead to that place?

Set List

-Mr. PC – What’s Victoria’s Secret? – Affair of the Heart – Jet – I’ve Done Everything for You – Allyson – Venus in Overdrive – I’ll Miss that Someday – Love is Alright Tonite – Crossroad Blues – DTTS – Medley – Love Somebody – Human Touch – Jessie’s Girl – Encore: Wasted/Kristina

Sunday, July 5, 2009

TV Listings for Rick Springfield

Change Of Place

Sat July 11th 3am est

irected by Donna Deitch.Starring Andrea Roth, Rick Springfield, Geordie Johnson, Stephanie Beacham, Ian Richardson, Viktoria Kerekes.A shy student trades identities with her flashy twin, a top fashion model with a dark secret. A.k.a. 'Harlequin's 'A Change of Place'.' 108 minutes- NR,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Tour Date For Rick Springfield

A new tour date for Rick Springfield was

announced today on :

October 14, 2009
St. Johns, Newfoundland, CA
Mile One Centre