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Rick Springfield's Eli Love leaves town!

General Hospital
July 31st 2008

Eli takes another beating!
We pick up where we left off yesterday where Eli is having a confrontation with Trish. Anna steps up and asks her to move out of the way. Eli says at least someone has some bloody sense and then wham! He doesn't know what hit him, but we do! Anna drop kicks him to the ground. Trish says she wishes she could have done that. "My pleasure" Anna responds. Watching it was just as good Trish assures her. It was all she needed and goes to collect her son. Eli tries to call after Trish and feels the pain. Robin steps up and asks him if he is feeling his age? He thinks he broke something, his ego, Anna informs him.
Father to be knows best?
Patrick sees Eli go down and comes over. "Before we scoop you up off the floor and boot you out of here I have something to say to you" Patrick says. "Having Fun" Eli asks. This is about as good as it gets Patrick says then gives him a lecture about fatherhood. By this time Noah has joined Robin & Anna. He asks what is going on. Eli is insisting to Patrick that Trish knew the deal. Patrick lays into Eli that when you create another person, they have a right to expect certain things from you. He should get to know him, take time out of the glamours lifestyle. Noah looks on in amazement and also proud. Patrick tells him "You are exactly what women hate about men"
See ya!
Eli has been picked up and put in a wheelchair to leave. "Hope your not having any regrets" are his parting words to Anna. She responds with a "Who me? The only thing I regret is trying to get to know the man behind the musician" Noah says to Anna, Patrick & Robin that he thinks Eli suffered more brain damage than they originally thought last summer. He will never find anyone as amazing as you Anna, Noah quietly says. Anna blushes. Meanwhile, Eli is sent packing out of the hospital. Anna can't believe it took her so long to see it. Noah says they all fell for it. Noah then turns to Patrick to say He'll never know where Patrick found out about the stuff he told Eli but if he puts it into practice he will be a great father.
Round two
Patrick & Robin are sitting in the waiting area and he asks her what she thinks. She wants to know where they went to dinner. She is worried. Here we go again Patrick says. They are not going to do this. Patrick and Robin should be worried because Anna & Noah are sitting on a park bench together. Noah thinks Anna will miss the rockstar in time. No he assures him. She doesn't regret it at all she insists. She then asks Noah if he knows what she is thinking. Last summer she tells him. She continues when she was attracted to Noah because she thought he looked like Eli. Yeah, Noah says sheepishly. "Maybe I was attracted to Eli because he looks like you" Anna admits to him. Noah says he should probably say something noble at this point. What the hell and he leans in and kisses her!
Stay tuned to see where that kiss leads!

Rick Springfield on the CBS Early Show

July 31st 2008
CBS Early Show
Photos by: Pam Geiger

Well New York week came to an official close this morning with Rick's last morning appearance on the CBS Early show. Rick & the guys performed in the studio but Rick came out to greet the fans and sign autographs and take pictures. There was a youth group, People to People, I believe was the name. They had 300 teenage girls, and I have to say just about all of them knew Jessie's Girl and sang along to the performance. They got very excited that Rick would sign and take pictures. He was truly interested in them as well, asking them questions about thier organization.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 reviews Rick Springfields new album

Check out the of Venus in Overdrive.

Rick Springfield as Eli Love on General Hospital!

General Hospital
July 30th 2008

Mothers & Daughters

Robin & Anna are at the Metro Court for breakfast and Robin isn't sure Anna wants to speak to her after last night. Anna assures her she loves her but Robin's little set up last night was probably one of the most embarrassing things that have happened to her. They have another heart to heart as Robin explains her reasons and Anna says its not necessary as long as Robin believes in her. Anna doesn't give a damn what Eli thinks!
A trip to the hospital
Eli and his managers head to GH to look for Robin. Chip tells Eli he has to go now, they don't have time for this. Eli insists he isn't going anywhere until he sees Anna and takes off after Epiphany when she walks by. Epiphany is having none of it though. Eli inquires about Robin's whereabouts and Epiphany informs him that Dr Scorpio is not in. He wants to know when she will be in. Epiphany asks him if he is sick? "Do you require medical attention?"If not Epiphany suggests he get his butt back on the elevator and stop wasting her time and walks away. Eli tries to plead with Epiphany that Robin is the only one that can convince Anna....."That your an ass?" Epiphany asks. Eli responds with a confused look. "What is wrong with everybody? So I freaked out she was to be a grandma?" He goes on to explain she has already proved she is way more than a grandma! His managers continue to try to get him to leave but Eli refuses to go without Anna. Just then Anna & Robin come off the elevator. Eli rushes over to her and wants to talk to her. Anna informs him she has already heard everything "Not this" Eli pleads with her. He wants her in his life he tells her. Robin walks over say her mother isn't interested in anything he has to say. But Anna is curious. "I wouldn't go that far" she will hear him out. Eli asks Robin to excuse them.

Don't Walk away
Eli starts by thanking her for the save last night. It was amazing he tells her. "Happy to help. Is that it?" She wants to know. "I don't want it to end like this, I don't want it to end at all" he begs. He can handle her being a grandmother, he just can't handle her walking out of his life. Just then a woman and a young boy walk off the elevator toward Eli. Eli has his back to her as she says "Why don't you say hi to your father"
Fathers and sons?
Eli begs his managers to help him. "You know the deal Trish" One of them says and goes on to remind her that if she comes anywhere Eli she forfeits child support. "Go have a seat, Trish tells the boy, I need to have a word with your dad alone" The boy goes over to the waiting area where Robin promptly joins him to distract him. She tells him her name and asks his. Elijah he responds. Patrick sees the adults getting into it and joins Robin to keep Elijah distracted. He talks to him about the race cars he is playing with. Meanwhile, the adults are having an unpleasant conversation. Eli lays into Trish, bringing the kid here and throwing him in his face won't get her a penny more he hisses. She didn't come for more money she insists. He wanted to meet his father!
15 minutes
Eli says 15 minutes in the back of the tour bus doesn't qualify him to be his father. Anna looks on taking all this in. Its a little late in the game to expect Eli to step up Chip says.
Stay tuned......

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rick Springfield on WPLJ

Rick talked to Race Taylor of WPLJ in NY this week. Download the interview here:

Rick Springfield Rocks Port Charles!


We start off back stage at Eli Love's concert. Robin and Patrick are discussing where Anna is, Eli walks up to Patrick and Robin and says hello. Patrick thanks him for the passes. Eli says "you're welcome, no hard feeling but you did damage the merchandise and in this business faces matter, so I gave you the back stage passes on the condition that you would bring Anna. Is she here?" Robins says "I was under the impression that you wanted nothing to do with her because she is about to become a Granny? So..... Why would you care if she was here or not?" Eli starts to answer and Anna comes from behind and says "I'd like to know the answer to that one myself!"

Eli takes Anna off to the side and says " Anna I am so glad that you decided to grace me with your presence." Anna responds "yeah I almost didn't because quite frankly you're an Ass! And I have better things to do, but a good friend of mine reminded me I don't have to like you to enjoy your music!" Eli "are you still mad at my little faux pas?" Anna "Do you even know what what that means? You dismiss me as too old for a perennial adolescence such as yourself. Eli responds with " I apologize from my heart, the thing is Anna I'm crazy about you and if you doubt that then consider the fact that I got my jaw pounded on, not once but twice in your honor. I still want you back stage." Anna "Well that's saying something isn't it?" Eli ... "look what I said was really, really rude and disrespectful. I don't know it was, a spur of the moment thing, I got caught up in it but I'd like a second chance with you." Anna "I don't know why I should, you know fool me once and all that. But I guess you're allowed one egregious mistake. Besides I hear your new single is pretty cool!" Eli gets excited "I'm so excited for you to hear it!" The road manager comes up and tells Eli 5 minutes ..... Eli tells Anna "my favorite part of the show 5 minutes before I go on, can you feel the excitement?" Then he puts his arm around Anna and they walk away.

The Plan

Robin has a plan ........ Max walks up to Robin and Patrick and Robin said she was afraid he wouldn't get in. Max asks if she still wants to follow through with her plan. Patrick says to Max "are you sure you do? You know you are taking order from pregnant hormonal woman?" And then Robin says all you have to do is kidnap Eli at gun point ...... and the scene cuts away.

Rockin Port Charles

We return to Eli in concert and he says "I want to dedicate this song to a very special lady and I think she knows who she is" .... and he smiles at Anna. Eli breaks into "What's Victoria's Secret?" (which happens to be the new single off of Rick Springfield's new CD "Venus in Overdrive") The song goes over great, Anna is happy and then some chick comes running onto the stage and jumps into Eli's arms and wraps herself around him ...... Robins responds this "oh no this is war!"

The Plan In Action

Anna and Robin are outside are waiting for Patrick .... Anna asks "why are we waiting here by Eli's limo? The last thing I want to do is see that Jack Ass again!" Robin says "because I feel safe here, you know those Eli Love fans they are crazy!" In comes Eli followed by the paparazzi, Eli thanks them and then notices Anna next to the car. Eli asks "Did you like the show?" Anna says "I hope your girlfriend liked it, she looks kinda old for you what is she, 24?" Eli "Oh, you gotta be kidding me, it was a little bit of on stage fun, I hardly know the girl." Anna mimics Eli "a little bit of on stage fun." Behind her two masked men come up to Eli with guns .... one says "come quietly Mr. Love there is no reason for this to get ugly." Eli "you got to be freaking kidding me?" Then Anna finally notices and kicks both of their butts! Eli was stunned and tells Anna that she is amazing!
Be sure to Check out Rick Springfield New CD "Venus in Overdrive" which contains the song Rick sang today "What's Victoria's Secret?" It in stores NOW!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Rick Springfield to appear on Regis & Kelly

Scheduled To Appear 07/28
Pollstar - USA
Monday, Jul 28, 2008 4:04PM

We were going to be really clever and find a humorous way to introduce this week's listings like we usually do (Hey! We're funny. Sometimes.), but to tell you the truth, there's someone on the schedule this week that has us too excited to mess around. Yes, that's right. The long wait is over. He's back. "He who?," you ask? Why Dr. Noah Drake of course! Everyone done screaming? Good. Yes kids, Rick Springfield is back with a new album, Venus in Overdrive, and you can catch him performing a track from it Tuesday on "Live with Regis and Kelly." Is this a great country or what? Oh and there some other people on TV this week too............

Rick Springfield on GH 7/28/08

No Bad Love!

Today we start of at the General Hospital nurses station. Noah walks up to Patrick asking if he had paged him. Patrick says no it must have been Robin. Patrick tells Noah that Robin is talking to Anna about Eli and she looks a little annoyed. Noah says "well she should be she's much too good for that low life!"

The next scene starts off with Robin trying to convince Anna to go to Eli's concert. Robin has no luck convincing Anna. Robin walks back to where Noah and Patrick are standing. Patrick says "that didn't look good." Robin say "no she won't go." Noah says "Good! Why would she want to, the guy is a Jerk! Why would she want to after the way that guy treated her?!" Robin says "to show him what he's missing!"

Robin tells Noah and Patrick that she should go for him and more importantly herself, to show that she doesn't care and doesn't need his Rock Star attention to be the beautiful empowered woman she has always been. Patrick adds "it's not a bad idea for Eli to see her and eat his heart out when he realizes she doesn't give a damn." Noah points out that, if she doesn't want to go! You're not going to make her. Patrick comes back with "No Robin can't but you could!" Noah says "no, no, no keep me out of this please!" Patrick says "she trusts you, I think you could do it and plus you look like the guy." Noah says "Please I'd like to think I have a little more depth of character than Eli Love." Robin "then prove it! Talk to her". Noah says "if she doesn't want to go I can't make her go either!" Robin says "you can convince her, it really is the ego boost my Mom needs right now." Noah says "I'd really like to help Anna out you know" ...... Robin cuts him off with "Thank you Noah! Very much." Noah says "you're welcome" and as he walks away starts dialling his cell phone.

In the next scene Anna is at the nurses station explaining that Dr. Drake Sr. had paged her. Noah walks up saying "Hey thanks for coming!" ... to which Anna replies "I suppose this is a pep talk about me going with Patrick and Robin to Eli's concert, No?" Noah ..... "yea pretty much" Anna " before you start this whole speech, I'd like you to know that I would prefer and invitation from you! She says how they have been getting caught up in the grandparent thing and that they haven't got a chance to catch up as friends. Noah says, "I would absolutely love too but, I don't want you to use me to hide from Eli Love."

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for Eli Love's performance of Rick's new single "What's Victoria's Secret?"

Rick Springfield's Good Morning America Performance.

Good Morning America
July 28th 2008

By Rosie Malthaner

New York Week is in full swing! The Rick & the guys arrived bright and early for a soundcheck at the ABC studio in Times Square. Rick seemed happy to see some familiar faces in the crowd. They played a DTTS teaser as well as a teaser of I'll Miss You Someday before launching into What's Victoria's Secret. Robin Roberts really seems to enjoy Rick's performance and Sam Champion did a short interview with Rick. I belive Rodger's Mom really likes Diane Sawyer and made it a point to get a picture together with her. For which he was teased mercifully from Rick. They of course played Jessie's Girl at the end.

They kept us after to film an additional interview and the full version of I'll Miss You Someday to be posted on as some point. I believe the interview with Sam Champion is now there. Keep checking for the additonal interview and performace.

Rick Springfield Kicks off NY week in Long Island!

Rick Springfield Kicks off NY week in Long Island!

July 26th 2008
The Planting Fields Arboretum
Oyster Bay, NY
Review by Rosie Malthaner, Kelly Latka & Dancy Zahn
Pictures by: Kelly Latka (to be added soon!)

The day started out with sound check. While the band was there, Rick & Ronnie were running very late. They finally arrived and things got underway. Rick talked about how he had just taken a tour of the sister ship of the Destiny and that he was really excited for the cruise. They did Affair of the Heart then Rick did the autograph thing. Pictures came next. Once that was out of the way the real action came when George N was putting picks on the stand and somehow pulled it back and it totally bonked Rick directly above the bridge of his nose. Knocking his glasses off and leaving a nice mark and bleeding a little. Ok the injuries were out of the way. Lol. Rick liked to tease Rodger about being the Man in the Box because his drum set was behind a plexiglass enclosure. Now this is where it really gets good. Rick explains that they need to rehearse the "shortened" version of WVS that they are performing for the morning TV shows this week. Well they did, 3 times. And then it gets even better. Rick & the band also performed I'll Miss You Someday 3 times!!!! He said they would be doing that also this week. Considering the sound check started late it lasted two hours!

On to the show! The venue was really nice. Outside under a tent with a nice breeze blowing. We were running late so we made a made dash from the hotel back to the venue in time to get to our seats and have the intro start. We had front row seats and as the show started the stage got rushed to we moved right up to the stage. It was really nice, no pushing or shoving. Rick started with the usual WKRR and moved through the set list getting to WVS and announcing they have a new album out. He received a harmonica at sound check so Rick & Matt treated us to a little Love Me Do. I always love when they play any Beatles. He talked about GH during Gloria as he has been. When it came time for DTTS Rick came right over to us and picked on our very own Dancy. When she gave him a hard time about singing, he felt the need to share a story from sound check that she had been giving him a hard time all day and he is now calling her the Sgt Major. All in good fun when he gave her a second chance she sang. After that he ventured out in the crowd for a few more victims.

After DTTS, Rick started and continued all of Love Somebody on the stage. Then he moved out into the audience for My Generation and Jessie's Girl, yes NO Human Touch. But the best was yet to come. The Encore! Rick and the guys walk back out with the full stage lights on. Rick gets to the mike and looks back to double check with the band. Yes the are going to do it! Rick explains that they are going to do another new song and he hopes he will get all the words to it. They will be performing this two on some of the TV appearances this week! After that they did Love is All Right.

The show was over too quick. But the trip continues to NYC!!!!

Set List
Who Killed Rock & Roll
Affair of the Heart
Rock of Life
Love Me Do
I've Done Everything for You
What's Victoria's Secret
Love Somebody
My Generation
Jessie's Girl
I'll Miss you Someday
Love Is All Tonight

Note: There was no Human Touch done at all

New Rick Springfield Interview

Rick Springfield: It's good to be singing
By Greg Hernandez, Columnist
Article Launched: 07/28/2008 12:00:00 AM PDT

Rick Springfield has a new album coming out Tuesday, the same day he will perform his single "Victoria's Secret" on an episode of "General Hospital."

No, it isn't 1982, when he was playing Dr. Noah Drake on the ABC soap at the same time that he had a thriving career as a Grammy winning pop star with 17 top-40 hits, including "Jessie's Girl," "I've Done Everything For You" and "Don't Talk to Strangers."

Fast-forward more than 25 years and Rick, who still drops by to play Noah on occasion, will appear on the soap this week as rocker Eli Love.

"The good thing is they brought in a different character and he gets to do my new single, which I'm really happy about," Rick said last week. "Any time you can get on TV with a new song is great."

So why didn't he ever sing on the show during the height of his fame?

"I never thought that was plausible," he said. "He's a doctor. Of course, they wanted me to do it in the '80s. I said no. There was radio play and you didn't need to. Plus I was fighting everyone thinking I was a soap star who wandered into the recording studio. Now I've been around long enough where it makes sense."

The truth is, by the time Rick got really famous on "General Hospital," he had already released six albums with his first hit single, "Speak to the Sky," which made the charts way back in 1972.

At the peak of his fame, Rick's hit albums included "Working Class Dog," "Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet," "Living in Oz" and "Hard to Hold," which was also the title of his motion picture debut.
"I loved it. It was great," he said of those heady days of '80s stardom. "There was a tough side to it as well, but I love to work."

Even when his recording and acting careers have been on the wane, Rick has never really stopped recording and touring.

Now he is especially excited about his first studio album in four years, "Venus In Overdrive," which is being favorably compared to his classic "Working Class Dog" album from the early '80s.

"There's a really good buzz on this one which you can't manufacture," he said. "There's been some stuff falling into place so it has a special feel to it. Where it goes from there, I have no idea. This feels very, very different to me. It doesn't feel like I'm pushing against the door."

I mention to Rick that I saw him in concert at the Orange County Fair about 10 years ago. Even though we didn't meet, he did walk across some chairs near me when he made his way into the audience.

He laughed.

"I love playing live," he said. "It's the way I connect with people. I'm a pretty quiet person in my family life. The party guy only comes out when I play live. He's anxious to come out."

He turns 59 next month but remains remarkably youthful and energetic.

"I'm very much into health," he said. "I like to eat well; I have always worked out. But it's mainly being passionate about what you do. The energy of the audience is really what keeps me playing. It's as much of a high as it ever was. The fans have hung in there."

To read Greg Hernandez's Out In Hollywood blog,

go to

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rick Springfield on ET

According to UMe
Events Schedules
Rick will be appearing on
Entertainment tonight
Monday July 28, 2008
Check your local listings

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rick Springfield TV listings

With the much anticipated release of "venus in Overdrive", there are quite a few TV appearances scheduled for next week. This is the most up to date listing that we have.

General Hospital
Rick performs "What's Victoria's Secret" this week on GH as..... well will it be Eli Love or Dr Noah Drake? Tune in to find out!.

Good Morning America
Mon July 28th 7am-9am est

On the Record with Greta Can Susteren
Mon July 28th 10 pm east

Live with Regis & Kelly
Syndicated (check your local
Tues July 29th

Fox & Friends
Wed July 30th

The CBS Early Show
Thur July 31st 7am-9am est

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rick Springfield's New CD Delivers

Rocker Delivers Best Album Of Career
By Chuck Harrell

I have to admit that I didn't see this one coming. Sure, rock stars from days gone by put out new records all the time: sometimes they're great (Cheap Trick's "Rockford" comes to mind), sometimes their efforts are just mediocre. If a once great band loses its edge and continues to record, it ends up being sad more than anything else. The good news is no one bothered to tell Rick Springfield he couldn't out-do himself some 20 years after he ruled the pop charts with his first major hit of the '80s, "Jessie's Girl."
Check out the rest of the article here .........................

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rick Springfield is going On The Record

According to Greta Van Susteren's very own blog, Rick will be appearing on her show On The Record
Monday July 28th 10 pm est, FNC

Rick Springfield to play in Oyster Bay

Rick Springfield to play at Planting Fields
July 24, 2008

Singer Rick Springfield to perform at the Planting Fields in Oyster Bay on Saturday at 8 p.m.

Rick Springfield says his new album, "Venus in Overdrive" (New Door/ Universal), due in stores Tuesday, should have been called "Son of 'Working Class Dog.'" It has the same kind of songs as his American breakthrough album from 1981, though they're from a slightly older perspective, with the concerns of slightly older folks, including death and loss.

Springfield has had many successes and failures since then, both in his acting and music career. But these days, he's back to the places when his success was greatest.He's playing a dual role on "General Hospital" - as Dr. Noah Drake and rocker Eli Love, who is set to play the new single, "What's Victoria's Secret?" on the show.

So which songs are which?

'What's Victoria's Secret?'The new album's first single is closest to "Jessie's Girl," from the chugging guitar opening to the catchy chorus. It's an upbeat song that's still about a frustrated relationship.

'Venus in Overdrive'The title track is closest to "Red, Hot and Blue Love," a straightforward song that adds flecks of an unexpected genre, in this case, a bit of Police-influenced reggae.

'Time Stands Still'Its revved-up guitar sounds a bit like "I've Done Everything for You," but instead of an angry list of complaints, the older and wiser Springfield counsels listeners to slow down and try to enjoy every moment.

WHO: Rick Springfield
WHEN: 8 p.m. Saturday,
WHERE: Planting Fields Arboretum,
Oyster BayINFO Tickets ($35-$120) available at Ticketmater, 631-888-9000 or

1. "Jessie's Girl" from "Working Class Dog" (No. 1, 1981)
2. "Don't Talk to Strangers" from "Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet" (No. 2, 1982)
3. "Love Somebody" from "Hard to Hold" (No. 5, 1984)
4. "I've Done Everything for You" from "Working Class Dog" (No. 8, 1981)
5. "Affair of the Heart" from "Living in Oz" (No. 9, 1983),0,817344.story

Monday, July 21, 2008

Rick Springfield Rocks Ohio!

July 18, 2008
Fraze Pavilion, Kettering, OH
Review & Picture by Darla Gerken

The night began with a local band called “Stranger”. The band played 80’s music, warming the crowd up for Rick. The temperature was in the high 80’s, so the crowd was already “warm”. They played a great collection of songs, mentioning that they had to seriously change their set list since they play quite a few Rick songs.

At 9:15pm, Rick casually strolled out on the stage wearing a leather jacket. That was pretty brave as warm as it was, but it projected the “Rock Star” image and it REALLY worked! He belted out Who Killed Rock ‘N Roll to the crowd’s enthusiasm, leading into Wasted and Affair of the Heart. About this time, the leather jacket was off to reveal a sleeveless black plaid shirt. There were several rose explosions. Rick asked if Bucky passed out the roses because they had duct tape wrapped around the stems. He said, “Can’t you bring roses to the concert anymore?” “I can understand firearms, but not roses”.
Alyson came next followed by I’ve Done Everything for You with the usual “point” from Rick. To be the recipient of the “point”, makes a woman’s heart beat a little faster. Rick made a comment about it being hot and that sweating was good for the skin. After singing Rock of Life, he mentioned that he had a new CD coming out and said that it had a song called What’s Victoria’s Secret. Rodger must have said something to Rick because he said Rodger doesn’t want to play it right now. So, he led into Fire, after that Rick sang What’s Victoria’s Secret. The crowd loved it and cheered loudly. It’s a song that has a Jessie’s Girl twang and it sticks in your head after it’s over. I know it’s going to be a hit!
Red House was next on the agenda. Somewhere around this time, Rick asked for a new shirt since the one he was wearing was drenched with sweat. He said to close our eyes and he would count to ten while he changed. He counted slowly, but of course, we didn’t close our eyes to our delight.
Don’t Talk to Strangers came next with Rick pointing the microphone to a couple people, who graciously sang DTTS before he asked if there were any kids who wanted to sing. Three young girls stepped on stage; Rick pointed to Matt and said I’d like you to meet my son. Matt got down on his knees and walked over to the girls. Rick asked the girls how old they were and also asked Matt, to which he did a “plug” for the new CD. Rick asked the mother of the older girl to also come on stage. The two older girls and mother sang with no coaching. The smallest of the girls appeared to have stage fright, Rick knelt down and talked with her about singing, finally she looked up at Rick with the cutest smile and sang DTTS. The crowd gave her a huge cheer. When the others were leaving the stage, Rick was still holding the younger girl’s hand and asked where her mother was, when there wasn’t a quick response, he said, “I’ll keep her”.

The medley came next, followed by Love Somebody. Rick asked the crowd how many saw it when it first came out and if they were under 18 at the time. He said then they saw his “naked butt” when they were minors. At this point he was crowd surfing and went into My Generation. Before Human Touch, Rick asked for a cell phone. Someone handed him her phone. He asked who he should call and she said her husband, Travis. Unfortunately, he did not answer. Rick left a message. He said Christina, Chris, Christy, (he couldn’t get her name right) was with him. Laughing, he said something suggestive about why he couldn’t understand her name. I won’t repeat what he said. Rick was being very naughty, but we still love him! Quite a few received the Human Touch, but not this one; which ended with Rick back on stage for Jessie’s Girl with a beautiful red guitar in his hand. After changing shirts again for the encore, we heard I’ll Make You Happy and Love is Alright Tonight. The guitar toss at the end of the show was successful with no injuries, unlike last weekend. It was a great “Rick Night” as usual.

Rick Springfield and another hot & sweaty night in VA

Busch Gardens, VA
Review & picture by Dancy Zahn
Night 2!

If we thought yesterday was hot, we were really in for it today…it was even hotter! We began the many hours wait in front of the stage. It was a group effort, fanning each other, spritzing each other with water, taking turns holding umbrellas overhead for some relief from the blazing sun. Donna T kept us posted with the countdown, letting us know whenever another half hour had passed. What a great crowd. Lots of kids, families, and yes, men! There were also lots of fans who were seeing Rick for the first time, or for the first time since ‘way back then’. It was so exciting to see their reactions when he took the stage!
He did so right on time, and wearing a very snug and sleeveless black denim shirt. Very nice! Set list was very much like last night’s with a swap of Alyson for Kristina. And the inclusion of the medley. Didn’t think I’d miss that one, but I was happy to have it back tonight! Rick did the shirt change again, a few songs into the show.
Rick seems to really turn on the charm when he is playing to the field of strangers, as these amusement park crowds usually amount to. He was in high gear all night, tons of dancing and joking and just a really fun time. We were sweating just as much as he was, with no relief until the sun started to go down. There were some really cute kids in the audience tonight, and Rick found 3 to bring on stage for DTTS. There were 7 yr old Libby and Emma, 2 of a set of triplets. Their mom said the 3rd was too tired from last night’s concert. Then there was 5 yr old Evan.(I believe we have seen Evan sing before at the Borgata) All 3 of them did a fabulous job singing, and Rick was just eating them up.
After DTTS the guys did the medley, and the crowd was way into it. When it was time for Rick to come out for Love Somebody, he didn’t come too far. I guess he learned from last night’s human traffic jam in the crowd. He did the usual cell phone thing during My Generation. I have to say, as much as I do not love MG, I do like seeing Rick perform it because I can tell how much fun he has doing it. He came a few rows out into the crowd and made his way across from one side to the next. Fans were crushing towards him with the hope of a grab or squeeze, and many did get their hands on him. Brave man, with no guitar to shield himself! (there must have been issues with the equipment, he had just a hand held mic). He finished up with Human Touch, then made his way back onstage. After Jessie’s Girl, he took off his terry cloth wrist band, wrung it out, and threw it out to the masses. I am serious when I say a waterfall of sweat was released when he squeezed.
Another shirtless encore. Sigh. Before he came out, we knew we were in for a treat because the guys had broken into a very rambunctious sounding I’ll Make You Happy. Followed by Love Is Alright Tonight…and yes, he made us happy. As I left the field, I noticed a huge line at the merch table, good for Rick!
Set List
Affair Of The Heart
I’ve Done Everything For You
What’s Victoria’s Secret
Rock Of Life
Red House
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie’s Girl
I’ll Make You Happy
Love Is Alright Tonight

Rick Springfield Rocks Busch Gardens

Concert review:
Rick Springfield at Busch Gardens
Melissa Ruggieri
July 21, 2008 2:02 AM

I’m always mystified by the hordes of people who find enjoyment walking around a theme park in 98-degree weather.

But, there they were yesterday at Busch Gardens Europe, dripping with sweat as they waited in line for the terrifying-looking Griffon and scurrying for the air conditioning inside Das Festhaus (what’s up with the German restaurant serving ribs and pizza, BTW?).

By 8 p.m., a couple thousand of them also meandered over to Festhaus Park, where Rick Springfield was performing a second night for the launch of this season’s Summer Nights concert series.

It’s a handy setup, this series. Concerts are free with park admission and they actually start on time. But, you’re on your own as far as seating. Bring a chair or a blanket for the lawn if you want – but if not, you’re standing. And in 90-something degree weather, that’s not always fun.

On the other hand, it’s rare to stay seated at a Springfield show no matter the setting, and that tradition continued last night.

Take a look at this guy. Does this look like someone who is turning 59 next month?

Whether it’s healthy living, enviable genes or sheer luck, Springfield has managed to stay rock star handsome while providing the energy of a man half his age.

His 90-minute set Sunday – which, naturally, attracted a largely female contingent (though a surprising number were much younger than his expected thirty-and-fortysomething fan base) – was a great lesson for the casual observers in the crowd.

These would be the people yelling out, from the moment Springfield stepped on stage in his shades, “Play ‘Jessie’s Girl’!”

He did, eventually. But first, Springfield and his band tore through many of his 16 other Top 40 hits, including a propulsive “I’ve Done Everything For You” and “Affair of the Heart.”

Though he sounded uncomfortably hoarse on “Rock of Life,” Springfield’s rasp cleared up for a fan’s dream medley that included at least one verse and chorus of “Bop ‘Til You Drop,” “Celebrate Youth” (injected with heavy rock guitar), “Don’t Walk Away,” “State of the Heart” (those high notes did present a slight problem), “What Kind of Fool Am I” and “I Get Excited.”

Those same concertgoers who probably think Springfield’s last output came in the ‘80s, during his “General Hospital” days, might have also been surprised to hear “Wasted,” his engaging power pop song from 2004’s “Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance” and material from “Venus in Overdrive,” his second album since then, which arrives July 29.

The first single, “What’s Victoria’s Secret?”, is an irresistible pop song with a chorus that is pure ear candy and a bridge that should come stamped with “Instant Hit” on it.

But, like most musicians of his ilk, Springfield will likely be met with indifference at radio, simply because he isn’t the Jonas Brothers. Hopefully, satellite radio will show him some love instead (the song is also available now at iTunes and

If Sunday’s concert proved anything, it’s that the guy is an admirable guitarist and still an incredibly noteworthy pop star.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rick Springfield hot & sweaty in Williamsburg

Busch Gardens, VA
Review & picture by Dancy Zahn

What a sweaty day! It was in the nineties, but felt way hotter than that. Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is a beautifully landscaped and well kept theme park. The stifling heat did not deter visitors at all. Tonight’s show was held in Festhaus Park, located in the Oktoberfest section of the park. Gates to the field opened at 5, and there were several fans already waiting at that time. We staked out our spot near the steps to the right of the stage(guarantee for some human touch). The field began to really fill up as it neared 7pm. By 8:00 it was absolutely packed, and people were really pushing and shoving to get closer to the stage.

Rick came out in black shades, his black sleeveless button down shirt, and the awesome new jeans. He broke into WKRR, but things were a little different from that point on. (see set list below) He was in a fun mood, a lot of joking around, and he was very jumpy. This was my first time seeing WVS live, and Rick and the band sounded soooo good! The crowd was really loving it. Rick pulled an adorable little girl named Lori up on stage to sing DTTS. She sounded great! A few other people sang also, including a man who Rick suspected is a singer in a band. He was right. (sounded way too good to be just a regular fan LOL).
We got several covers tonight, which always seems to be the case at the outdoor festival shows. We were treated to Fire, as well as Red house. During Red House, Rick sang, “…wait a minute something’s wrong here…I broke a guitar string!” He tossed his guitar away, and ran back behind George B and played George’s guitar from behind while George was sandwiched in between. It was hilarious! Rick finished RH at the mic with no guitar. That’s ok, gave us a better view of the new jeans we love!

Rick and the guys did the Bath tub version of Gloria, but kept it semi clean for all the kid in the audience. At one point he went from Gloria into a verse of Riders On The Storm, then back into Gloria, cool! Rick was even sweatier than usual, if you can imagine that, so at one point on stage he did a minor costume change. He asked us to close our eyes and count to ten while he took off the black button down, and put on the WKRR tshirt. I can only speak for myself when I say I didn’t even so much as blink during those ten seconds, because I was busy capturing the moment for future viewing.

As Rick made his way off stage for Love Somebody, the crowd got a little out of hand. People were relentless in their efforts to get closer and closer to him. He stayed out in the crowd for Human Touch and My Generation. He took a cell phone from someone and called their husband, but we couldn’t hear anything that was said. He got back on stage for Jessie’s Girl, then made us wait and chant his name for the encore. Now, we had been hoping for a 2 or 3 song encore, but the show was running a little late….so when he came out and did just Love Is Alright Tonight, you might think we were disappointed. And we may have been, if not for the fact that we were too busy basking in the glory of his naked upper half to hold any grudges. Yes, that’s right. Shirtless encore, in just the camo cargo pants. I haven’t been treated to that winning combination since Cleveland in ’06. Perfection!
Set list:
Affair of the Heart
I’ve Done Everything For You
What’s Victoria’s Secret?
Red House
Bath Tub Gloria~ Riders On The Storm~Gloria
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie’s Girl
Love Is Alright Tonight

Saturday, July 19, 2008

TV listings for Rick Springfield

The Oprah Winfrey Show

Mon July 21st 4pm est ABC
Check your local listings as it may not appear on ABC in all cities.

If you missed it the first time, here is the repeat of Rick's appearance on Oprah!
Rocker Rick Springfield, TV Legends William Shatner and Henry Winkler

General Hospital
Weekdays ABC 3pm est

Check back here daily for recap of the day's Noah and or Eli appear. talks to Grammy Winning Rocker Rick Springfield

Check out this great interview!

Rick Springfield on

Now, vote for the song that you'd like to see Rick Springfield perform acoustically just for customers!

Rick Springfield Returns To Dayton

Video from the sound check from the Kettering OH show Friday night.

For another article about the show:

And a radio interview:

Friday, July 18, 2008

Double duty for Rick Springfield today on General Hospital

General Hospital
July 18th 2008
A trip to GH
Patrick escorts Eli (who's in a wheelchair with an ice pack on his jaw) to GH along with Chip, his manager and Anna & Robin. Patrick tells Casius to bring Mr. Love up for an x-ray and then he will examine him. Chip questions Patrick's choice to be his Dr. since he was the one after all that punched him. Well he did save his life last summer didn't he? Patrick counters. Chip (the manager) tells Patrick that if he broke his jaw we are going to have to cancel the tour and will sue and probably have him put in jail for aggravated assault. Anna, who is standing in the background thumbing through a magazine like she isn't interested speaks up. She will just have to go to the tabloids and tell them about her affair with the "fabulous" Eli Love and that a granny gets his motor going. Eli just looks over pitifully at them. Patrick says its probably nothing more than a bruise and tells Casius to take him on up. Casius offers to play him his latest composition and off the go with Chip in tow.
He's a Dweeb!
Anna & Robin are sitting in the waiting area discussing Eli being a "dog". Robin says "that's why you should never meet your idols. They never live up to your expectations". Anna insists she felt he spoke to her heart, she really believed the connected on many levels. And Robin assures her it goes both ways. Anna feels she needs to justify the whole thing and its a real wake up call. Being a grandmother is a beautiful thing. They both agree that Eli is a dweeb. Patrick then delivers the bad news-it could be a hair line fracture, if that's the case he won't be able to perform.
Paging Dr Noah Drake
Dr Noah Drake appears at the nurses station asking who paged him and Anna quickly approaches him to say it was her and if he had a moment for her. Always, he responds. Anna tells Noah she has dome something incredibly embarrassing and Noah assures her it can't be as bad as some of the stuff he had done. She tells him how she didn't tell Eli about Robin. She actually hid it and for good reason, as soon as he found out he made it clear she was too old for him. Noah responds by telling her that was rude. She explains that his lovely son took exception to it and took a swing at him. "Patrick!??" Noah asks in amazement. "He decked him" Anna says. Noah gets a good laugh at that. "Wow I kinda like that and I can assure you, your not too old for anything" and he wants to know why she feels the need to confess to him. turns out he might have a hairline fracture......... She wants to know if he will fill in one last time for Eli. Noah says he would love to help her out but he can't risk that.
Noah continues to explain how he loved it last time. It was a fantasy fulfilled but he just liked it too much. He embraced the whole lifestyle. Anna doesn't see the problem. He is an alcoholic Noah explains and Eli isn't or so he tells himself. "So when I become Eli......" "You really become Eli" Ann understands. Noah continues he started drinking again, he checked into rehab and when he got out he felt he needed to get his priorities straight. The reason he went to work for Dr's Without Boarders, he goes on to say he feels he has lost his chance to have a relationship with his son, he is a work in progress. As much as he would love an encore as Eli, he can't do it. Patrick and Robin walk up to them and inform them they have "dodged" a bullet, looks like it's only a bruise. All are relieved.
Like Father, Like Son
Eli & Chip walk into the area where the group is talking. He sees them and tells Chip to give him a minute and walks over. "Hey Doc, I just want you to know no hard feels" Eli says to Patrick. "Good, we were just commenting on how we enjoy your concerts" Patrick says. "Ah Anna, I'm going back to the hotel, why don't you come up and we can have dinner together?" (that's after he makes his entrance alone for the paparazzi that is) She shoots back "Me?" "Why don't I come with you now?" "Come on sweetheart, you know the moment I'm seen with anyone its all over the place" Well she says lets pass forever. "Don't be mad, Eli says. "I'm not mad, do I look mad?" Anna assures him. "It's all part of the job" Eli tries to reason with her. He tries to explain it's all about the image. Noah has had enough! He steps up and says "Your an arrogant bastard!" And hauls off and hits him! Down once again Eli goes!
I can only wonder what next week will bring!

Rick Springfield in Soaps Section of TV Guide

Check out the TV Guide Soaps section
in the July 21st issue.

Find out how Rick Springfield's character
Eli Love will perform Rick's current single
"What's Victoria's Secret?"
on GH July 29th. The release date of Rick's
new CD "Venus in Overdrive".

Check out page 94
in the July 2th, 2008 issue
of Soap Opera Digest
for a Rick mention.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rick Springfield on GH July 17th 2008

General Hospital
July 17th 2008
What are you doing in the fall?
Anna & Eli are having a drink at the bar at Jake's as Eli is telling Anna how he been telling Coleman how much Jake's reminded him of a bar back home in Melbourne. "We should go there next time we are there" providing she is joining him on the Aussie leg of the tour. When is that Anna inquires? The fall, end of October (uh oh). She will catch up with him on the European leg she explains "I've got plans for the fall" What plans El wants to know. "I should have told you, Anna hesitates, but then I would have to kill you" Anna is rewarded with a kiss for her comment.
Eli looks toward the door and sees Patrick & Robin just as they enter. "It's Patrick & Robin!, come over for a drink guys, where have you been? We have been waiting for you!" "Whoa, Whoa" Eli responds when he sees Robin. "Your pregnant!" Looking at Anna, he puts two and two together and says "That makes you a......." "Grandma" Anna finishes the sentence. Eli says to Robin: "you are so pregnant, how is that possible?" Patrick starts to explain, When a a man & woman love each other.....Eli cuts him off. "I know that, I mean how is it possible I missed it last night" Anna can't take it anymore and confesses Robin was avoiding him for her. "Because.....?" Eli asks. "Your a rock star" Anna goes on to explain she let Robin withhold it from him. She then says she really enjoyed spending time with him. She loved it and goes to get up, but Eli stops her. "Your the most amazing kick ass woman I've ever met. We connect, don't walk away from that because your daughter got knocked up" he tells her.
Eli buys Patrick a drink at the bar and tells Coleman "I think he needs it" Patrick admits he is looking forward to being a father. "To the father to be!" Eli proclaims and the cheer. As Anna & Robin are sitting at a table discussing Eli and how Anna feels shallow for hiding Robin from Eli. Robin understands and they have another heart to heart.
Pool anyone?
Back at Jakes we find Anna & Eli playing pool while Patrick joins Robin at a table. Robin wants to know what Patrick was talking to the "Rock Star" about. About looking forward to fatherhood he tells her. Eli's manager (I think that's who it was) enters with a cute blond reporter to interview Eli. Coleman asks them what they would like to drink and the reporter responds a beer, what else could you have in a place like this! She likes the atmosphere but would never picture Eli hanging out there. "Good I like to be unpredictable" "Your definitely that" Anna chimes in catching the attention of the reporter. The report asks Anna if she is "the" girlfriend. Eli quickly responds that his "girlfriend" is flying in tomorrow from Sydney, she is off doing a photo shoot" "Anna and I are old friends and mentions that Anna has pretty much settled down, your going to be a grandmother soon right?" Patrick & Robin look on.
Watch out for that right hook!
Anna wouldn't dream of intruding on my "old friends" interview and walks over to Robin & Patrick to tell them she is leaving. NO! Robin says, tell her the truth. No, its his image Anna responds. Even Coleman thinks Eli's crazy and says so to Anna as he walks by. Patrick isn't having this. To Anna he tells her she is being way to nice and goes over to Eli. "Excuse me" and punches Eli out!
What will tomorrow bring???

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love in the morning, Eli Love that is!

July 16th 2008

Its 5 o'clock somewhere!
Spinelli is trying to drown is sorrows at Jakes. Coleman gives him one shot after he demands whiskey! and leave the bottle. Its 10am kid! Have an orange soda. Enter Eli, "Hey bartender!, whiskey straight up and leave the bottle" No problem for Coleman. Spinelli tries to protest. Coleman informs him its "Eli Love!, pay attention and you might learn a thing or two" Eli waves to Spinelli. Celebrating or commiserating? Coleman asks Mr Love. Call me Eli and join me! What are we drinking too Coleman inquires? "Health, wealth and women. May the all be as lovely as Anna Devane (must have been a good night lol) Cheers!

Out all night!
Meanwhile Anna shows up at Robins. She had a great time with Eli she tells Robin. He played some of his new songs. We connect on such a deep level Anna confides. Sometimes she just has to pinch herself. "I worshipped him for years and he wants to be with me" Mother and daughter have a nice heart to heart.

Do you speak Spinelli?
Eli and Coleman share a few more shots as Eli tells him Jakes reminds him of the place he got his start. Coleman assures him he has come a long way from here. Coleman offers to comp his bottle if he can ask him a favor. Eli assumes he is going to asks him to play Jakes and lists the reasons why he cant. No, No Coleman says. See the kid over there? Could you share a few secrets with him on how to impress the ladies. Poor Spinelli looks on. Eli pours another shot and walks over. "How you doing? I hear your looking to score with the ladies" Eli asks with who or ladies in general. No just one Spinelli explains in his unique way. Eli laughs, just learn to play the guitar he tells him. Nope, not an option Spinelli explains. Eli is imparting his wisdom to Spinelli as Anna walks up behind him as he is saying "girls always fall for the guy with the guitar!" "Depends on the guy and what kind of guitar" Anna says. YES! This is the lady I'm talking about, a huge smile on Eli's face. "Anna Devane, are you ready for an encore?" and kisses her on the cheek.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best Buy Exclusive

Two Bonus Track, plus online bonus content

Rick Springfield first achieved soap stardom as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. He then topped the rock charts with the massive international hit, "Jessie's Girl." And he's still cranking out quality power pop to this day.

Save and get free shipping now on his brand new studio release, Venus in Overdrive. While supplies last, it includes two Best Buy exclusive bonus tracks: "My Generation" and an acoustic version of "Jessie's Girl."

In the CD's packaging, you'll also find a URL and instructions for accessing additional limited-edition online bonus content, such as:

Performance videos for "What's Victoria's Secret?" and "Venus in Overdrive"
Rare Photos
A Personal message from Rick Springfield
Contest for cool, one-of-a-kind Springfield memorabilia

Rick Eli Love returns to Port Charles!

The return of Eli love!
Tues July 15th 2008

Robin & Patrick are in the hospital talking about the hearing and Patrick is professing his love for Robin. She finally gets it she tells him. Open elevator and Anna enters. They thought she was leaving! Anna decided to stay and face the music, excuse the pun she says. Next comes Epiphany complaining about how long it took her to get to work due to the chaos in the lobby because Patrick's most famous patient has returned. Anna assures her he will run for the hills, never to return. Epiphany wants to know why? Because his favorite groupie is about to be a granny that's why Anna declares!

The hospital is a buzz! Eli has returned!
Robin doesn't understand why that has to be? Because all good things come to end Anna tells them. Next thing you know Eli is strutting off the elevator open arms heading directly to Anna. Gorgeous as ever he tells her and they hug. Eli says his hellos to Patrick and Epiphany. Epiphany inquires as to if he has been taking better care of himself. Well you know me he responds. He asks for Robin, he would love to say hi to her. Robin is hiding behind the nurses station so Eli will not see her delicate condition.

Yes, I'm taking care of myself!
Eli assures the group that he has been taking care of himself, even getting some sleep. He tells Epiphany that she doesn't have to growl at him anymore, unless of course she wants to. Epiphany admits she downloaded his last single. Eli asks her if she is coming to the show. He needs her back stage like last time. He admits he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you fine people. Comped tickets for them all!

Where is Robin??
Eli again asks for Robin but know one admits to knowing where she is. Anna tries to distract him from the subject by reminiscing about their travels. Kelly convinces Robin that Eli won't notice, he is completely infatuated with her mother. Ok so they get up and he spots her right away and calls after her. Robin, holding a chart in front of her as she tries to hide behind Kelly. Eli wants her to come give him a hug. Anna walks over and commands Robin to come over and say hi to Eli. She insists she has a patient. Good to see you Eli and off she goes. Anna proclaims her a good Dr and Patrick chimes in (looking amused) that she hates to keep patients waiting.

Private Reunion time!
"Ok I've done the meet & greet, how about a private reunion?" Eli asks Anna."Now that sounds good" Anna decides. See you Doc, Eli says to Patrick and off Anna & Eli go. As the elevator doors shut Eli pulls Anna in for a kiss!

Rick Springfield interview

Check out the interview in the latest issue of Performing Songwriter (issue no 111 w/Billy Joel on the cover)

For a excerpt of the interview visit the website!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rick Springfield NYC week 2008

Confirmed TV apperances for NYC week 2008
Monday 7/28/2008
Good Morning America

Tuesday 7/29/2008
Regis & Kelly

Wednesday 7/30/2008
Fox & Friends

Thursday 7/31/2008
CBS Morning Show / XM Radio NY, NY

TV listings for Rick Springfield

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
VH1C Sun July 13th 5:30pm est
VH1 Thurs July 17th 8pm est
(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)

Eli Love returns to General Hospital!

The week of July 14th! (be sure to check back for daily recaps)

Dying to Dance

LMN (Lifetime Movie Network)

Fri July 18th 12pm est

Directed by Mark Haber. Starring Kimberly McCullough, Mary-Margaret Humes, Rick Springfield, Natalija Nogulich, Les Porter, Mimi Kuzyk.Anorexia afflicts an ambitious teenage ballerina who's overwhelmed by competitive stress and parental pressure. Romantic discord adds a further complication. 107 minutes-

Rick Springfield's venus in Overdrive

Exclusive Full CD Listening Party
The entire album will be exclusively previewed through beginning 7/21.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Video on

There is a 6 1/2 minute video on Amazon with Rick explaining the meaning behind all 12 of the songs on Venus and Overdrive.

Happy Endings & New Beginnings

Noah's scenes today start off with him showing up in court. Alexis who is defending Robin is happy to see him and says "good your here." To which Noah responds "I'm afraid I can't do this" Alexis replies "crisis at the hospital?" Noah: "No it's more like a crisis of conscience, I think it's best for everybody if I just stay out of it." To which he gets a thumbs up from Anna who is sitting across the aisle. Then Noah tells Robin he is so sorry. Robin says it is ok she doesn't want this to get hurtful since they are all looking out for the baby's best interest. Alexis tells Robin that the hearing is going to define the word hurtful at which point Robin is ready to stop the proceeding. But it's too late the judge enters. After hearing a heartfelt plea from Patrick to allow him to be a father Robin stops the proceeding and says that Patrick can see her and the baby anytime he wants.

Everyone gathers out side the court room and Noah tells Patrick that he doesn't know what kind of father he will be but that he is a better man than him. And that he is very proud of him. Patrick says thanks. Then Anna gets a call from Eli Love saying that he will be coming to town Anna talks about leaving town because she can't tell him ..... though she doesn't say it, it is obvious that she doesn't want to tell him that she is going to be a Grandmother!
Stay tuned to GH next week for more Rick Springfield as Dr. Noah Drake and for his reappearance as Eli Love!

A Triple Shot Of Rick Springfield In The Newest Soap Mags!

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General Hosptial News Section
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Soap Opera Weely for a
full page interveiw with Rick Springfield
discussing his dual roles as
Dr. Noah Drake and Rocker Eli Love.

Check out the
Comings & Goings section
in the July 22, 2008 issue
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Eli Love!

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Baby Mama Drama
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Rick's dual characters
Noah & Eli play
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