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Rick Springfield Radio Interview

Check out the new radio interview with Rick Springfield . Rick was interviewed by Bobby Rich on 94.9 MIX fm in Tucson, Arizona on 9/29/08.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rick Springfield in VA Beach

Sept 27th 2008
Va Beach, VA

By Ali, Bambi, Caralyn and Dancy
Photo by Caralyn

The Sandler Performing Arts Center was nice and very accommodating to the crowd. The acoustics were great and Rick had lots of room to move about the venue with relative ease and safety.

The show started with a great surprise for the serious Rick Springfield fan. The Squirts opened the show. Matt, George, and Rodger sounded great and earned some new fans. Ali and Caralyn were recruited as “Squirts Girls” and sold Squirts CDs during the show. We sold out during the intermission. Good thing the guys are very talented and made it so easy that Ali even sold our copies. The crowd really loved Matt especially when he brought up a cute little man, Nick, to help with the tambourine.

Rick didn’t make us wait long and sauntered onto the stage wearing jeans, black shoes, and this really cool leather jacket that none of us had seen before. He looked great and sounded better. He started the show with Who Killed Rock and Roll. He was very energized and sang 3 songs before speaking. He talked about how he surprised himself after 3 nights in a row with out sleep. He was playful so was it the lack of sleep or the robitussin. We’ll never know and we don’t care it was just pure fun.

During DTTS he pulled 3 cute boys up onto the stage. Nick, Joey and Vinnie. Rick told the crowd he just returned from a vacation in Italy for a few weeks. He asked the boys if they have ever gone and they hadn’t. So he told them that the Italian women were awesome. They each sang DTTS and did a great job. Rick then noticed a little girl named Laurie who was wearing a cute Rick makes me smile t-shirt. She then made an encore performance since some of you might remember this cute bathing beauty from Busch Gardens.

He played the Bop till You Drop medley and got a huge response to the beginning chords of Jessie’s Girl and then broke into Don’t Walk Away so there were plenty of folks there who hadn’t seen him perform in quite a while. He came out into the audience for Love Somebody, My Generation and some Human Touch. During My Generation he used a cell phone to play guitar and made his phone call. Not only did he tell him I have a condom and I know how to use it, but he mentioned that he knew her bra and panties didn’t match. Everyone was nice and kept their hands to themselves and he rewarded the lack of inappropriate touching with lots of autographs in the audience. He quickly made it back on stage for Jessie’s Girl.

The encore began and he came out wearing his Who Killed Rock and Roll tshirt. We were treated to I’ll Miss That Someday followed by a very a very energetic Kristina. He even did a high kick and was dancing around before he ended the show with his self hug.

We believe this is the set list but we were having way too much fun to remember the details.

Who Killed Rock and Roll
Living in Oz
Affair of the Heart
I’ve Done Everything for You
Rock of Life
What’s Victoria Secret
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie’s Girl-

I’ll Miss That Someday

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rick Springfield rocks IN!

Horseshoe Casino
Elizabeth, Indiana
Review by Darla Gerken
Photo by Mike Gerken

The Horseshoe Casino is located in the middle of nowhere, but Friday night it was in “Rickville”. The place needed to heat turned up; it was freezing until Rick arrived on stage in a cool leather jacket with roses printed on the shoulder. He started the night with Who Killed Rock and Roll and by the end of Living in Oz, there already were two rose explosions. Rick was now warmed up to the point that he removed his jacket. Not too many 59 year olds can relish in the fact that when you remove your jacket women cheer when they see those arms! He was wearing a new shirt that had studded crosses on the chest and back. Looked like a shirt that he should wear when singing Jesus Saves, which we didn’t get. He continued with Affair of the Heart, Alyson and I’ve Done Everything For You.

It was time for a new song, and Rick asked the crowd if they knew the name of his new CD. I thought there was a little hesitation from the crowd about the name, apparently the casino guests didn’t know. But we came through and yelled out Venus in Overdrive from which he sang What’s Victoria’s Secret, followed by Rock of Life. He played a lot of noodlings on the guitar and commented “pretty good for a doctor”. At one point he broke the connection to the cord on his guitar. He asked if any women in the audience had tweezers to pull out the broken part, along with another question, which was a little naughty. George N appeared on stage with a needle nose pliers and rescued the guitar.
He played Crossroads which lead into the DTTS segment of the show.
Rick approached a man in the audience to sing DTTS. He didn’t want to sing so Rick told him that women like men who sing and he found that out when he was 14 years old. He finally sang, and Rick said you’re guaranteed to get “some” tonight, but I know that I’m not getting any! When one of the portable mics didn’t work; he introduced Matty as a grammy winner and told him to turn it on. He also asked the crowd to flip off Matty, to which they complied. He asked a woman to sing and then said maybe we shouldn’t have turned it on. I guess he didn’t like her rendition of DTTS. There was a woman named Donna sitting down and he tried to get her to stand. It took a lot of convincing, but she finally stood and sang DTTS. The next song on the set list was the Bop Till You Drop medley. It is one of my favorite parts of the show since you get to hear a lot of songs, but just once I wish he would sing State of the Heart in it’s entirety.
He did the usual asking if we knew the name of the movie he was in during the 80’s and how many women were under 16 when they saw it. Love Somebody was next followed by a cell phone call. He took someone’s phone and asked who not to call; he got an answering machine and left a message. I couldn’t understand what he said on the message, but I’m sure it was something funny.

While out in the crowd for My Generation he spotted an older lady directly in front of me. She was beside herself in shock that Rick was so close. He pointed at her with the cutest smile. He said, “you’re a General Hospital fan aren’t you”, she shook her head, I thought she was going to faint. During Human Touch he strolled around our area. I was so excited when he took hold of my husband’s hand and stepped between us. I figured he would keep on going, but to my delight he was standing on my chair! I always thought it would be so cool, but when he is there you have to watch out for your head when he is swinging the guitar. I don’t know why, but when he was there, I didn’t even “reach out and touch”. What is wrong with me??? Rick headed back on stage for Jessie’s Girl. When it came to the part of why can’t I find a woman like you, he pointed at several women in the crowd. JG was concluded with a rose shower and guitar toss. The encore included I’ll Miss That Someday. I think he loves singing it because he smiled a lot during the song. He ended the show with Love is Alright Tonight.

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Rick Springfield to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tues Sept 30th Rick will tape a performance that evening to be aired on that night's show. ABC-check your local listings at http://www.tvguide.com/

The info as posted on the message board at www.rickspringfield.com :

When: Tuesday, September 30th 2008

Want to get Free tickets or more information to the show? Go to: http://www.1iota.com/events,....ce.html
Please share this info. and link! We want as many people as possible to request tickets! The more ticket requests they get, the more songs Rick gets to do.

Location: El Capitan Entertainment Center, 6840 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 (located directly across the street from the Kodak Theatre/Hollywood & Highland Complex)

Time: Need to Arrive by 6:45 PM – Early Arrival is recommended!Must be 18 years or older & Bring a valid Photo ID

PARKING: Our audience members may use the Hollywood & Highland Complex paid parking lot across the street from the El Capitan. We will validate your parking ticket for $2(4 hours) parking at the end of the show.

DRESS: We ask that everyone dress like you are going out to a club. Please do not wear any white, beige or light blue clothing, elaborate patterns or logos, as they are not camera-friendly.

PERSONAL ITEMS: No cameras, recorders, cell phones, pagers, books, food… etc. will be allowed in the studio. If you bring these or any similar items, you can check them at the door and pick them up as you exit the studio.

SECURITY: Please be aware that audience members will go through a metal detector upon entering the studio. Please downsize any purses or bags you are bringing with you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rick Springfield on GH

General Hospital
Sept 22nd 2008
A united front or not?
Patrick, Robin & Anna are in Matts Room & Noah walks in to announce he has put in a call to Charles Fox, the top burn surgeon in the country. Wait just a minute. Matt questions Noah's concern as insincere. Noah says it's time to move on, what's past is past, he is trying to get him the best help. Matt reminds Noah that he paid his mother off, out of sight out of mind. Noah doesn't get to make amends Matt tells his father as Patrick, Robin & Anna all look on. Anna interjects "Maybe now is not the time..." Noah cuts her off "I messed up but I'm still..." Matt isn't having it. "You are a stranger, I don't know you" Patrick has to put his two cents in as well. "Let me make this a little more clear. Your not wanted here. You had a son & all you saw was an obstacle to your career path so you discarded him like a bad grade on your transcript. You had a chance and you made the choice to leave him behind" Ouch! Matt says he doesn't need the help. "I Don't know you, you were nothing to me so just stay the hell out of it.

The Man the Myth
Patrick is throwing charts around as Robin approaches. Patrick says he tried to defend the guy and you heard him. Robin says "You mean your brother?" If anyone knows what he is going through it's him Patrick tells Robin. Maybe he doesn't Robin says. "Living up to Noah Drake, the man, the myth, the legend, the great disappearing father?" Ok so that's not quite what she meant. He is projecting his own experience to his brother she explains. What is he supposed to do he asks her. She suggests go have a beer with the guy, go to a game, try to bond with him on that level and work your way up to the big stuff. But don't be surprised if it doesn't happen over night she cautions. Patrick is not upset over that he assures her. He is once again reminded who is role model has been and doesn't want to make the same mistakes. Robin assures him he won't.
Brotherly Love
Robin goes back to see Matt alone. Matt doesn't want to hear her but he is stuck in that bed Robin reminds him. Is she going to tell him what a great guy Patrick is or something like that? Look, she has to believe it but he has seen enough to know better Matt tells Robin. Really? She asks How is he supposed to react when all you have been doing is picking fights etc. What was Matt supposed to do? Bow down to him? Robin says Matt has been acting like a jerk. How should Patrick know he has a good reason for it? Just because they share DNA doesn't mean he gets to have an opinion Matt informs her. Robin reminds Matt that he certainly has has an opinion of Patrick. Patrick's relationship with Noah has been no walk in the park Robin tries to explain to Matt. Well Patrick seems to have gotten past that Matt says. Robin tells him it was a difficult process and now he has stuck up for you (this said as Patrick walks in the door)
AA or a Drink
Anna and Noah are sitting in the lounge. "Now you know the truth about me" Noah says to her. "Pretty disgusting huh?" "Yeah it's sad, a bit disheartening. The only thing that could make it worse at this point is if you went somewhere and had a drink" Anna says to Noah. "Wow, well I was just thinking about that, the smell, the burn in the back of the throat....." Noah says. "Yeah, just trash the rest of your life" She says to him. He can't undo what he has done to his sons and their mothers but she believes he can do a hell of a lot better in the future. Her faith astonishes him under the circumstances, it should make him fell like he should go to an AA meeting instead of a bar. With that he gets up and walks away.
Don't Walk Away
Patrick makes one more attempt with Matt and asks how it went with the Dr. Matt doesn't need a big brother. Patrick can't ignore they are related he tells Matt. Patrick recaps Noah's screw ups and informs Matt that is not him. He isn't following in their fathers footsteps. Good for you Matt tells him. Patrick informs him that they are brothers and he is not walking away.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Celebrity travel: Go away with Rick Springfield

Jae-Ha Kim Tribune Media Services
September 22, 2008

Born in Australia, singer-actor Rick Springfield says one of his favorite destinations is nearby New Zealand.

Even Rick Springfield is surprised that his latest album -- "Venus in Overdrive" -- has charted higher than his 1982 breakthrough record "Working Class Dog."The latter spawned the hit singles "I've Done Everything for You," "Love is Alright Tonite" and, of course, "Jessie's Girl."

As well known for his singing as his tall, angular good looks, Springfield is back on the road to promote "Venus.""My wife loves that I'm on the road -- it keeps our relationship fresh," says Springfield, 59. "If I'm home too long, she'll say, 'Aren't you supposed to be out on the road?' It has worked for us for 24 years, so I'm not looking to change things up for a long time."

Born in Australia and currently a resident (and citizen) of the United States, the Grammy Award-winning singer counts traveling as one of the perks of his job. He got to spend three weeks back in Oz recently and says he can't wait to get back to Hawaii. ("I can imagine living in Maui one day," he says.) But one of his favorite destinations is New Zealand.

for the complete article go to:

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Rick Springfield in ABC Soaps In Depth

ABC Soaps In Depth
Oct 6th 2008 issue
On Sale Now!
Picture of the Drake men in the recap section.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rick Springfield on Battlestar Galactica 9/17/78

The full episode of Rick Springfield's appearance on Battlestar Galactia that first aired on 9/17/78 can be found online at NBC.com.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Rick Springfield as Dr Noah Drake on General Hosptial

General Hospital
Sept 19th 2008

Then there were three!
With Patrick still looking on from the door, unnoticed Noah says he isn't there to pretend they share more than DNA. "Yeah, well why should now be any different than the rest of my life?" Matt asks his father. "Your still my son" With that said by Noah Patrick entered the room and asks "Did I just...Matt Hunter's your son?" He asks in disbelief. "How long have you known he's your father" Patrick asks Matt. "All my life, let me guess you didn't know?" Matt says. Noah then says to Patrick "Say what you have to say" "Did Mom know?" Patrick needs to know. Unless she hid it from him, she didn't know Noah assures him. He did know he hadn't always been faithful, but they worked it out between themselves. When Matt's mom turned out pregnant he made a side deal with her that he would financially support Matt until he was 18. "A side deal? So you paid her to go away?" Patrick accuses Noah. "If you want to call it that, she actually got a job offer in Albuquerque when Matt was still a baby" Patrick cuts Noah off and wants to know how many times did Noah try to get in touch with him? Matt replies with "Until today, once" "You son of a bitch" Patrick yells at Noah.
Keep it zipped!
"So your just another egotistical surgeon that can't keep his pants zipped?" Patrick accuses Noah. "Your just real happy to rush to judgement aren't you" Noah shoots back. "You make me sick" Patrick says and walks out of the room. Noah starts to follow but Matt says to him "Is this one of those warm and fuzzy moments I missed by not having you as my Dad?" Matt says this with a smile. That stops Noah and he asks if he came to Port Charles to see him or meet Patrick? Don't flatter yourself he assures Noah. He had a Fellowship. Noah isn't buying it thought. He knew they were both there. Matt admits he was curious but not anymore. Any apology Noah can offer is years to late and wouldn't make a difference anyway Noah says as Anna comes up to the door. Anna doesn't hesitate and walks in. "Hi, sorry am I interrupting?" she asks. You can cut the atmosphere with a knife and that can't be good for the patient she tells them. Noah informs them he is just leaving as Matt comments he is good at that. That stops Noah. Noah confesses he didn't tell Anna before because he wanted to talk to Matt first. Matt is his son he confesses.

Time out!
Back at the nurses station in a hell of a mood Patrick gives Elizabeth a hard time to which she tells him to take a time out. Patrick apologies and storms off only to find Robin coming off the elevator. "Hey you" she says and starts in on the baby name thing. He tells her its not a good time. What's wrong she wants to know puzzled. "Well I just found out I have a brother!" They sit in the lounge and discuss the latest developments. She is astonished that Matt knew and didn't say anything. And so did his father Patrick adds. "Remember when Eli Love's son came here and we thought what scum he was, well it turns out my Dad is the same way" Robin asks if Noah offered an explanation. "What's there to explain?" Patrick asks "My father cheated on my mother more than once....Matt Hunter is my brother and laying in the ICU. I can't believe I just said my brother" Robin says "I'm sorry, this is crazy" Patrick goes on about how amazing his gene pool is and no wonder she doesn't want to marry him.
He's a good man
Anna & Robin watch Patrick at the nurses station and Anna asks how he is handling it. Robin is unsure. Just when he made peace with Noah this comes up. Anna doesn't want to judge Noah, hes done some stupid things in his life but she thinks he is a good man underneath it all. Robin says Patrick thinks this is why she doesn't want to marry him, that he will turn into a version of his father. "Is that what's stopping you?" Anna asks Robin.
We need to talk!
Noah comes storming up the nurses station and says "Ok do you want to talk about this?" Nothing to talk about, not his business Patrick says as Anna & Robin watch this unfold. Patrick starts to walk away and Noah tells him he understands he is angry but he'd rather face that. "You understand? You know what I understand that every night you were supposedly out saving lives, you were banging nurses and making kids you didn't want" a very angry Patrick says. "I loved your mother & I love you" Noah replies. Funny way of showing it Patrick tells him. Noah can't change the past and he isn't proud of this but when your over the shock they have to talk about it. "You want absolution? Go to church or dive into another bottle! Matt did fine without you. I'm sure I can too!" and an angry Patrick walks away.
Warm & Fuzzy family reunion
Robin & Anna go see Matt. "Looks like news of the family reunion has spread as if it's any of your business" Matt greets them. Maybe not Robin agrees but he is her baby's uncle, the only one she has unless Anna has a secret. She looks to Anna who assures her she is her only living child, but can't vouch for her father, Anna says with a smile. Matt isn't interest in Sunday dinners, he doesn't do warm & fuzzy he informs them. Robin just wants to tell him he matters. Robin asks if he needs anything and Matt says she has never had any use for him before so please don't start now. With that Patrick walks in and demands Matt treat Robin with respect. What does he want from them? Nothing Matt assures them. They don't get it, if he wanted to meet Noah Drake or any of them he would have walked up and introduced himself. With that Noah appears in the door.

Stay tuned next week to see how this plays out.....

Rick Springfield in Trinidad!

Rick Springfield coming for mega show

Friday, September 19 2008

ACTOR AND singer Rick Springfield is coming to Trinidad for a live concert performance on October 11 at The Queen’s Park Oval. He joins REO Speedwagon and Vertical Horizon on stage for this mega concert event.

There’s something about Rick Springfield that is and always has been very real. His songs about love and loss, greed and envy, elation and heartbreak spoke to that part of human nature that hasn’t changed in 3,000 years. They still do.

On July 29, Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Rick Springfield released his new album Venus In Overdrive which entered the US Billboard charts at #28. The album is Rick’s first full-length new studio work of original material since the 2003 critically acclaimed shock/denial/anger/acceptance. Venus In Overdrive marks a return to Rick’s pop/rock roots. It is simultaneously classic and current — and definitely the music fans have loved since Rick’s distinctive canine companion Lethal Ron first graced the cover of his classic album Working Class Dog.

The first single from Venus In Overdrive is “What’s Victoria’s Secret?”

Says Rick: “It’s one of those titles that was waiting to be written and Matt (Bissonette) just came up with it first. It’s about the sexualization of women and the dichotomy most men feel. As males we want that on one hand, but then it scares the hell out of us and we resist it. Mainly, we need to connect with women as human beings.”

Rick also notes that there are some familiar influences in the song.

“The longing, lust, and insecurities revealed that made “Jessie’s Girl” hit so close to home are there. It’s not ‘Jessie’s Girl,’ but touches some of the same places lyrically and musically.”

In 1981 after years of struggle, the stars perfectly aligned and Rick Springfield found himself sitting on top of the world. In the midst of recording what would become the quintessential pop/rock album Working Class Dog, Rick was cast to the play the young, eligible Dr. Noah Drake on the popular daytime drama “General Hospital.” That same year, MTV debuted and changed the dynamic of the music industry forever. Rick skyrocketed to the top of Billboard’s charts with “Jessie’s Girl” and “I’ve Done Everything For You,”. The following year, he won a Grammy for “Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.”

In 1982, Rick followed the success of Working Class Dog with Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet. The album contained a string of top-40 hits, including “Don’t Talk To Strangers” which charted at #2. He was also nominated for a second Grammy and in 1983 was nominated for a third, in addition to garnering an American Music Award.

His 1983 album Living in Oz went platinum, resulting in the hits “Human Touch” and “Affair of the Heart.” The following year, his single “Love Somebody” from the soundtrack album to the movie “Hard to Hold” (in which Rick made his big screen debut) hit #5 on the Billboard singles chart. Rick Springfield had solidified his place as the preeminent power-pop artist of the decade and today remains the genre’s greatest pioneer.

After years of live performances, grueling tour schedules, and recording back-to-back hit albums with chart-topping singles, Rick decided to take a break to spend time with his family when his first son was born in 1985. During his hiatus, he released the albums Rock of Life and Sahara Snow. He returned to the concert stage in 1998 with the release of his album Karma. Immediately, Rick was performing to sold out crowds as fans clamored to the Internet, hungry for word of Rick Springfield’s triumphant return to their hometowns.

In 2003 Rick propelled his career onward, by releasing the critically acclaimed album, shock/denial/anger/acceptance on his own record label, Gomer Records. Rick hit the ground running in 2005 by releasing The Day After Yesterday, a warm and soulful collection featuring his own interpretations of hit songs that he wishes he had written. That year also saw the release of Written in Rock, Rick Springfield Anthology, on Sony/BMG, a 2-Disc set spanning Rick Springfield’s recording career to date. Rick ended 2005 with his long anticipated return to ABC’s daytime hit show, “General Hospital,” in the role he originated nearly 25 years ago as Dr. Noah Drake. He continues to make appearances on “General Hospital” as Dr. Noah Drake.

In 2006 Rick released a concert DVD, Live in Rockford, which was filmed live as part of the HDNet Concert Series at the historic Coronado Theatre in Rockford, IL and showcases Rick’s extremely high energy performances. Rick released a Christmas CD entitled Christmas With You, in 2007 that featured one extremely moving original track, “Christmas With You”, which was dedicated to all of our fallen troops. Also in 2007, Rick’s classic album Working Class Dog was celebrated with the release of the book A Year In The Life Of A Working Class Dog which chronicles the making of this pop masterpiece and Rick’s rise to superstar status.

To date, Rick Springfield has sold over 19 million records with a whopping 17 top-40 hits. He has performed for millions of devoted fans over the last three decades and continues to play over 100 shows a year. Attracting new fans wherever he goes with his unique brand of audience interaction, unstoppable energy, and unforgettable songs that have become part of the soundtrack to people’s lives.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rick Springfield's Dr Noah Drake has another son!

General Hospital
Sept 18th 2008

How do you know Dr Hunter?
Anna & Noah are in Matt's room and Anna asks "You do know him don't you?" Noah looks at her and says "I don't want to talk about it" and walks out of the room. Anna looks back at Matt as he wakes up and tells him he is at GH.
Baby Names
Patrick & Robin are at the nurses desk and Robin tells him Matt's labs are back. Patrick begins telling Robin that he looks at Matt and sees himself, all the chances he has taken with the racing and that could be him. Well Robin has something to take his mind off it....pre delivery paperwork. They discuss the plans. Time to pick a name she informs him. They debate this and what the baby's last name should be.
Family Ties
Back to Matt & Anna. Matt asks her who she is. Dr Robin Scorpio's mom she tells him. "So you were in a fire" she reminds him. Matt tells her he was at the clinic. Yeah, Anna confirms. Matt talks about Nadine and that she shouldn't have been there, as Noah peaks in the room from the doorway. Anna assures Matt that Nadine is fine. Robin asked her to help track down his family Anna explains. "Don't bother" Matt tells her as Noah eavesdrops. His mother is dead and his father was never in the picture Matt informs her.

Drake or Scorpio, that is the question!
Patrick & Robin are still discussing the last name for the baby. The both want their respective name. Patrick wants his daughter to know who her family is he explains. His last name would be his way of being close to her no matter what happens with them. Robin wants her to be strong and independent like herself and Anna. Patrick points out that she has her fathers last name. Touche
Daddy Dearest
Anna no longer in Matt's room, Noah enters cautiously. "How's the pain" he inquires. "I can deal" Matt replies. Noah asks if he has spoken with the attending yet. "What do you want?" Matt asks Noah. Noah goes on asking if they have told him about the extent of his injuries. "Yeah I'm in ICU" Matt says. Matt knows the deal, he can feel his legs but wishes he couldn't. Noah informs him he needs skin grafts. "It's a little late in the game to be showing concern don't you think Dad?" Matt shoots back. Noah tells him he is not there to make excuses. "Leave!" Matt demands. Noah explains "Your mother and I reached the decision that I would provide child support and pay for some of your education" "What was that $5000?" Matt says. Noah continues that they made the agreement before he was even born and the agreement was that Noah provides financial support as long as he never makes contact with him" He kept his side of the bargain Noah insists. "Ok, yeah, just go away" Matt says. He didn't want him then, he doesn't need him now Matt insists. "Your injured and need surgery" Noah says. He can help him he pleads. Just then Patrick rounds the corner to Matt's room. Just in time to catch Matt telling Noah he doesn't want to take a damn thing from him. Noah gets mad and says it's not the time to argue about this! Matt wants another Dr! Noah yells "You can be as angry as you want, but I'm still your father!" Patrick is standing in the door as Noah says this!
What will happen tomorrow????

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rick Springfield returns to GH!

General Hospital
Sept 17th 2008

Oh Brother
Patrick checks in on Matt and Robin joins him and inquires how Matt is doing. They discuss his prognoses. Patrick says to Robin that he is only supposed to be consulting but every time he looks at Matt he sees himself. Robin gives him a quizzical look. Robin voices her surprise at Patrick's empathy for Dr Hunter. He is just like himself Patrick explains, Robin agrees he is like the old Patrick. A little while later we come back to Patrick & Robin watching Matt from the hallway. Robin questions Patrick on his interest because he was only called to consult on this case. Patrick explains that someone needs to make decisions for him. Robin asks if his family has been notified. No family listed, no next of kin. Patrick explains his mother is listed as deceased. Robin has an idea!
Welcome home Dr Drake!
Anna exits the elevator in the hospital and finds Noah. She gives him a big smile and he rewards her with a big hug. "It's good to see you" she tells him. "When did you get back?" she wants to know. "About an hour ago" he explains. He was off with Dr's Without Boards we find out. He was happy to help them but his glad to be home he tells Anna as they take a seat in the lounge area. "Any fireworks while I was gone?" Noah asks Anna. Where to start Anna ponders. Well......she tells him about the very public proposal, the refusal, the Internet campaign, false labor...... "Is the baby ok?" He wants to know right away. False alarm Anna explains. "Our granddaughter is going to arrive right on time" she assures him. Patrick emailed him that it was going to be a girl Noah shares with Anna. They discuss how they don't have a clue what's coming. Relieved Noah shares that he was worried history would repeat itself if it was a boy.
I need a favor Mom!
Robin finds Anna in the lounge waiting for her. Sorry she is late she apologizes to Anna. Anna says they are just going to buy a car seat, not diffuse a bomb. Not to worry, Anna says she is there to support her and drive her crazy because Robin will find out soon enough that's what parents are there for. Robin asks for a favor. Can she call headquarters and ask to use the database? For what? Anna wants to know. Robin explains they have a patient, a Dr actually and they need to find his family.
Male bonding
Patrick explains to Noah about his humiliating very public marriage proposal. Noah tells him humiliation is good for the soul. "I'll be sure to to do it more often" Patrick says to his Dad. Noah is proud of him and tell him it was the right thing to do. "I've said this many times Patrick,
but I really mean it. I'm very proud of you" "Wow! It actually sounds like a real Dad talking" Patrick responds. Noah says he knows he didn't do the right things but as a father, Patrick is already doing the right ting. Patrick assures him Noah has done a few things right. Noah responds with "I've made more mistakes than you know" Patrick is sure he will find more about his own self. Noah laughs and says Patrick will be one hell of a Dad!
Is the cat out of the bag?
Anna is in the hallway in front of Matt's room on the phone with headquarters giving them all the info she has on Matt. When Noah comes around the corner, he has his head down looking at a chart. As he approaches Anna he hears her say Matt's full name and his head snaps up in surprise. Noah interrupts her call and asks if she just said Matthew Hunter? Yeah, Anna explains he is a patient in this room and they can't find any family. Noah walks slowly into Matt's room and stares at Matt. Anna finishes the call and joins him. Anna asks Noah if he is ok? "Yeah" Noah responds. Anna asks "Do you know him?"...................
stay tuned.........................

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rick Springfield's KC, MO Concert Date has Changed

According to Rickspringfield.com Rick's
11.21.08 Midland Theater - Kansas City, MO
Concert Date has been changed to:
11.22.08 Midland Theater - Kansas City, MO

Sunday, September 14, 2008

TV listings for Rick Springfield

The week of Sept 15th, Dr Noah Drake returns to GH! Rumors are swirling about the impending storyline. Stay tuned for daily recaps of the days Noah appears on GH.

General Hospital


The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)

(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)


Fri Sept 19th 10pm est

With Harmful Intent


Fri Sept 19th 3:50AM est

Directed by Richard Friedman. Starring Joan Van Ark, Daniel J Travanti, Rick Springfield, Christopher Noth, Bert Remsen, Michael Patrick Carter.A small town's preteens are preyed upon in this mix of crime story and psychological drama.

Dying to Dance

Wed Sept 24th 3:50am est

Directed by Mark Haber. Starring Kimberly McCullough, Mary-Margaret Humes, Rick Springfield, Natalija Nogulich, Les Porter, Mimi Kuzyk.Anorexia afflicts an ambitious teenage ballerina who's overwhelmed by competitive stress and parental pressure. Romantic discord adds a further complication. 107 minutes-

Friday, September 12, 2008

New LA Concert Date for Rick Springfield


Has confirmed a new tour date for

Rick Springfield

on 12.12.08

in Los Angeles, CA

at Club Nokia

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rick Springfield on TV

The Hero Awards will be re-broadcasted on Thurs Sept 11th 2008 8pm est on MyNetwork.
If you missed Rick & Co's performance of What's Victoria's Secret here is your chance.
Check your local listings here to see what channel it is in your area:

Rick Springfield on the radio

A few more radio interviews as Rick continues to promote Venus in Overdrive.
The Big 550 Talk Radio St Louis-this one is approximately 13 minutes.


Rick Springfield on 98.7 Simon

Friday, September 5, 2008

Another New Tour Date For Rick Springfield!

Another new tour date was posted on
rickspringfield.com today:
Kansas City, MO
Midland Theater

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Tour Date for Rick Springfield

Confirmed on www.rickspringfield.com
Free show -
Kennedy Space Center, FL

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rick Springfield on the Radio

Rick is doing more radio interviews to promote Venus In Overdrive. Both are definitely worth a listen!

My 104.3 KBIG-FM in LA:

(this one includes some accoustic performance)


This one is shorter but also worth a listen:

WRVE (The Albany NY area)