Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rick Springfield "On The Red Carpet"

Check out Rick Springfield's appearance at the Saban Theater in LA tomorrow night, 10/29/10. At 6:15 he’s doing a show called “On The Red Carpet.” (It will air in certain cities; see below.)

On The Red Carpet is a weekly entertainment news show that highlights the best of the week in the world of celebrity and style. On The Red Carpet and give viewers and web users front row access to premieres, award shows and special events, celebrity interviews, red carpet fashion, movie news and much more.
Rachel Smith, Miss USA 2007, co-hosts with Chris Balish, an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist.

When to watch:

HOUSTON (KTRK-TV): Saturdays at 1:05 a.m.
Check TV listings in Houston

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO-TV): Saturdays at 4 p.m.
Check TV listings in San Francisco

CHICAGO (WLS-TV): Saturdays at 11:05 p.m.
Check TV listings in Chicago

RALEIGH-DURHAM (WTVD-TV): Sundays at 5 a.m.
Check TV listings in Raleigh-Durham

LOS ANGELES (KABC-TV): Sundays at 6:30 p.m.
Check TV listings in Los Angeles

FRESNO (KFSN-TV): Sundays at 6:30 p.m.
Check TV listings in Fresno

Check TV listings in Philadelphia

TOLEDO (WTVG-TV): Various times
Check TV listings in Toledo

FLINT (WJRT-TV): Various times
Check TV listings in Flint

NEW YORK (WABC-TV): Various times
Check TV listings in New York

Friday, October 15, 2010

Links for Recent Press about Late, Late at Night

Posted on Rick's official Facebook Page, the following link to the Late, Late At Night site has all the links to the recent press on Rick's new autobiography.

If you haven't already got the new book, what are you waiting for?????

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rick Springfield on Good Day NY Thurs Oct 14th

Unconfirmed by Rick official site but he is listed as a guest tomorrow on Good Day New York. Oct 14th Channel 5 in the New York metro area. Click the link below for more details.

Rick Springfield

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rick Springfield On Good Morning America

Check out Rick's 10-12-10 appearance on 'Good Morning America' along with an excerpt from his just released book "Late, Late At Night" .....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Teaser for the Rick Springfield Fans Documentary

There is a 9 minute teaser featuring the fan documentary being filmed this year by
on the website! Check it out and see if you might have made it into the teaser!

VIP memberships are also available there for more behind the scenes footage!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Upcoming TV Appearances for Rick Springfield

As Rick Springfield hits the road to promote his to be released (Oct 12th) autobiography, "Late, Late at Night" he will be making the following TV appearances. Set those DVR's. Keep in mind some of these are unconfirmed by his official website as of today.

Tues Oct 12th 7am est ABC
Good Morning America


Wed Oct 13th 11am est ABC The View

Wed Oct 13th 9pm HLN The Joy Behar Show (confirmed)

Wed Oct 20th Syndicated
The Wendy Williams Show


Check your local listings for all of these shows at

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rick Springfield in People Magazine

Check out page 89 for a three page article in the 10/18/10 issue of People Magazine which went on sale today, 10/7/10.

The article includes photos and an excerpt from Rick Springfield's autobiography "Late, Late At Night" to be released on October 12th.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rick Springfield Plays in Texas - Late, Late at Night.

October 1, 2010
Dallas, TX
Glass Cactus Theater
Photos by Charlotte Poe

The show started a little after 10:00 pm.

Rick was kind of talkative during the show. Here are some of the things he said throughout:

Rick says that Matt wants him to tell a story. He starts out "so there's this priest
and this Rabbi" He starts over, "hey, its official, I have a screw loose. I had a
motorcycle accident in 1988, and they put a plate in my shoulder because the bone was all shattered. I just had it x-rayed the other day, and there's a screw loose. One of the screws has actually come loose. And it is floating around inside my shoulder. So if I had that removed, and put it on Ebay, who would bid on it?" Crowd screams. "Alright, you are a bunch of sick puppies. I may just do that. And then you can say you got screwed by Rick Springfield". Then going into the next song - "This is one off of our latest record. Its a song"... then he starts over saying "who does this sound like.....This is off our latest record, It's a song, it's a single, its beautiful....It sounds like John Lennon, that's how John Lennon used to introduce their songs. Here's a song off one of our records, I think it was a single, I don't know [from the man who just wrote his memoir]It's called What's Victoria's Secret.

"How freaky is this place? This is what it is going to be like in the future, a bio dome. Only this will be a bio dome for the rich people. Everybody else is going to be in a tent corrugated thing that gets hotter than hell in the summer, unless we do something....

Next up, "When I wrote this song, I bet most of you didn't know you could possibly die from lead
poisoning from eating fish. You can now, how cool is that?! I've been eating fish all of my life, and my heart is in great shape. I have like no plaque or anything in my heart, really clean, but I have lead and mercury poison. I'm getting rid of it now, don't worry. Its on its way out. You gotta cleanse yourself. Other than that I'm completely clean. And lead and mercury poison is not a sexually contagious disease. So this song, before fish was poisonous is called...and he goes into IGE.
During the break in IGE, he does some heavy breathing and says "That's what I sound like when I'm.....doing push ups". Then he sees a woman who has a "Kiss Me I'm 40" sign, in the audience. He says "why should I kiss you just because you're 40? You gotta reach higher than that. Then he asks "Who here is 40?" A lot of people yell. He says "I don't mean 41, or 43, or 39. who is exactly 40? Then he notices the band isn't really paying much attention so he says "I'm sorry, am I bothering you guys?" Then he asks George how old he is, and George says "old enough to know better". Then he goes back to his other conversation. "Ok, so there's this amazing anomalie that we start to define at 40. 40th birthdays are cropping up all over the place. Then he sees a girl holding up some underwear. And he says "I hope they don't fit you sister because that would be scary (they were kind of big). She had written some stuff on them. They look like underwear my Mom would wear.
Hey you can read about my Mom's......he stops and says, "Don't hit me with those things,so she throws them over to the side and he tells George to put them on, so he does. Then he goes back to his story....You can read all about my Mom's underwear in my new book "Late, Late, at Night". It's coming out October the 12th (yea, he got the date right). Then he notices George has the underwear on over his pants and says "You will do anything for a laugh". He messes around with George for a second, then goes back to "so if you want to find out about my Mom's underwear, buy my new book when it comes out. And George says, "I'm freaking excited now!" And yes, this whole conversation was in between the verses of IGE. So Rick picks back up on the song (and actually sings the right verse this time).

Later, someone else holds up some more underwear (although this time Men's). And he says "I'm not touching any underwear", so they toss it up, and it has Californication on it, and he says "they were a lot smaller than that one" He then starts to go into VIO and goes into the "yea, yea" bit, and makes all kinds of different noises and gets the audience to repeat it. He actually did a pretty good cow noise.

During DTTS,he changes the line to "Every man's a Cowboy". He goes over to the DJ that was playing music before the show. And he asks him "What was all that 80's shit you were playing
earlier. He gets him to sing, then tells the security guard that the DJ got him out of singing. He says about the security guard "he's cute, isn't he". It's alright for a guy to think another guy's cute, and he asks him how old he is (22). Rick says "Dude, I have sons older than you. You're right in between my two sons, I have a 21 year old and a 24 year old, and they're awesome. It's a great age, and now we are going to teach you that girls like it when guys sing. It's not hard to figure out. I figured it out pretty early. I was in the crowd, watching all these girls around me flipping out over this dope on stage.And he wasn't even singing his own songs, he was singing 60's stuff. Then he gets interrupted, when someone hands him their cell phone and he tries to get them to sing, but didn't work out. Then he gets the security guy to sing. Then he knocks over his glass of wine and says "Oh shit, there goes my wine". Then he says "oh, are there any kids in the audience, I certainly hope not (I guess since he cussed), but this is Texas, right? I know from fact that you let young kids into bars because I've seen them. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, I'm just wondering why there's none here tonight." People yell out it's 21 and older. ""You have to be 21? Why? Seven year olds buy drinks to, you know. (kidding).

Does he normal routine about Hard to Hold and Californication. Then he says "There's even a photo of my naked butt in my book, Late Late at Night, plug, plug...."
At the beginning of HT, he says "You better have a beer waiting for me at the back there on the bar", so he was planning on making it to the back, but he didn't. He made it to about the
middle, but they were hanging on him so much at that point he gave up and went back to the stage. There was even someone who followed him from the front of the stage. I guess some
people think he can't get enough of them.

Before JG, he says "you know, there are a couple of songs you can recognize from the first few notes. And he plays some song (sounded kind of like Shave and a Haircut), then Smoke on the Water, then Jessie's Girl. He says "personally I prefer and did the first one again. But we'll do this one instead, and went into JG.

The complete set list was:
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz
What's Victoria's Secret
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Jesus Saves

Rick Springfield takes a bite out of the Big Apple!

September 25th 2010
Best Buy Theatre (formerly The Nokia Theatre)
New York, NY
Review & pictures by Rosie Malthaner

Well I was going to do my own review of this show but I came across this review and thought I would share that...... The only thing that the reviewer got wrong was that it wasn't Purple Haze but Fire Rick played.

A few additional notes....As we were on our way to the venue through Times Square we stopped to check out the Naked CowGirl and who do we we see making his way though the crowded streets of NYC??? None other than our favorite rock star and his entourage...And yes that is his publisher, Stacy teasing us with a copy of Late, Late at night.

Rick did stop the show at one point to acknowledge the security force that was causing a ruckus in the front row area. The Nokia, sorry I just can't call it Best Buy yet, what a stupid name, has always been one of those venues that stage rushing is a given and that cameras have never been a problem. Well security didn't get that message and threatened the crowd on our side that they would shut down the show at one point if everyone didn't go back to their seats. They also told us on the way in that we needed to check our SLR cameras, um, no! It can stay in my bag if that is the case. However, Rick told the crowd and security that pictures are fine with him and that security needed to leave everyone alone because it was a big distraction to him! I believe he told them to "relax your crack" Good for you Rick! After that, security seemed to disappear on my side of the stage. He talked about how he forgets that the fans that follow him from show to show have real jobs and its funny when he runs into them while they are working as he did on a flight one day as our friend Jackie is a flight attendant, he actually first called her a stewardess to which she corrected him.

He also made his way out into the crowd for DTTS after noticing a friend that had a better hat on that Matt! After our friend Bill obliged him and sang he made his way back to the stage but not before being groped so bad that he stopped and looked for the culprit. He found 11 yr old Sara on his way back and brought her up on stage for a little song & dance.

Jack White was also in attendance but didn't join the band. And much to our surprise & delight Jesus Saves made it's way into the encore before ending with Kristina.

Set List:
Who Killed R&R
I've Done Everything For You
I'll Miss That Someday
Affair of the Heart
Love Is Alright Tonite
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Jesus Saves