Saturday, February 28, 2009

TV Listings for Rick Springfield

TV listings for the upcoming week:

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
March 1st 2009 5pm est
(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)

Change Of Place


March 5th 2009 2am est & 8am est

irected by Donna Deitch.Starring Andrea Roth, Rick Springfield, Geordie Johnson, Stephanie Beacham, Ian Richardson, Viktoria Kerekes.A shy student trades identities with her flashy twin, a top fashion model with a dark secret. A.k.a. 'Harlequin's 'A Change of Place'.' 108 minutes- NR,

Dying To Dance


March 8th 2009 8am est

Directed by Mark Haber. Starring Kimberly McCullough, Mary-Margaret Humes, Rick Springfield, Natalija Nogulich, Les Porter, Mimi Kuzyk.Anorexia afflicts an ambitious teenage ballerina who's overwhelmed by competitive stress and parental pressure. Romantic discord adds a further complication. 107 minutes-

Thursday, February 26, 2009

More tour dates confirmed on

December 4, 2009
Elgin, IL
Hemmens Center

August 15, 2009
Dubuque, IA
Diamond Jo Casino

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More New Tour Dates for Rick posted two new tour dates:

Palace Theater
Waterbury, CT

The Hudson Gardens & Event Center
Littleton, CO

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pre order new music from Rick Springfield

Available for pre-order on! New music from Rick Springfield. Amazon lists the release date as March 10th 2009

My Precious Little One

Motivated by the success of last year's release of Venus in Overdrive, (New Door Records / Ume) Rick Springfield decided to head in a different direction with his newest album, My Precious Little One, (Gomer Records / DKE Records) by sharing the lullabies he created for his own family. "I wrote these original lullabies for my two sons during the heady days of brand new fatherhood. As a songwriter, I wanted to do something to commemorate the birth of our children. Since neither of them were good sleepers, it seemed like a good idea to write some lullabies, " says the Grammy Award Winner. " I rediscovered them last year, stuck in the back of a drawer in my music room. They brought back so many good memories of our kids when they were babies, that I decided to rerecord and share them." The ten beautiful and heartfult original tracks on this album create a peaceful atmosphere that is sure to sooth and relax all who listen. Perfect for Mothers and their children.

Additional release info posted on www.rickspringfield. com :
My Precious Little One will be released exclusively on Amazon & AmazonMP3 as of March 10th, 2009. This physical release will be in an exclusive jewel case packaging and available as a download through

The retail release, will be available in stores as of May 5th in a special wallet format, right in time for Mother's Day!

It will also be available digitally on all of the download sites such as iTunes on 5/5.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rick Springfield in Nashville

Wildhorse Saloon
Nashville, TN
02/13 & 14 /2009
Review by: Dawn(THE GA GIRL) Harford

Before I have a chance to forget to much here is my review of the Sisters in Rick Springfield Convention in Nashville February 13th and 14th 2008. Nashville is so much fun and a wonderful chance to see all my friends I have made over the last couple of years & to make some new ones. That said here we go. First of all , it was Friday the 13th and evidently though I don't know all the details it wasn't the luckiest of days for our hero. I had friends who were attending soundcheck and were told Rick would NOT be attending. From what they heard he wasn't even in Nashville at soundcheck time. More about that later. The Wildhorse was full and I think a sellout. I personally was hoping for the Squirts to open the show but no such luck. An all girl group called "Sick of Sarah" opened. They were 5 20 somethings is my guess they were trying really hard but I don't think they were a very good fit with this crowd.

During intermission a girl at my table said there's Jack, as in Jack White, former member of the Fabulous Eels, I was so thrilled. I had missed the show in September of 2007 when Jack had shown up at the WildHorse. I got a chance to say hi to him and get a hug and an autograph. It was like seeing a long lost friend. I had a crush on Jack back in the 80's! He looked great and was very nice. About this time the lights finally dimmed and they began playing the retrospective video of Rick's career . Our favorite fellow comes out on stage wearing his black leather jacket with the roses painted on it , a black t-shirt and jeans. and went into Mr. PC. He was full of energy and seemed very upbeat. The jacket lasted a couple of songs. Rick was pretty chatty and did an awesome version of Venus in Overdrive. I am not sure which song this was during but Rick kinda mooned us again only this time it was just underwear no skin, but he laughed and said oops this is a PG show and how he had shocked some young fan.

Rick went into Crossroads and Jack White was on the drums. The crowd when wild when they saw him and it was great to see and hear he and Rick play together again. They both really seemed to enjoy it. Jack only stayed for that one song.Rick broke out the hand held mike and we all knew what was coming. Better get ready to sing.

He went into Don't Talk to Strangers and he made my friend, Darlene , sing and he said "Wow, someone who can sing!" She was thrilled. He pulled up an 8 year old boy, named Malcom, who was the same kid he pulled up at one of the shows there in '08. Rick said now what is the drinking again in Tennessee? There's a bar there, one there , and one there! We all said it was 8 and he laughed. He said Malcom was a good English name and asked if Malcom's mom was a Limey. Malcom did a good job and everyone loved it.During DTTS, Rick made a comment as he sang hows lfe in the big city that it was good to be in one finally and that he had been up 36 hours! Still don't know exactly what happened, I heard something about bad weather but I am not sure.

Rick put on his head set and came out to see us all with Love Somebody and Human Touch. He made the rounds of the floor but thankfully didn't go up on the balcony railing like last year. When he got back on stage , he had another guest, John Billings, on bass. Rick introduced him and said Barbie always thought John was cute. I am drawing a blank, he looked so familar but I just can't place him, so if anyone can help me here please do (editors note: John used to play with Rick during the SDAA tour). Rick went into Jessie's Girl and then off stage. The encore on Friday was Wasted which Rick prefaced with we recently lost one of our own, and that this is for Ronnie, a fan who recently past away, she is in the Rockford DVD during Wasted. It was a sweet moment and I always love hearing anything from SDAA. Rick had on a Flight of the Conchords t-shirt which he recently mentioned on Access as his fav comedy. I think this is on HBO so I am going to check it out. He ended the show with Kristina. I also was told by a friend that Beeb Birtles was there too. He and his wife were at her table.

Saturday Feb. 14th 2009 Valentine's Day with Rick

Saturday night started of with "Sick of Sarah" opening again. The lead singer the night before made a comment about seeing Rick back stage in a robe smoking a cigar(which we all know isn't true) and then on Saturday she made a comment about Rick in a Snuggie! They were trying! Anyway, the show started with the same video montage and Rick came out to MR. PC. He looked much more rested and was very funny and full of mischief. He was wearing another painted on black leather jacket and a black button up shirt and jeans. When a couple of songs in he took off the jacket some girl near the front told him to take off his shirt and Rick shot back you first. Take yours off , bra and all , lets see some tits! He said it's so easy for you all to say that to me! I don't know if she flashed him or not but he did unbutton the shirt down a few buttons! Some one gave him some little hearts on a head band that he put on for a minute and looked very cute.

He was in a great mood and when it came time to do Don't Talk to Strangers he got a cute little girl on stage named Sophie, she was 7 or 8, then he got another girl who was either 15 or 18 I couldn't really hear too well . Rick said is that still a kid? But he got her up there too. Then another little girl showed up in a pink cowboy hat, her name was Brooke and she is 6, she was sitting at my table. Rick was laughing by now and was trying to get them all the put there arms in the air and sway back and forth, about this time yet another little girl shows up and Rick really laughed and said when did I lose control of my show! Her name was Savannah and as she came up she lost her shoe, and Rick goes, She only has one shoe and as she tries to put it back on he said I do that sometimes too. So now he had 4 girls. He's like they are even lined up perfect as they went from tallest to shortest. They all sang and got Rick Hugs. Oh when Sopie the 1st little girl got up there some one tossed up a stuffed heart shaped toy and Rick asked if someone was throwing that at this little girl and gave it too her. Savannah and Brooke are sisters, which Rick found out at the Meet & Greet afterward and seemed very surprised. Anyway, they all left and got a great round of applause. It was a very cute moment.

Rick went into Gloria , the wonderful bathtub version. He talked about watching TV and seeing a show where a guy was a doctor and a rock star who looked just alike imagine that. He also made a reference where he said I hear he's coming back in April, so maybe Noah is returning to GH this spring. Someone had given him a large rubber ducky and he balance it on his head! He made all of us girls raise our hands and help Gloria pull out the plug! I know I just love it when he does that song and gets a little naughty. Someone had brought him a heart shaped pinata and he saw it and said give me that. He got poor George N. to come out and he said to hold it. George originally had it in front of his face but thought better of it. He held it out and Rick took his guitar and tried to hit it., he got George to toss it up and he swung at it with his guitar and hit it a couple of times much to our delight. He finally got it down on stage and beat it with the guitar and then picked up the candy and tossed it out to us. I guess all this Valentine's stuff made it time for Love Somebody and out he came into the crowd, he walked on the table I was sitting at and put on some heart shaped sunglasses that the girl next to me had been wearing. The things that man will do to entertain us. And oh how we love to give him the props to do it with!

Human Touch followed and then back to the stage and Jessie's Girl, as much as I love that song , it makes me sad to hear it because I know the show is almost over. Rick left the stage and changed into an Eat the Worm t-shirt. He came out and did Who Killed Rock N' Roll, and then Kristina. Someone was feeding him cherries at one point during the encore and he ended up spitting it out in his hand. He introduced the band and gave us a HUG and it was over. Rick had rocked Nashville hard and we were all the better for it! This is one of the coolest places to see him ever and the crowd is always right there with him. It was awesome to see everyone and I can't wait till next time!

Set List 2/13/09



Set List for 2/14/09 same as 2/13/09 Gloria instead of the Medley and WKRR instead of Wasted

Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 6th 2009
B98.5 Acoustic show
Wild Bill's Lounge
Duluth, GA
Review & Picture by: Leslie Browning

For those of you not in the Atlanta area, a local radio station, B98.5, promoted an acoustic concert with Rick prior to his concert at Wild Bills on Feb 6. I was determined that I would win tickets so I got up every morning at 5 am to listen! (and anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT get up any earlier than absolutely necessary!) They ran the promotion for 5 days, only on the morning show. Of course I could not have just won the first day and then slept til my normal time, I won the tickets on the second to last chance on Friday!

There were about 40 people there and it was held in the lounge area of the venue. There were several TV's which had a running Power Point presentation on his career and life. Rick was running a little late, having come in from the sound check at which there were some technical difficulties. He was wearing a black t-shirt and cargo pants with black Converse sneakers. He got right down to business playing Speak to the Sky right away. The DJ's were both there and offered up time for questions for him from the group. He commented on the TV's and said it was a little distracting for him to read about himself. He alternated songs with the Q and A session. He sang Inside Sylvia, at the request of a fan, IGE, JG and made an attempt to sing one of the lullabies off the new CD, but did not have much luck remembering the lyrics. He was pretty subdued during the whole event. The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes, ending with a photo session with each fan.

Rick Springfield in ABC Soaps In Depth

Rick Springfield is included in the
ABC Soaps In Depth
Top 100 Hotest men on ABC Soaps!
Check out the 02/23/09 issue on page 91
where Rick comes in at #41!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rick Springfield in Duluth GA


Wild Bill's

Duluth, GA

Review & picture by: Dancy Zahn & Bambi Myers

About a half hour outside of Atlanta, on a beautiful warm day, I welcomed the end of a frosty winter without Rick. My first show since the cruise, I could not wait to see that man come onstage. Surprise! The Squirts opened and they were awesome! Matt had on a big, foam cowboy hat, and the guys sounded better than ever. At one point he grabbed the jacket of a girl up front and swung it around over his head. He is always such a jokester, and mentioned that we should buy their cds, even if only because we felt sorry for them.

After the video montage, followed by the Nothing Is Ever Lost intro, Rick came onstage to the usual shouts, whistles, and frenzy. Wearing jeans, black converse sneakers, and a white wifebeater with a cool black pirate design on the back. We discovered this only after he removed his black blazer a few songs into the show. The converse allowed for even better jumping and running than the usual boots.

The set list was a slight departure from the norm, as listed below. No Red House, no My Generation, no Gloria. The show moved quickly, without a lot of banter or talking. There were several drinks offered to Rick by fans near the stage, and he did indulge. After taking a drink from someone’s cup, he commented that he hoped he hadn’t been slipped a mickey. There were no less than 6 rose smashes during the show, and I was heavily showered at one point.

“Can’t anyone sing?”, he asked, during DTTS. Apparently not! He didn’t really venture from the stage, and there were fewer victims than usual. He finally left the stage during Love Somebody or Human Touch, and made his way pretty far back into the crowd. As this venue is a country bar with a huge wooden dance floor, there were no chairs to climb on. He came right back onto the stage for Jessie’s Girl, and ended it with a vicious guitar smash.

The encore was a single Kristina, always a crowd favorite. He came out in his WKRR tee shirt. Rick and the crowd were just as excited and energized at the end as we were at the beginning. It’s always over too soon. Hard to watch? Hard to swallow? The movie, maybe. The concerts? Never.

Set List

Mr. PC
Affair Of The Heart
I’ve Done Everything For You
I’ll Miss That Someday
Love Is Alright Tonight
Love Somebody
Human Touch
JG(guitar smash)

(note: A statue, presumably of Wild Bill, was brought onstage for the encore, and Rick bowed down to it before starting Kristina)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Tour Dates for Rick Springfield

Confirmed today on

House of Blues
Anaheim, CA

Scottsdale, AZ
Casino Arizona

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rick Springfield still rocks

Rick Springfield still rocks

’80s rock star and former soap-opera hottie Rick Springfield to heat up Silver Springs

Published: Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 6:30 a.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 6:28 a.m.

Gone are the Tiger Beat covers, No. 1 singles and teenybopper fantasies.

Click to enlarge
Eighties rock star and one-time soap-opera hunk Rick Springfield will perform with Eddie Money at the Silver Springs attraction on Saturday.

Rick Springfield, the ’80s teen idol, is pushing 60.

The one-time soap-opera hunk who hit the top of the charts with “Jessie’s Girl” in 1981 may be nearing Social Security age, but one thing about him remains the same: Rick still rocks. He will play Silver Springs at 3 p.m. on Saturday with another ’80s rocker, Eddie Money.

Listen to Springfield’s latest album, “Venus In Overdrive,” and you realize that at 59, he’s not just another oldies act living in the past. Springfield offers a power-pop sound straight out of “Jessie’s Girl,” which can be heard on the first single, “What’s Victoria’s Secret.”

The album debuted at No. 28 in Billboard, making it Springfield’s biggest seller since 1991. One lyric from the CD might best sum up the man who played Dr. Noah Drake on “General Hospital,” but has changed in 2009:

“MTV and shopping malls tell me that I’m growing old,” he sings in “Time Stands Still.”

It’s a wistful look back, and the song “is basically about everything is moving so fast and the fact that things are changing. Just feeling uncomfortable and wanting it to be like it was,” Springfield said in a statement for the album.

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