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Rick Springfield in SOD & ABC SID

Check out the
Ins & Out section (pg. 11 )
for info on Rick's return to
General Hospital in July!
ABC Soaps In Depth
June 16, 2008 issue

Check out the
Ask Us Section (pg. 104)
For info on where Noah/Eli have been since they were
last seen on GH!
Soap Opera Digest
June 10, 2008 issue

Rick Springfield 5/30

80's pop-star rocker Rick Springfield took to stage on Friday night during the annual Taste of Pinellas benefiting All Children's Hospital. Springfield gave an animated performance, often times jumping into the audience, sitting in chairs held up by fans. Springfield took the cellphone of a random concert goer and made a call during his performance, leaving a voice mail on the other end.

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Track list for Rick Springfield's "Venus In Overdrive"

Amazon has posted the track listings for Rick's up coming CD
"Venus In Overdrive"

Track Listings
1. What's Victoria's Secret?
2. I'll Miss That Someday
3. Venus In Overdrive
4. One Passenger
5. Oblivious
6. 3 Warning Shots
7. Time Stand Still
8. God Blinked (Swing It Sister)
9. Mr. PC
10. She
11. Nothing Is Ever Lost
12. Saint Sahara

Preorder at

Press Release For Rick Springfield's Venus In Overdrive

Rick Springfield Set to Release First Studio Album 'VENUS IN OVERDRIVE' on New Door Records/UMe This Summer


SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Grammy(R) winningsinger/songwriter Rick Springfield will release a new studio album on Tuesday,July 29. VENUS IN OVERDRIVE is the artist's debut album on New DoorRecords/UMe and first full-length new studio work of original material since2003's critically acclaimed, SHOCK/DENIAL/ANGER/ACCEPTANCE.

VENUS IN OVERDRIVE was recorded in a record 32 days by Springfield and Matt Bissonette, Springfield's long time bass player. According to Rick, "Itis an album about love in all its forms, and since Venus is the goddess of love, it's called VENUS IN OVERDRIVE. There is a lot of personal stuff in these songs but we have tried to craft them so they still have a universal voice. We are older, yet still teenagers, we have lost people we love and still love the people who are on our journey with us, we are angry at some of the crap in the world yet love our human failings."

More upbeat and fun, than 2003's dark SHOCK/DENIAL/ANGER/ACCEPTANCE, Rick notes, "I think we should have called this CD 'Son of Working Class Dog.' Ithas the same kind of songs (from a slightly older perspective) and was as exciting to record ... ... writing and recording these songs has been th emost fun I've had in the studio since the early '80s." WORKING CLASS DOG produced two of Rick's biggest hits, "Jessie's Girl" and "I've Done Everything For You."

According to Rick, the title track, "Venus in Overdrive" is basically about his wife Barbara. "She is the most loving person I have ever known and she has accepted me with all my darkness and bumps and warts and all."

The first single from VENUS IN OVERDRIVE is "What's Victoria's Secret?" Rick says the title of the song "is one of those titles that was waiting to be written and we just got there first. Matt came up with it and we wrote the song while we were doing 5 nights of shows in Milwaukee. I had some recording gear brought into my hotel room and we wrote it there at the haunted Pfister hotel, room 804. It's basically about the sexualization of women and how we as males, want that, but also resist it and mainly need to connect to women as human beings. It's a dichotomy that most men feel I think."

Two songs on the record, "Saint Sahara" and "Oblivious," pay tribute to Sahara Aldridge, a young girl who frequently attended Rick's shows and whom the entire band came to love and who recently passed away. Rick explains that "Saint Sahara" "is about who Sahara was and how hard it was to have her leave. It's also a celebration and recognition of the people she affected in this world. Her mom said (before she died) that if I were to write a song about her daughter, could I make it a celebration and not something maudlin, so it's basically a song celebrating her great spirit. 'Oblivious,' is the soul side of the song, 'Saint Sahara,' what we all felt and how we dealt with it. It is sometimes so good to be numb to pain but life can't go on if you stay numb all the time. The song itself is about the denial of the finality of death, but it's still a love song.

"As part of the promotional plan for the new album, Rick will be returning to "General Hospital" in July as Dr. Noah Drake and his alter ego rocker Eli Love. The storyline will reunite him with the characters of Robin, Patrick and Anna as well as allow him to perform the single, "What's Victoria's Secret?"

Rick Springfield has withstood the test of time far better than most critics would ever have imagined, performing over 100 concerts each year around the world. He has written and performed some of the best-crafted powerpop of the past 30 years. Earlier this year, by popular demand from Oprah's audience, Rick made his first appearance on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" making one fan's dream come true by meeting him in person and then watching him perform his classic "Jessie's Girl." He has sold over 19 million records and has had 17 Top 40 hits. He has released 17 albums over his career including WORKING CLASS DOG (#7 US, platinum), SUCCESS HASN'T SPOILED ME YET (#2 US,platinum), LIVING IN OZ (#12 US, Platinum), and HARD TO HOLD (#16 US,Platinum). Rick has also won an American Music Award.

SOURCE Universal Music Enterprises,413743.shtml

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Rick Springfield Rocks Rockville

Rockville Hometown Holidays
Rockville, MD
Review & Photo: Dancy Zahn

What a long, hot day anticipating our favorite rock star’s performance! This festival was a very popular place to be yesterday. The weather was beautiful, and there were so many things to see, taste and do. (And I don’t just mean Rick, haha!)

There were a select group of die-hards who had been holding their spots at the stage all day. As early evening approached, the outer areas for chairs and blankets really started to fill up. The Navy Cruisers band opened up, and they were fantastic. Playing everything from the Beatles to Van Halen!

As Rick’s guys set up, we noticed that guitar tech George was absent, replaced by someone we’ve never seen. And will probably never see again.....more to follow about that. The band took the stage and Rick came out right after them! He had on the new jeans that we love, a long sleeved white shirt, and black leather jacket. And of course, the new brown boots. The standing-only area up front immediately became a swarm of people pushing towards the stage. Rick was really dancing around, lots of jumps and spins and cute moves. It’s the new boots, I tell ya.

As the show progressed, there were some technical difficulties. When Rick threw his guitar to the tech, it made a rough landing and cut the poor guy by his eye! Good thing there were paramedics on hand. We didn’t see him the rest of the show. Buzz filled in with tuning and tweaking equipment. Rick came out to the VIP section for DTTS, this section was reserved for city officials and event staff, I believe. Among the people who sang was a woman named Nirvana! Rick really liked that! He said, "That’s like me saying, Hi, my name is Heaven Springfield!" He brought the cutest little girl named Faith on stage, to sing and dance a little.

At some point, a life sized cut-out of Rick made it’s way onto the stage, and he joked around pretending it was playing the guitar. This cut-out had been the prize of a raffle that several of us entered earlier in the day. The cut-out also spent some time beside Rodger during the show.

After the Bop Medley, it was time for Rick to strap on the power pack and headset. It didn’t work! Off came the gear, and Rick headed out with just a mic in hand, and no guitar to shield him from the masses. Turned out he didn’t get far, because the crowd refused to part and allow him through. He sang Love Somebody, Human Touch and JG standing in the front of the crowd, and worked his way back on to the stage.
For the encore, we were treated to the addition of I’ll Make You Happy before Love Is Alright Tonight. Rick had shed the white shirt and came out in the new WKRR tshirt, nice and tight. He thanked us all and gave his trademark self hug.

The crowd was still dancing and screaming as What’s Victoria’s Secret was played over the sound system after the guys left the stage. I could hear people discussing the cruise and the upcoming cd all around me as people gathered their belongings and made their way out of the square. I am certain that all who were present would have to agree, Rick put the rock in Rockville last night!

(...This fan’s husband came to his first ever RS show, and had to admit it was a fun time!)

Who Killed Rock and Roll
Its Always Something
Affair of the HeartAlyson
I've Done Everything For You
Rock of Life
Red House
Bop Til You Drop Medley
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
I'll Make You Happy
Love is Alright Tonight

Rick Springfield Mention in SOD

Rick gets a mention in the
June 3rd edition of Soap Opera Digest.
It looks like Noah Drake & Eli Love
will be showing up in Port Charles in early July!!

Soap Opera Digest
June 3, 2008

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Rick Live in Colusa

Rick Springfield
Colusa, CA 5/23/08
Colusa Casino

Out Fit: Black Vest White Shirt, Blue Jeans (non button fly) brown boots
Encore Out Fit: changed to green "peace" shirt
Set List:
Who Killed RNR
It’s Always Something
Affair of the Heart
I’ve Done Everything For You
Rock of Life
Red House
Don’t Talk to Strangers
Living In Oz
Happy Birthday To Rick
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie’s Girl
I’ll Make You Happy
Love is Alright Tonite
The seats started out very close to the stage, so there was no stage rushing from behind. The stage was also very low, so if you were in the front and Rick came to the front of the stage, you weren’t eye level with his feet, but much more interesting parts of his body.
The left side of the venue seemed to be standing up, but the right side, the front row was, but a majority of the 2nd row stayed seated, and they might have complained to security because security was telling that side of the front row to sit down. Rick came over to where we playing a solo and I indicated we were being told to sit down and he said "STAND UP", doing a motion with his finger. They didn’t bother us after that.
During DTTS, when Rick does the part about "life in the big city" he mentions that Colusa isn’t even on the map., Rick found a guy named Ron, who was 75. Rick said "Girls love guys who sing. Once I figured that out I went straight to a voice coach and said "teach me to sing". When Ron sang he sang "Don’t Rock". He was trying to go further back in the crowd and he said "are you guys new? They are trying to move the chairs apart so I can get by" (I’m not sure if it was security doing that or the people sitting in that area).
After Living in Oz, Rick says "I’m gonna try a new song, I need my lyrics sheet". They lyrics sheet had been taped to the front of the stage since the beginning, so I was very excited about the thought of getting to hear What’s Victoria’s Secret live, full band, for the first time. Then he says "what is today? What happens in 3 months? It’s my birthday I’m not going to see all of you guys before my birthday so why don’t you sing me Happy Birthday?" So we sang Happy Birthday to Rick. Rick plays a little bit of a guitar solo, then says "Am I boring you Rodger?" Then he says "Actually, this is the new one" and he goes into Gloria (???????waaah – he never did play Victoria’s Secret).
During Gloria, someone was holding up copies of some Zoot stuff and he talked about it a little and said "did they have electricity back then?" When he got to the part where he says "she knocks upon my door" Rodger does his drum part and Rick asks "how long have you been playing this song, you’re about 5 beats behind, let’s try it again" Rick suggest that they fine Rodger 100 dollars for every time he misses a knock on the door. Rodger gets it perfect the next time. Rick goes back into the song and says he has a tv on top of the bath the way you should do it in case it falls in and electrocutes the heck ouf of you. He talks about watching GH on the tv (in the tub) and about the "Chick Sam….how many times can this bitch get shot. She’s been shot like 40 times, she’s only 23. She’s been shot more times than I’ve been gang banged"
Then he mentions that Eli is coming back to GH to sing Rick Springfield’s new single. "Thank God for Television!" Rodger does some more drum stuff while Rick is talking. Rick says "Excellent timing Rodger, absolutely perfect….you’re SO with me" Rick said he felt like Paul Anka then does a slight impression."We are so tight" (Rodger drums over him). Rick says "Exactly. He will be walking home. He’s so cute, like a bad puppy (about Rodger)" Then he got to the "She stands me up" part and jokes that if he did that when his audience was 14 and 15 year old girls that’d be like "Mom, what does that mean?" And he commented that there were no training bras on the stage. As you can probably tell, this was a very, very long version of Gloria.
Before Love Somebody, he talked about Hard to Hold and asked how many people were over 18 when they saw the movie. Then he said "that’s a lot of preteen girls looking at my naked ass"
During My Generation when he tried to do the cell phone bit he was trying to pick out a name from the list of contacts. He wanted to find the girl’s boyfriend and "give him some shit". When he finally picked a name, he realized there was no cell service.
He then finished up the show without much more dialog.
They did play What’s Victoria’s Secret over the speakers after the show, so if you have an upcoming show, and you want to hear it, listen for that when the show is over.

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Pre order the brand new album from Rick Springfield

Venus In Overdrive by Rick Springfield to be released July 29th! Pre order your copy now!

TV Listings for Rick Springfield

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)

VH1 Thurs May 29 9:00 est
(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)

A&E Sunday June 1st 7:00 am est

BIOGRAPHY: RICK SPRINGFIELD is the story of the performer who has sold fifteen million records and after nearly thirty years in show business still performs with the reckless abandon of a twenty-something rock star. Springfield's hit song, Jesse's Girl became the anthem of the 1980s - a time when his feathered hair, tightly-suited body and boyish face became hallmarks of the era. Concert footage, photos and interviews chronicle his early life in Australia and his career - a path that has taken him from teen idol to TV soap star to serious rocker. Includes interviews with former managers Steve Binder and Tom Skeeter; his mother Eileen Springthorpe; musician Sammy Hagar; drummer Jack White; actresses Linda Blair and Jacklyn Zeman; and record producer Keith Olson.

13 going on 30
FX Saturday May 31st 8:00pm est
FX Sunday June 1st 5:30pm est

While Rick does not actually appear in this himself, Jessie's Girl is featured twice and the lead character has a major crush on him and there is a scene in the beginning of the movie that has a Rick figure in Jenna's "dream" house. Also, if you buy the DVD of this movie, the full video for Jessie's Girl is in the extras.

Rick Springfield returns this summer to GH! The rumor is that he will reprise both roles as Dr Noah Drake and Eli Love, with a performance of his forthcoming new single "What's Victoria's Secret" Stay tuned for more details and air dates.........

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New Tour Dates

Elizabeth, IN
Caesars Indiana

Virginia Beach, VA
Sandler Center for the Performing Arts

Port of Spain, Trinidad
Queen's Park Oval
with REO Speedwagon

Kannapolis, NC
Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium
with John Waite & Eddie Money

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Rick Springfield has played a soap opera heatthrob - and is still one in real life

By Leo Smith, Staff writer
Article Launched: 05/15/2008 11:06:12 PM PDT

Original article

Rick Springfield returned to ABC's "General Hospital" in 2005 with absolutely no intention of singing on the soap opera.
The actor-musician was there to be Dr. Noah Drake - the heartthrob surgeon he originated in 1983 - and that was it.
Then came a new CD ("Venus in Overdrive," due out July 29) and the opportunity to perform one of the album's tracks - "Who Killed Rock 'N Roll - and suddenly the idea of singing on camera didn't sound so bad.
The show's writers created a Dr. Noah Drake look-alike - rocker Eli Love - and Springfield had his opportunity to perform on camera.
"I ended up playing a rock star, which I vowed I would never do," said Springfield, 58, between concerts in Milwaukee, part of a tour that takes him to the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts on Wednesday night. "You get (the music) out however you can get it out."
Look for Eli Love to make a return appearance to "General Hospital" in the days leading up to the CD's release, performing "What's Victoria's Secret," the first single off of "Venus in Overdrive."
Springfield, who lives in Malibu, spoke with Weekend about the evolution
of his music, his changing relationship with his fans and, of course, "Jessie's Girl," his Grammy-winning single off of 1981's "Working Class Dog."
Tell us about your upcoming CD.
I wrote it with my bass player - it's the first time I've written with somebody else. We're both giant Beatles freaks and we're both at the same point in our lives. (The CD) is very much a product of that. It's some of the best power pop and rock that I've written. .... There are songs about life issues and songs about people we know, people we love, people who've gone. There's one song about the guy who killed Lennon.
What can audiences expect at your concert at the Cerritos Center?
When we get back in rehearsals we'll do a lot of new stuff, but I always touch on the old. We also do the favorites - that's what I go to a concert to see.
Do you ever do a concert without playing "Jessie's Girl"?
That's the culmination of it all. Along the way, hopefully, (the concert) is a great experience. I like it to be like throwing the best party. If that means playing some of the songs that I'm expected to play, I'm OK with that. It's become my signature song.
Did you know when you recorded that song that it would be a hit?
I thought it was just a good album track. I was looking at other songs as singles. Radio - when radio was still picking up singles - picked it.
Does it seem like 27 years since "Working Class Dog"?
When I think about the music, I can remember recording the song. I feel like my life has gone through huge changes since those times. I went through a lot of different things - my parents dying, career ups and downs, children born. I wrote about all of that after "Jessie's Girl." When I wrote "Jessie's Girl" that's where I was at in my life. I was really hot for this girl and pissed off that she didn't see anything in me. Some artists are still pretending they're 18 and 19. That's really lame to me. When you're an older person you've got something (new) to say. When you're 45 years old, you're not going to write a song like you're an 18-year-old.
Can you tell us about your upcoming "Rock the High Seas" cruise (to Florida and Mexico)?
There have always been soft-jazz cruises, but there haven't been very many rock cruises. We put it out there and the fans were very hot for it. ... I'm one of those artists who actually enjoys hanging out with the fans. I know a lot of artists who don't. And I didn't originally - I felt I was due the adulation. But I've changed. Being part of someone's life since they were 10 is kind of humbling.
Leo Smith (310) 540-5511, Ext. 417

Rick Springfield Mention in SOW

A mention of Rick returning to General Hosptial on the inside cover!
Soap Opera Weekly
May 27th 2008 issue

more press for Rick Springfield's return to General Hospital

General Hospital: Rick Springfield Returns to Port Charles
Thursday, May 15, 2008

The fictional city of Port Charles is getting a blast from the past as Rick Springfield returns to General Hospital. Soap Opera Digest reports that the 58-year-old actor-singer is headed back to the soap for a summer story arc, reprising the role he made famous back in the 1980s.

Although known for his music career, Springfield also gained a massive following as he became a soap opera star on General Hospital in 1981. He took on the role of Noah Drake, a doctor who instantly gained a reputation of being a playboy upon his arrival at the hospital. Some of his most notable storylines during his initial three-year run on soap include his involvement with nurse Bobbie Spencer and Tiffany Hill. In 1983, Springfield left the show, along with his character that left Port Charles for a surgical position in an Atlanta hospital.

22 years later, Springfield reprised his role on General Hospital when Dr. Robin Scorpio finds him in a bar near New York City. She requested that he return to General Hospital to consult on Jason Morgan's (Steve Burton) injury. But Noah realized that he is in no shape to operate due to his alcoholism so he tells Robin about his son, Patrick Drake, who is also a neurosurgeon. The two had been estranged since the death of Patrick's mother, which was also the reason why he became an alcoholic. Noah, who was in desperate need of a transplant, underwent surgery with Patrick as the donor. Although their relationship continued to be strained, Noah did what he can to help Patrick (Jason Thompson) with his uncertain feelings about giving up womanizing in order to pursue love interest Dr. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough).

No word yet on if Springfield will be reprising his romance with Anna (Finola Hughes), who's currently in town visiting her pregnant daughter, Robin. However, Springfield's return on the soap will also reportedly involve the come back of his rock star doppelganger, Eli Love.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rick Springfield to return to General Hospital this summer according to SoapNet!

Rck Springfield is Back!
May 12, 2008 4:46 PDT By Jesse Murray
Photo: JPI

Ever since Finola Hughes brought secret agent Anna Devane back to "General Hospital," we've wondered "Where the heck is Dr. Noah Drake?" You know, the playboy surgeon turned alcoholic who was THE reason to watch "General Hospital" back in the day? Well, our questions (and prayers) have been answered, because the character -- and his original portrayer, Rick Springfield -- is set to return to the show in early July.
(Tangent thought: How awesome was Rick's '80s anthem "Jessie's Girl"? Ever since we heard he's coming back, it's been stuck in our head. That's a good thing, BTW.)
Anyway, when last seen in 2007, Noah was convinced by Anna to step in for his look-alike -- rocker Eli Love (also played by Rick) -- at an AIDS charity concert. Unfortunate, since Noah hates musicians (Irony, party of one!). Shortly after the concert, Anna and Eli left town on a world adventure, while Noah sort of faded into the background. But Rick's now set to return -- as Noah AND Eli.
So how will Noah take the news that his son Patrick (Jason Thompson) is going to make him a grandpa? And will Eli and Anna have a reunion? And will all fourth walls be broken when the cast, led by Rick, bursts into a rousing rendition of "Don't Talk to Strangers"?
We're not counting on the latter ... but you KNOW you wanna see the hospital's Nurses Station bust out into a musical number.
Are you excited for Rick Springfield's return?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rick Springfield and the final night in Milwaukee!

Potawatomi Casino
Milwaukee WI
May10th 2008
Review by Carey Bartosh
Photo by Carey Bartosch

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y !! This final night in Milwaukee was full of silliness, birthday wishes and 2 more new songs! The night kicked off with "Oblivious" and "Mr. PC ", both upbeat in tempo and GOOD! This week has convinced me Rick and the band really worked hard to make the new album freakin AWESOME!!

Rick opened once again with "WKRNR", "Will I ?",Affair.... etc. He then strummed through most of the Beatles "Norwiegan Wood". Rick then proudly displayed the lovely "skier" trophy they won at the baseball game this week, reminding everyone, "Who won this trophy?" "WE won this trophy!"

Then, it was "Birthday" time for our favorite keyboardist "Food Boy" Derek H. ! Ron G. brought a large white cake with candles for Derek to blow out , and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Rick and others tried to coax Derek into a brief "SPEECH", but with no avail.

Rick then rocked out to The Who's "I Can See For Miles" which again was a nice surprise! But, the real surprise was just around the corner!
Rick paused to take a drink over by the amp near Rodger's drum set, picking up a drumstick as he walked by "Anyone ever get hit by one of these in the eye during a concert?" he asked. Next thing we know, Rick hits the bass drum sooo hard with the stick, he punches a hole in it!! OHHH! "Take that Rodger. "That'll teach you not to F*** with me! Rick said, then walked back to the front of the stage to go into "Red House". The band meanwhile were looking at the drum concerned about how to fix the boo-boo, and Rick, realizing the crowd is focused on them says, " What did something happen back there I don't know about ?" and smiles.

For DTTS Rick's first choice for singing was er "rough". Then Rick found Hank, way in the back of the theatre, there more for the food than for Rick apparently, cuz Rick could not get him to put his food down long enough to sing. So his wife did it for him! Haha! "Well, we know who really wears the pants in that family", Rick said. "But, really my wife wears them in my family too. She doesn't allow me to swear. (Barbie was in the audience near Rick in the crowd) Did I swear tonight? ("Yes, twice!" says the crowd, Rick looks sheepish) That's ok, I wore them for the first half of the marriage, she can wear them now. It's kinda nice actually cuz i don't have to make any decisions. i can just get up and say "Ok! what are we doing today?" ". Rick moved on to two other fans, one named "Rick" who saved the men in the audience by singing.

Back on stage, he went into the "Bop Medley" then asked is anyone there had been at the "thing" earlier in the day (acoustic performance), and played a few bars "solo" of Ordinary Girl" .

Rick then came out crowd surfing to "Love Somebody".He paused after, said to the crowd, "Many of you requested to hear this next song.." and then the familar beat begins, "Its a very positive song, called "JESUS SAVES WHITE TRASH!" The crowd goes CRAZY!! I went crazy! SWEET!!!!

My Generation came next, and Rick paused in front of a girl to grab a cell phone for a lil slide guitar. It had "Dr. Noah Drake" on it. As he was looking at the phone, the big plan for the evening was executed to an unsuspecting Rick.Let me give a little background here. At the charitable "Breakfast Bash" that morning (our guest of honor Kriste and Karen attended YEAH!) there were pink cancer awareness rubber ducks on the table for us to keep. Now, all week the guys in the band have been having "ducky wars" on stage during the show, so "someone" (?) thought we should step it up a little. The mission, talk to the band and get them to say the code word "duck" at a certain point in the show. We succeeded. So, as Rick is standing there in the crowd, George B. says into the mic "DUCK" , Rick looks at him, "Duck?" "Yeah DUCK!!" That's our cue!! Rick is bombarded in all directions by flying rubber duckies!! He had no clue!! After words, Rick says, "That Georgie, all grown up but still acts like a nine year old! " WOOHOO!!

Rick then makes a call on the same phone to Andreao (?) only to get the automated voice to leave a message. At the point where it says, " If you do not wish to leave a message, hang up..." Rick comments saying, "Well who the f*** doesn't know to do that?", and leaves a message that Andreao needs to get a new voicemail message. Rick then went into "Human Touch" and "Jessie's Girl", heading up once again to the balcony. When he got to the other side of the balcony, ready to come back downstairs, we lost him slowly to crackling and snaps, then heard "Hold on, I'll be right there" and then just more crackles and snaps. About 20 seconds went by, the crowd and band got quiet and then we heard the guitar again as he walked back through the door on the floor of the theatre, and he headed back to finish on stage.

The encore was NOT shirtless (dang), but included "I'll Make You Happy" and "Love is Alright" . Rick closed the show saying it was "the best week so far" and walked off stage for the last time. The hard part came after when this fan had to say her final "goodbyes" to ALL our Rick friends. (Look for an off-topic thank you coming soon) I know it was my BEST WEEK EVER!!

Will I?
Affair of the Heart
Rock of Life
Norwegian Wood (The Beatles)
I Can See For Miles (The Who)
Red House
Bop Medley
Ordinary Girl
Love Somebody
Jesus Saves
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Encore :
I'll Make You Happy
Love is Alright (Tonight)

TV listings for Rick Springfield

Dying to Dance
LMN (Lifetime Movie Network)
Mon May 12th 3:50am est

Directed by Mark Haber. Starring Kimberly McCullough, Mary-Margaret Humes, Rick Springfield, Natalija Nogulich, Les Porter, Mimi Kuzyk.Anorexia afflicts an ambitious teenage ballerina who's overwhelmed by competitive stress and parental pressure. Romantic discord adds a further complication. 107 minutes-

VH1 Classic Presents: Now '80s
Wed May 14th 11am est

A one hour special featuring videos from the songs on the new "NOW That's What I Call The '80s!" compilation CD. Rick performs Jessie's Girl in an acoustical format.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rick Springfield upclose and personal on the 23rd floor!

The Pfister Hotel
Milwaukee WI
May 10th 2008

Ohh this was sooo good! A real look into Rick as a person and a performer! Rick started performing this special acoustic session to about 80 or so fans inside the upscale "Blu" bar high atop the Milwaukee afternoon skyline on the 23rd floor inside the Pfister Hotel.

No sooner does he sit down and greet everyone there, he realizes he has asks , "Where am I gonna put my gum?" and looks around the room! HAHAHAAAA!! Rick proudly displyed to everyone the trophy his team had won when they "kicked the other guys a**" in the baseball game this week.

Rick asked what we wanted to hear, and at first, well no one answered. So he went into something he knew a little bit of, which was Lindsay Buckingham's "Oh Well ". After a few bars, he stopped and asked the small crowd, "All of you have been here this week? " Wow, I really have been playing for the same crowd." His next choices forplaying were "State of the Heart". He then wondered if was too early to have beer? The crowd all said nah, and Rick replyed, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere"!

Someone in the audience requested "Life in a Northern Town" and Rick had a hard time remembering the lines, so he made his own version referencing Gomer as he sang. It took a minute or two to get him his beer, which when he got he said "Thank God it's 5 O'clock somewhere !". Rick chose to play an acoustic version of the new song "Saint Sahara" and said to the crowd , "Now this was meant to be a happy song so no crying!" Rick continued with different songs, most of which he relied on us to sing a few notes before he began to play commenting that anyone who knows him knows his memory sucks, and also was supplied with lyrics to some of his requests.

He also showed us a piece of Elvis staionary that the Beatles had signed back in the 60's , and allowed it to be passed around the room. Rick's little newborn God-niece (?) also made a brief appearance.Rick talked about his youth and making faces in the mirror with his friend "Johnny" and would rip on each other on who had the ugliest features! This cozy concert was a real treat for all the week long fun we've been having! I have pictures below the rough song list below. Some of the songs Rick played in full. Others a few bars. ALL were FANTASTIC!!

Off to the final concert tonight!

Set list as folllows:
Oh Well (Lindsay Buckingham)
State of the Heart
Life in a Northern (Gomer) Town (Rick version)
Saint Sahara
Shakin All Over (cover)
Ordinary Girl
Speak to the Sky
What's Victoria's Secret (sing-a-long with Rick as our music teacher)
Motel Eyes
Me and Johnny
World Start Turning
Mother Can You Carry Me ?
Written in Rock
Everybody's Girl
Move It (Cliff Richards)

Rick Springfield & A View From The Balcony

Potawatomi Casino
Milwaukee WI
May9th 2008
Review by Amy Krueger
Photo by Carey Bartosch

This is the first year in three that I have had the privilege of sitting in the balcony. Before the show, there were photos on the big screens from the baseball games. Then the announcement of the two new songs that would be played. "Saint Sahara" brought half of the house to tears. Then "Time Stands Still" ROCKED! It was definitely a treat to hear something new and got this reviewer wound up for the new CD. Then the lights went down, and the montage started. Lots of song snippets and retro Rick pix. I hadn't seen this previously and it was entertaining in its own right.

Rick and the boys came out and started rocking the house with WKRR. Then pretty much zipped from one song into the next. Itsalwayssomething, Affair of the Heart, Alyson (He must have known you were there, Ally!) A special note, Rick slipped on some rose petals on the stage at one point during this song. I thought he was going down, but he caught himself, and didn't miss a beat in the song. Then he went on to I've Done Everything For you, Rock of Life, and a great version of Fire. (At least I think that's what it was called). He performed Kristina,and then Living in Oz. During this one, somebody up in the balcony had a bubble gun and a few floated to the ground (note to self, be more inconspicuous with bubbles!) Crossroads was next, and they rocked it. Rick forgot part of the lyRicks at the beginning of Don't Talk to Strangers. It's a good thing he gets some help fomr the audience. He started out and was flagged down by somebody who had lyRick sheets and was putting in her request. The band tried to follow, but basically Rick sang Just One Kiss and Carry Me Away acapella. It was a nice addition to the show. Thanks to whoever it was that handed him those lyRicks. Then he finally went back to get the help he "needed" to finish DTTS. June was a great sport after initially saying she would not sing. We would later find out that June was 72 (or was it 82? somebody help me here).

Next was the Bop Medley. I love this little mix of songs. It's a fun way to through a bunch of songs into the show.Next Rick talked about a book somebody had given him- "Walking in Circles before lying Down". He referred to the Oprah book club and said that this was the "Rick book club". The crowd went wild. He also stated that the next book would be "Kama Sutra for Americans". Out in the audience a bit more doing Human Touch and My Generation. George B did a little dance during My generation. Fun times. Then Human Touch.

He made it to the balcony and seriously almost fell 3 times trying to get started going through the crowd. I almost thought that security was going to take him out of there before he made it all the way through. The show finished with Jessie's Girl, which surprisingly, I sang along to. Encore songs were "Wasted" (which is my most fave song) and Love is alright tonight. Then when the lights came up, we were treated to a bit of Victoria's Secret as everybody was leaving. Rick and the boys seemed a bit subdued tonight, but so did most of the audience. It was just a nice evening. Good show, good music, good times.

Set List is as follows:
It's Always Something
Affair of the Heart
Rock of Life
Living in OZ
Just One Kiss
Carry Me Away
Bop Medley
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Love is Alright

Friday, May 9, 2008

Take me out to the ball game! Rick Springfield in Milwaukee!

Potawatomi Casino
Milwaukee WI
May8 th 2008
Review & Photo by Carey Bartosch

Take me out to the ball game! Yes, you heard right. Rick and his crew against the Potowatomi Theatre staff in a grand slam battle Thursday afternoon at the ballpark!! Rick and Crew destroyed the home team, and had the bumps, bruises and sore muscles to prove it. Still, the band played on giving another mind-blowing performance!!

The show opened once again with two songs from "Venus in Overdrive". "One Passenger" and "What's Victoria's Secret" (I'm addicted to that song I swear and I've heard it all of 4 times Haha) rang thru the theatre as pictures of the day's baseball game were shown on the screens. Rick came on stage and began the set with WKRNR, then brought back "Will I ?" to a receptive audience. Rick played thru till DTTS, including a red hot performance of "Red House".
A few fans once again participated in the DTTS sing along, including Wayne an unsuspecting gentlemen who would later raise "HIS right hand" in that certain spot for the song "Gloria" encouraged by the practical joker Rick himself ! Rick also acknowledge the two birthday girls in the room, one turning 40, the other was Joanna, a lovely lady from England turning the big 5-0 ! We all sang "Happy Birthday" together, and Rick said that from that point the crazy's were not in charge of the house anymore! Rick also found two anxious , nervous fans who he wanted to sing. He asked if they knew who he was, saying, " You thought you were coming to see Bruce Springsteen,but i'm much better looking!!" "It's no wonder she doesn't know who she's seeing she drinking this funny blue drink"." And we haven't even gotten to the NAKED part of the show". AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!
The band was joined by a few "charter members" during the regular part of the set list. Rob K. filled in for a few moments for Matt B., and "The Rodger Carter look-alikes" crashed a cymbal or two! When Rick brought the girls on stage, he mentioned that he had seen people dress like him, but NEVER like Rodger and laughed!

Rick then went on to perform "Gloria" adding his own flare and style to the song with his guitar, including a lil "kick" action on the floor to keep the one guitar going as he was hand another (show off hehe)! During the part when he's in "the bathtub, naked"., a yellow baseball was thrown on stage, commemorating the days game.Rick sings, "So Gloria looks in the tub and says, "My what big b*****you have!" and throws the ball back. Rick then asked everyone to raise their right hand. Now those who have heard this performed live knows what happens next, but Wayne was unaware. So Rick encourages him to ALSO raise his right hand, only to go on in the part of the song where "Gloria"(ie us fans with our right hands in the air), "reaches down in the tub, and "pulls the plug" and we all start laughing!! Rick apologized to Wayne saying, "They (us fans) knew what was coming and didn't say anything".

Next, Rick announced they were playing some songs that had not played in a while, and may need help with them from the audience. He strummed the heart strings of the fans as he broke into "Beautiful You", "Souls", and "Inside Sylvia" . Switching gears, he then played a quick diddy of "Shakin All Over". Then, switching gears AGAIN , a fan requested and he played "My Father's Chair " which even brought tears to the eyes of this Rick fan.

Rick came back into the crowd, donning his wireless gear to perform, "Love Somebody", and "My Generation", stopping at tables and a few rose explosions. Someone then gave Rick an air freshener in the shape of "the finger" that Rick proudly displayed on the end of the guitar. Rick grabs a phone to make "the call" but is stopped by a cut on his finger. "Anybody got a band aid?" You get a backstage pass if you bring a band aid in 5...4..3.. " He is handed 2 yellow colored band aids with the words" Crime Scene Do Not Cross" written on them! One broke while he tried putting it on, which Rick acknowledged it had his DNA on it as he tossed it aside to put on the other one.

The phone call was to 411 and Rick asked for Springfield, MO when prompted by the computer voice. After it could not find a listing, Rick got a real person who asked for the name, to which Rick answered, "Rick Springfield" and everyone screamed. The person on the other end hung up. Boy for people in directory assistance, they sure weren't very helpful LOL!!
Rick acknowledge the "girls from Japan" were in the audience, then told of a "brief encounter" with a Japanese girl when he was 23, which led into"Human Touch" . He FINALLY made it to the balcony seats during the end of the song and most of "Jessie's Girl". He came back out for the encore to perform , "Love is Alright" only, before giving the signature "hug" and exiting stage right.

One can only imagine what the weekend shows will bring, but Rick's enthusiasm is definitely contagious!
Set List as follows:
Will I ?
Affair of the Heart
IDEFY (with lot's of pointing haha)
Rock of Life
Red House
Beautiful You
Inside Sylvia
Shakin All Over
My Father's Chair
Love Somebody
My Generation
Jessie's Girl
Love is Alright Tonite

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rick Springfield Night 2 from Milwaukee

Potawatomi Casino
Milwaukee WI
May 7th 2008
Review & Photo by Carey Bartosch

Wow! It's the best word to describe last nights concert that I can think of right now! Rick was pumped, chatty , funny and adorable !!

Once again two more NEW songs were played prior to the show. The harmonious ,"Nothing is Ever Lost", and an SDAA flavored, "I'll Miss That Someday" . And began the biggest set list change in months !! WOOOOHOOOO!! Rick blasted onto the stage singing "I'll Make You Happy " , then right into "It's Always Something" . He then returned a little bit back to the regulars, not stopping to chat, and then hit the crowd with a surprise."April 24,1981". You could hear everyone gasp as he started into the lyrics. No sooner had that reflective moment began, Rick crushed it by jumping right into "Wild Thing" , and a few bars of "HELP!" by the Beatles! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

The concert continued with "Crossroads" and "Christina", before Rick decided to have a seat on the end of the stage and begin a nice conversation that would last throughout the show with a lovely lady named, Alice. Alice, was a 95 year old woman who came to the concert with I believe her daughter. Rick was amazed, saying she was the oldest person he's ever performed for! He tried to impress Alice by playing a few notes of a song from her younger days (Some Enchanted Evening) , and asked if there was something she might like to hear. He also said , "Do you know that you were born way before the electric guitar was even invented?" "You were what, almost 31 when it first appeared?" Wow! Someone suggested Rick play a "Sinatra" song, but Rick couldnt think of one off the top of his head. He looked back at the stage to ask Matt B. if he knew a Sinatra song, but Matt was not there! "Matt must of had to use the bathroom again" Rick chuckled, and mentioned that one time Lawrence Welk had owned publishing rights to his music! He then did a quick riff of "Jessie's Girl" Lawrence Welk style" !

Later in the show, he also mentioned that Alice was probably the only "legal" person in the audience to see his "naked butt" back when H2H was released. Good Times! Rick sprang back on stage after talking to Alice to sing Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock", before going out into the audience for DTTS. A Rick concert "virgin" was pointed out and he headed directly toward the girl standing next to me named , Heather. She was soo excited and happy to sing along, and on the way back to the stage Rick got Alice to sing it too!! Back on stage he went into the "Bop" Medley, then prepared for another round out into the audience. Before leaving, he was given a talking parrot that gave new meaning to "Polly wants a cracker."Rick said that thing swore more times than he had in the last 3 years, then said "No, that's a lie" and laughed!

Out into the sea of fans Rick went , playing "Love Somebody" and collecting an "I Love Gomer" pin, a hat and a lei . Rick then went into " My Generation" when his guitar and headset gear died. AHHHHHHH! George N. came to rescue the equipment, and pass Rick a working mic. Meanwhile, there was some brief butt grabbing that security tried to stop and Rick laughed off, and a fan handed Rick a bright red over- decorated thong! Rick displayed it across himself briefly, then threw it on stage, only to have George B. come out moments later actually wearing it! Everyone busted up laughing including Rick. Matt B. was MIA again for a moment, only to return with the "Sorry for the inconvience, but this restroom is temporary closed " sign from the bathrooms in the theatre and placed it on stage. Take that Rick!!

Rick stayed in the audience, despite his lack of a guitar, and started singing from sheet music handed to him, INCLUDING "What's Victoria's Secret" AND "Stand Up And Hold On To Your Dreams" , both done solo with only the wonderful sound of his voice echoing thru the theatre. Sigh. A few of us tried to holler out other songs for him to sing, but too much noise (or Rick's sudden memory loss) prevented him from understanding. He then proceed to tell a rather "sassy" joke he had heard from David Lee Roth which I would tell you only in a less public forum (But man was it funny!!)

The band started up playing "Human Touch" and Rick walked around the theatre givin it up to the fans. I myself had a rather stunning serenade from "da man" and that's all I'm gonna say here! Rick then returned to the stage and his guitar to play "Jessie's Girl".
The Encore for the show was "WKRNR" and ending with "Love is Alright". This night definitely topped the night before and it makes me wonder what more can this man deliver??

Here's the set list (and extras)
I'll Make You Happy
It's Always Something
Affair of the Heart
Rock of Life
April 24th, 1981
Wild Thing
Some Enchanted Evening (a few bars)
Jailhouse Rock
Bop Medley
Love Somebody
My Generation
(solo) What's Victoria's Secret & Stand Up and Hold On to Your Dreams
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Love Is Alright

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rick Springfield returns to Milwaukee 2008

Potawatomi Casino
Milwaukee WI
May 6th 2008

Review & Photo by Carey Bartosch

And the name of the new album? "Venus in Overdrive". Last night Rick opened Milwaukee by previewing two of his BRAND NEW songs of his soon to be released album. The title song for the album and "What's Victoria's Secret?" were played in their entirety moments before the show began. In my opinion, the songs were AWESOME, combining an alternative sound with Rick's signature licks and a dash of "The Squirts" rolled into one! The songs and the album name were announced prior to the show by a local disc jockey/MC. Right after the songs played, the house lights dimmed, the screens fired up, and Rick's career history was played once again before a crowd of screaming fans!

Rick and the band came out on stage, breaking into WKRNR. Rick was all smiles under his "shaggy locks " , playing "Should I stay or should I go" , a cover song performed by The Clash. Rick chatted on and off with the crowd as "technical difficulties" popped up here and there. Including at some point, a possible "blown amp" and crackling sounds after switching guitars several times. The band was also in a good mood, throwing rubber ducks at each other, and at times confusing Rick as to what song they were actually doing! Rick also had a little Carnival Cruise ship toy on stage, and said was given a suggestion at soundcheck to wear his naval uniform from H2H on the cruise and greet fans as they came aboard!! He also mentioned that they have confirmed the "beach party" will happen on the cruise AND GH called asking what Rick Springfield was doing in the next 3 months? Dr. Noah Drake is returning, but only if he can play "What's Victoria's Secret" on the show. THEY AGREED!!

The show continued with DTTS and a "french" fan named Jean singing her own words to the song in her native tongue. Rick was impressed, and stated "Thank God I didn't bash the French tonight, or I would have been in trouble!" Rick returned to the stage to perform the "medley" and then answered a few questions from the "Ask Rick unauthorized version" box given to him by a fan.

Rick opens the box to find a banana with a note that asked (and sorry if I don't quote exact words) "If you were a banana, how would you like to be eaten and could you demonstrate?" The crowd went WILD with screams! Rick laughed, proceeded to peel the banana and asked a female fan to demonstrate how it should be done. She did, and well I leave the rest to your imagination LOL!! The second question was " Why are you growing your hair so long?" His answer? " Because it can't cut itself" !HA!

After the only "gay" moment in the show, shared between him and of course George N., Rick came back out in the audience for ,"Love Somebody","My Generation",and "Human Touch" during which he borrowed a camera with video capabilities from a fan to play a lil "slide" guitar while it recorded. He did NOT go into the balcony seats, and returned to the stage without incident (thank gawd) to sing Jessie's Girl. There were a least 2 rose explosions (maybe 3?) during the show, including one on Rodger's drum set during the encore, which included "Wasted" and "Love is Alright Tonight". Opening night was nothing short of FANTASTIC!!

Set List is as follows:
Should I stay or Should I go?
Affair of the Heart
Rock of Life
Living in Oz
Bop Medley (with a lil "Can't Explain")
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Love is Alright

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rick Springfield on TV

Catch a quick gimps of Rick

I Love the 80s: 3D 1988
Sun May 4th 7pm est

Rick comments on the band Midnight Oil

Classic Pop Up Video #138
Mon May 5th 5:30 pm est

Debuting on VH1 in 1996, "Pop-Up Video" introduced the "info-nugget," a graphic factoid bubble that "pops" onto the screen, so viewers can watch their favorite music videos as well as read interesting and unusual facts about the video, including behind-the-scenes production dish, bio bits, trivia, and more. Over the years, "Pop Up Video" has spawned board games, books, TV commercials.

VH1 Classic Presents: Now '80s

Tues May 6th 3am est

If you missed, you still have a chances to catch it! A one hour special featuring videos from the songs on the new "NOW That's What I Call The '80s!" compilation CD. Rick performs Jessie's Girl in an acoustical format.