Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Tour Dates

Orlando, FL (corrected)
Hard Rock Live

02/15/08 and 2/16/08
Nashville, TN
Wildhorse Saloon
(photo - Charlotte Poe, Hard Rock Live 9/16/07)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Flashback Friday

This week, we have 3 newsletters from the 1980's. There's some interesting tidbits and some nice photos included. I think the most interesting thing I found out, that I did not know, was that in the 80's there was also a fund raising effort to raise money for a star on the walk of fame.
To read the newsletters, go to the articles section, under the 1980's.

Acting Music Leap No Hurdle For Springfield

Acting-music leap no hurdle for Springfield
By John Wenzel Denver Post Staff Writer

Rick Springfield has bounced from music to acting and back - and now does both.

We love our favorite songs like old friends. Those dulcet melodies, those head-banging riffs. That unforgettable voice. That unforgettable ... face?

Look around: TV, movies, Web shorts and iPod screens burst with musicians trying their hand at acting. There's Beyoncé in "Dreamgirls" and Justin Timberlake in "Shrek the Third." There's Queen Latifah in "Hairspray" and Ice-T on "Law and Order."

Of course, any pop-culture hound knows it's a short trip from musician to actor. Both professions require a knack for projection and connection with audiences - and a considerable love of the spotlight.

"It's all performance," said Rick Springfield, an '80s idol and TV regular who plays the Paramount Theatre tonight. "When I'm acting, I'm an actor, and when I'm playing music, I'm a musician. I've been doing it for so long that it's a very natural, comfortable switch."
Springfield, 58, got his start in the 1960s in Australian bands like Zoot, earning teen-idol status and eventually crossing over to the States. But his music career tanked in the early '70s, so he turned to acting.

"I started doing that in 1975 in lieu of a music career because I wasn't getting any record deals, although I was still writing songs," he said.

Springfield did guest spots in "The Incredible Hulk" and "The Rockford Files." He made a small appearance in "Battlestar Galactica" and had a reoccurring role on "The Young and The Restless." But it wasn't until he joined "General Hospital" in 1981 that his acting career helped revive his musical one.

That same year, Springfield's album "Working Class Dog" birthed the then-ubiquitous single "Jessie's Girl." The pop-culture synergy propelled him to stratospheric heights, eventually earning him a Grammy.

"It's a great way for musicians to cross over," said Matthew Donahue, a popular culture studies instructor at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. "It exposes them to folks who haven't heard their music."

Donahue cited Springfield's early '80s breakthrough as an example of success through media convergence. But Springfield is just one in a caravan of glittery-eyed singers leveraging celebrity through screen time.

Long before Frank Sinatra appeared in "The Manchurian Candidate" or Elvis Presley in "Blue Hawaii," musicians made short promotional films - grainy, off-the-cuff precursors to music videos.

"There are some amazing short films of Louis Armstrong and Bessie Smith from the late '20s where they're promoting their music in addition to bringing themselves into a different medium," Donahue said. "And of course you could go back to 'The Jazz Singer' (1927) as

Rick Springfield turned to acting to get him through a dull spot in his musical career - then his role on "General Hospital" brought the spotlight to his 1981 album, "Working Class Dog," and the hit "Jessie's Girl." (Getty Kevin Winter)the first talking picture."

A dramatic flair certainly helps. Close-up-ready musicians like Barbra Streisand used music as a path to stage and screen. Elvis Presley originally wanted to be an actor, and missed an opportunity to revive his career when manager Col. Tom Parker kept him from appearing in the 1976 movie "A Star is Born" - a role Streisand badly wanted him for.

When it happens the other way around, it's usually a grisly sight. Witness Keanu Reeves' "band" Dogstar, Jared Leto's unholy 30 Seconds to Mars, or any of the miscarriages of blues that Bruce Willis or Jim Belushi have perpetrated.

"Every actor I know would love to be a rock star, and every musician I know would love to try acting," Springfield said. "They're that close, and there's some part missing in each career."
Many musical artists turn to acting at the height of their success, forging a new career while keeping the old one hot. But when Springfield's music career hit another rough patch in the mid-to-late '80s, he returned to acting out of necessity.

He acted in Las Vegas spectaculars and in musicals. In 2005, he returned to "General Hospital," where he currently plays his signature character, Dr. Noah Drake. He even performed a song from his forthcoming album, "Who Killed Rock N Roll," on the show, an appropriate career move considering his musical revival of late.

"He's clearly an artist that reaches a generation of women, and when he came out in the '80s he was a borderline teen idol," Donahue said. "Doing 'General Hospital' early on, then coming back again is a no-brainer, win-win situation. It lets him reach a new public that's already a market for the myth of romantic love."

Springfield sees it more simply.

"At the bottom of it is a desire to be loved. Why else would you get up and prance around in front of people like that?"

This article originally appeared in the Denver Post Online and can be seen here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Christmas With You CD Cover!

Amazon is now showing the cover for Rick's upcoming "Christmas With You" CD. They state that the record is due to be released November 6, in accordance with previous reports. Many online retailers are now preselling the record; Amazon lists it as #28 (and climbing) in its category (holiday music).
Complete Track listing:
Christmas With You
The First Noel
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
What Child Is This?
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Away In A Manager
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Carol of The Bells
Do You Hear What I Hear?
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Silent Night
Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
I Saw Three Ships
Deck the Halls (With Boughs of Longboards)

Check out for a sample of Christmas With You.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

TV Listings for Rick Springfield

If you missed this one, Rick is featured as Jenna's crush in the beginning of the movie and Jessie's Girl is played toward the end as well. If you buy the DVD, the video for Jessie's Girl is in the Extra's.

13 Going on 30
Monday, Sept 24th 8pm est
Tuesday, Sept 25th 6pm est

Saturday, September 22, 2007

On the Newstands

Corrected ABC Soaps in Depth Cover

Available on newsstands 9/25

Three page spread - Behind the Scenes, Rick performing on General Hospital.

There is also a picture & mention in the Oct 2nd issue of Soap Opera Digest

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Flashback Friday

A picture is worth a thousand words, so today, it's all about the pictures. The featured picture is one of the more famous poses from the 70's.
More pictures have been added to the 1970's photo gallery at, so be sure to check that out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Unofficial Tour date

This date is listed on

3/27/2008 Thursday 8:00 PM
Turning Stone Resort & Casino Showroom
Verona, NY
On sale Sat 9/29/2007 10 AM
Tickets $45-$60

GH Trivia Contest - over

The General Hospital Trivia contest is now over. The answers can be found here.

Rock star in Hollywood!

Hard Rock, Hollywood, FL
Sept 16th 2007
Review & picture by Dancy Zahn

First off, this hotel/resort was beautiful, the accommodations were top notch. First thing I noticed upon entering the arena was all the men! There were more females, of course, but really quite a lot of men. John Waite was fantastic, and made me sorry I missed most of his performance in Clearwater the previous night. He joked around a bit and was really fun to watch. I was particularly impressed by his cover of Vince Gill’s “Whenever You Come Around”. Anyone familiar with Vince’s music is aware that most vocalists would not dare to cover him. Eddie Money was, well, exactly as he was when I saw him the last time and the time before that. He did bring out some musical guests, his bandmate’s children each took a turn or two playing guitar, as well as his godson Billy on harmonica. The audience really got into it, and Eddie did a two song encore this night, beginning with “Peace In Our Time”, which he dedicated to our troops overseas.

Finally…our man came on in a new shirt, or at least one I had not seen before. He was really having a good time from moment one, and spent a lot of time connecting with the fans up front at the stage. He did a lot of posing for pics, so cool of him. Nothing new in the setlist, or in his on and off stage antics. He really sounded great and seemed to maybe give a little something extra. He was a lot of fun. I was spared certain humiliation during DTTS, when he stood over me for what seemed like a lifetime, looking down at me expectantly. He either took pity on my horrific sunburn or maybe just sensed I just can’t sing. Phew, that was close. Rick went all over the venue, up into the side sections also. The crowd was having a great time, and yes, even the guys were loving the show.
If memory serves, I think he got back onstage before beginning JG. He came out for Love Is Alright Tonight in a different gray shirt, the tuxedo one that I have never seen him wear for an encore. He did undo a few buttons, but the shirt stayed on.

Sorry if I left anything out, but 4 flights in 4 days is detrimental to my memory. The driver from Hard Rock who drove us to the airport said Rick had remembered him from last year and come up to chat with him. So perhaps it is true what Rick says, he doesn’t remember names but never forgets a face. One more thing, when we checked out of the hotel, we noticed that Rick’s guitar from the JG video had been autographed and hung above the concierge desk. Cool!
Setlist(thanks Kelly L!)

Who Killed Rock & Roll
Affair of the Heart
Ive done everything for You
Rock Of Life
Gloria (bathtub/Noah version)
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessies Girl
Encore: Love is all right

Monday, September 17, 2007

Clearwater Review

Ruth Eckerd Hall
Clearwater Fla
Sept 15th 2007

Review & picture by Caralyn Wichers

We are the 80s Tour
John Waite sounded really good and got the crowd in a good mood. Eddie Money opened with Two Tickets to Paradise and I Think I’m in Love. During his show the guitarist’s son joined in for I Wanna Go Back and his daughter really loved rockin to Take Me Home Tonight. They were so cute. His daughter Jessi Money did a great job too. They ended their set with Baby Hold on to Me and came out for an encore. Eddie convinced the crowd to “Shake it with Eddie Money” and sang Shakin. This brought the crowd to their feet.

Now for the part that all of you silly Rick fans want to hear the details of Rick’s set. Remember I know because I am one of you. He had on his white shirt with the peach flowers. Even before you heard the first note almost everyone in the auditorium was on their feet. He did a very energetic version of Who Killed Rock and Roll and went right into Affair of the Heart. He sang Alyson with lots of emotion. And the crowd really got into I’ve Done Everything For You. Of course he pointed out to a lucky select few in the crowd and went on to perform Rock Of Life. He even did a high kick. He performed the bathtub Gloria version and asked all of the women to raise their right hands. I will let you use your imagination to finish that song. I think it was one of the most fun he has had with that song in a while.

He sang Don’t Talk to Strangers and went out into the crowd. Of course he saw a few folks sitting and went right out to them and stood over there chairs. A very cute Karissa (Not Clarissa Rick) sang with him and he asked quite a few folks to sing. Before he went back on stage he made sure he found his way to another cutie McKenzie who is 8 years old and mentioned that he promised to have her sing with him since her sister had already done it once before. He went back on stage for his Bop til You Drop Medley.

Mentioned his movie Hard to Hold and went into Love Somebody. He then made his way through the crowd. This was followed by more crowd surfing and My Generation. He got a cell phone and had to ask for the phone list so he could choose who to call. He chose her husband Jack. He said hello and Jack actually said very calmly “Hi Rick” and everyone was laughing. Rick was as he put it Busted. This was hysterical, since I don’t remember anyone ever doing that to him before. He said “I didn’t even get to say this is Rick Springfield!?!?” Afterwards he went further out into the center of the auditorium and had a lot of fun with Human Touch. He started Jessie’s Girl in the crowd and moved back towards the stage. He finished it on stage.

Of course he came out and had on a bright and do I mean bright green t-shirt. Doesn’t he know his green eyes already get to us. Anyways they had fun playing his one and only party song that he ever wrote Love Is Alright Tonight. Well for those of you who couldn’t make it, I hope this makes you feel like you were there in spirit.

Set List
Who Killed Rock & Roll
Affair of the Heart
Ive done everything for You
Rock Of Life
Gloria (bathtub/Noah version)
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessies Girl

Love is all right

Wildhorse or was it Wildhouse? Review

Wildhorse Saloon
Nashville, TN
September 14, 2007

Review & pictures by Kelly Latka

The show started off with a bang! No, not really. We were treated to 3 ½ hours of opening acts! I missed the name of the first band - not sure it was ever announced - and they were good and did well psyching up the audience. Next up was Christy's Ex, a Billy Joel tribute band. Again, they were good - if you wanted to be at a Billy Joel concert! But we wanted Rick and by 9pm we were more than ready for him. The guys finally took the stage at 9:30 with a few changes to the set list.

Rick introduced I've Done Everything for You by saying, "This is SO true!" and it was great to hear Fire instead of Red House, and Jesus Saves, too! After the first attempt at Don't Talk to Strangers (he forgot most of the words this time around and let the audience sing it instead) Rick asked that the mic volume be turned up. The second attempt was way too loud so Rick had us all turn around and flip off Matty for not doing his job properly. After the first two clunkers, Rick jumped onto our table and I suddenly had a mic in my face! Yes, I made my singing debut in Nashville. Appropriate in a way I suppose. It's true, you really can't hear yourself at all. But I scored an "All right!" so I must've been okay. Next up was an adorable little boy called Malcom who was sitting on his daddy's shoulders and a little girl whose name I, unfortunately, cannot remember.

At one point, the wire became disconnected from Rick's guitar and it was hilarious to watch George chase him around the stage trying to reconnect it. Most of Love Somebody was done on stage and he headed out into the crowd starting with Jesus Saves. Rick jumped from table to table straight through to Jessie's Girl, stopping to scold a few people for getting a little too personal. He cried, "sexual harassment!" and headed back toward the stage. I guess waiting 3 hours in a bar can make people a little...restless. Rick tried the traditional phone call but "Chris" apparently hung up on him so he skipped it.
Back on stage for Love Is Alright Tonight with a very special surprise guest. To the shock and delight of everyone, Mr Jack White took over on drums! I missed Rick's explanation but does it really matter? Very, very cool. Rick wanted to have a naked encore but the condition was we all had to get naked. A few people didn't want to do that and spoiled our fun. Party pooper's.
There was also a sighting of Sharon Wyatt, ex Tiffany from GH. She is the actress that appeared with Noah in the famous strawberry scene. If you were lucky enough to chat with her, feel free to leave a comment!

And the set list, as best as I can recall:

Who Killed Rock N Roll
Will I
Affair of the Heart
I've Done Everything For You
Rock of Life
Don't Talk to Stranger
The Medley
Love Somebody
Jesus Saves
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Love Is Alright Tonight

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rick Springfield - Christmas with You

Rick Springfield's upcoming Christmas cd is listed on CD Universe (7.98) and (10.49) with a release date of November 6 (no artwork listed yet). Of course Rick's fans are known to buy multiple copies of things, but you might consider waiting to see if anything is being offered through his official sites before preordering the cd.

(photo available at

Flashback Friday

On The Horizon
Rick Springfield - A 'Comic Book Hero' No More
by Hugo Slafia

When Rick Springfield first hit the shores of America just about a year ago, he was hailed as the darling of the pre-teen set and quickly dismissed by most rock critics as a "teenybopper-oriented" star. Today, Rick is still a favorite of the younger set, with a weekly ABC-TV cartoon show to prove it. But with the release of his second LP, Comic Book Heroes (Columbia), a few of last year's stand-offish critics are beginning to take a closer look at the multi-talented Rick. As well as writing the words and music to all of the disc's songs, Rick also plays all guitars, piano, moog and Hammond organ on the recording.
(later on the article says):"There's only one thing I'd like to see happen in my career," he says with a slightly embarrassed laugh. "I'd like to be able to look at an ad for a Rick Springfield concert and see the words SOLD OUT written across it." (for the complete article go here)
Also, please note that many new articles have been added to the 70's section.
Although Rick has had many SOLD OUT shows since this article was written, we thought it was quite appropriate that Rick is playing a sold out show in Nashville Tonight (see ad below)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tour Date confirmed!

The following date has been confirmed on message board.

St. Charles, IL
Arcada Theater

NO presale

Monday, September 10, 2007

General Hospital Trivia Contest

Please read the rules before you enter (click here)
(please note, we've updated the prize pool)


1.What actor Played Rick's (noah's) Dad?
2. What Month/year did Rick make his very first appearance on GH?
3. What city did Noah move to when he left Port Charles back in the 80's?
4. Besides Bobbie and Tiffany, who else did Noah have a sexual relationship with (on camera), back in the 80's?
5. What fruit did Noah and Tiffany share in a now much talked about scene?
6. When Bobbie left Port Charles, Noah gave her a charm. What was the charm?
7. Back in the 80's, some of the cast of GH (including Rick) played in a game for charity. What sport did they play?
8. Rick shared a scene with a famous movie actress back in the 80's (she was famous at the time). Who was she?
9. Did Rick ever share a scene with Demi Moore?
10. Did Noah attend Luke and Laura's wedding?

11. What actor/actress Besides Kimberly McCullough currently on GH has Rick appeared with in another series? (more than one possible answer, just need one answer, name the Actor/Actress and the series)
12. What was Anna's room number at the Metro Court (the room she and Noah made out in)?
13. What was Noah's wife's name?
14. Whose liver was Noah supposed to get before Patrick donated part of his?
15. While attending a memorial for a former GH producer, who did Rick credit "I thank her for my career"?
16. Who drew Noah's name in the Bachelor auction that Carly held at the Metro Court?
17. What 3 characters did Noah run into on his first day back inside GH, that he had known before?
18. When Noah slipped and fell because of his ailing liver, Robin asked him who the president is. What was his exact answer?
19. What substance (that shouldn't be there) could be seen on Noah's hands in his first episode in 2005?
20. What entertainment show broke the news that Rick was returning to GH?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hard to Hold on TV

Looks like this is the only upcomming TV apperance for this week and only if you are lucky enough to have Universal HD channel. You might just have to pop in that VHS or DVD of Hard to Hold.

Hard To Hold

UHD (Universal HD channel)
Sept 10th 10AM est
Sept 10th 1:30pm est

On the Newsstands

In Soap Opera Digest (dated Sept 18, 2007):
* A letter of praise from a fan about the Noah/Eli and Anna storyline. (Are you on this list, J.A.D. from Des Moines, IA ??)
* Includes a close-up photo of Noan/Eli and Anna from the rocktail party.

In ABC Soaps in Depth (dated Sept 25, 2007):
* In the NEWS section, info about the possiblitiy of a Noah/Eli, Anna AND Robert Scorpio storyline this fall.
* Includes a photo of Eli wearing hospital robe and gown in wheelchair, talking to Anna as Epiphany looks on.
* The in-depth story begins: "The lackluster ending of the summer's Eli/Noah switch story seemed like a huge letdown to viewers who were overjoyed to see Finola Hughes (Anna) and Rick Springfield (Noah/Eli) spotlighted in a story of their own."

* And, on the final page of this magazine, (on the "In the Next Issue" page), is a concert photo of Rick Springfield (not Eli and not Noah masquerading as Eli) that's titled "GROUPIE ALERT!", and promises: "We go backstage with GH's resident rock star Rick Springfield (Noah)."

In Soap Opera Weekly (dated Sept 18, 2007):
* Comment #5 in The List column (subtitled as "comments from the peanut gallery"), mentions how Rick Springfield "rocked out" on the show.
* Includes a concert photo of Noah on-stage performing as Eli (and Patrick is visable in the far right corner of the photo).

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Remasters available on line

CD Universe is taking preorders for the newly announced remastered copies of Rick's cds (see below story). The cost is 30.99
(most are listed on page 2).

Some are also available at deep for 29.92;

Also available at for 32.99


Rick Springfield fans can get excited at plans by BMG Japan to issue JVC K 24-bit remasters of his classic catalogue, including the albums Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet, Living In OZ, Hard To Hold, Tao and Rock Of Life.
Working Class Dog will also be re-issued, but will feature the American 2006 master, including the 3 bonus tracks. All other titles will feature the fresh 24-Bit master. No bonus tracks are to be included with these remasters. Each release will be housed in the Cardboard sleeve packaging, popular with many Japanese only re-issues.The release date for all 6 remasters is October 24. Folks can order directly from Japan via CD Japan or HMV Japan, or await import stocks from regular suppliers.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Rick Springfield in Oz recap

Rick Springfield is back from his nearly 3 week stay in his birthplace, Australia. Along with his performances in the Countdown Spectacular 2 (Newcastle, Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth), he made some TV and Radio appearances. Be sure to visit the Australian Tour page on for the recap.
(photo by Graham Spillard - used with permission)

Celebrating General Hospital - Trivia Contest

In Celebration of Rick's latest storyline and his performance on General Hospital, we are paying tribute to Rick and his history as Dr. Noah Drake on GH.

We will be having a General Hospital Trivia contest starting Monday, 9/10 at 10:00 am (central). The winners will receive a 2-dvd set of all of Rick's scenes from General Hospital from 12/2/05 through 8/24/07. Be sure to check back here on Monday for details. There will be 4 winners, one of the winners will be the first person to anwer all the questions correctly, so timliness will matter for one of the winners.

Our Flashback Friday (below) this week in from the 80's General Hospital era.
Check out the GH articles page for some new additions. More will be added this weekend.
Also, check back this weekend for some new addtions to the Vintage Video section.
Also worth checking out is the current General Hospital section with video stills, scripts and reviews from Rick's latest appearances.

Flashback Friday - salute to General Hospital

General Hospital - Daytime TV's Greatest Stories No. 3

His albums are Climbing the charts & his fans are screaming for more but Rick Springfield insists "Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet!"

Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet isn't just the name of Rick's newest album, it happens to be his life story. While so many show business personalities are feeling the ups and downs of the business, Rick is riding on a super high feeling. "Things are going so great for me, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this marvelous bubble doesn't break."
General Hospital certainly pushed Rick to the top as a soap opera idol, but his singing and guitar playing guarantee him a much longer spot in the limelight.

More Goodies from Mix 94.5

Mix 94.5 from Perth has video up from Rick's interview, and also another clip from a "quickie" interview he did.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Radio Interview

Here's a blog post by a fan from Perth who met Rick and also a link to a radio interview that Rick did.
Go here. (Rick's part is at the beginning, and ends after the "Rick Off".)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Countdown Spectacular Indeed

Adelaide Now
by Danielle O'Donohue, music writer

EVERYONE had their favourites at the Entertainment Centre last night, as the Countdown Spectacular dished up a plethora of hits, laughs, and memories.

Katrina Leskanich kicked the night off with Walking on Sunshine, the hit she had with her band the Waves, Kate Ceberano had the audience spellbound with her stunning Love Don't Live Here Anymore and you could've heard a pin drop when Redgum's John Schumann played his anti-war anthem, Only 19.
The show was co-hosted by Molly Meldrum, who bravely started the night with a couple of footy references and John Paul Young, who appeared in a white suit and white eighties shades.
A more '80s oriented line-up than last year's inaugural event, this year also brought 11 internationals onto the Countdown Spectacular stage for the first time.
The international artists were clearly relishing their chance to finally thank their Australian fans.
Plastic Bertrand showed the passing years haven't dimmed any of his energy when he jumped around the stage to sing Ca Plane Pour Moi, Sam Fox was an early highlight especially for the men in the crowd when she sang Do Ya Do Ya and Touch Me, while Rick Springfield and Bay City Rollers' Les McKeown got the biggest cheers from the ladies.
The crowd was keen for a singalong when David Patton came out to sing Magic and January, and again when Richard Gower sang Lay Your Love on Me and Some Girls Do, when Doug Fieger sang his band's My Sharona and when BSG ran through a popular Little River Band medley.
Aussie performers were well represented.
Paul Gray from Wa Wa Nee rocked the key-tar on Sugar Free, Ignatius Jones stripped down to a leather and studded corset and the Angels' Doc Neeson showed old rockers never die, their hair just gets a bit thinner.
Rick Springfield was the night's penultimate performer, setting the ladies all aquiver with his much-covered classic rock anthem Jesse's Girl.
The show ended with all the artists returning to the stage to sing My Generation.
But the night wasn't just about the live music – corny jokes, Molly in bad costumes and dancers wearing plenty of neon made this year's Countdown a spectacular indeed.
(picture - Classic ... Molly Meldrum and John Paul Young wow the crowds a the Countdown Spectactular at the Entertainment Centre. Picture: CAMERON RICHARDSON)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

TV Updates for Rick Springfield

Just a couple of things for this week.

Catch a quick gimps of Rick

I Love the 80s: 3D 1988

9/3/07 9 pm EST VH1 Classic

Rick comments on the band Midnight Oil

A Change of Place

Mon Sep 10 12:42P on Lifetime Movie Network

Directed by Donna Deitch. Starring Andrea Roth, Rick Springfield, Geordie Johnson, Stephanie Beacham, Ian Richardson, Viktoria Kerekes.

A shy student trades identities with her flashy twin, a top fashion model with a dark secret. A.k.a. 'Harlequin's 'A Change of Place'.' 108 minutes- NR, USA, 1994

Saturday, September 1, 2007

November 17 Tour date

The Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL is selling tickets for a Rick Springfield show for 11/17/07. This show has not been confirmed on Rick's website. The link to buy tickets is here.

Rick Springfield - Who Killed Rock N Roll Video

Official video of Who Killed Rock N Roll from