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Interlochen, MI 6/28/08

Rick Springfield
Interlochen, MI - 6/28/08
Interlochen Center for the Arts
Review by Michelle Porchia
Photo by Cyndi O'Hora

The evening started with severe weather looming in the distance, dark clouds approaching and rain trying to fall on the patrons. The wind was picking up and we were thankful that even though the venue was an outdoor amphitheatre, it appeared that organizers were prepared and had hung tarps around the open sides to (hopefully) prevent any significant rain from coming into the seating areas.

I mention the weather since the start of the show was delayed. An announcement was made at 8pm (the time the show was to start) stating, :"Due to the inclement weather, Mr. Springfield has not yet arrived. We expect his arrival within the next 15 minutes. We are sorry for any inconvenience." Meanwhile, the back seats of the venue started filling up with students. Interlochen, MI is home to a fine arts program that is known around the world. When we arrived at the venue there were literally hundreds of teenagers milling about this campus. Evidently one of the perks of attending a summer program was to see Rick Springfield for free :-)

About 20 minutes later, we see a van pulling in to stage left. Out pops George, Derek and then Rick. A cheer is raised in the crowd and Rick pumps his fists in the air. Okay...let's get this party started! 20 minutes after that, the familiar pre-show music starts up. Fans rush the stage and dozens of students from the back join them. Rick strolls out wearing the brown boots, jeans and a Who Killed Rock n' Roll t-shirt. The rockin' begins.

I had heard from fans earlier while waiting for Rick to arrive that Sound Check had been cancelled since Rick hadn't arrived in town yet. It appeared so right from the opening notes of WKRR as Rick immediately began having amp issues. After WKRR, the band went into Wasted. It was so great to hear this song outside of the encore! Because my mind was blown away with this little ditty, I might get the rest of the songs out of order. :-)

Affair of the Heart was next, followed by Rick telling the crowd he had a new album coming out next month. Then he asked, "Who cares if we have a new record out?" The mosh pit roared. He then performed What's Victoria's Secret, the new single. I have to say that with each song I kept looking at some of the youngsters surrounding me, who were predominately male -- just to see their reactions. They were honestly enjoying themselves and seemed to really like the new single. They may have been band-camp geeks, but their dollars spend just as well as any other person out in the audience.

After WVS, Rock of Life. Rick totally forgot the first verse of the song. He started to sing the second verse ("Is it something in my head...") and then realized something wasn't right when the whole front row was yelling, "When I pick up my guitar..." He started cracking up, while the band just continued on playing. He finally stopped laughing enough to chime in at the chorus.

It's here that my brain starts to put things out of order! I want to say that he did Alyson and then went into Red House, followed by DTTS. Lots of amp issues during the end of Red House - Rick literally threw his guitar at George without concern, and kicked the amp. He started up DTTS sans guitar, and did most of the song without one. (George was scurrying behind during the fan sing-along portion replacing the cord.) During DTTS, after getting a few fans in the crowd to sing, he wandered into the audience to the older couple still sitting in their seats. (There's always gotta be one, right?) The man told Rick he couldn't sing he had laryngitis (Hey, were you in Detroit last Friday too?). So Rick wandered away from him and had a few others sing in the crowd. He spotted a couple little girls and asked them to come up on stage with him to sing. They made their way to the stage and Rick did his little girl impression of shrugging his shoulders forward, shuffling his feet and swaying side-to-side. Meanwhile, another little girl popped up behind him. He did an exaggerated jump, and lined her up next to the other two. While he was asking their names, up come two more girls -one with her Mother. Ronnie escorted Mom off as Rick said, "This is the kid portion of the show." Up pops another girl, then a little boy. Rick finally goes, "Any more kids out there?" One of the teenage boys then tries to climb up the stage and Rick says, "Sorry Dude, ain't gonna happen." He then lined each child up by height, and had them sing. As he got to the smaller ones, their voices got smaller too. He then kissed and hugged each child and asked their Moms to claim them.

Guitar/amp issues resolved, Rick swings into Gloria. He has the women raise their right hands and reach between his legs to pull the plug, and then remembers out loud that there are kids in the audience. So he sings, "She stands me up" and turns the microphone straight up and says, "I hope you got that" and then finishes the song.

On to Love Somebody, after being hooked up with his "Britney Spears microphone". He asks the crowd who was under 18 years of age when they saw that movie. After lots of hands are raised he said, "That's a whole lot of minors who saw my naked butt!" He does LS on stage, followed by Kristina. He ventures into the audience to do My Generation. He tries to do a cell phone bit, which does not fly -he gets the voice mail of the person he called. He leaves a message that they missed Rick Springfield calling. He tosses the phone back to the person and says it's time for Human Touch.

After Human Touch he is back on stage, and the familiar chords of Jessie's Girl begin. The crowd is frenzied, lots of women and girls have surged to the stage. After JG, the band is introduced and Rick says that Matt's brother Gregg attended Interlochen for two years. He walks along the edge of the stage and is slapping hands and signing autographs before exiting. After a few moments, Rick returns for an encore asking the crowd, "Are you happy?" and the band starts up I'll Make You Happy. Love is Alright Tonite follows. He sweeps up the crowd for a hug, and the show has ended.

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Rick Springfield returns to MN

Prior Lake, MN
Mystic Casino
Review & photo: Jill Fahey

My story and I'm sticking to it! Before the show I was hanging out by the concert area and I met the gals that were able to go to the soundcheck. All of them Soundcheck virgins. I kinda gave them my experience and they seemed very excited. I roamed around the casino before the show and saw Ronnie walking about quite a bit. I knew of where Rick was having his dinner as I saw George (guitar tech) trying to get in there. The hostess and guard at booth there were on poor George and I was there to assure that he was part of the Rick crew...hehe. The show is getting close and I head to the area where the concert was taking place. They have moved the concert area since the last time Rick performed here at Mystic Lake. I can say...most more beautiful. The area for the merch was good and Dave had things pretty well under control. I stayed in the area waiting for my supervisor to come in. As I waited there a group of 4 ladies had asked me to take a picture of them by the Rick ad. They didn't know much about Rick, one thought he was married to Linda Blair. I corrected them and answered the other questions they had about Rick (tv shows and family) They were amazed by my knowledge and called me a fan :)
Onto the show. Like the workers said the venue was very nice. Two big screens on each side of the stage. Not that I needed them. It seemed like everyone was screaming while the montage of Rick life was playing on the screens. From my seat I saw ladies rush the stage so I proceeded to gain a little more closeness to the stage but not that close so I could get some good photos. Rick seemed very hot and sweaty, grabbing to wipe it off with a towel. Once during the show he shook his head and it rained down on those standing near him. Speaking Rick sweat...he was sooo soaked you could see his cross tattoo through his shirt :) I was just waiting for him to take off his shirt, that didn't happen darn it but oh well I can just imagine.
During the walk through the audience Rick grabbed someones phone He asked for help on getting to the contact list and than to send request to call Applebees. Having a hard time hearing her but finally asked her if they served beer and that after the show he would be bringing 3000 people on over. LOL. 0

While Rick was out there I took my chances for pictures of Derek and Matt B (I was on that side of the stage to see them better) Matt was jamming away on the guitar. Derek stepped away from his keyboard and seemed to be playing keyboard on Matt's guitar.. Those silly boys. Sorry I didn't keep track of the song lists. He did do the typical songs and I finally was able to hear "What's Victoria's secret?" I can't wait for this cd to be released. Good show Rick and boys...Loved it.

TV listings for Rick Springfield

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
Mon June 30 8 pm est
Thurs July 3rd 12 am est
(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)

Friday July 4th 8pm est
(please check your local listings for exact time & channel)


To see if you have this channel check:

The Hero Awards honors everyday people who have gone out of their way to help others and their community
This star-studded event will feature appearances by close to 100 stars of film and television and will include exciting musical performances by:American Idol finalists Bo Bice and Ace Young Disco Diva Thelma Houston Multi-Grammy R&B artist James Ingram Actor and 80s Icon Rick Springfield Singer/songwriter B.J. Thomas Academy Award winning songwriter/performer/composer - Paul Williams

This event will be filmed in high-def for telecast during the July 4th holiday weekend on MyNetworkTV. It is produced by Associated Television International in association with USA Weekend and all event proceeds benefit Feed The Children.

Rick's official website is reporting that Rick & Co will perform Jessie's Girl as well as the brand NEW single "What's Victoria's Secret"

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rick Springfield returns to General Hospital

Its being confirmed on Rick's official website, that Dr Noah Drake will indeed return to General Hospital the week of July 7th with Eli Love to return the following week.

Also check out this week's ABC Soaps In Dept (July 14th) on sale now for a picture and a mention in the "Ins & Outs" section!

Rick Springfield Interview

Rick Springfield tours with old and new

Published: June 27, 2008 10:05 am
Upcoming album is 'Venus in Overdrive'

INTERLOCHEN -- Rick Springfield is not just the guy who wanted "Jessie's Girl."

That ubiquitous hit snagged Springfield a 1981 Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance, but there's more to the singer, songwriter and actor.

Springfield sold more than 19 million records, practically performed the soundtrack to the 1980s and wooed female fans with his portrayal of Dr. Noah Drake on the daytime soap "General Hospital." He'll bring his charisma and arsenal of 17 Top 40 hits to his concert Saturday at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

This summer, Springfield is touring around the country and filming episodes for "General Hospital." So, how has this Australian-born pop-rock star sustained a decades-long career?

"A lot of it is luck. A lot of it is persistence, and a lot of it is who you are, and how you were raised," said Springfield in a telephone interview.

In 1962, Springfield was given his first guitar for his 13th birthday. Before that, he made one out of cardboard.

"My mom finally said, 'You want a real one?' And I said, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah,'" Springfield recalled.

An early foray into writing was crafting "pretty horrendous poems" but then he started composing songs. His writing continued to evolve on the upcoming album "Venus in Overdrive," to be released on July 29. Springfield teamed with bass player Matt Bissonette to create the album. "Venus" takes the listener back to Springfield's "pop-rock roots," he said.
"I think it's the best record I've done in a while," he said.

"I am definitely writing from a different place, and 'Working Class Dog' is definitely all about the sex."

The triumph of "Jessie's Girl," a tune on the album "Working Class Dog," came after Springfield experienced success in Australia. Winning the Grammy "was still a shock," he said. He hoped to be "in the business for a long time," but knew there would be ups and downs.

"I certainly focused on, when I wrote, always writing the best I could write. I always had a vision," he said.

The Interlochen concert will feature "all the old hits" but also "some of the new stuff," Springfield said.

Ticket prices to the 8 p.m. show at Kresge Auditorium range from $24.50 to $39.50. For more information, contact the Interlochen box office at 276-7800 or visit the Web site

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Cherokee, NC 6/21/08

Rick Springfield
Cherokee, NC - Harrahs
June 21, 2008
Review and photo by Kelley Pearson

What great memories we have from seeing Rick and the guys in Cherokee this weekend! Despite the strict security who didn’t want anyone to stand, to which I wanted to scream “Are you KIDDING me?” (and the guard telling me I was not allowed to take any photos…at all…HA) it was still an awesome show! Yes, I did get some great pictures of Rick during the show after all. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. ;-) I must say, I couldn’t help but chuckle when the security got to where they couldn’t keep up with the huge number of people who were standing up and rocking out to the music, and eventually the flock of fans who made their way down the isles, standing, sitting, squatting & snapping photos of the show. And of course once Rick came out into the crowd, he was like a magnet for the fans. People started swarming over to him and packing up everywhere. I think they pretty much gave up after that! I hate to sound like I’m bitching…but seriously! Do they REALLY think that Rick fans can stay in their seats for one of his shows??! I’ve found that it’s impossible, not to mention…Rick WANTS the fans to have a great time, getting on their feet and dancing around to his music. It’s a bit of an insult if everyone stays on their butts for the show. :-P
Starting from sound check, it was obvious that Rick and the band were going to be in “rare form.” Even with all their technical issues and sound problems, they were still in good humor and the sound check went a bit longer than it normally would have. That’s NEVER a bad thing! Not only did they have tech issues, but there was a medical problem as well. The “tip” on George B.’s earpiece broke OFF, like 5 minutes into our sound check, and got stuck down in his ear canal!!! Yikes! After some inspection of George’s ear, Rick grabs the mic and begins asking if anyone might have some tweezers, ear wash, or anything to help get that out. He asks, “Is there a nurse in the house?” lol Poor George! Ronnie G. begins digging around in a gallon bag that appeared to have every possible “first aid” item you can imagine (except what they needed), including medicine bottles, band aids, eye drops, etc. Ronnie says, “This looks like the Vicodin diaries or something.” Ha! Rick even asked something like, ‘Does anyone have one of those ear wash things that squirts water?’ The other George sarcastically says, ‘Oh yea, sure. I carry one with me at all times Rick,’ to which Rick cracked up. One of the fans actually had some tweezers, (and I think they tried to use them) but apparently that wouldn’t work. They finally located a casino EMT who took George to the side and somehow (I have no clue how they did it) they got it out. Whew!
So after several mishaps, Rick was able to perform a few songs for us. It seems like he did a few chords from Gloria at one point, and then I heard the “yeah buddy” sound clip. They played Affair of the Heart and also the new song from his upcoming Venus In Overdrive CD called “What’s Victoria’s Secret?” Cool! Rick seemed to be having a lot of fun with the fans at the sound check, casually goofing around with us, taking photos, etc. What a blast! Ahhh…I got my second sweet Rick hug & photo!
The show was awesome! They started right around 9 PM and the show went until about 10:30 or so. The lights went down and the crowd went wild!!! (and so did my heartbeat!) He kicked it off with the rockin’ “Who Killed Rock and Roll,” and then went straight into the ever-sexy Affair of the Heart. Rick was wearing his new favorite shirt…the long-sleeved brown one with the Chinese-type symbols on it and I believe he had on his button-fly jeans. It was only a matter of minutes before his shirt was soaking wet with sweat. This would’ve been a FINE time for him to shed that hot shirt, but no…we did not get a shirtless encore for this event. Maybe next time! ;-)
At one point, within the first few songs, Rick appeared to be angry with his guitar and he threw it down across the stage. It slid off and landed in the space between the front row and the stage! He made some comment to the girl who was there about how he was glad that didn’t hit her. I can’t recall for sure what all he said, but boy was it a close call!
Next came “Alyson” & several really cool (pink) rose explosions! Rick was quite energetic for this show, grabbing roses all across the front and slamming them wildly against the strings. The audience got a treat tonight when Rick and the band played their new song, “What’s Victoria’s Secret?” Yay! I kind of figured they would perform this one since he had practiced it at the sound check earlier, complete with the lyric sheet. I’m not sure whether or not he had the lyrics tacked to the speaker for the show, to kind of help him out! LOL! Knowing Rick…he probably did!
After getting a taste of the new song, we flashed back to the 80’s for some “Hey! Whooo!” with “Rock of Life.” I love that song, but I would have taken “Perfect” or “Wasted” (or anything off of SDAA) in it’s place at that point in the show. I know, I know…he adds in the 80’s hits for the fans who love (or only know) his hit singles. But I still love the SDAA songs, and would happily take a few more of those in place of his “hits.” (even though I’m still a huge fan of his old hits).
Ha, okay…moving on now. ;-) Next he goes into the ever-favorite “I’ve Done Everything For You” complete with a lot of pointing back and forth between Rick and the crowd. :-P That’s always a great energetic tune for pumping up the crowd! Things were beginning to get a little overwhelming for the guards by this point.
Side note: I *hope* I’m getting the order right on this set list and not leaving out any songs. Maybe someone else might have a clearer memory (?)…as mine often fails me somewhat during a Rick show! Thanks to a couple of friends after the show, I think this is a pretty close list.
Ahhh…Next was Gloria! (TV/Bathtub Gloria. LOL) Rick did his usual jokes about Gloria & how she rings the doorbell. Then he does his cool little “doorbell” sounds on the guitar, and Gloria comes in. He says, “Gloria walks over and I’ve got the TV sitting on top of the bath, like you’re not supposed to do. And I’m sitting there watching this show about doctors…and shit.” He then talks about how there’s “this guy” who plays a doctor AND a rock star, and then says something like, ‘only on a soap opera.’ LOL. He goes on to talk about “Sam” and how many times can that chick get shot. Then he describes how Gloria reaches over and turns off the TV. Like he normally does, he tells the women/“girls” in the audience to put up their right hand (and encourages the guys to NOT raise their right hand!) and he says that Gloria puts her hand “right between my legs….and she pulls the PLUG!” He finishes the talking portion of the song with how she reaches down and “she stands me UP” demonstrating with the mic all the while, and how she takes him to the bed and lays him down and “makes me feel alright,” kicking back into the end of the song. I can’t help but wonder what some of the casino high rollers must have thought of this portion of the show! Haha!
Next was a song I didn’t expect to hear in Cherokee…they played “Kristina!” It seems they’ve been adding that one to the set list more often lately. That song seems to be a real crowd pleaser, as was the next song on the list…“Love Somebody.” After LS, we got a smoking hot performance of “Red House,” complete with the killer guitar-solo jam Rick does to start off the song. That’s got to be one of my all-time favorite pieces that Rick does on his guitar. It starts out slowly with this beautiful guitar strumming, picking gently at the strings, then it builds into a really cool & fast jam at the end…then slows back down for the beginning of Red House.
This is another spot where my memory is a bit fuzzy on the order of the songs, but from here I think the next tune in line was his cover of the Who’s “My Generation.” After (or during?) that he climbs down off the stage and proceeds to pick on some man up front, straddling his seat. (Was it a man? I thought it was. But I might be wrong!) He attempts a quick version of “Some Enchanted Evening,” I guess because he figures these older people in the crowd might not know his music. I think this is the part where he said something along the lines of, “You guys are looking like---Who is this guy?” Haha! It’s nice that Rick can poke fun at himself that way. :-P
Next up was his hit “Don’t Talk To Strangers,” in which he had a few audience members help him sing along. Then quickly after…Rick screams out that he thinks it’s time for a little “Human Touch,” to which he begins his descent deeper into the crowd. At one point Rick was climbing over chairs and trying his best to balance, but he actually FELL! There was a man in a red shirt who happened to catch him on his way down! LOL (I remember the color of his shirt because I have some great pictures of Rick with the man who caught him). Rick laughed at himself and said something to the man like, “You CAUGHT my ass!” A few minutes later Rick found a young girl with a cell phone (she couldn’t have been TOO young though…it’s a casino). He swipes her phone and begins to tease about ‘who should I call?’ He scrolls down her list and says, “DAD! Let’s call dad.” Well, dad picks up…and we can hear him pretty well through the mic. Rick begins to tease him, asking him if he knows who this is. The man tells him “no” and Rick and the crowd scream out, “It’s Rick Springfield!” Then Rick tells him, ‘I’m at the drive-in with your daughter, dad. And she’s got her hand on my leg. What should I do?’ At this point I’m half shocked & half cracking up, waiting to hear the man’s reply. He says, “WHO is this??!” Again the crowd and Rick scream out his name to the guy (as if that makes it all “okay” now, to be getting fresh at the drive-in with his daughter! haha!) The man hangs UP on Rick! I have to say…it was quite funny in a sick-humored-sort-of-way, but at the same time I was thinking, “Oh crap. This girl will be in some trouble with her dad later!” LOL
About mid-way through “Human Touch” Rick came 3 rows in front of us and was singing and jamming for about 30 seconds, then he cut left from us, swiping someone’s ball cap along the way and wearing it for a few minutes. He made his way over to the very crammed isle for awhile, much to the crowd’s pleasure. ;-) My friend who’s never had a meeting with Rick got a little human touch of her own during the isle portion of the song!!! He really didn’t seem to “travel” far for this show. He then cut right up the isle near the end of the song and got back on stage. I was kind of hoping he’d surf around in the back for the riser seats as well.
The night wouldn’t have been complete without Rick doing Jessie’s Girl. (his other favorite child, as he’s called it!) The crowd went crazy! He did his band introductions at the end and then his virtual “goodnight” hug & I believe a “God bless you all,” then sauntered off the stage like the killer rock star that he is. ;-)
The sound of helicopters (? Or so that’s what it reminds me of) and a heartbeat arrived once the lights were down, followed by some pretty steamy, heavy breathing. A sure sign there was going to be an encore after Rick changed out of his soaked clothing (or as we were hoping for…just ditch the shirt and come back out!) He returned to the stage wearing his light brown John Lennon T-shirt, the same one he’d worn earlier to our sound check. When I first heard the beginning “licks” of “I’ll Make You Happy,” the wardrobe inspection quickly left my mind & I jumped back to my feet. Whooo! He DID do a song from SDAA! Thanks Rick!
Rick finished off the night with “Love Is Alright Tonight,” to which I noticed most of the crowd (at least around us) were as hot and sweaty as Rick was and singing right along. It was a fun and memorable night! Rick and the guys brought on the fun, just as they always do. As the year rolls on, I think it’ll be cool to hear more new songs played at the live shows ;-)
So…when is the next Rick Springfield show?! I don’t think it’ll come quick enough for me!

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Detroi, MI - River Days

Rick Springfield
Detroit, MI - River Days
June 20, 2008
Review by Michelle Porchia
Picture by Jen Haskin

This show took place on the Detroit Riverfront, on the kickoff day of the River Days festival. It was a great day for an outdoor show, 78 degrees and partly sunny. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra opened the show (probably the classiest opening act Rick has ever had) and played a medley of 'hits'.

It took quite some time, well probably not that long -for the crew to clear out all the chairs & instruments and set the stage with Rick and the band's gear. As the older set crowd moved out, the Rick fans filled the front rows in full force. Finally, the familiar opening music started and the audience surged forward taking the organizers of the show quite by surprise I believe. Rick took the stage in his trademark nonchalant way that he has, all dapper looking in his leather jacket tight blue jeans and brown boots, and the rockin' began.

Opening with Who Killed Rock N' Roll, the predominately female crowd let their pleasure be known. Detroit is usually known for it's riotous concert attendees and tonight was no exception. As the show went on, the gathering audience extended further and further back, stretching behind and on the sides of the stage that were fenced off. It seemed curious festival goers needed to see for themselves what the fuss was all about. Rick even commented about 5 songs in, "...not too bad for a guy who plays a doctor on tv."

We were treated to Rick's new single, "What's Victoria's Secret" after Rick spent some time explaining how confused he was about what to call a single or record nowadays. He joked that it was a new song, regardless of what the proper way to describe it should be. The crowd really seemed to like it, and he looked pleased.

During "Don't Talk to Strangers" Rick wandered into the concert goers to a couple that were seated. He had warned them previously that he was "coming out there, momma." He teased that the couple were thinking, "When in the heck is the Orchestra coming back out?" He tried to get 'Tim' to sing the chorus until Tim explained that he had laryngitis. Rick then speedily moved away from him telling him not to take offense but he couldn't afford to get that affliction right now. He also apologized to Tim that he wasn't going to kiss him either. :-)

Rick pretty much stuck to the set list of late - adding in the covers "Crossroads", 'Wild Thing" and then later "My Generation". His spectator walkabout had a few wireless microphone issues, to which guitar tech George came to the rescue with a hand held mic for Rick to finish up. Rick waded all the way thru that General Admission crowd, standing on the crowd control fence at one point, and high fiving people that were on the other side looking on. While Rick was on his audience run, the band continued with their usual fun antics behind his back. If you've never noticed what the band is doing while Rick's not on stage, the next time you're at a show you should try to remember to peel your eyes from Rick for just a moment to take them in. It'll put a smile on your face.

Back to the stage, the familiar chords of "Jessie's Girl" begin. My favorite part of this song performance has come to be when Rick stops after "Jessie's got himself a girl" and the crowd sings "and I wanna make her mine." After JG is finished, Rick introduces the band and hometown member Matt gets a huge roar. He thanks the crowd and leaves the stage. When he returns for an encore of "Love is Alright Tonite" he is now sporting a John Lennon t-shirt.

As the show ends and Rick gives one last good-bye, strains of "What's Victoria's Secret" begin again.

TV listings for Rick Springfield

Change of Place

LMN (Lifetime Movie Network)
Mon June 23rd 6pm est
Tues June 24th 8am est

Directed by Donna Deitch. Starring Andrea Roth, Rick Springfield, Geordie Johnson, Stephanie Beacham, Ian Richardson, Viktoria Kerekes.A shy student trades identities with her flashy twin, a top fashion model with a dark secret. A.k.a. 'Harlequin's 'A Change of Place'.' 108 minutes- NR, USA, 1994

Mark your calendars!!!! Rick & the band will perform Jessie's Girl and the brand new single, "What's Victoria's Secret" from their upcoming album, "venus in Overdrive" (released July 29th! preorder now at

July 4th 8pm est

General Hospital update:According to Finola Hughs recent interview on Rick has been on set at GH. Stay tuned for airdates, but it should be the beginning of July. It was also mentioned on the screen crawl during the Daytime Emmy Red Carpet show that Eli Love would be returning this July!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Relative Madness-Father Knows Less

Sat June 14th 3pm est
Sun June 15th 12am est
Wed June 18th 11am est

Dr Noah Drake comes in at #8

Classic Pop Up Video #138

Mon June 16th 11pm est

Debuting on VH1 in 1996, "Pop-Up Video" introduced the "info-nugget," a graphic factoid bubble that "pops" onto the screen, so viewers can watch their favorite music videos as well as read interesting and unusual facts about the video, including behind-the-scenes production dish, bio bits, trivia, and more. Over the years, "Pop Up Video" has spawned board games, books, TV commercials.

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
Thurs June 9 12am est
(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rick Springfield talks about Tony Geary

Another new interview where Rick talks about GH in its heyday and working with Tony Geary.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rick Springfield on TV

The Incredible Hulk-The Disciple

Wed June 11th 8am est

Original Air Date: March 16, 1979 on CBS Starring: Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno Guest Stars: Rick Springfield, Gerald McRaney, George Loros, John Fujioka and Mako Rick's Character name: Michael O'Rourke

Synopsis: This was a follow up episode to the last one with the old Chinese teacher, Li Sun, again under attack. While Banner seeks to control his anger from within, he once again helps the old man and a young cop (played by Rick Springfield) . The power of martial arts and self-control are preached.

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
Wed June 11th 2am est & 5pm est

(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)

Airdate: TBA


To see if you have this channel check:

The Hero Awards honors everyday people who have gone out of their way to help others and their community
This star-studded event will feature appearances by close to 100 stars of film and television and will include exciting musical performances by:
American Idol finalists Bo Bice and Ace Young
Disco Diva Thelma Houston
Multi-Grammy R&B artist James Ingram
Actor and 80s Icon Rick Springfield
Singer/songwriter B.J. Thomas
Academy Award winning songwriter/performer/composer - Paul Williams

This event will be filmed in high-def for telecast during the July 4th holiday weekend on MyNetworkTV. It is produced by Associated Television International in association with USA Weekend and all event proceeds benefit Feed The Children.

General Hospital
Coming soon........Dr Noah Drake & Eli Love return to GH this July. Exact airdates are not available as of yet. Stay tuned. We have seen rumors that Eli Love will perform Rick's new single "Whats Victoria's Secret" on the show. The single and album "venus in Overdrive" are due out the end of July.

Friday, June 6, 2008

New Tour Date For Rick Springfield

A New Tour Date
just announced:

Houston, TX
House of Blues