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Charlotte, NC / October 18, 2008 / Wam Jam '08 @ Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre

Photo & Review
By Kelley Pearson

I think I can speak for everyone who attended the concert in Charlotte, NC this past weekend by saying…"Rick, we love you here. Come back!" A Rick Springfield show is one that never disappoints. I literally could have listened to those guys play all night long. He started off the show with a high-energy performance of his new song Mr. PC! What a cool live song that one is! The intro music just before Rick hit the stage was Nothing Is Ever Lost. ;-)

We had incredible seats for this show (my first time ever pulling front row seats through access!) It was my 14-year old daughter's first Rick concert, which ended up being quite interactive for her with high-fives from Rick as he balanced across our chairs, a rose explosion with the flowers she brought for him, a lot of guitar jamming either on the stage in front of us or on the speaker between us and the stage & then yet another rose explosion that showered us with gorgeous petals. It was quite a rockin' performance & a fun night! I also "converted" two people into Rick fans that night. ;-) My friend who was there had seen Rick with me in '06, from the 14th row. She liked his show the first time…a lot…but this show sealed the deal for her I think. She claimed there is nothing like seeing him perform up-close and personal. My daughter also loved the show. She left the venue with a lot of "whoo-hooing," chattering about how much "Rick rocks" & saying that she now likes Rick better than Elvis!!!

I was very pleased the band performed the song Venus In Overdrive. This is still my favorite dance-along, sing-along song on the new CD. J It was surprising getting to hear several of the new tunes---VIO, Mr. PC, I'll Miss That Someday (which truly needs to be Rick's next radio hit!), What's Victoria's Secret? & of course Who Killed Rock & Roll (which I never seem to tire of). I'm hoping they will eventually add Time Stand Still & 3 Warning Shots. I love the cool new guitar move Rick is doing now during VIO. He's added a pink sticker to the back of one guitar that simply says, "YEAH." At points in the song where the background vocals say, "yeah yeah" Rick quickly flips the guitar up to expose the word "YEAH" on the back. Pretty cool move! He should get Matt & George to label their guitars as well and they could all 3 flip them up in synch, just at the right moment. :-P I was surprised that Red House was not on the set list that night. If memory serves me right, I think they also left out Rock Of Life. I was glad Rick did that little guitar solo that I love so dearly. He was standing on the chairs just down the row from us when he went into that bit. (It reminds me so much of April 24th during the slow part of the jam). Then it kicked into a furious rhythm and ended up going into the cover song Crossroads, which is a great version of the song.

Two songs that really surprised me were Love Is Alright Tonight & I'll Make You Happy. LIAT came very early in the show. For one alarming moment I thought to myself, "OH NO…the show is over already??!" I'm used to this song being in the encore. Wow, that really threw me for a loop. Of course, the show was probably shorter than usual since Rick shared the stage that day with John Waite, Lou Graham & Eddie Money. And even when the guys play a full set list with no opening bands, is it EVER long enough?? ;-) The answer is simply---no. Rick's shows are so much fun, that it feels like only moments have passed and then it's over. No wonder we continue to go back again and again for Rick's live shows! The man is more addictive than fine wine & chocolate. J I was QUITE happy to hear a song from the Shock CD! I actually think hearing I'll Make You Happy at the end of the show was appropriate, since Rick DID make us happy. You might say it was a perfect "send-off." I can never get enough of hearing SDAA songs live. That's another of those high-energy songs that rocks the house & displays Rick's incredible guitar skills & enthusiasm.

Here is the set list to the best of my knowledge (or should I say…memory?!) If anyone knows of any songs I'm leaving out or any that are not correct, please speak up. ;-) I'm not sure if the order is "exact," but I think it's pretty close.

Intro music: Nothing Is Ever Lost
Mr. PC
Who Killed Rock & Roll
Affair of the Heart
What's Victoria's Secret
Venus In Overdrive
Love Is Alright Tonight
Guitar solo/Crossroads cover song
Don't Talk To Strangers
Love Somebody
Human Touch
I've Done Everything For You
Jessie's Girl
Pre-Encore Heartbeat music
I'll Miss That SomedayI'll
Make You Happy

My friend who was just down from us had this really cool blow-up pirate that took her quite some time to blow up! She & her 2 friends started working on him with the air pump during Eddie Money so that sucker would be ready when Rick came out. Yes, it took them THAT long to blow it up! It was BIG! I thought it was a really cute "toy" for Rick to play with. But along comes a security guard and he took it away. L Seriously, the guy just didn't understand that Rick would LIKE having a cute prop like that on stage, even though they assured him that Rick didn't mind. He finally told her he would prop it in the corner of the stage & we all hoped Rick might still get to play with it, but alas…a big speaker was on that side and I'm not sure he could see around it to spot the pirate. Strict security! :-q The point of this story….Rick was goofing off on stage when he spotted the air pump lying on the speaker. He grabs it up and gets the funniest look and says, "What in the hell is this?" The girls yell something like, "It's a pump." They were pointing & trying to tell him there was a pirate beside the stage. He must not have heard them. He looked around but he missed the whole point! He looks the gadget over and says, "A pump? A penis pump?" Then I thought he said something about "an enlarger?" LOL He asks across the front with it, "Is this yours? Is this yours?" then looks at me and says "is this yours?" I nod "no" laughing out loud! Rick did find the blow-up Destiny cruise ship that she brought. He tucked it under his arm for a bit and played guitar with it. Then he asked if any of us are going on the cruise with him next month, to which he got a round of cheers & screams.

I don't recall Rick doing any cell phone pranks for this show. Hey, he could've ordered some pizza & beer for all of us. :-p He did take a sip of someone's beer though while out in the crowd. He must have been pretty thirsty by this point! He had some boys sing Don't Talk To Strangers while he was out in the crowd & I saw him giving someone a high-five. Rick didn't "surf" out too far through the crowd at this show. I would guess he went back maybe 10 or 12 rows deep, then he came back. We didn't get any guitar smashes for this show, which is actually one of my favorite things he does on stage. :-D He did some guitar tossing & catching though. Don't you know the guys in the band must want to run for cover when Rick starts throwing guitars around?! Haha

Hopefully Rick and the guys will make a return to the Charlotte area in the future & put us into "overdrive" once again! The show rocked as always & I'm definitely ready for my next Rick adventure. As far as I'm concerned, a Rick show would be the perfect place to make "time stand still." ;-)

Thanks to Rick and the band for coming our way! We hope to see you back in Charlotte next year…Kelley Pearson

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More new Confirmed tour dates for Rick Springfield

Confirmed on
Silver Springs, FL
Silver Springs/Twin Oaks Amphitheater
FREE SHOW with park admission

Las Vegas, NV
Thomas & Mack Center

TV listings for Rick Springfield

Linda Blair-Biography
Fri Oct 31st 8am & 2pm est
In honor of Halloween, BIO is airing Linda Blair's biography. Catch Rick talk about his first love.


Soapography: Rick Springfield & Kimberly McCullough

Sun Nov 2nd 5am est

Rick Springfield and Kimberly McCullough (“General Hospital”) are profiled. 30 min- 2006

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another new Tour Date for Rick Springfield

Confirmed on

Morristown, NJ
Mayo Center

Picture: New Brunswick NJ 2008 Rosie Malthaner

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Tour Date for Rick Springfield?

There is an unconfirmed tour date listed on for Feb 7th 2009 with Eddie Money also listed for the same day.
Silver Springs Nature Park
Silver Springs, FL

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Rick Springfield in MA

Oct 17th 2008
North Shore Music Theatre
Beverly, MA

The show started off with the great video montage strangely enough with the house lights on. Then came a new intro with Nothing is Ever lost being played loud and proud over the speakers. Lights down and spotlight on Rodger and the intro music a mix of old and new started. Enter Rick and the boys! A brand new set list was about to be unveiled. To our shock, Rick kicked it into gear with Mr. PC!!! Very cool and the crowd was into it immediately. The stage started rotating and everyone would be treated to a great view. I'm not usually a big fan of the rotating stage but it worked out pretty well.
After Mr. PC we were treated to WVS. It was really cool to not know what song was coming next. The set list was mixed up rather nicely with 4 VIO songs included. Matt & Rodger were sporting fake mustaches and Rick commented on that. Venus In Overdrive rocks live! There was a cool Rock Star pumpkin sitting on the stage that the guys passed around finally resting on George B's amp. Rick wasn't too talkative but he did mention that they were playing new songs tonight and that if you hadn't bought VIO go out and buy it, better yet buy 5 of them! And he did get Rodger in trouble for trying to smoke on stage. The security lady that came up on stage to yell at him was rewarded with being under Matt's base. lol
Out in the audience for DTTS. Rick found quite a few kids and a couple that was about to get married, he wished them luck. Back on the rotating stage for the Medley and then it was time for the crowd surfing. But first there were a few issues with the headset so on the stage Rick had to stay for all of Love Somebody. Once out in the audience he seemed to be accosted quite a bit in the audience, not staying in one place for too long. He did the cell phone bit and connected with someones husband. After that he was ready for Human Touch, which required Rick & Matt to communicate with hand signals that were pretty funny to get the band to start playing it. He made it most of the way around the theatre before returning to the stage for JG.
Break for the encore and the heavy breathing music was going strong before they returned to cheers. Rick explained they were going to do one more new one and the Love Is All Right Tonight ended the show. Rick seemed to linger a pretty long time on the stage signing a few things and completing a double fisted rose explosion as he smashed two bouquets of roses together before leaving for the night.

Set list:
Mr. PC
Living in Oz
Iv'e Done Everything For You
Affair of the Heart
Venus in Overdrive
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl

I'll Miss That Someday
Love is All Right Tonight

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Rick Springfield in ABC Soaps In Depth

Check out the Rick Springfield
article on page 49 in
the November 3rd edition
of ABC Soaps In Depth.
Learn all about
Rick's up coming Cruise.

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Rick Springfield Rocks the Oval

Trinidad loves Rick!
Rick rocks the Oval
October 13 2008
POP STAR Rick Springfield proved to be the hit of the night at Saturday's triple bill concert presented by International Concert Events at the Queen's Park Oval in Port-of-Spain. The popular singer and soap opera star won the biggest applause for his performance at the mega rock concert which also featured REO Speed-wagon and Vertical Horizon. Thousands of rock fans converged on the venue for the show and they were not disappointed as the rock stars churned out all the classic, chart-topping selections.

One of the high points of the evening was when Springfield left the stage and ventured into the crowd during his high energy performance. In quick time he was shirtless, surrounded by throngs of screaming fans, with camera flashes going off around him at a frenzied pace.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rick Springfield & His American Girls

Oct 11th 2008
Queens Park Oval
Port of Spain, Trinidad

Review by Dancy Myers Zahn & Bambi Myers
Pictures: To come later!

This stadium is enormous! The VIP chairs were set up on the field, and the grass was very wet and muddy from an earlier storm. We found our seats towards the back of the VIP section after hitting the ladies room in the adjacent bar, Bat and Ball. We were 'treated' to an opening act...a guy singing and playing the acoustic guitar. The emcee explained to us that people were coming from all over the island, and having a hard time finding parking. They didn't want to start the show without everyone present. I noticed that people were all dressed up, and came in families and large groups. The stage was elevated over 5 feet so our view was unobstructed. Vertical Horizon took the stage a little after 8:30, and I have to tell you those guys were fantastic.

Around 9:10 we saw George N making his way back to the sound board. We quickly ran back there to meet him per our instructions for our VIP Platinum package from Ricksmerch. He immediately recognized us and gave me a little hug! He said, 'It's you!' LOL He took us through the crowd to the backstage area and I informed him I had to pee. He hates me! He showed me to the 'artist' port a pot behind the stage. I went in. No TP! No Can Do!!! He was annoyed with me by now and led us thru the stadium to the Bat and Ball restrooms. When we came back down to the backstage area, I asked him if it was possible for us to watch the show from in front of the stage, but still get pics etc., afterwards with RS. He took us up onto to the side stage area to show us where we would be standing. Um, no thanks. I really wanted to experience this from the crowd. He arranged for a humongous bouncer type guy with a shaved head to escort us to our desired location. We literally had to part the red sea to get under Rick's mic. I had no idea there were so many people wedged into the area in front of the stage!

The Show
Our man comes out to outrageous screams, and people were absolutely going insane. They almost never get to attend a rock concert, and you could certainly tell they loved it. I am ashamed to admit that I have never seen fans in the US get this excited to see Rick. Not even close!!! The masses were shoving so hard towards Rick that I had to put my camera away, for fear it wouldn't survive. Rick noticed his American Girls early on, and he let us know he appreciated us! At one point the girls around us were pulling on Rick so hard he fell off the stage and he and his guitar landed on the Myers girls. I don't even know how he managed to climb back up on stage! I thought for sure he would never brave the crowd for DTTS, but he did. That was a big hit. He also came out for My Generation, Human Touch and JG. This show was so full of crotch grabs that I was beginning to wonder why Trinidad was getting all the dirty love! There was no encore, but Rick did take his shirt off, completely undo his pants, and turn around and moon us with his navy blue drawers!!!! Everyone around me was going crazy and I was so in shock I was silent. After he left the stage and the sound system came on with WVS, I knew he wasn't coming back out.

We made our way to the rear side of the stage, to wait for George. Quite a few minutes passed before he came to collect us. He put us in some chairs, and then Derek came to lead us into the Bat and Ball. He found a safe place to stash us for a few minutes while a lot of fans got pics taken with RS. He came back for us in a few minutes, and led us thru the hallway to the 'green room'. As we were led past Ronnie, he shook our hands and said, 'wow, you came a long way!' In the green room were the rest of the band, VH, and Rob Kos. Derek stayed with us for quite awhile. Rick came in and talked to us, signed our stuff, and left again to do something but said he'd be back with us in a minute. When he came back we got some pics taken and talked some more. He asked if we were going on the cruise, and said it will be a blast. He hugged me one last time and we left the green room. This was completely different than any sound check or meet and greet I have been to, obviously!

A funny tidbit: When RS took his shirt off, the girl next to me screamed, "OMG, are those liposuction scars?!! He's way too hot for that!" I quickly explained about the hernia surgeries. When I told Rick about this he was highly offended but glad I took up for him. LOL

Set List(not necessarily in this order)
Alyson(crotch grabs)
Bathtub Gloria(crotch grabs)
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch

TV listings for Rick Springfield

Classic Pop Up Video #138
Sun Oct 12th 3pm est
Debuting on VH1 in 1996, "Pop-Up Video" introduced the "info-nugget," a graphic factoid bubble that "pops" onto the screen, so viewers can watch their favorite music videos as well as read interesting and unusual facts about the video, including behind-the-scenes production dish, bio bits, trivia, and more. Over the years, "Pop Up Video" has spawned board games, books, TV commercials.
The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
Wed Oct 15th 9pm est
Wed Oct 15th 11pm est
(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)
Jimmy Kimmel Live
It appears the the episode is scheduled to repeat on Oct 21st.
Check your local listings at
Rick & the boys perform What's Victoria's Secret & end the show with Love Sombody.

Rick Springfield in Soap Opera Digest

Oct 21st Soap Opera Digest

on sale now!

The Drake Boys are Editor's Choice!

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New Tour Date for Rick Springfield

A new tour date has been confirmed on

Springfield, IL
University of Illinois
Sangmon Auditorium
(photo courtesy of taken by Jeannie Johnson)

Tickets on sale 10/20/08

Rick Springfield-Artist of the Month on Retro Rewind! has named Rick Artist of the Month for October. Check out their website for a chance to win an autographed copy of Venus in Overdrive and listen to the first part of the interview!

Part 2 of the interview will air on Saturday night, 9pm-Midnight EST

Rick Springfield To Perform In Trinidad

Check out this article about Rick Springfield's up coming performance on 10.11.08 in Port of Spain, Trinidad at The Queen's Park Oval with REO Speedwagon.

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Rick Springfield Rocks St Charles, MO

Oct 3rd 2008
The Family Arena
St Charles, MO
Review & Picture by Rosie Malthaner
Even though Rick was feeling under the weather, you would never know it by the show he put on Friday night in St Charles. John Waite performed first and had a really good set (now looking forward to him much more on the cruise). There wasn't much of a wait for Rick & the boys to come out. The launched into WKRR right away and it set the tone for the show. Rick was playful and seemed to be really enjoying himself. The new leather jacket made an appearance as well as a grey shirt that I hadn't seen before.
Security allowed the stage to be rushed since there was quite a distance from the first row of seats and the two people in wheelchairs were given a nice spot right by the center stage stairs. Rick was sure to come say hi to them. There were also big speakers on the floor in front of the mic stand so that gave Rick a little more room to come out to the fans.
He picked on the security guard, who willingly sang DTTS. Rick found a few more victims (sorry, I am a fear of this so I always think of them as victims LOL). WVS got a big cheer. When it came time to come out into the audience Rick paced the stage for all of Love Somebody and started My Generation before coming out. He made it all the way to the back and up on the side sections of the arena. I'm sure there were some surprised and very happy fans back there.
Back to the stage for Jessie's Girl, then he smashed a red guitar before taking a break before the encore. Back for the encore in a WKRR shirt. Rick then played I'll Miss that Someday and Love is Alright Tonight returned after its absence last weekend to end the show. Rick made sure to start at the very end of the stage and make it all the way to the other end high fiving the fans to end the night..
Set List:
Living in Oz
Affair of the Heart
Ive Done Everything for You
Rock of Life
What's Victoria's Secret
The Medley
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
I'll Miss that Someday
Love is Alright Tonight
(If I missed anything, please leave a comment!)

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Rick Springfield Performs For MVTH

Oct 4th 2008
Solo Performance to benefit Mississippi Valley Therapeutic Horsemanship
Cape Girardeau, MO

The evening started with a touching video of Sahara and the kids of MVTH. Shannon welcomed us and introduced the MVTH Director. Rick's montage video was also shown. Rick took his seat on the stage and performed a solo set that was at times funny, emotional, touching and extremely personal. Rick also visted MVTH this morning and enjoyed the kids and animals. A very emotional St Sahara was performed and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Amy & Shannon joined Rick on stage for the final song of the night, Affair of The Heart. I don't know how much was raised for MVTH but it seemed like the benefit was a big success. If you would like to contribute, visit

Set list (or most of it)
Speak to The Ske (Full song)
Hey Joe
St Sahara
Gloria (Bathtub version)
Love Somebody
You Really Got Me
Love Me Do
Jessie's Girl
Affair of the Heart

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Rick Springfield CD Signing in Cape Girardeau

CD Siging at P Mac Music
Cape Girardeau, MO
Oct 4th 2008

Rick stopped by local music store (a really cool place that had vintage music, dvd's, posters, just really great stuff!)P Mac to sign cd's or DVD's purchased there. They had a great selection to choose from of VIO, CWY, Rockford, WCD or 80's Greatest hits. VIO was playing loud and proud in the store, as Rockford was on the TV.

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Rick Springfield returns to St Louis

Rick Springfield returns to St. Louis, with new album all about the journey of love

ST. CHARLES, Mo. - The music of this Grammy-award winning artist is an "Affair of the Heart" for countless "American Girls," and on Friday night many will get the chance to see him live at The Family Arena.

Since the release of Rick Springfield's first LP, "Working Class Dog," more than 27 years ago, his music has been on the charts and in the hearts of fans worldwide. Springfield has withstood the test of time, and his latest release, "Venus in Overdrive," is proof of that this 59-year-old rocker's still got it.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Springfield said the recent album is about "love in all forms" and the first single, "What's Victoria's Secret?", would be familiar in tune to many fans.

"It's one of those titles that was waiting to be written," Springfield said. "It's about the sexualization of women and the dichotomy most men feel. As males we want that on one hand, but then it scares the hell out of us if we resist it."

Springfield co-wrote the album with Matt Bissonette, his longtime bass player. They recorded it in 32 days.

"This is the first time I've ever co-written an album with anyone," he said.

He said the album reflects love's journey.

Two songs on the record, "Saint Sahara" and "Oblivious," pay tribute to a young girl, Sahara Aldridge, who frequently attended Springfield's shows and bonded with the band and has since died.

Other songs on the album address different kinds of relationships.

"There is a lot of personal stuff in these songs but we have tried to craft them so they still have a universal voice," he said.

Springfield, was born Richard Lewis Springthorpe on Aug. 23, 1949, in Australia. His family moved to England when he was around 10. It was there that Springfield discovered what he wanted to do with his life.
Although he had been playing the piano since the age of 9, it was during his teenage years when he learned to play the guitar, which changed his life forever.

He said it was during this time he saw The Shadows perform.

"It was the first time I'd seen a Fender Stratocastor used," he said.

Springfield said it was then that he realized the power of young guys who write and play music. He later returned to Australia, and formed his first band, Rock House. The band landed a gig in Vietnam, during the height of the conflict.

While the band didn't last long it led him to the wildly popular Australian teen band, Zoot. In Zoot, Rick honed his songwriting and performance tactics, so much so that he was plucked out of the group to try his hand at solo music.

By 1971, Rick had top hit in Australia, "Speak to the Sky." The song landed in the U.S. top ten and another song, "Beginnings," found it's way into the top 20.

In 1974, Rick was asked to create music and star in an animated series called "Mission Magic." In 1976 he recorded, "Wait for Night" and started working as an actor to earn a paycheck.

In 1980, he recorded "Working Class Dog" on a shoestring budget, recording on off hours when the studio time was cheaper. It was there that he met his future wife, Barbara Porter. In 1981, he landed his breakout role as Dr. Noah Drake on "General Hospital" and released "Working Class Dog, " which included the popular hits "Jessie's Girl" and "I've Done Everything for You." In 1982, he was awarded a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.

In 1984, Springfield starred in the movie "Hard to Hold" and also married Porter. The couple has two sons.

Springfield has sold more than 19 million records with 17 top-40 hits. He has preformed for millions of devoted fans and continues to play more than 100 shows per year.

He said he is looking forward to 7:30 p.m. show on Friday, in which John Waite is opening.

"St. Louis and I go way back," he said. "The fans there are great."

Visit to find out more about the artist or to listen to his new release.

Tickets to the show are available at all MetroTix locations, online at, or charge by phone at (314) 534-1111 or toll free at (800) 293-5949. Tickets Range From $44 to $76.

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A conversation with Rick Springfield

A conversation with Rick Springfield

By Clay Howard
“Jessie’s Girl” was a huge hit for Rick Springfield in 1981. It also won him a grammy. Springfield had been in the music business for 12 years by this time. He had already enjoyed success in his homeland of Australia as a member of the band Zoot, and had visited the coveted Top 40 charts in the USA with the No. 14 1972 hit, “Speak to the Sky.” He even had a cartoon series on ABC in 1973. This when there were only three networks, and not very many people got anything on network television.

Rick Springfield has sold more than 19 million albums and written and performed 17 Top-40 hits. However, It has never been “cool” to be a fan of Rick Springfield. Probably due to the “General Hospital” thing, who knows?
It may not be “cool”, but I will bet you that “Jessie’s Girl” is present on more iPods than other song from the top 100 of 1981. My point is this, the staying power of “Jessie’s Girl” and numerous other Springfield songs, like “Love Somebody” and “What Kind of Fool am I?”, demonstrate something that the harbingers of cool do not want you to realize: A good song is a good song. Whether the writer of the song is a daytime soap-opera star or a Dylan devotee from the Jersey shore, a good song is a good song. By the way, Springfield not only released hit albums in 1981, his latest release debuted at No. 28 in July 2008.
All this is simply to introduce a conversation I had with Mr. Springfield recently. In it we discussed his new CD, Venus in Overdrive; his thoughts on the state of the music industry, illegal downloading and whatever else I could squeeze into 30 minutes.

For the complete article (including a Q&A) go to:

Rick Springfield accoustic video on Amazon

Posted on there is a video of an accoustic version of St Sahara on