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Rick Springfield Tapes for TV episode of "Don't Forget the Lyrics"

A review of Rick Springfield's taping of "Don't Forget the Lyrics"
By Laurie Bennett

I was able to connect with another Rick fan, and so we drove to Hollywood in morning Los Angeles traffic for the taping. We got there about an hour early, and saw 3 other fans already in line waiting. I've only been to a few tapings, and it can be quite a long and tiring process, but this was handled well and was only about 4-1/2 hours. Today was supposed to be quite warm, and I was hoping we'd get to wait inside, rather than out in the sun. After about 15 minutes, security took us to a "holding" area, after each of us walking through security gates like they have at airports. We had to hand over our cell phones, cameras, iPods, and any other electronic equipment (to pick up again when we were done.). Then we sat on benches outside the studio (looking at a huge picture of the original Price is Right Host painted on the wall). All of a sudden, there were a hundred or more people waiting with us. Shortly after we were led into the well air-conditioned studio and we were told to sit in the 2nd row (when the show airs, look for the group of us sitting in front of the screen that shows the lyrics). Sometimes the audience "wrangles" group people by their looks or color of clothing, but we ended up getting to all sit together.
The stage was round, about 6-8 feet in diameter, and the audience was situated around the stage in 4 sections; the house band was to the right of the stage. There were huge LED scrolling banners all around the room, with "Don't Forget the Lyrics" scrolling by. I noticed behind us a TV with the words "cheat prompter" on it (which ended up to be the teleprompter for Wayne Brady, the host). Next the screen started scrolling the words "Rick Springfield", then "Jesse's Girl", then "What's Victoria's Secret", and repeat. Notice the misspelling of the name Jessie! one fan, who is a professional editor, noticed the mistake, and pointed it out to us, a little too loudly, oops! But thank goodness she did, because the next time the words scrolled across - it was corrected! Whew!
We noticed that Buzz, roadie George, Matty and Bucky (Ronnie Grinnell) were all there already. My traveling partner said hi to Ronnie, who promptly turned around and shushed her, saying "it's supposed to be a secret." Huh - WHAT is supposed to be a secret? Then one usher told us Rick was going to be a contestant, but that turned out to be incorrect. (Imagine the horror/humor - Rick has been known to forget his own lyrics at times - would he know the lyrics of other people's music???)
Next thing we know, Rick is standing on stage, talking to people in the crew. For the warm up session, he was wearing a white t-shirt with "Peace is my religion" on the front and a peace sign on the back, dark blue cargo style pants, and black sneakers (maybe his normal Simple Shoes? Can't remember). As he was walking towards the band, we noticed he was looking around at the audience to see who was there. Then in the middle of a conversation with the crew, he noticed the group of us sitting in front of him. He was so cute - his eyes got really big and he smiled, then mouthed the words: either "Oh Wow!" or "My Crowd!" Either way, he was obviously very happy to see fans in place. Then he looked at us and asked "How did you find out about this?" Um, Rick, it was posted on the home page of your message board....? No one replied, except I did put my finger to my lips as in "shhh, it's a secret" LOL Then I held up my copy of VIO (of course I had one in my purse, along with a never know!) He got excited again, and then walked over to me and requested "Hold it up high for the cameras!" Well of course - Rick's wish is my command! Little did Rick know that 4 of the 5 of us had our copies with us, and since I brought an extra, the 5th in our row got a copy too.
Then Rick and the house band practiced Jessie's girl, and, the band not getting the end correct on the first try, Rick (the perfectionist) asks them to repeat. He lost his earpiece at one point, and, not realizing his microphone was on, said "oh Shit" - oopsie! Then Rick was center stage to rehearse WVS, and he saw that his lyrics were on the cheat prompter. He replied "oh good, the lyrics are there, in case I forget them; if you can see them, feel free to sing along!" While singing, he was teasing and frowning at the people in the section in front of him who were visibly not getting into the party. After telling the band a few things, Rick announced "One more time, whether you want it or not" and did WVS again. We found out what the secret was (SPOILER) - Rick's appearance on the show was a secret from the contestant/audience. The crew asked a girl in the front row to be a place holder on stage so Rick could rehearse entering into the venue from backstage, singing JG directly to the contestant, and even putting the guitar on her a la IGE moves. Well unfortunately this place holder probably didn't know who he was, maybe had never heard the song JG, or was a typical teenage girl (no offense) but she was NOT enjoying the special individual performance. Too bad!!! I know hundreds of women who gladly would have been a spot holder instead!!!
Finally, the taping is ready to start. We are told to spit out the gum, push sweaters, bags and purses under the seats, and no you can't leave the venue to use the bathroom until we're done with taping. Then all the lights come on, we're being told to clap and shout really loudly - BE HIGH ENERGY PEOPLE - and cameras were rolling. Wayne Brady comes out, and introduces the contestant (I think her name was Shannon, but I could be wrong. Sorry Shannon!). She was FULL of energy and excitement, and a huge fan of the 80's. She did several songs (the show is a type of Karaoke for money - the contestant has to fill in missing words from the song and win$ if it's correct). At one point, she was rather stuck, and Wayne said something like "You need a burst of energy, of confidence. You need some 80's music power. You need the music of an 80's Rock GOD to help you along... How about lyrics to this song:......." And, from where we were seated, we could see Rick standing back stage, playing the first familiar chords of Jessie's Girl (the contestant had her back to him, and only heard the music). She right away yells "Jessie's Girl", and it takes a bit before she notices the audience is screaming and Rick is walking out towards her. He's wearing a white collared (?) shirt, with a vest on top, jeans (?) and his brown boots. He looked GREAT. Playing the guitar and singing the lyrics he gets closer to her, singing only to her (sigh) and then puts the mic to her to sing "And I want to make her mine" from the first verse, perfectly. Then he does the IGE stance (her between him and his guitar)" and finishes the song. She was excited, acted cute and was fairly happy about the whole surprise. Rick shook Wayne's hand, and it was obvious that Wayne was glad to see him again (he had Rick on as a guest when he did his own talk show; he's a big fan). Then Rick was seated next to the girl's mom and roommate, for moral support. By now, Rick's fidgeting, looking a little out of his element, and a bit lonely over where he was. So cute. The girl is still having trouble with her lyrics, and remarked "I wish it were Jessie's Girl. I KNOW those words!" and Rick piped up (probably off camera) "I do too!"
During a commercial break, Rick came out to the audience, gave us a hug, and signed an autograph or two as well. Unfortunately, the majority of the 300 person audience were high school age, probably sophomore/juniors. In addition to the 5 of us, I saw two other fans I knew, and at least 3-4 people who had the VIO CD. I truly think Rick was quite happy to see and be supported by his fans. :)
After the contestant had finished her game, Rick came on (at the end, after commercial), was quickly introduced, and then sang WVS. Everyone rose to their feet but it was odd for me to see no one mouthing along with the words. And he did a great job, his voice sounded wonderful, and I was happy for him. Then the show ended. Rick started walking backstage, but before he got there, he turned around and waved to us. Bye Rick - see you soon!

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Rick Springfield to appear on "Don't Forget the Lyrics"

As posted on & Rick will be tapping an episode of "Don't Forget the Lyrics" on Aug 27th. Tickets to attend the taping are still available at Rick is performing a bit of "Jessie's Girl" and the entire "What's Victoria's Secret?" with Ricky Minor and the houseband. This show is part of the fundraiser for "City Of Hope". For more info on the City of Hope visit:

Air Date: TBA

TV listings for Rick Springfield

Change of Place
LMN (Lifetime Movie Network)
Sun Aug 31st 10 pm
Directed by Donna Deitch.
Starring Andrea Roth, Rick Springfield, Geordie Johnson, Stephanie Beacham, Ian Richardson, Viktoria Kerekes.
A shy student trades identities with her flashy twin, a top fashion model with a dark secret. A.k.a. 'Harlequin's 'A Change of Place'.' 108 minutes- NR, USA, 1994

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
Mon Sept 1st 6pm est
Mon Sept 1st 11pm est
(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)

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How & Where to request What's Victoria's Secret by Rick Springfield

From official message board:
"What's Victoria's Secret" will be officially "going for add's" next week.

Here are the 3 stations to focus on this week, requesting "What's Victoria's Secret?"
When requesting by phone or email, always be polite, and just request the song, or say you heard it and want to hear it again and thank them for their consideration and omit any other lengthy content about how Rick is so great and all his accomplishments. (Of course we know all that yet it really has no impact in quantifying requests. Programmers will only look at the numbers and how much action the song is getting in other markets.)
If you listen to a particular station at work, be sure to mention that as radio stations love knowing their stations are tuned in at offices or places of business around many people.

WRFY-FMReading, PA
WKIE-FM Chicago

Rick Springfield radio interviews worth a listen

Rick has been all over the radio to promote Venus in Overdrive (what you don't have your copy yet? What are you waiting for?????)

Here are a few more worth a listen....

My106.1 WISX (this is a 3 parter totally worth a listen!)
100.3 WNIC - Detroit, MI
102.5 FM KZOK– Seattle, WA - Bob Rivers Show 7/30/08
z100 FM KKRZ - Portland, OR – Johnjay and Rich 7/30/2008
Z99.5 FM WZPL - Indianapolis, IN - Smiley Morning Show 8/7/08
107.9 FM WLNK - Charlotte, NC – Bob & Sheri Show 8/7/08
105.1 FM - WOMX - Orlando, FL – Scott & Erica 8/7/08
94.3 WMJC - Long Island, NY – Morning Show
102.1 FM WMJC - Milwaukee, WI – 7/31/08 - Link in the “On Demand” Section

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Rick Springfield on the Radio & TB

According to a segment on Rick will air 8/21.
Check your listings here for the exact time it airs in your area:
(FYI-Extra is on in LA at 3pm because of the Olympics)

Also, another new radio interview:
WKTI 94.5 Milwaukee (click on the random tab)

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Rick Springfield To Appear On Nightline

According to Rick's official message board Rick's Nightline segment will air:
August 19, 2008
Check your local ABC listings.
(note: this was previously scheduled to air 8/15/08

TV listings for Rick Springfield


Sun Aug 24th 3:30est

Rick Springfield, the teen heartthrob who has sold over 17 million albums, is captured live in front of a sold-out concert at the legendary Coronado Theatre in Rockford, Illinois. Rick rips through a catalogue of 17 Top 40 hits from "Jessie's Girl", to "Affair of The Heart" and "Love Somebody". Turn up the volume and sit back and sing along with all the hits from the 80's.

Chelsea Lately
Aug 20th 12am est
(It appears they are re-airing this)
Find out if Rick Springfield ever got Jesse's girl when he stops by to talk about his new album, Venus in Overdrive. Comedian Sarah Colonna, gossip blogger Perez Hilton and comedian Josh Wolf.on the E! Network. In NY it airs at 11:30pm. Check your local listings on

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
VH1 Sat Aug 23rd 7pm est
(Jessie's Girl checks in at #20)

Upcomming Radio interviews with Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield is Back on the Big ‘80s for Labor Day
Sat 8/30 2:00 pm ET
Our good friend Rick Springfield, yes Dr. Noah Drake from TV’s General Hospital, is coming by the Big ‘80s to hang out with Mark Goodman. Rick has a brand new album called Venus In Overdrive. Listen as Rick plays tracks off the new CD and gets you caught up on his busy career.
Rebroadcast: Sat., Aug. 30th @ 9 pm ET; Sun., Aug. 31st @ 3 am & 5 pm ET; Mon., Sept. 1st @ 9 am & 7 pm ET.

Rick will be doing a 3 part interview with the legendary Logan on My106.1 (106.1 FM) in Philadelphia which will air on 8/21 between 7am and 8amTune in or listen online at:

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New Rick Springfield tour dates confirmed

The two MN tour dates are now being confirmed on
11.07.08 & 11.08.08
Onamia, MN
Grand Casino Mille Lacs Event

Rick Springfield's 2008 Birthday Fundraiser

With Rick's birthday fast approaching we thought we would share our 2008 Birthday Fundraiser info.

There is one cause this year we believe from the bottom of our hearts that Rick is pleased to have us donate to as our birthday gift to him. Rick has said many times in the past that in lieu of actual birthday gifts, he would prefer his fans donate to worthy causes. We agree with his wishes wholeheartedly, and therefore, have undertaken a grassroots fan-based charity drive to do just that. We hope it will generate a lot of support!
Note: The campaign runs from July 15, 2008 to August 31, 2008
What better way to give Rick a great birthday present, then to give to fellow Rick fan, Karen Pearson? Karen and her sister, Kriste Ruhland, are big fans of Rick’s, and he is a dear friend to them as well. Both Karen and Kriste have battled cancer the last few years. Karen is still struggling (Kriste is cancer free as this time), and continues to be in pain and fight the hard battle. You can read all about the amazing bond these sisters share by clicking on the link below for an article on them and what they are dealing with. You will be both amazed and inspired, of that we have no doubtIf you would like to contribute to Rick's bday fundraiser please click on the link below and read ALL instructions!

Awesome Rick Springfield Interview.

Check out this Awesome interview

With Rick Springfield .......


By: Will Harris (
Interview date: 07/29/2008
Run date: 08/11/2008

Don’t be hating on Rick Springfield…and don’t be writing him off as an ‘80s has-been, either. Those who haven’t followed his career any farther than his top-40 hits and MTV airplay may not be aware that, after the decade-long hiatus following the release of 1988’s Rock of Life, Springfield got back into the recording studio, putting out solid albums like Karma (1999) and shock/denial/anger/acceptance (2004). Now, he’s back with Venus in Overdrive, which may well be the best record he’s put out since his commercial heyday. We spoke to Springfield about his more recent material, his acting work (including “General Hospital” and the legendary 1984 film “Hard to Hold”),and what it’s like to play before audiences that are 70% female.

For the full article & interview go here:

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Rick Springfield in Billboard Magazine

Rick Springs Eternal
It's The '80s All Over Again
By Jonathan Cohen
Billboard, August 16, 2008

It may have been 20 years since his last big hit, but Rick Springfield is turning back the clock with his New Door debut, "Venus in Overdrive." The set enters at No. 28 on the Billboard 200, the best mark of his career, and with 16,000 units, constitutes Springfield's best sales week since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in 1991.
Although best remembered for '80s pop smashes like "Jessie's Girl," Don't Talk to Strangers," and "Love Somebody," Springfield has been recording and touring worldwide with regularity since breaking a decade long quiet period in 1997. But his albums have barely dented the chart: 1999's "Karma" peaked at No. 189 on the Billboard 200, while 2005's "The Day After Yesterday" topped out at No. 197.
So, New Door and parent company Universal Music Enterprises went right to work targeting his core, largely female fan base in the run up to "Venus," booking Springfield on "Good Morning America," CBS' "Early Show," "Live With Regis and Kelly" and "Fox and Friends" during release week. In addition, his February appearance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" reaired July 21, which Ume VP of Marketing Jeff Moskow says, "really goosed" album pre-orders at Amazon.
"The way we describe it is, he's been hitting the center of the bull's eye with his last couple of albums," Moskow says. "We want to get to those outer rings and be hitting those people who haven't bought one of his records in 20 years."
While some labels would shy away from Internet promotions for an artist who is nearly 60, Ume went the opposite route, sending out e-mail blasts via Springfield's Web site and using Push technology to unlock extra content once the new CD was inserted into a computer. Bonus tracks were also available via Best But and iTunes, and Amazon hosted a listening party and a track-by-track video from Springfield.
Further, fans were asked to submit photos of themselves with the artist, which were then included in the CD booklet. "We believe that helped drive some early interest," Moskow says. "They wanted to see themselves in the packaging."
"At New Door, what we try to do is sign artists with a catalog to exploit or an artist who has very active touring and fan bases," he continues. "We don't have Rick's catalog, but he's so connected with his fans that is seemed like a great opportunity."
Indeed, Springfield's base is so tuned in that, according to manager Rob Kos, tickets for his inaugural Rick Springfield and Friends cruise sold out "with no advertising whatsoever - we just let the fans know about it via our e-mail list, fan club and Web site." The cruise sails from Miami Nov. 14 and will feature performances (one of which will be an all-request show) and numerous opportunities to get up close and personal with Springfield.
The artist has tour dates booked through mid-October in support of "Venus." Kos says, "We do about 80 shows per year [but] we just do weekends. This way everyone can keep a semblance of a normal life and go home to their families.
For Moskow, it's all proof that consumers for Springfield's type of music haven't gone anywhere - they just needed a little reminder. "Rick made a great record, and the account bas really supported him," he says. "That's a great thing to have happen. He worked his butt off.

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Rick Springfield Radio Interviews

Here are a few radio interviews with Rick Springfield that you might want to check out!


Here is a fun one from 98.9 Kiss FM and Rick gets asked some new and different questions!

This one is from KS95 94.5 FM :

Another one from 99.1 WMYX in Milwaukee:

Here is one from 92.9 WJXA in Nashville:

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Rick Springfield in Soap Opera Digest

Soap Opera Digest 8/19/08 issue
On Sale Now!
Various mentions of Rick Springfield and a few pictures throughout.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Rave Reviews for Rick Springfield's Venus in Overdrive

This particular site has been pretty supportive of Rick's efforts in the past and even have done pod casts from his Clearwater shows and if you scroll down on the left side you can find past ones. Stuck in the 80's:

Rick Springfield in People Magazine online

People Magazine online article:
'80s Hearthrob Rick Springfield Is Back on the Charts
By Marisa Laudadio
Originally posted Sunday August 10, 2008 07:05 AM EDT
Rick Springfield Photo by: Dennis Van Tine

Eighties heartthrob Rick Springfield is back on the music scene with his highest charting album debut in more than 20 years. Springfield's 17th CD, Venus in Overdrive, came in at No. 28 on the Billboard charts this week. The Australian native, who found fame on General Hospital in 1980 and then followed withhis song hit "Jessie's Girl" in 1981, has sold more than 19 million albums over his career.
For the complete article:,,20217965,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

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Rick Springfield-Venus in Overdrive review

Another good review for Venus in Overdrive! If you haven't gotten your copy yet, what are you waiting for???

Rick Springfield: Venus In Overdrive CD Review
By Garrett Godwin

Venus in Overdrive is the latest from Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Rick Springfield. This CD took him and bassist Matt Bissonette an impressive 32 days to record. "It is an album about love in all its forms", Rick said, "and since Venus is the goddess of love, it's called Venus in Overdrive."

for the entire article click on the link below:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Singing for Sahara: Rick Springfield releases new CD with songs dedicated to Sahara AldridgeThursday, August 7, 2008 By James Samons
Rick Springfield is a busy man these days. After releasing a new album, "Venus in Overdrive," Springfield has been on morning shows, at radio stations and in interviews with loca entertainment journalists nonstop for weeks. (article and interview continues in the link below)

Rick Springfield TV Alert

Friday, Aug. 8
Find out if Rick Springfield ever got Jesse's girl when he stops by to talk about his new album, Venus in Overdrive. Comedian Sarah Colonna, gossip blogger Perez Hilton and comedian Josh Wolf.on the E! Network. In NY it airs at 11:30pm. Check your local listings on

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Rick Springfield-VIO Official Press Release

AUGUST 6, 2008
Grammy® winner Rick Springfield has secured his highest chart debut position in more than 20 years with his latest album, Venus in Overdrive. Coming in at No. 28 on the Billboard chart, Springfield’s first CD of all new material in almost 5 years is also his debut album on New Door Records/UMe. Within the first few days, the album had tremendous momentum and did well at all retailers, including iTunes and where it was among their Top 10 sellers. The singer was highly visible last week with a string of national television appearances including: “Good Morning America,” “Live with Regis and Kelly,” “The Early Show,” “FOX and Friends,” “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren,” “Entertainment Tonight” and the week before street date re-airing of “Oprah.” Springfield also returned to “General Hospital” in the recurring role as Dr. Noah Drake, as well as the rock star Eli Love who performed the current single, “What’s Victoria’s Secret?”

Comments Springfield, “ We worked really hard on these new songs and I haven't been this excited about a new record since the 80's. Yep, still call it a 'record'.

"Billboard magazine says Venus in Overdrive “demonstrates the strengths that keep Springfield in the game,” saying the album has “broad stylistic range and pure emotional energy.”

Says Jeff Moskow, Vice-President of Marketing, UMe, “Rick delivered a very strong rock record that not only appeals directly to his core fans but also engages new fans who discover him.“ Rick Springfield has sold over 19-million records and had 17 top 40 hits. He has released 17 albums over his career including Working Class Dog (#7 U.S., platinum), Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet (#2 U.S., Platinum), Living In Oz (#12 U.S., platinum), and Hard to Hold (#16 U.S., platinum). Springfield will be performing new songs and his classic hits during his summer tour. Fans should visit and check local listings for updated information.

Rick Springfield Radio Interview

Rick will be interviewed on the Bob & Sheri radio show tomorrow morning. The show is based in Charlotte, NC, but syndicated to a number of cities around the country. Here's a link to the affiliates map, so you can see if you live within the listening area of one of these stations - . Or you can listen live online by using this link - .
If you choose to listen on your local radio station, check the station's website to see when the show airs. In most cases, the show runs from 5 AM to 9 AM or 6 AM to 10 AM local time, with the interview scheduled to air sometime during the second hour of the show. If you listen online, the show runs from 6 AM to 10 AM EDT, with the interview scheduled to air around 7:00 AM EDT. If you miss the interview, it will be put up in the archives/audio clips section of Bob & Sheri's website sometime after it airs.

Rick Springfield's new release, Venus in Overdrive charts on Billboard!
Rick Springfield charges in at No. 28 with "Venus in Overdrive," giving the singer his best debut ever, as well as his highest charting album since 1985's "Tao" went to No. 21. The New Door set starts with 16,000 -- Springfield's best sales week since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in 1991.
And this little blurb from Rolling Stone: Debuts: Praise rockers Third Day led a relatively weak crop of debuts, selling 74,000 to lock up sixth place. The fourteenth installment of the venerable Kidz Bop series grabbed eight. System of a Down side project Scars on Broadway took 17 with their self-titled debut, Rick Springfield managed to claim 28 with his new album Venus in Overdrive and Alice Cooper’s Along Came a Spider crept in at 53.

We need to keep the momentum going! Start your Holiday shopping now! What a great stocking stuffer!

Rick Springfield's extra performance on GMA

Last week Rick & the guys appeared on Good Morning America. After the live show ended they taped a short interview and a performance of I'll Miss that Someday! Its now online for viewing!

Rick Springfield receives the key to the city!

Rick Springfield gets both key and pizza in Crown Point

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Venus in Overdrive" An Album Review

Here is a nice review

Of Rick Springfield's

Newest Release:

"Venus in Overdrive"


by Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Don't get fooled by the title of "What's Victoria's Secret?," the first song and single on Rick Springfield's Venus in Overdrive, his 14th or so studio album (depending if soundtracks to Mission Magic and Hard to Hold are counted). Despite its goofily punning title and tight, pulsating guitars that consciously recall "Jesse's Girl," the song does not herald a return to the power pop heyday of the '80s; once its giddy thrill wears away, it's clear that Venus in Overdrive is every bit the sequel to 2004's heavy-lifting Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance, its song cycle of the grief cycle not at all an anomaly among Springfield's post-fame albums. Ever since his father's death in the mid-'80s, Springfield has avoided the frivolous whenever he could, which has as much to do with his slow slide off the charts as it does any changing fashion. Once off the charts, Springfield had the freedom to dig deep, something he earned through a decade-long layoff in recording -- and since that 1999 comeback, Karma, he's tackled big issues like spirituality, life and death, and, now with Venus in Overdrive, love in its many guises, from the flesh to the soul. Heady stuff, but love is always a good subject for a pop song, and thankfully this doesn't shy away from pop hooks, dredging up his past on "What's Victoria's Secret?" and drifting toward a hazy psychedelia in "She," which recalls Lenny Kravitz as much as it does John Lennon (who surfaces again on the gorgeous "Nothing Is Ever Lost" and whose assassination is explicitly referred to in "3 Warning Shots"). Springfield has a knack for offhand allusions like this -- and not just references to older tunes, either; "Mr. PC" is as successful a Foo Fighters homage as possible -- and this helps give Venus a lightness to balance its topical heaviness, a trait not so evident on Karma or Shock and wholly welcome here as it keeps the record from feeling like a drag. Not that Springfield escapes his ponderous instincts -- his earnest quest for answers can result in a slab of arena rock on "One Passenger" and lead him to inadvertently borrowing a title from Rush on "Time Stand Still" -- but this is balanced by that gift for giant pop hooks plus a sweet generosity, crystallized in "Saint Sahara" and "Oblivious," two tributes to a young fan who has passed on. By letting all of his sides surface here, Springfield winds up with a satisfying album, as it gets to his sober nature without abandoning his fizzy gifts.

~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

New Tour Date for Rick Springfield

Unconfirmed tour dates:

Friday, October 17 at 8 pm
North Shore Music Theatre
Beverly, MA
Tickets on sale:
Aug 5th to Donors
Aug 6th to subscribers
Aug 7th to Everyone

Events & Convention Center
Grand Casino, MN
November 7 & 8, 20087:30 p.m.
General - $28, VIP - $35 On Sale - 09/04/08

Ticketmaster is listing a return to the Wildhorse Saloon, Nashville, TN Feb 13 & 14th 2009! With a ticket sale date of 8/6/08

Photo: Tresure Island, MN 2005
Lake County Fair –
Crown Point, IN 8/3/2008 –
review & picture by Darla Gerken

The grandstand venue was quite primitive, but we have to remember that it was a county fair. Chairs were set in front of the stage on dirt, though the grandstand looked quite new. Over the loud speakers, songs from Venus in Overdrive played, which was great for people who had not heard the new CD. While waiting for the show to begin, the crowd noticed a limo being escorted into the grandstand area. Of course, we all knew that Rick was making his grand entrance. The limo pulled up to the stage, cheers erupted, and Rick quickly exited, gave a quick wave and entered a small trailer to prepare for the show.

The intro music began and a lot of fans left their seats and moved directly in front of the stage. Not too cool for people who had front row seats, their seats were no longer “front row”. There were only a few “security people” so at that point concert attendees had the rein of the show.
Rick came out wearing a black sleeveless shirt and belted out Who Killed Rock and Roll.
Living In Oz came next; a couple times he stumbled over the words and started laughing. After the song he said, “It’s been a long week – 10 days straight”. Living in Oz was followed by Affair of the Heart, Alyson and I’ve Done Everything For You.

Rick stated he had a new CD and asked if we knew the name. The crowd yelled, “Venus in Overdrive”, which lead into What’s Victoria’s Secret. It was great to hear the crowd sing along and I’m sure it made Rick’s heart happy. The set list continued with Rock of Life and Crossroads, which lead into Don’t Talk to Strangers. When it came to the part about “how’s life in the big city”, he chuckled along with the crowd since Crown Point isn’t that large of a city. He had a few ladies sing and then asked a small boy named Payton to come up on the stage. Payton had a picture of him and Rick around his neck and Rick said, “I guess you’ve done this before”. He looked down at him and said “You look like me - brown hair and green eyes”. He asked how old he was and he answered seven years old. Rick made a comment about “Where was I seven years ago”? Bet his mother loved that!

The Medley, which is always a crowd pleaser was followed by Love Somebody. He remained on the stage for the whole song, unlike some concerts when he ventures into the crowd at this point. He stepped down the stage steps and asked for a cell phone, which had no reception, so he tossed it back to the owner and didn’t ask for another. At this point he tried to move into the crowd but since it was so congested at the front of the stage he could not get through. He moved back on the stage and sang My Generation. You could tell he really wanted to be out in the crowd because he paced from one side of the stage to the other. At one point, it looked like he was going to attempt it again, but did not leave the stage. That was kind of disappointing because there were rose bouquets waiting in fan’s hands, which he never got to explode. While singing Jessie’s Girl, Matt had a guest singing with him. An older gentleman was at the microphone, at first Rick did not notice, but when the crowd did, he glanced around, saw him singing and started laughing.
Rick left the stage after JG and returned for the encore wearing a WKRR t-shirt. I’ll Miss That Someday made the encore! The song is one of my favorites from the CD and it sounded great live. Before starting into Love is Alright Tonight, Rick said that the carnival ride movements in his view were making him want to throw up! All in all it was a great concert, but disappointing that he was not able to crowd surf.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Rick Springfield's Noah Drake gets some love in the afternoon!

General Hospital
August 4th 2008

Love in the afternoon!

Patrick is staring at Robin as she is walking down the hall. He gives him a curious look. He thinks she looks beautiful and sexy. They start to kiss, backing up into the supply closet, Robin bangs her head on the door as something is blocking it. Surprise! Who do they find? None other that Anna & Noah! Awkward is Anna's response.

Here comes the lecture
Anna ushers them into the supply closet and before the "kids" can lecture them she starts into them. She says that she and Noah are aware it makes our children uncomfortable. They are sorry about that, however, they are adults. Noah Says "We have been adults for a lot longer than you guys" and informs them that is his & Anna's business and no one else's. They wondered if we could live and let live? Robin pipes up "Sure" "No problem" Patrick says. The "kids" agree but the less they know about their adult relationship probably the better. Patrick wants to go find their own closet but of course Robin can't let it go. She wants to talk to her mother. "So you two brilliant Dr's go do something medical" and Patrick & Noah exit.

"Do not jump all over me" Anna says to Robin. "I know its none of by business" Robin says. But she has one question......"Are you really attracted to Noah? Or is it your residual feelings for Eli" (yes inquiring minds want to know????) Robin doesn't want to poke her noes into her personal life. "Really since when?" Anna says looking like a kid in trouble with her mother. Anna has nothing to be ashamed of she tells Robin. Robin points out she was just hurt by Eli. Noah looks a lot like him and now she is getting hot & heavy with him. It seems like a rebound. Anna explains she has always been attracted to Noah and got waylaid by the whole Eli/rock star thing. Robin isn't buying it. Anna realizes how worthless it was. Realizing she could have been spending time with Noah and getting to know him. He is perfect for her to tries to convince Robin. He's handsome, smart, funny. We get each other. It really weirds Robin out but if Anna is happy she is happy.

Aren't you curious?
Meanwhile, the boys, Patrick & Robin are at the nurses station. Patrick tries to give Noah a chart and he tells him to knock it off. "Come on" he says to Patrick "What?" Patrick says innocently. "The suspense is killing me, I know you have some judgement about Anna & my relationship. So come on, lets hear it" Patrick asks "You actually want to hear what I think about your love life?" "No, but It's like a hundred lb gorilla standing between us, so bring it on" Noah says.
Patrick: "OK, I think Anna is Amazing" he gets the attraction. Shes a spy, Patrick reminds Noah. She's not ordinary. He is afraid Noah is biting off more than he can chew. Noah asks Patrick if he thinks he is going to fall harder for Anna than she is so consequently he will dive back into the bottle? Noah continues, "let me set your mind at ease. My sobriety is my responsibility, not your, its not Anna's" OK, Patrick says. "Really?" Noah says with utter surprise. "Your life, your choice" Patrick says "I wish you well" he tells Noah. "I will take that wish Son." Noah says to Patrick with a big smile on his face. A curious expression on Patrick face he responds with "Your welcome Dad"

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rick Springfield in ABC Soaps In Depth

ABC Soaps In Depth
Aug 11th issue-on sale now!
There is a picture & blurb about the Eli Love concert as well as a full page article about Anna/Eli/Noah in the Hottest Stories section. Get your copy today.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rick Springfield's new album preview on Clear Channel websites

According to Rick's official message board:
Clear Cannel Radio is previewing VIO on station web sites across the country. Here is the participating station list (below).How to get there remotely without having to search all over: Locate the web site for any of the stations listed below using Google to search on the Call Letters (ex. a search on WLIT FM shows that the station's web site is, so simply insert 1067litefm into the the link below where is says DOMAIN to create the link access the preview. In the example, the resulting web address would be:

Click here for complete station listing:;f=1;t=6904

Friday, August 1, 2008

Rick Springfield rocks Port Charles article

Other than the fact that they get the album name incorrect its a pretty good piece and they include the youtube clip to the Eli Love performance from July 29th.
note: they fixed the album title!

Rick Springfield: Back In Overdrive

Check Out The Great New Interview
With Rick On

The interviewer talks with Rick about the new album, the upcoming tribute album and what keeps him fit and ticking after all these years in the business.

And Another Interview Worth Checking Out Can Be Found At :

Rick Springfield on Fox & Friends

The after show clip is up on Fox & Friends website.