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Flashback Friday

Go-Set November 20, 1971
"I'm Two Different People"

When I think back on the few occasions I've met Rick Springfield at the occasional pop reception or party, I've never seen him speak more than a few words.
With Speak to the Sky raising a storm on the charts and a contract with America's Capitol Records, Rick has a lot happening. However, the thought of interviewing him seemed a tough one: I imagined that getting a few words out of him would be like pulling a wisdom tooth.
Luckily, that wasn't the case. Rick readily admists that he's shy, but he can talk intelligently and enthusiastically on any subject.
He's one of the few people in business who seems genuinely unaffected by the several scenes he has been trhough. At 22 he has had a very chequered past and probably has an even more exciting future ahead. "I first became interested in music by miming Shadows records, using a tennis racquet as a guitar", he says. (continued)

Rick Springfield in Melbourne

Rick Springfield
Countdown Spectacular 2
Melbourne, Australia
Rod Laver Arena
By Rebecca Cruchley

After waiting for months, it was Melbourne's turn for the Countdown Extravaganza and what a show it was!!! Joining me and my Rick mates Michelle, Tracie and Caralyn (plus two partners) who came from all parts of Australia, we made our way to the 2nd row with personalised SDAA tshirts, roses and signs. We were told on the night that the Melbourne concert was the only concert that was going to be taped for the DVD special, so there were heaps of cameras and felt that we had to be on our best behaviour, but being loyal Rick fans that wasn't to be once Rick came on!! LOL!!! The concert was hosted by the efferversent Mr Ian "Molly" Meldrum who also originally hosted the Countdown tv shows back in the 1970's and 80's. But as much as all the performers were really, really good it was a very long three hours to wait for Rick!!! LOL!!! Finally .... Rick comes on after a very glowing introduction from Molly and he starts off with "Affair of the Heart". We go wild and he immediately sees us and smiles and then I can't take it anymore and lucky I know the people in front of me in row 1 who lets us through and we head to the stage. He then sings "Don't Talk to Strangers" and keeps looking down at us and by this stage heaps of people have done the same thing and crowds the stage. Rick goes off and is so enjoying himself (likewise) he then sings "Speak to the Sky". I look out into the crowd and everyone is on their feet dancing away, not a single person is sitting which is absolutely brilliant. Of course the finale song is "Jessie's Girl" and the place errupts but I was surprised to see that Rick stayed only in the centre part of the stage the whole time. He eventually did give the microphone to a few people to yell out JG and he did go out to the front of the stage for a few minutes but quickly went back on stage to finish the song. I think the stage was not equipped for Rick on the night to go "wandering" like he normally does with DTTS so he was confined to the stage. Rick comes back onto the stage for the finale of Countdown with the other performers to do "My Generation" but Rick keeps a low profile playing guitar towards the back near Rodger on the drums. All in all, it was a magical night and it was so surreal to see Rick back in Melbourne.
How Good Is Rick Springfield?
by Paul Cashmere - August 31 2007
photo by Ros O'Gorman
Believe it or not, Rick Springfield's current Australian tour as a part of Countdown Spectacular 2 is the very first time the pop star/actor has toured his native Australia and guess what … he was fantastic.
Springfield was the headline act for Countdown Spectacular 2 and gave the audience a rock show complete with a smashing guitar and decapitated roses.
The real surprise was how powerful the performance was, leading to many a question today about when and if he will ever do his own shows in his own country.
Springfield opened with a tsunami charged version of 'Affair of the Heart', went into 'Don't Talk To Strangers', performed his 1971 solo hit 'Speak To The Sky' and finished with the signature song 'Jessie's Girl'.
For Springfield fans in his adopted USA, he finally performed a song on his soap opera General Hospital. Rick played two characters in the show last week, Eli Love, Rock Star and his regular Dr. Noah Drake.
In the show, Eli is told he will never perform again. Dr Drake steps in and pretended to be Drake so that the concert could go ahead.
Eli/Noah performed 'Who Killed Rock 'n' Roll' in the show. The song will feature on Rick's next album, due in 2008.
original article source:

Sunday, August 26, 2007

TV Listings for Rick Springfield

I'm sure there is withdrawal going on after all the screen time that Rick got on GH so here are a few things to get you through it.

13 Going on 30
Fox Friday, Aug 31st 8pm est
Teen comedy in the "Big" vein, with geeky Jenna waking up the day after her 13th birthday as a 30-year-old and discovering her life is not what she'd expected. Stars Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Kathy Baker.
While Rick does not act in this movie, the main charater, Jenna has a huge crush on him and the Jessie's Girl video and song is featured in this move. (if you buy the dvd, the Jessie's Girl video is included in the extras)

Dying to Dance

Directed by Mark Haber. Starring Kimberly McCullough, Mary-Margaret Humes, Rick Springfield, Natalija Nogulich, Les Porter, Mimi Kuzyk.

Anorexia afflicts an ambitious teenage ballerina who's overwhelmed by competitive stress and parental pressure. Romantic discord adds a further complication. 107 minutes- NR, USA, 2001,

Sun Sep 2 09:18A on Lifetime Movie Network

Biography-Linda Blair

A profile of Linda Blair, best known for her role in the thriller “The Exorcist.” Among those commenting: William Friedkin; Rick Springfield. 60 minutes- TV-G, USA, 2003, (CC)

Tue Sep 4 09:00A on Biography Channel
Tue Sep 4 03:00P on Biography Channel
Wed Sep 5 04:00A on Biography Channel

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rick Springfield ROCKS Port Charles!

Talk about going out with a bang! OK, the vocals are still out, Noah looks back stage where Eli is in his wheelchair with head set ready to go. You can see Matt & Derek in the background. Patrick runs over to the crew. "Whats the problem?" "Audio glitch" "Fix it!" He goes back to Robin freaking out that his father is out there on stage alone. Everyone is going to find out he is a sham he is sure. The band starts tuning up (Kudos to GH for giving Rick REAL band some screen time and several closeups!) and Anna runs out on stage to save the day. "I know your all super anxious to see the fabulous Eli Love, but your going to have to wait a tad longer because I'm not through with him yet" and pulls him into a kiss. Eli smiles at them from the stage side. Robin wants to know why her mother is kissing Noah on stage. "She's vamping, she's actually quite good at it" Patrick explains, impressed. The long wet kiss, wait, that's they lyrics to the song. LOL The kiss ends and Anna realizes they need more time. So she starts to thank "The man of the hour" for donating his time & talent to LIFEBeat. She then explains that she is the mother of a daughter living with HIV (near tears). She talks about HIV, education and prevention for a few minutes. This journey were all on she says is gonna end in a cure! With that Noah hugs her and we see an impressed Eli clapping from the side.

Show time

The crew tells Patrick & Eli "The mike's on people!" and Eli gives Noah & Anna the sign its a go. Anna tells Noah "It's now or never". Eli checks the head set, gives the band the signal and we are off! "Who killed Rock & Roll" full force. I don't really think I can do this justice but I will try. lol It was pure Rick on that stage. Patrick, Robin, Anna, Epiphany and Eli are all on stage side rocking out. All totally enjoying it. We flash a few times to Eli singing in the head set but the music is totally coming from the mike Noah is singing into no doubt. We pretty much get the full song, minus a few choruses of WKRR. The band even got several well deserved close ups throughout. I have to say it was like seeing Rick live! He even gave someone the "eyes" as Rick is known to do to someone in the front row. Signature moves were aplenty. Eli from the sidelines looked like he was really enjoying it too. Oh go watch the video clip! LOL ELI ELI ELI was the response when he was done! "Thank you Port Charles, good night" No, thank you Rick, for a great month of GH!

The high
Noah leave a chanting crowd and grabs Anna for another kiss as they head back stage to see the waiting group. Noah asks Eli what he thought "You were great, your moves were almost as good as mine, almost (with a laugh)" Noah: "Well, I'll take that as high praise from Cesar!" Patrick & Robin are both impressed as well and let Noah know. Eli continues "A lot of people weren't disappointed who were counting on me, if you ever need anything all you have to do is shout out ok?" Noah "I will".

More bonding
Patrick & Noah share a moment alone and Patrick asks him "So how does it feel?" "Oh man, it's so much higher than alcohol ever made me feel. I take back every criticism I ever said about Eli Love & his music" an elated Noah says. Patrick says it probably isn't going to end soon. Noah says he doesn't want to come down, as a matter of fact, he is going to call Eli and tell him if he ever needs him to stand in for him he up for it and goes off to call him. He leaves Patrick with that familiar look of concern.

The sweet goodbye
Back on an empty stage, crowd gone, Patrick, Robin and Anna gather. Noah doesn't want the night to end. They hear a helicopter and Noah thinks its Eli's being sent for him, no such luck. It's for Anna. She just got a call for an assignment to London. Time to say goodbye. She hugs "handsome" (Patrick) and tells him to take care of her little girl, looks at Robin and then turns to Noah, looking sweetly at him. A sweet goodbye kiss follows. He's not saying goodbye. "We don't say goodbye in the music business" "What do we say?" asks Anna. "I don't know, I tell you next time" (could we see them together again someday??) "You be good" she says as she looks at him longingly and turns and walks off with Robin for a private goodbye. Left with Patrick, Patrick says that was some kiss, you just keep surprising me. "Well, I learned a lot walking in Eli Loves shoes this last couple of weeks" Noah explains. "Such as?" Patrick asks him. "Take your life off hold, find your dream and hold onto it. Live life Eli Love style" Noah says. "Ah, groupies & rap sheets" Patrick teases. "Whatever goes with it" a smiling, laughing happy Noah says and he hugs his son!

If ever there was a day to call the GH comment line, today is it!

General Hospital - Who Killed Rock N' Roll

Direct Link to YouTube

Flashback Friday

Rick Springfield - Hide in His Suitcase
Imagine the surprised look on Rick Springfield's adorable Aussie face when - off on an exciting rendezvous in the fabulous European cities of London, Paris and Madrid - he opens up his suitcase and out pops YOU! Sound incredible? Well, read on, li'l world traveler and find out just what it could be like!

It's 8:30 am and Rick's plane is just landing at London's huge Heathrow Airport. Through customs and into the city you go - with Rick for a guide! It's going to be an unforgettable trip! First, you're off to see Buckingham Palace, where the Queen of England lives. there's a beautiful little park across the street where Rick and you eat a picnic lunch. Rick ten whisks you away to see the Changing of the Guard, the House of Parliament, Big Ben, the Tower of London and Mme. Tussaud's Was Museum! And of course, you couldn't leave London without a few trips to the famous London theatre in the evenings. It's all so exciting - Rick spends a few days taping an English rock 'n roll TV show and you sit in and watch. Much as Rick loves London and the hectic pace of this city, he decides that your next destination should be.......

Another Gusworld Report! Sydney 8/24/07

Another report from Angus over at Gusworld. He's been the best (and almost only source) for the shows over there, so be sure to comment in his blog and let him know how much you appreciate it!

In addition to his blog report, he sent on this comment:
Rick does indeed participate in the finale -- he doesn't have any solo singing lines, but he does do the main guitar solo. (Makes sense -- his guitar would still be wired up from his own performance -- and he does a great job, naturally.)
All the audiences have loved Rick, but I think Sydney has been his best crowd so far.

Read the full blog report here.
(Photo from Brisbane 8/21/07
by Angus Kidman)

2008 Tour dates for Rick Springfield

Looks like Rick will make his way back to the East Coast in March!!!

New Brunswick, NJ
State Theater
ACCESS-RS Ticket Presale TBA

Atlantic City, NJ
The Borgata
ACCESS-RS Ticket Presale TBA

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ET Canada

Here's a piece from Entertainment Tonight Canada. Jason Thompson is interviewed and there are clips from this week's GH.

Rock Star to the rescue!

We pick up from yesterday with Anna & Noah sitting on the stage stairs drinking tea. Anna is blaming herself for the accident. Patrick, Anna & Robin are all talking around Noah as he sits there not speaking. What to do? That is the question of the day. Concerts in an hour Patrick reminds them. Anna says his vocal cords will be all right (a little hint of panic in her voice). "Not if they are seriously bruised" Robin states. Anna says "Can we look on the bright side here?" Patrick accuses Noah of trying to get out of performing. Patrick "they are paying to see Eli love not some brain surgeon wanna be Rock Star" Anna says that's not the case, he's over the stage fright she insists and she reassures him once again he will be fine. Noah just nods not looking convinced. Anna asks him if he can pull it off? Noah nods again and croaks that he will give it a shot. After hearing him, Anna declares its time for plan B!

Plan B

At General Hospital we find Epiphany pushing Eli (who is wearing a bathrobe) in a wheelchair. She tells him he is doing very well, days ahead of his recovery schedule. "Must be all that good clean living darlin" Eli says with a smile. He wants to know when he can "bust" out of the hospital. Epiphany asks him if he can walk? No. Can he stand? No, not yet. "Don't waste my time with ridiculous questions" she tells him. "I need to party a little more Nurse Johnson" he flirts with her. "Your trying to dazzle me with your rock star pedigree...." she is cut off by the frantic arrival from the elevator of Robin & Anna. "Good your here" Anna says and leans down and kisses him (oops, that's not Noah! LOL), to which a surprised but very happy Eli smiles. She realizes what she did "Wow I just kissed you". Epiphany scolds her, he is recovering from brain surgery! She is still in shock from what she did and Robin tells her to focus! Snap out of it Anna! Forgetting that it was the "real Eli" she becomes flustered and start to tell him about seeing his concert in Dubai. Anna said she went on stage .... apologizes for what she did to security. All of a sudden he remembers her, the dress, "Your the black dress!" he says laughing. "Mom, the concert!!!" Robin yells at her. Anna snaps "Shouldn't you be healing someone or something? Finally getting to the point Anna tells him that they have a problem with the LIFEBeat concert. She tries to continue but Eli interrupts. "Wait a minute, let me guess. Your Dr. friend has cold feet" looking none to happy. Well, no, he is over that she says. Robin butts in and tells him he fell. Anna explains that he can barley talk, the concert sold out, they raised so much money. Eli proclaims "I can't disappoint all these people!" No Anna agrees. "Then Eli Love is who they will get!" Eli insists. As he tries to get up Nurse Epiphany comes charging out from the nurses station. "No they won't!" "Not tonight they won't. To get out of this hospital you will have to get through me!" A stunned Anna & Robin look on.

Begging & Pleading

Anna takes Epiphany to the side and explains that if Eli doesn't sing, the concert will be cancelled. She pleads with her. Epiphany says she can't risk her job for a Rock & Roll star that partied himself into brain surgery. Eli yells over that he is much better now. Anna asks for Robin's help. Robin tells them that Patrick will sign off on this, she promises. In the mean time she is issuing a temporary release. Epiphany says temporary insanity is more like it. Eli pipes in and says to Epiphany: "Hey, hey, I can get you a backstage pass, all access" Anna all starry eyed says "Isn't he fabulous?" "Girl the man can't even stand up" Epiphany says. "I can" Eli tries and falls back into the chair. Anna rushes over "listen just leave this to me"

The show must go on!

Back at the venue, Patrick is trying to hold it together and stall. The concert organizer wants to know where Eli is. Patrick tells her they expect Eli to be late (Rick time anyone?) He should be out there pitching LIFEBeat she insists as the crowd chants Eli, Eli. He better not be too drunk to perform she adds. Patrick says he will take care of it. As Patrick makes his way on stage you can see Derek, Matt & Rodger. George was off to the side a little to far I think. Patrick grabs the mike and asks the crowd if they are ready for ELI LOVE!!!! He will be out in a second. Patrick welcomes them to the "Very first Eli Love Benefit Concert!" (Does that mean there will be more??) Patrick gives the history of LIFEBeat ( Then he says "Are you guys ready for a little Eli Loving?" Yeah the crowd roars. Noah as Eli walks on stage. "Ladies & Gentlemen, Mr Eli Love!" Patrick announces.

Houston, we have a problem

Next thing you know Noah is running down the stage stairs. "I'm sorry" Noah says to Patrick. He says "No, you tired" Just as Anna, Robin and Epiphany pushing the real Eli in a wheelchair come backstage. Anna assures them "it's all under control!" Patrick looks at Eli, "You didn't" Epiphany says "I tried to tell them" Robin insists Eli is fine. Eli tells them to get him out there! Noah looks on during all this. Anna tells him no one wants to see him in a wheelchair. Patrick says he can't even stand. Anna says no problem! We can work with what we have. They all kinda look at her like she is crazy. Her plan turns out to be that Noah will just have to play the guitar, act the part and Eli will do the rest. Next thing Noah is back on stage, the group is standing on stage to the side with Eli sitting in the chair, head set on. Noah asks the crowd if they are ready. 1,2,3 Eli gives the band the cue to start. You hear Rodger's drums and then NOTHING! Eli points at the head set, Noah looks at Eli. The guy from the stage crew runs up and tells them they lost the vocals. We end with Noah standing at the mike, lights shining in his face.

Preview for tomorrow-The roadie tells them the mikes back on people! Eli gives Noah the cue, cut to Rodger playing the drums and then to Noah front and center!

Countdown Spectacular 2 - trickling in

Not a lot of news so far about the shows in Australia. A few more brief items regarding the show in Brisbane.

Gusworld (which has been our best source so far) has posted pictures from the Brisbane show (there is one picture of Rick further down on the page).

Here is a small mention about the Brisbane show.

And here are a few misc articles with brief mentions:

Happy Birthday Rick Springfield!

Happy 58th Birthday Rick Springfield!

It's hard to believe this rock icon is a member of AARP and is nearly 60 years old! Holy ageless rock star batman! This year, Rick is spending his birthday in the land down under, touring with other Aussie legends in the Countdown Spectacular 2 tour. American fans don't have to fret about a lack of RS here in the states though...Rick's appearances as Noah Drake impersonating rocker Eli Love air today and tomorrow on the ABC Soap General Hospital. Tune in or set your DVR to see how it all shakes out, and to hear Rick's new single, "Who Killed Rock 'N Roll".

Are you a die hard RS fan? Was your first thought this morning that it was your idol's birthday? Come dish with other fans about your plans for the day, or your wacky ways of celebrating August 23 in the past over at the RSNet message board! You're not the only one who doesn't let this day pass unnoticed!

Happy Birthday, Rick!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Father/Son bonding and more

The Stage is set, LIFEBeat's banner is hung & the Band's (Rick's real band!) equipment is ready to go. Full run of emotions on today's jam packed episode.

Sound Check

Robin & Anna are hanging out on the stage waiting for the boys. Anna: "Nothing I like better then front row seat, backstage passes. I know I'm a groupie what can I say?" (Sound familiar? LOL) Robin compliments Anna on all her hard work transforming Noah. Noah worked really hard too she reminds Robin. Patrick appears and Anna asks him what he thinks as he takes it all in. "It's amazing" "Wait till you see your Dad up here" she tells him. Noah slowly and hesitantly enters the stage from the back. Anna walks to meet him and he kisses, yes kisses her, not a huge kiss but a nice one. He ventures over to Patrick & Robin. "So you ready for your big debut?" Patrick asks. Noah looks nervous. "Actually, um, change of plans, I won't be going on tonight" (He has that same unsure, insecure look he had when he first came back to GH in Dec 05).

Same old story

They all follow Noah down the stage stairs backstage. Patrick jumps right on Noah "There you go Anna, your hardworking, pseudo rock star is bailing at the last minute". Anna remains calm and very comforting throughout the fight. Anna assures Noah its just stage fright, as soon as he is on stage he will be fine. Noah insists "I won't be performing! I'm NOT a rock star, I'm a Neurosurgeon, I'm sorry" Patrick rages at him. "What about all the money LIFEBeat raised with ticket sales? They will have to give it all back, the PR campaign, Eli's own reputation?" Anna, the rock among them assures them "He's not quiting" "He's not??" Patrick accuses. "Welcome to my world" Patrick says. As Robin tries to calm him down, telling him not to take it personally, Noah comes to life: "It all about Patrick. Every perceived flaw I have is a personal affront to my son. Another reason for him to be disappointed in his old man" Patrick comes back with: "You gave me a lifetime of practice" and he continues to argue with Noah. Calling him a coward and telling him this is exactly what he had expected. An upset and disappointed Patrick walks off and Robin goes after him.

Tea & Sympathy

Anna & Noah are drinking tea sitting on the backstage stairs. He apologizes for backing out, for all her hard work and says he will make a sizable personal donation to LIFEBeat to make up for it. She tells him "Why don't you try to figure out why your son just laid into you" "I'm used to that, my son is nothing if not unforgiving. I don't really take it to heart anymore" (yeah right) Anna: "Since when?" He opens up to Anna, telling her when is wife died on the operating table he blamed himself, his response was to become a pathetic drunk. She tells him that grief does that sometimes. She offers her own experience with Robin's childhood. The difference she tells him is that she refused to accept the distance and to be the very best Mom she could be in the present to her adult child and luckily Robin accepted her.

Poor Me

Back at the hospital Robin tells Patrick that they both have emotional baggage where their parents are concerned, his Mom died, she thought hers did. Whats your point? he wants to know. Well maybe a case of stage fright is just that she explains to him. Patrick of course disagrees. When it got real he bailed. She points out how quick he is to judge his father. Patrick insists Noah made a commitment! He doesn't want to fail, so that gives him an excuse to hate himself and start drinking again. Robin tries to talk Patrick into giving him the benefit of doubt.

For a Son's love?

Noah & Anna are back on the stage, walking around. He asks her "You really think if I get up here and do this, my son will suddenly respect me?" "I don't know. It's worth a try" she tries to convince him. He doesn't look convinced. Anna tries to work her magic in a subtle, caring way. He's not exactly like Eli, that would insult both their careers but your definitely good enough to pass. She sets the stage for him. He tells her the thought of performing to a live audience makes him want to dive head first into a bottle of vodka. Anna asks him if he could do it if Patrick's life were in the balance? He thinks for a second and says "Yeah, I'd have to" "What about his love?" She asks tenderly. She adds "If you do this it might just change things for you"

What we have been waiting for! (no, not the concert LOL)

Patrick & Robin head back to the concert area looking for their parents. "I guess we are too late" Patrick says to Robin. "Too late for what?" Noah asks ask he and Anna come down from the stage. Robin is surprised to see him still there asks him how he feels. "Oh tea does wonders for a singers voice" (shades of Rick there?) and he walks over to Patrick. Patrick asks him point blank if he is going to go on? Noah says he is going to give it one hell of a shot. Patrick finally truly apologizes to his father for his rant earlier. (Get the tissues ready!) Noah replies with: "Can I ask you something?" Patrick: "Yeah" Noah: "Did you really become a surgeon because of me?" A very nice father/son moment with Anna & Robin looking on. Patrick comes through for his Dad. "Are you kidding? Of course!" Noah: "How did I miss that?" Father & Son finally bond. Patrick continues opening up to Noah. He tells him that when he was a kid and he didn't show up for events he would tell the other kids his Dad was busy saving lives. It was like having his own personal superhero. Noah finally says the words Patrick has been waiting his whole life to hear "I'm proud of you Patrick".

What can happen next??

Patrick & Robin share a kiss and she tells him she is proud of him. In the background you hear Anna yell be careful!. Cut back to the stage where Noah is on the ground with Anna next to him (trying to get it off? Looked like she was pushing into him???) and there is a mike stand across his throat. Patrick & Robin come running over Are you all right? What happened? Did he hit his head? No head injury. Anna explains he tripped over the mike stand and the gear cases fell on him. Robin asks if he is in pain, no. He starts to get up clutching his throat. He thinks he hurt his throat. Uh oh! "Your joking right? You can sing can't you?" Anna asks? A hacking coughing Noah shakes his head. Anna asks them "What do we do now?"............

Previews for tomorrow: Patrick-This concert starts in an hour! Anna-Can you pull this off? Noah-On stage ready to rock????

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Countdown Spectacular 2 - Night 2

Angus at the Gusworld Blog has a report from the 2nd night of the Countdown Spectacular. Apparently Rick went into the audience during Jessie's Girl instead of DTTS and they've replaced the finale with My Generation (gee, I wonder if Rick had anything to do with that? - at least he knows the words!)
Click here for the full review of the show.

Also at there are some pictures of each of the acts from the first night's performance. Rick is on the second page (Rick apparently swiped Eli's accent, but not his wardrobe. Damn!) . Click here for pictures. (Rick is on the 2nd page)

Rick in Australia on Today

Rick was interviewed on Australian "Today".

The video can also be found on this website:

Look under "Celebrity Gossip" then Rock n Roll Legend

Monday, August 20, 2007

Rick Springfield - Entertainment Tonight 8/20

Here is the clip from Entertainment Tonight, from the set of General Hospital, with clips from the Who Killed Rock N Roll performance.

Northwest Afternoon 8/20

Finola Hughes did a phone interview on Northwest Afternoon today. She talks about Rick and there is a clip of the Who Killed Rock N Roll performance at the end.

Rick Springfield - On the Newsstands

Lots of press coverage regarding the Rick Springfield performance on General Hospital this week. Mentions are made in the following Magazines:

TV Guide 8/18 - small article about Rick on GH, includes picture

Us Weekly 8/27 - small blurb on Rick performing on GH includes picture. article is online here.

Entertainment Weekly 8/24 - Blur on Rick performing on GH, includes picture.

Soap Opera Digest 8/28 - cover story, article/interview and Highlight of the Week.

Soap Opera Weekly 8/28 - small story about Rick performing on GH

Still available is the ABC Soaps In Depth that was in the blog last week.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rick Springfield SoapNet promo for 8/23 and 8/24

Check out the SoapNet promo for this week's episode of General Hospital when Rick Springfield will perform.

Gusworld Blog - Countdown Spectactur 2

Countdown Spectacular 2, Newcastle: Medleys, momentum and missed opportunities
by Angus Kidman

Rick Springfield, ‘Affair Of The Heart’, ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’, ‘Speak To The Sky’, ‘Jessie’s Girl’: With his own drummer but otherwise using the house band, Springfield was an energetic and consummate performer, and as an exiled Aussie, neatly brought together the two conceptual havlves of the show. Even he seemed a bit surprised at doing ‘Speak To The Sky’ (a song so old it predates countdown), and I’d like to see it ditched for ‘I’ve Done Everything For You’. During ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’, Springfield jumped into the crowd and got several women to sing into the microphone. ‘Jessie’s Girl’ is an unbeatably good climax, and as a headliner Springfield craps all over Sherbet.
Last year, as an ending we got a medley with all the acts on stage doing Aussie rock classics, but this time around it was just an instrumental version of ‘Walking On Sunshine’, which was something of an anti-climax.
On the whole, a pleasing show, with less of an unpleasant 70s bias than last year. I really wish they wouldn’t cut so many verses in non-medley songs, and I suspect there’ll be a little tweaking of the order before I next see the show in Brisbane. More Sharon is unlikely, alas, but I really do think a finale is needed.
(printed with permission)
Click here for the full review of the entire Countdown Spectacular.

Rick is Rockin TV this week!

Eli Love week kicks off this week on General Hospital and to start it off ET is interviewing Rick!

Entertainment Tonight
Almost Sixty!

According to promo's run this weekend ET will interview Rick about his Eli Love concert this week. ET is syndicated so check your local listings or the ET website to find the time that it will air in your area. or for local listings

VH 1 loves to repeat this one! Catch Jessie's Girl coming in at #20

The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)

Wed Aug 25th 8pm est VH1

General Hospital


LIFEBeat Benefit concert staring Eli Love!

The long awaited Eli Love concert will air this week on GH. TV listings show the concert on Aug 24th, but you may want to tune in on the 23rd (Rick's bday) as well since you never know if they will start the kick off for the show that day. Spoilers also indicate that he will be on several days this week so you might just want to watch, record the whole week. You can also check back here for daily recaps on the days Noah or Eli appear.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome Home Rick Springfield!

Rick Springfield
Countdown Spectacular 2
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Newcastle Entertainment Centre
August 18, 2007
Review by Wendy Gibb

The audience gasp of excitment as Rick and band came into view on the revolving podium on stage summed up his return to Australia after a 30 year absence. His first chord played with a bunch of roses in hand had everyone entranced. To be there and feel the energy was incredible. I caught one of Rick's shows in Milwaukee in 2005 (yes, I did the sound check meet and greet - hey I'd waited 30 years to see him play) and was impressed with his professionalism and sense of fun. Both these attributes stood out at tonights show. Rick was the last act in a 3 hour '70's & '80's music show. All the acts were kept to one or two songs except Glen Shorrock, Beeb Birtles (who was in Zoot with Rick) and Graeme Goble from the Little River Band who did a medley of their hits preceding Rick....and Rick who played a medley of three songs and Speak to the Sky. During Don't Talk to Strangers he jumped from the stage - a mean feat in itself - and played with members of the audience singing a long. This took everyone by joyous surprise. The show finished with Rick and the entire auditorium singing Jesse's Girl. Fabulous, fabulous show.
As an aside - I wore my Shock Denial Anger Acceptance Tour T Shirt to which he acknowledged with a grin (yeah I know small things and all...). Made my night! I saw Ronnie and thought I should reintroduce myself but was struck down by a bout of shyness. The chatter amongst show goers in the foyer where they were selling merchandise was intersting to over hear. Keep in mind that most of the attendees haven't heard of Rick for many many years. "Oh, I remember Rick Springfield. I love him. I loved Jessie's Girl" You get the picture.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Rick Springfield on Entertainment Tonight

Rick Springfield will be interviewed on Entertainment Tonight on Monday, August 20th. The story seems like it will focus on Rick singing on General Hospital. Here is a preview of that interview:

Flashback Friday - Welcome Home Ricky Springfield!

This week's flashback is an Ad that appeared in GoSet Magazine on 6/17/72. We thought this was fitting for this week, since Rick is returning to Australia 35 years later, to perform as a Solo Artist.

Also this week, we've added some Flashback Video over on With the passing of Merv Griffin this week, we've added one of Rick's appearances from the Merv Griffin show - October 2, 1981. Coincidentally, he appears with fellow Australian, Olivia Newton-John. Click here to go to Flashback Video.

More 2008 Tour Dates

Just announced on

Riverside, IA
Riverside Casino
ACCESS-RS Ticket Presale TBA

Lancaster, PA
American Music Theater
ACCESS-RS Ticket Presale TBA

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rick Springfield - on the radio

Rick did (at least) 3 radio interviews last week, promoting his live concerts.

The first was on FREE FM 97.1 Detroit. The DJ's seem somewhat disinterested and pretty unpreprared. Here is a recap of the interview:

Don't worry if you missed missed NOTHING new. In fact, you missed the 3 DJ's (Jay Towers, Bill McCallister & Shila) making fun of Rick after he was off the line. It was a very poor interview, based on the fact that these 3 clowns knew nothing about Rick, and asked some of the most stupid questions I've ever heard asked of him. They had no idea on any dates for anything....all they knew was JG and GH info....and I'm not even sure they knew he was back on GH currently, all they asked him about was when he was on in the 80's. Considering they waited most of the afternoon, they could've researched a bit. On the air, they played some JG clips from You Tube, and a little bit of his Emmy performance. They did mention the Christmas album.... When Rick finally called in (the producer said his publicist said he was doing other interviews) he said he was on his way to LAX. They asked him where he was going, and he had no idea. They did say then that he'll be in Detroit on Friday. They asked him about GH, and about working with Elizabeth Taylor. (? Yeah, I was wondering as well) Rick totally avoided mentioning her, and said that he took the job in the 80's because he was in-between recording contracts. Shila then told him she had no idea the story behind JG.... (!) and so Rick gave them the stained glass class, Gary's Girl story. Shila then did mention she read that he was going back to Australia, and that he hadn't toured there since 1972. He started to reply about the Countdown concerts, and his phone started cutting out really bad. He talked a bit about the Christmas Album, and how it was harder to write a Christmas song than he thought it would be. He explained about the 1st single's proceeds going to Iraq War Veteran's families. Then they ended the interview. Rick sounded very flat, almost tired. So after he hung up, Bill groaned, "What a wet rag!" They then had someone on the phone pretending to be Rick so they could make fun....the phone was cutting out in his replies, and they asked more stupid questions. Very insulting to Rick and his fans, I tell you. Shila was like, "I can't believe he had no idea where he was going!" Jay then said he was just trying to act rock-star cool.
(If you live in the Detroit area and you went to Rick's show, maybe you should let this radio station know what a great show it was).
[The next two interviews were done by much better prepared DJ's!]
The next interview with WALK 97.5, a station in the Long Island area and KT Mills interviewed Rick on his way to the airport flying in to do the Westbury show. KT clearly did some research and it was an interesting interview. You can listen to it here. Scroll down and click on Rick's picture. She askes Rick about his life as an Army brat, his time in Vietnam, his dual role on GH, on a lot of other stuff! Great interview!

Finally, the third interview was done on anothe Detroit area station, WNIC 100.3, conducted by "The Girls". Even though they were a little silly, they asked good questions and were respectful of Rick and his career. Rick reveals the name of his new studio in his house (The Black Lagoon).
You can listen to this two part interview on their website, and see a couple of pictures of Rick and some fans backstage. Click here.
(photo by Jen Haskin)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just call me Dr. Love!

While Noah was mostly filler for Patrick & Robin today he did deliver a good line or two. And I really think GH needs to give Rick Eli's wardrobe when this is over!

To set the stage for today we start with Patrick & Robin once again arguing (imagine that) in their apartment. He is not too happy about being brushed off yet again. She says she's just not in the mood. He insists its all about their parents. Denial by Robin. We will find out what is really bothering her later. All she wants is space she says.

The Rock Star
Back at the hospital, Noah emerges from the elevator (dressed as Eli)to find Epiphany at the nurses station. He attempts to strut over to her. He approaches her assuming she thinks he is Eli. She is so on to him! She immediately tells him that he "should go & lay down and wait for Patrick to examine him" Satisfied he says "See, I think I am getting good at this! Even people who know that I am impersonating Eli Love still can't tell the difference. You thought I was him right?" With that she replies "No, uh uh, I think you need to get your head examined before you actually start to believe that you are a rock star" He leans in and says "I'm thinking of calling myself Dr. Love. What do you think of that?" "You know what I think? I think you need to do more than talk when you get up on that stage. I think that you should be able to perform!" and off she goes. As she leaves Patrick approaches.

The Bickerson's
Patrick storms over and Noah asks Patrick "Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?" "You have no idea" Patrick replies. With that Robin appears as she tells Noah the test results he ordered for Eli are back. He didn't order any tests he tells her. Patrick did. Well that sets her off because he didn't put Jr. after his name. This starts the next round of arguments all the while Noah watching. He tells them this is petty even for them. "Whats going on?" After she walks off Noah walks over to him and then Patrick asks his father "Tell me again why I wanted to get into a committed relationship?" Noah's answer: "You're asking the wrong guy, Eli Love is not qualified to answer that and neither is his impersonator. You're on your own." Noah pats him on the back and walks away. For those of you wondering what Robin's problem was today, she thinks she is pregnant and tells Patrick just that!

Rick Springfield - on the Newsstands

Rick appears in two of the Soap Opera Magazines this week - Soap Opera Weekly (8/14/07) as the Highlight of the week. The other is ABC Soaps in Depth (8/14 - 8/28) with two mentions - the first about Rick singing on GH and the other about his dual role.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rick Springfield - Tunica, MS 8/11/07

Tunica, MS
Sam's Town Casino

review by Christa Riolo
photo by Josie and Janie Hernandez

In March 2002, Rick played Sam's Town Tunica's River Palace.... five years and five months later, Rick rocked the house again. The crowd seemed excited and ready for the show when the pre-show music began. The stage was set up with screens on both sides, but alas, no video montage. Rick sauntered out on stage to begin the show. He was wearing his gray jeans, gray pinstripe shirt, and black boots. Rick was full of energy, charisma and smiles. The set list was as follows:
Who Killed Rock N Roll
Will I?
Affair of the Heart
I've Done Everything For You
Rock of Life
Don't Talk to Strangers
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Love Is Alright Tonite
Gloria was the bathtub version tonight. He was soakin' in his tub watching a "doctor show" when Gloria was knocking. On this particular "doctor show", there is a doctor who looks just like a rock star. :) Gloria got irritated when no one opened the door. So Rick asked the crowd if there were any kids present, and when they said no, he said are you sure? and again was told no. So then he asked the crowd if anyone had a problem with the "F word", then said to one person, "Oh you Like the F word". He continues on with his story about Gloria and Gloria says, "Fffffforget this" and storms in the door and up the stairs. (seems Rick has added quite a bit of sound effects to his story lately) Then Gloria turns his TV off "right when Anna was about to kiss Noah".
During DTTS, he didn't sing the second verse, but the crowd did. He then replied he forgot the words, good thing he had us, he's only been singing the song for 25 years. I am pretty sure I have heard this line before... hope it doesn't become as predictable as the Love Somebody routine. (so you've seen my movie Hard To Watch, then you've seen my naked BUTT) He had a lot of people sing DTTS. Several men and women. At one point he made the crack, "do any of you sing in tune?" He had an older gentleman sing, but before he did, he noticed some people pointing to a woman saying it was her birthday. He said, "Oh yeah, I am having a birthday too! On August 23rd! I'll be in Australia!" He then sang Happy Birthday to himself and the woman. Afterwards, he told the man he hadn't gotten out of singing and had him sing. It was cute.
He did the second half of Love Somebody, My Generation, and Human Touch out in the crowd. He used someone's cell phone to play slide guitar, and then decided to make a phone call. He called a guy named Chris. He did the usual routine, saying Hi, asking if he knew who it was, yelling It's Rick Springfield!!, and asking him if he had any pizza or beer at his house. Chris said no. So Rick told him he better hurry up and get some, because 3000 people would be over in half an hour.
For the encore, Rick changed into a black sleeveless shirt I haven't seen since 2004. It has chinese symbols, and L.A. on it, it's print is only by the edges of the arm holes and across the back. I was ready for LIAT, but was pleasantly surprised by a two song encore, starting with Kristina! I appreciate the changes in the set list. This was the first concert I have been to since 2003 where he did not do Red House. I didn't miss it. Only song I definitely missed was Jesus Saves. Wasted would have been nice too, but Kristina is a great song choice as well. All in all, it was a great show.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rick Springfield on TV

Another chance to catch Rick in concert on TV! Looks like HDNet is adding it back to their schedule! Good news if you haven't seen it and you have this channel.

Sun., Aug 19 - 6:30 PM ET / 3:30 PM PT

Rick Springfield, the teen heartthrob who has sold over 17 million albums, is captured live in front of a sold-out concert at the legendary Coronado Theatre in Rockford, Illinois. Rick rips through a catalogue of 17 Top 40 hits from "Jessie's Girl", to "Affair of The Heart" and "Love Somebody". Turn up the volume and sit back and sing along with all the hits from the 80's.

With Harmful Intent

Tue Aug 14 01:33A on LMN
Tue Aug 14 07:27A on LMN

Directed by Richard Friedman. Starring Joan Van Ark, Daniel J Travanti, Rick Springfield, Christopher Noth, Bert Remsen, Michael Patrick Carter.
A small town's preteens are preyed upon in this mix of crime story and psychological drama.

VH 1 loves to repeat this one! Catch Jessie's Girl coming in at #20!
The Greatest: 100 Greatest Songs of the 80's (20-1)
Wed Aug 8th 7pm est VH1

The Noah Drake/Eli love storyline continues this month on General Hospital! Don't miss it!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Few Minutes With Rick Springfield


When you love what you do, it's easier to get out of bed in the morning.
Happiness, from the inside, affects the way we look on the outside. Rick Springfield is happy on the inside. The actor and singer is 58 years old and his energy and sex appeal can compare to any twenty-something rocker.

The creator of hit songs like Jessie's Girl and I've Done Everything For You is performing at Meadow Brook on Friday, Aug. 10.
Springfield has had a wild career: starring as hunky Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital, playing guitar in rock bands since 1964, hosting the live show EFX in Las Vegas for two years and much more.

But what most may not realize is that Springfield is first a writer and guitarist − the singing and acting come second. Filter caught up with Springfield last week while he was driving from his Malibu home to his concert in Los Angeles. Here are some highlights.


"The band plays pretty hard on stage, that's what's surprising to most men who come to the show. When I hear them tell me that we rocked hard, it's always satisfying."


"The experience of performing is still amazing. It's my greatest passion. There's a connection with the audience that's so special to me. Afterward when people tell me about a certain song and how it marks a certain point in their life ... that's really humbling."


"Led Zeppelin was the band that really did it for me. They were the band who I was just waiting to hear, and when they did it sucked me in. I also listen to Marilyn Manson, Deftones, Frank Sinatra ... I have two children 18 and 21 so they also introduce me to new things. You have to keep open to music, I'll also listen to show tunes."


"I'm a musician who wandered onto the soap opera, not the other way around. Both have been good to me, but I've paid some hard dues in music."
Springfield, born in Australia, was raised in England and began playing guitar at age 13. By the time he was 20, in 1968, he was performing in Vietnam. He moved to the United States in 1972 and this is home, he said.


The early years, Springfield said, had the temptations that lure all musicians − "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll." But to indulge in that lifestyle today would be foolish, he said. Now after a show, he prefers scouring a city for the best restaurant, rather than party.

In 1988, just prior to a tour, Springfield crashed his ATV and shattered his collarbone. Unable to hold a guitar for six months, he canceled the tour. Today life is precious.

"I try to eat well, I swim, I work out. I don't want that wild lifestyle that doesn't suit me anymore. It's family that means everything."

This article originally appeared online at the Observer and Eccentric website. Click here to view it.

Third Time's a Charm!

Rochester, MI
Meadowbrook Music Festival
August 10, 2007
Review by Michelle Porchia
Photo by Jen Haskin

Detroit was stop number 3 for this weekend's round of shows. We were wondering if "The third time is the charm." I'm certain the crowed left charmed. :-)

Rick opened the show with Who Killed Rock N' Roll, after sauntering out on the stage with the perfection only he has mastered. He was wearing the blue jeans, black boots and white sleeveless shirt with the flower (hibiscus?). No opening video montage (yet) again....maybe someday I'll get to see that. (I keep hoping it'll show up on You Tube or something, I'm getting that desperate.) The Detroit crowds are typically known for liking the harder-edged tunes, and it appeared from the audience reaction that they were eating this tune up...from his hand to our mouths. The roar that was emitted at the part in the song where you only hear crickets was quite impressive. Da Man himself even flashed us his killer grin at that point.

On to Will I, Affair of the Heart and Alyson. Some little guitar riff action at the beginning of Alyson. The men in the crowd were hooting their approval. Then came IDEFY, with lots of crowd pointing...both us at him and Rick at the whole audience. At one point in the song he came down the stairs in the middle and did a Jesus Saves move, extending his hands out to the crowd emphasizing the "For You". Rock of Life was up next, followed by Red House. He started out Red House sitting on the steps, and gave us that RS trademarked soulful guitar jam at the beginning. DTTS was up next. This turned into "little kid idol" (Rick's words). There were lots of youngin's present at this show. After Rick pestered Amber, an usher for the venue who at first hesitated singing ...he told her, "Singing is a freeing experience. That's why I became a singer, so I could get laid."...he made his way over to 3 year old Alexis. Alexis was just adorable, and after Rick got Mom's permission to hold her the cuteness factor went up about 200 degrees. He struggled with holding her up and keeping her dress down over her panties and commented, "I only have boys, I don't know how to hold little girls with their dresses and all." He then reminded the crowd (as if it was really needed) what to sing, and then held the mike out for Alexis. She uttered the cutest little "Don't Talk to Strangers" ever, I think. He kissed her on the forehead and handed her back to Mom. He then said to Amber..."Dude....3 years old...didn't even hesitate. How about that?"

He made his way back to the stage, and then it was on to The Medley. He said, "Here's some bits of some you might remember." (or something to that effect) From (guitar tech) George's sudden appearance behind Rick next to the drums with the headset in hand, we knew the audience walkabout was about to begin. Rick made his "time for a brokeback moment" comment, and then he was strapped in. Love Somebody started up with Rick's usual mention of how it was titled "Hard to Swallow". He started making his way through the crowd. Someone gave him a pair of shades, which he wore briefly. There were some areas of this crowd that did a poor job of holding Rick up, there were several heart-stopping instances where Rick went down briefly but yet he never yelled out for reinforcement. After LS, My Generation and then Human Touch. Back to the stage for Jessie's Girl. At the point in JG where Rick takes the *breather break*, Matt & George started scooting up behind Rick until they were right next to him, he didn't see them until they both started humping his legs. He started laughing hysterically. When he regained his composure somewhat, he said into the mike: "I'm too sexy for my band!" They finished up Jessie's Girl, and exited the stage to the beginning of the heavy-breathing sounds. This was my first experience with being rightnextto the speakers (so much so that I could feel every drum beat in my chest) and let me tell you... never have I enjoyed that little interlude as much as last night. :-)

Back out for the encore...with Rick wearing a "new" (to us) yellow t-shirt. All I could make out was the word "Aussie" in red across the front, I can't wait to see pictures to read what the small print said. After the shock of seeing something new on him wore off, I realized the band was playing a little bit of The Beatles "Birthday". Rick mentioned his birthday was coming up soon and asked if we wanted to sing to him. However, the band abruptly switched into the beginning notes of Wasted. Rick said he didn't get Wasted on his birthday. (there may have been an *anymore* added on...not sure) They then went right into Love is Alright Tonite, with Rick commenting "We can't end the evening on a downer." Right in the middle of LIAT, a little girl climbed up on the stage and walked over to Rick and hugged him. He stopped playing for a minute and gave her a quick hug.

The show then ended, with Rick giving the crowd his hug after a few guitar tosses. The lights came up as he turned and walked side-stage.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Bergen NJ will never be the same!

Englewood, NJ
Bergen Performing Arts

This will go down as my best show ever! I think I fell in love with Rick all over again. We had an opening act that I am not quite sure fit the bill. A younger local girl. She sang a couple of songs but no one seemed to be very into her and she brought a rapper out for the last song, not sure what that was all about. Anyway, I finally got to see the new intro video montage. All I have to say is that needs to be available on DVD somewhere. It started at the very beginning of his career and went through too today!

Rick actually walked out on stage as the video was still playing and then launched into Who Killed R&R. Then came Will I and I just knew it was going to be a good set list (see below). I lucked out the day tickets went on sale and had a front row seat so I can tell you first hand about the drop off the stage into the orchestra pit. It was about 5' wide and went down a full floor level. There was no railing in front of the stage like we had on the other side so I was a little worried but Rick knew his limits. lol I can tell you there a lot of picks down there. He kept trying to throw them but couldn't quite make it to us. I had to throw the pink roses that Julia had brought on to the stage and thankfully they made it and didn't go into the black hole. lol And he did sit down on the edge once to play for a minute or two.

Bath tub time!
He jammed a little but and normally he would launch into Red House but he left it out and since I am not a big fan of it I was happy to hear the bath tub version of Gloria. He had us sing the first few letters. He did get "heckled" during it. Yes, I am now the Mother of the kid that heckled Rick. LOL Julia was singing DTTS during just about every song (lol) and he caught her when the music during Gloria got lower. I gave him an embarrassed look. But during Gloria when he tells all the girls to raise their right hand, well Julia raised hers too and he told her "Your way to young for that Sister! put your hand down" She didn't get it (good thing lol) He talked about GH, about playing a guy who is pretending to play someone else etc. And while soakin he was watching a show about some Dr's. lol And he also commented about Sam on GH. "whats up with that chick Sam? How many times can she be shot" LOL

DTTS was next and this is where it gets good for me. Rick had played off Julia all night and when he came over to the stairs for victims for DTTS I let her go the few seats over to stand there by the steps. He had a few people sing. Then he decided that since his birthday was coming up, and that he would be in Australia for it, we needed to sing Happy Birthday to him. Which we did. When he was done he looked down and saw Julia standing there. He asked her if she wanted to go on stage, um, yeah. Silly question. lol He also brought another little girl about 9 or 10 years old with them. They got up there and he asked both girls their names. He had them do a little wiggle dance and then had the older girl sing, then Julia. He asked Julia if she was nervous, and she just nodded. He got down on his knees for her and she just belted it out. A kiss & hug followed and he returned her to me.

On with the show
The Medley came next, which I always love. Especially the JG teaser, which I believe he made a face as to say, not happening yet. And the crowd of course went wild. After that he got ready to "come out there". The usual Brokeback Mtn moment and off he went. He came right out into the audience for Love Somebody and didn't walk around the stage first as he sometimes does. He came right to our front row, where he played at the end for a few minutes and them moved on to the seat right next to me. A friend held him up pretty good although he does tend to push the limits LOL. And I had a hand on his leg and the other hand on Julia as the crowd tends to converge on him when he gets into the audience. He played most of Love Somebody right there with us and then moved back a few rows for My Generation. He grabbed a cell phone and then called Bruce (kinda ironic don't you think?) He did answer. He was a little confused but Rick did have a conversation with him about pizza & beer. No Jesus Saves, straight to Human Touch. He didn't seem to venture to far back into the audience. He made his way back to us and on to the stage. Jessie's Girl of course was the last song. And Julia had just fallen asleep as he ended it so I got to really enjoy the encore! Rick introduced the band and off they went.

The two song encore was back!!!!! Its been a long time since I have had one of those. They walked back on stage and launched into Wasted! I love all the SDAA stuff and its so nice to see it making its way back into the set lists. Then we got his "party song" and then the show was over! I just want to add a thanks to everyone that helped to make this a very special show for me!

Who Killed Rock N' Roll available on iTunes

Rick Springfield's new (live) single "Who Killed Rock N' Roll" is now available on iTunes for .99.
This is the song that Rick/Noah/Eli will be performing on August 24th on General Hospital.

It is a live version (and you can hear the beginning of Affair of the Heart at the very end of the track). Don't walk, run to your itunes store and get it today! (click here)

Flashback Friday

Go-Set 9/2/1972
On The Sydney Scene - Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield is the first Australian performer to break through the American pop market with a single and album.
Richard Lewis Springthorpe was born 22 years ago on August 23. At the age of 22 Rick has established himself not only as a competent guitarist and a singer, but as a successful songwriter. He has penned singles for both Alison Durbin and Johnny Farnham.
In 1971, Go-Set voted Rick as Best Australian Guitarist. Besides behing successful in the performing field, he has had some success in the other side of music. It was Rick who arranged the Zoot's big selling version of "Eleanor Rigby". (continued)

Rockin Westbury

North Fork Theatre (formerly Westbury Music Fair)
Westbury, NY Aug 8th 2007

Review & photo by Rosie Malthaner

Rick & the boys made their way to the East Coast on the day of one of the worst rain storms to hit us in quite a while. But they made it! Eddie Money played first and was better than the last time I saw him. His daughter was very good and I think that made the difference. It was a very mixed crowd since Eddie Money is from LI and he reminded us of that several times. But on to Rick! We didn't get the new opening video because Westbury is in the round, which means the stage rotates so everyone gets a view at some point. He opened with Who Killed R&R, which never gets old for me. lol The set list was pretty standard for this show (See below). During Red House, the guitar bit back and Rick was bleeding so he asked for a band aid and of course received one. He was hoping for a super hero one, but he got a Winnie the Pooh one! Sorry Rick, can't have everything. lol. I believe he made a comment or two about playing a Dr.

Then he was on to DTTS. He went over to a section that had a bunch of kids and had them sing from the audience. They gave him a bunch of roses that he brought up on stage and made a comment about it being like an award show and thanked the Academy for them. Then he brought the cutest little girl on stage with him, had her do a little dance and sing. Their backs were to my section but it was really cute. We got the medley next and I have to say I love the Jessie's Girl teaser. Its funny to see everyone go wild only for him to go into Don't Walk Away.

I'm Coming out there!
Time to come out into the audience. George & Rick have their Brokeback Mtn moment, only to find his guitar has a broken string. So off comes the head set and he grabs a mike and starts Love Somebody. Moving a few rows into the audience, while George frantically tried to fix it. Once it was fixed George brought the head set & guitar into the audience and hooked Rick up, where he started is journey into the Theatre in the round. Security followed him this time since last year he fell pretty good, and he managed to fall again this time too. He made most of the way around before coming back to the stage for JG. No Jesus Saves though. He did make a cell phone call during My Generation, someones Dad I believe.

It can't be over yet!
Back to the stage for the last song. He introduced the band and since it is in the round they have to make their way off stage up the isle so off they went for a few minute break before the encore. Back for the encore Rick had on his GH shirt (Which I have always loved) and played Love is All Right Tonight. Only a one song encore and then it was over! But their would be more the next night for me! More on that special night later!!!!

Set List
I'm not really good with set lists, so if I miss anything leave a comment and I will add it!
Who Killed R&R
Affair of The Heart
I've Done Everything for You
Rock of Life
Red House
The Medley
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl

Love is All Right Tonight

Rick on the Radio

100.3 WNIC and the Children's Miracle Network present Rick Springfield TONIGHT at the Meadowbrook Music Festival. Tickets are available now - click here. A portion of all tickets sales will benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

And, listen to The Girls tonight at 7pm for an exclusive interview with Dr. Noah himself!

Click here to see great pictures from when Rick played the 100.3 WNIC Valentine's Ball

Click here to find out all about everything RICK!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rick Springfield and John Waite Live at the Gibson Amphitheater

By Susie Salva

Los Angeles, Gibson Amphitheater - A video projection screen drops down center displaying a video montage of Australian native rocker Rick Springfield during his early days up until present. The video included his stint as a Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital and a cartoon version of Springfield as the crowd gave a thunderous applause. When you think of Springfield you might grin and giggle but he is no laughing matter. His is a talented musician that kicks ass. At 57, he has more energy than guys half his age and he had more energy than the Eveready bunny. He is obviously the happiest when he is performing in stage and it shows from the very first note until the last encore song, Springfield had the audience mesmerized.

Singing "Affair of the Heart," early on in the set he kicked of the high intensity mood that continued with "I’ve Done Everything For You," "Rock Til You Drop," "What Kind of Fool Am I" "Love Somebody," and "State of the Heart." Springfield performed an amazing guitar solo showing off his virtuoso ability then diving into a bluesy improvisational bluesy guitar vibe.
Moving along into singing "Don’t Talk to Strangers," Springfield was personable thrusting his microphone into the crowd standing below him as members of the audience sang into the mic "Don’t Talk to Strangers." He picked up a darling little 5-year-old boy complete with tiny guitar and headphones as he sang "Don’t Talk to Strangers." It was the cutest thing ever. Springfield definitely knows how to work the crowd. His enthusiasm was contagious.
Girls in the front rows presented Springfield with bouquets of roses, which he graciously accepted then he used them to strum his guitar bathing the stage in rose pedals. The crowd were on their feet during the entire performance but were especially enthusiastic when he played, "Jesus Saves White Trash Baby Like You" as he waived his hands high up in the air.
But the most exciting part of the show has to be when he sang, "Human Touch," where he hopped off the stage into the pit with his wireless guitar and microphone and continued into the crowd sprinting across seats into the loge section causing the crowd into utter pandemonium as they slapped hands with him. Springfield took audience members cell phones talking to unsuspecting lucky individuals on the other end of the line. He also took pictures on crowd members’ phones and made jokes as people in the audience as they grabbed at him. Then he went into a searing rendition of the Who’s "My Generation."
Of course he played 1981 smash hit "Jessie’s Girl," with its unmistakable guitar riff. Springfield is the consummate performer with his uplifting vibe. He truly rocks out.
Opening act John Waite held his own. Dressed in a smoky black suit he sang a flawless set including Baby’s hits from the ’80s "Back On My Feet Again," "When I See You Smile," of course "Missing You," "Isn’t It Time," "Every Time I Think of You," and "Midnight Rendezvous." He tried out a new song, "Universal Soldier," to a positive response from the crowd. He finished off with a rousing performance of "Head First".

All and all it was an enjoyable evening. Leaving the amphitheater it was obvious that the crowd had been entertained. The concert was uplifting and would remain a memorable night. Springfield deserves respect and can obviously hold his own. Check him out when he comes to your town. You won’t be disappointed.

Photo credit: Leigh Davis from West Coast Rockers (not taken at the Gibson Amphitheater show)

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lifebeat concert - sneak peek

Here is a picture from the Lifebeat concert that will air on 8/24 on General Hospital. Click on the picture for the full version. Check out that outfit! Yowza.
For more pictures, check out the soapzone message board.

Off the Wagon

I'll Make You Happy
Noah shows up at the hospital in a not so good mood, and tells Robin and Patrick that Anna bailed on him, and he tells Robin "you happy?"

Mind Blowing, Headboard Banging Sex.....
Sorry, my mind is not functioning after that....hold on....ok.
Noah continues to give it to Robin good (but not in the same way that he wanted to give it to Anna good ), telling her she needs to mind her own bees wax (but not in those words). Patrick tries to take up for her, and Robin wonders why since she knows that Patrick basically agrees with Noah, and Epiphany is quick to point out that with Noah being cut off, now "Drake, JR." can make up for lost time.

Bobbie Remembers
Bobbie Runs into Noah at the Metro Court (dressed up as Eli). He has a drink and he tells her it's club soda, and she's welcome to check it if she wants (she declines, but maybe shouldn't have).
Bobbie tells Noah he's doing a very convincing job impersonating Eli. He tells her it's just an act. Bobbie reminds Noah of how he was when they first met, and wonders if he can't be more like that without losing his sobriety. (If Noah finds any more neckwear to put on, he might not be able to stand up straight, they seem to be adding something every day)

Here's to You
So we watch as the bartender pours a drink into Noah's glass. And finally, someone from Eli's camp actually shows up to check things out. He tells Noah he's doing a great job, and Noah reminds him that there's a difference between impersonating Eli at a cocktail party and belting out his greatest hits. Eli's manager (?), who looks like he might have borrowed Rick's glasses, tells him to have some faith. Noah takes a really big drink out of that glass, then smiles a wicked little smile. It does appear he's heading for trouble in a big way.

Classic Signs
Noah comes back to work, chewing a huge wad of gum (to cover up the smell, no doubt, as if that ever really works). Patrick asks him to scrub in on an operation.

Alcohol over Pride
So Noah, in order to avoid operating after having taken a drink (or two), tells Patrick he doesn't need him and that the patient couldn't be in better hands, given him what Patrick called a "surgical triumph".

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New TV appearance for Rick Springfield!

TV Land Confidential
Episode: Music

TVLand channel
Wednesday, August 8, 10:00 p.m. est
Thursday, August 9, 1 a.m. est
Saturday, August 11, 12 a.m. est
Sunday, August 12, 9:30 a.m est
Wednesday, August 15, 12 a.m est

MUSIC: What does it take to make a song a number one hit? Featuring # 1 songs and stars from the 60's, 70's, and 80's, this episode looks at the world of pop music. What happened when the Monkees met the Beatles? How did Motown turn out so many hits? Which Woodstock performer wrote a song in front of the half million people in attendance -and why? Viewers will hear inside stories about song-writing and get the real story behind songs like: "December 1963 (Oh What A Night)", "Jessie's Girl" and "I Will Survive."

Fantasy Girl

Well before we can get to that kiss..........A very mortified Robin walks in on Noah & Anna almost in a kiss. Robin: "Oh God!" covering her eyes. Anna: "Hi, you didn't want to knock maybe?" Robin: "The door was open and then I heard a crash" she says defending her intrusion. Of course Patrick is not far behind her. As they pick up the pieces of whatever it was that broke, Noah asks them "You were actually spying on us?" Robin says no, and she explains she was just stopping by and heard the crash a little on the defense. Noah lays into Patrick, "I thought I said I didn't need a chaperon this morning" Patrick tries to defend himself. Noah lays into him "I'm your father, I'm supposed to help you learn from my mistakes right?" as he sits down on the couch casually. Robin: "And we are here to help you before you make a whopper of your own!" Anna: "You can't worry about us, we are consenting adults" Noah seems to be gazing at the open magazine on the coffee table featuring an ad for vodka I believe. Robin reminds Anna she is supposed to be coaching Noah on Eli for the concert. Noah: "Yeah, she is doing a terrific job too" as he looks at Anna with an adoring smile on his face. The compliments fly between the two of them. Anna: "He is very talented". Robin goes on to tell them its not a good idea to mix work and pleasure. Noah reminds her that she has been doing just that for months. Patrick has to agree with his father. Robin continues to try to reason with Anna, Noah is NOT Eli, she is making Noah into Eli. Just then Robin announces to all that "We need to talk!" Patrick takes that as his cue and he pulls Noah up and out. Before leaving Noah says: "You mean I'm going to get the talk too?" Patrick: "Its not going to hurt" Noah: "When did they become the parents?" Anna: "You better do as you are told" sarcastically. Noah comes back with the "I''ll try to sneak out later line" and Patrick drags him off.

The Birds & The Bees
Patrick & Noah go back to his place. Noah: "You going to sit me down and tell me about the birds & the bees" as he laughs. Patrick asks him to be serious. Noah says Robin is only freaked out because it's their parents. Patrick says Noah is getting carried away by fantasy. Noah replies "Anna is NO fantasy, trust me". Patrick tells him he is being taken over by Eli, the swagger, the attitude, the wardrobe. Noah defends himself and says its what you wanted. He goes on to say that Robin thinks that their relationship is a potential walk down the isle. It's not, they are just having fun Noah tries to assure Patrick. Noah is living in a dream, Patrick says and he thinks he is drinking again. "Are you?" Patrick asks..........

Girl talk
Meanwhile back at Anna's she tries to reassure Robin that there is no chance in hell that this is going to turn into something serious, using her job as the main reason. Robin of course disagrees. Anna says love is not a ride she wants to go on. Robin thinks Anna is getting a rush out of transforming Noah into Eli and Noah is getting a rush out of becoming him.

And the answer is.....
Noah answers Patrick. "I've had a liver transplant, I'd be crazy to start drinking again" (ok so not really a direct answer) Patrick says it really wasn't an answer. Noah decides to take the heart to heart route with him. He goes on to tell him he isn't drinking, he is happy, hasn't felt this way in "I can't remember when". Life after Patrick's mother dies, he hated himself, and alcohol was it. He continues that he needed to stop, he needed something that wasn't alcohol and he has Patrick to thank for it, him, his work at GH. "I can't tell you how good it feels to have women interested in me again" Patrick doesn't think the attention he is getting is because of himself, its because he is acting like Eli. "I'm not giving up my day job if that's what your thinking" (kind of ironic don't you think?) "I'm not chasing groupies" he goes on to say he is working his butt off to make this work. Patrick "What happens after the concert?" Noah: "I go back to being, what you called me, the obnoxious, abrasive, Neurosurgeon everyone has come to love" until then he is going to have a good time with a really sexy woman. Patrick doesn't give up. "What about Anna after the concert?" Noah tells him he doesn't see a future with Anna, their lives are incompatible. "Tell Robin to stop freaking out, its not going anywhere" as he walks out.

Let them have fun
Patrick & Robin are alone in their apartment and are still discussing the parents. They settle on a decision to "not let it effect us" (Yeah right) Patrick is a little more receptive of the idea, but Robin comes around. They are having fun, so let them be.

The brave one
Noah goes back to Anna's. He knocks on the door and she answers. Noah: "Can I come in or am I off limits?" with a cute smile. Anna looking down the hallway says: "You are brave enough to show up, I am brave enough to let you in" Noah enters and see's Anna has her "equipment" out. "Am I interrupting something" Noah asks. Anna tells him, he likes is scalpels sharp, she likes her gun loaded and she falls casually into the couch. She asks him if he and Patrick sorted things out. Noah tells her about the conversation. Patrick came to him with this idea and I said no, now I am getting carried away with it according to Patrick. Anna tells him Robin pretty much said the same thing. That she is "transferring her Eli crush to Noah". Noah replies with "That's not the worst thing is it? with a smile as he plays with her hair and they get closer. Anna tells him Robin said it was going to end in disaster" Noah says "I think she worries too much" and they lean in and make out, Anna's fingers running through Noah's hair!

Putting the breaks on
As they move further into the couch and continue to kiss, Anna puts the breaks on. She tells Noah she can't stop thinking of Robin. Noah reminds her that they agreed "not to think about the kids". Anna says Robin brought up a few good points. Name one Noah says as he tries to continue what they started. Anna jumps up as does Noah and he asks "Your saying we can't sleep together until your daughter says its OK?" Anna: "I'll call you tomorrow". With that Noah leaves.