Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rick Springfield Shows Tacoma How To Rock!

Rick Springfield Returns
To The Emerald Queen
August 21, 2010
Review by Suzy Guttormson
Pictures by Susan Fortune

Rick has played enough shows at the Emerald Queen Casino over the years that he joked at the beginning of the show that they were becoming the “resident band”. That would be OK by all of us here in the Northwest! Thankfully, pictures were allowed at this show, which has not always been the case at EQC. Security was also very pleasant to talk to and they were not being over-vigilant, again, which has not always been so. If you have stopped coming to EQC shows because of either problem, I recommend you give them another try next time Rick comes back, because with the house appearing to be packed, I’m sure he will.

The intro music was cranked up so loud that you could feel it (LOVE that), and then Rick appeared, wearing a black jacket over a white T-shirt, but the jacket didn’t stay on long, to crowd delight. The crowd was on its feet from start to finish, as Rick had tons of energy to share with us. Rick had a lot of interaction with George B., and it was good to see both he and Matt B. share the main microphone with Rick at one point. (Side note: Matt’s current hat and shades look on-stage is very cool.)

At one point Rick bumped his lip with the microphone, mentioned it, and then pointed to his lip. Many screaming voices volunteered to kiss and make it better. He also mentioned that his Birthday was coming up and had everyone sing him Happy Birthday!
DTTS moments included the security guard nearest to the stage, who talked the lyrics at first, and when Rick asked how old he was, Rick commented that he had a son about his age. I’m pretty convinced that the seasoned security guards there know by now what happens when you get the front guard spot, so I bet they send the unknowing newbies up there to be picked on. Just a thought J. Rick surfed the crowd for a couple of rows, finding people in and out of tune along the way.

For “Human Touch” he gave the first few rows on both sides some love as much as possible, and even though he disappeared down off chairs a couple of times, for the most part the crowd seemed to take good care of him.

For the encore, Rick came out in his glasses and a sleeveless black shirt, which I must say is a great look for him. The crowd was on its feet for the whole show, from what I could tell, so the energy Rick gave he got right back, If you’ve been to one of those shows, you know that it feels pretty electric. I’m looking forward to having the “resident band” back at the Emerald Queen sooner rather than later!

Set List (if anyone remembers different please post in the comments)
I've Done Everything for You
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz
What's Victoria's Secret
Venus in Overdrive
Love is Alright Tonight
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Wild Thing

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