Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rick Springfield Performs at The Benton Franklin Fair

Rick Rocked Kennewick!

Review by Suzy Guttormson
Photo's by Susan Fortune

The Benton Franklin Fair in Kennewick, WA greeted us with temperatures in the mid 90’s, fair food and farm animals, but most importantly, with an intimate outdoor concert setting. The reserved seats were sectioned-off folding chairs, but beyond that area, there were bleachers and a lawn area where any fair-goer could hang out and enjoy the show.
Local radio DJs came out to introduce Rick, and got the crowd going a bit by throwing T-shirts into the crowd, and by getting the crowd to sing “Happy Birthday” song to Rick, with George N. accompanying on guitar.
Rick came out after the intro music and jumped right into “Mr. PC” sporting shades and a sleeveless black shirt. The shades weren’t on for very long thank goodness! He interacted a lot with George B. and it looked like everybody else on stage was having a good time too. Rick encouraged another round of “Happy Birthday” using big gestures, just in case we weren’t clear on who the birthday boy was.
Shirt-changing time! Rick took his time changing from one sleeveless black shirt to another, and in the process I saw a ton of cameras (including mine) go up. He thanked us afterward for respecting his wishes for no photos, uh-huh right!
“Don’t Talk To Strangers” moments started out with “Officer Ed” up front, who sang loud and proud. Rick joked that anyone that went to the show that gets pulled over by Officer Ed in the next week gets out of their speeding ticket *woohoo*. Officer Ed also saved our Rick from a stage stair stumble, so kudos to Ed! Two cute little girls in the front were brought up on stage by Rick for their DTTS moment. Rick broke out in dance with them first, which was hilarious to watch.
I was wondering if the crowd would ever stay standing, as they seemed to go up and down (this is rock n’ roll, people, STAND UP). If DTTS didn’t do it, “Human Touch” got everybody on their feet. He covered quite a bit of territory and the crowd was thrilled. Rick ended the show with an Encore of Wild Thing and Kristina ... and finished up with a water spray like he used to do at his shows in the 80's. It was fun to see that again!
It was a beautiful night (with a lovely orange moon that Rick commented on), and an energetic show, a great way to bring summer to a close!

Set List:
I've Done Everything for You
Affair of the Heart
Rock of Life
What's Victoria's Secret
I'll Miss That Someday
Happy Birthday
Venus in Overdrive
Love is Alright Tonight
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Wild Thing

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