Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rick Springfield Performs at Hot August Nights

Rick Heats Up Lewiston Idaho!
Review by Kim Benetton
Pictures by Susan Fortune

This concert was part of Lewiston's 24th annual "Hot August Nights" car show. Rick and some of the boys were spotted earlier in the day checking out the cars at the "Show and Shine" downtown. The concert was at Pioneer Park just up the road. It was an outdoor venue with festival style seating (standing room only infront of stage and lawnchairs behind). Unfortunately this August night was not hot, but the weather held up as it was drizzling at one point. Three local bands opened up for Rick and played classic rock, blues and country. While I'm sure they were great musicians, everyone was anxious to get on with the main act.

By the time Rick started playing, there was a sea of people there. A chainlink fence separated those standing in the front row (like moi) from the stage. Buzz tried to get us closer to the stage by moving the chainlink fence forward, but this idea turned into a disaster and spurred lots of pushing and shoving. He and the security staff realized it wasn't going to work so the fence was put back to its original position. I was thankful because I went from being in front row to third row and then back to front row.

Rick opened with Who Killed Rock and Roll and the party was on! He was in a great mood!!! Very energetic, talkative and cheeky, of course (just the way we like him). He was wearing a white t-shirt, black jacket, black pants and black plain (minus the glitter) Converse high tops. He lost the jacket after the first few songs. Like a true kid at heart, Rick busted out a toy gun that shot darts with suction cups. He explained that he went to Wal Mart for the FIRST TIME today and bought that gun for 7 bucks!!! He couldn't believe how cheap it was; I guess that's because discount stores do not exist in Malibu. What's even funnier is the image of Rick running straight to the toy aisle his first time in Wal Mart (ha, ha). This man's boyish charm is just too darn cute!

Rick asked if anyone knew it was just his birthday. The crowd yelled yes, even though I'm sure a lot of them didn't. Then he asked if we knew how old he was. People started yelling random ages including 61 and he told us all to "shut up". He then led us in singing Happy Birthday, pointing to himself with both thumbs and belting out "Happy Birthday to ME". Rick beamed, again like a true kid at heart

I had made a sign for this concert that started out boring and then went to risque in 2.5 seconds. It originally said "I want a ride in your hotrod"....considering this concert was at a car show. Then I thought that wasn't interesting enough so I impulsively crossed out the "in" and changed it to "on". I know, bad huh? But we all know Rick's sense of humour is a little warped like that. I decided to hold up the sign during "I Get Excited". Well nothing gets by this guy. Rick smiles then announces to the crowd, "This sign says I want a ride "in", no "ON" your hotrod" and proceeds to talk about his new baby. On an interesting side note, my husband chose to stand two rows behind me at this show. He claims it's because he wanted to be "nice" and let my Rick friends stand infront of him, but I am thinking he just didn't want to be seen with me (I can't say I blame

I don't really know what made Rick think about aliens, but he asked if we believed in them. Random answers were hollered back at him. He replied "Dumb shits.....if they come down and butt probe me then I will believe it!" Bad Ricky.....doesn't he know they give you something to make you forget the whole experience (geesh). At one point Matt had to go pee so Rick started demonstrating his awesome guitar playing skills. Wow, that guy can sure play a mean guitar! His passion is so can't help but wish you were THAT guitar.

For DTTS, he picked on a security guard, Bill and then jumped on top of the chain link fence and had a couple of fans test their chops. While he was up there, he picked two kids (about 12) to come up on stage with him (Hayley and Morgan). When he found out Hayley's name he confessed that he loved Hayley Mills when he was a teenager and used to kiss her picture every night. In fact, he thinks he may still have that picture somewhere, lip marks and all. Rick asked if anyone had a picture of him they kissed everynight, which definitely elicted some screams. The band started playing some funky music and Rick told the kids "let's dance" and they all started bopping up and down. He said "in the 80's we used to call that "the pogo"". Hayley told him that her Mom loves him. His response "If your mom's as cute as you are, we might go out drinking tonight". He asked Hayley if she herself had a lot of boyfriends and she shook her head no. Rick couldn't let it go at that and said "you don't like boys yet right" to which she motioned so-so with her hand. She had such a serious look on her face, he broke out laughing and told her mom to enjoy her now because in about 4 years it's all going to explode. Morgan got to sing first and he did a great job (Rick rubbed this in to the security guard and then predicted Morgan was going to get lucky tonight). Then it was Hayley's turn. Before they got started Rick asked "If I give you a dime, will you call me in 10 years". She gave him this funny sideways look and he totally lost it!!! He hoped somebody got her look on camera as it was classic. I got it on video (ssssshh, don't tell) but haven't yet figured out how to download it on youtube. Hayley also sang really well. They got hugs and kisses and then Rick instructed them to, "get the hell off my stage".

Rick was really sweaty at this point. He asked the crowd, "Is anyone wet???.....cause I am!" (tease). He told us not to look while he got changed but of course our eyes (and cameras) were fixated on him. Now he was in his black sleeveless "The Bastards" shirt. He attempted to wade into the crowd for Human Touch but didn't get very far. "You guys are packed tight!" He talked about and played some recognizable guitar rifts before going into Jessie's Girl.

For the encore, Rick came out wearing his felty black "cowboy themed" vest, no shirt and burgundy framed glasses. A shirtless encore!!!!.....well kinda. He did Wild Thing and Kristina and sadly the concert came to an end. This was one of the best shows I've been to in a long time and I'm glad to see Lewiston embraced both Rick and his music.

Set List
* Who Killed Rock and Roll
* I've Done Everything for You
* Affair of the Heart
* Living in Oz
* Victoria's Secret
* I Get Excited
* Alyson
* Venus in Overdrive
* I'll Miss That Someday
* Love is Alright Tonite
* Crossroads
* Don't Talk to Strangers
* Love Somebody
* Human Touch
* Jessie's Girl
*Wild Thing

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