Monday, September 6, 2010

Rick Springfield in Youngstown, OH

August 13th 2010
Youngstown, OH
Covelli Center Outdoors
Review & photo: Debbie Goldman

The view from the 5th row is amazing!! So, while we were waiting for Rick and the band to make their appearance on stage, the venue started playing Bruce Springsteen. We thought they would only play one song, as a joke, well, it turned out they played almost an entire collection of songs. We did not think this was very funny and we wondered what Rick was thinking.

Finally, Rick and the guys came on and opened with Mr. PC. My sister and I made Rick a happy birthday sign, held it up for him to see and we were happy to see the look on his face when he saw it. The audience sang happy birthday to him, which he requested. Rick said that he couldn't see the audience so he grabbed his guitar and came out into the crowd to play the beginning of Crossroads. Rick didn't think that there were any kids in the audience for DTTS but he saw a little boy that he brought up on stage. Rick couldn't hear the boy's name so he asked him a second time and the boy yelled "Mason." Rick also couldn't hear when Mason told him his age so Mason yelled that also, it was very cute and funny. My sister and I also brought him roses so when he came into the crowd for DTTS, he took them from my hand and threw them up on stage. I was very happy to see them being used when he went back on stage.

During the show, someone threw a pair of shorts on stage that George put on. When he turned around we saw that they had a big butt sticking out. George started dancing around and shaking his butt and Rick started laughing so hard when he saw him. Rick came into the audience for a little Human Touch and the seats were so bad that he lost his balance twice, one time he fell on my sister. He walked to the row behind us and people were holding him up and he wanted to know where his security was to help him. Rick left the stage for a few minutes and the venue started playing Bruce Springsteen again. We were very happy to see Rick come out again to perform Wild Thing and Kristina. It was a great way to end Rick's concert run in Ohio.

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