Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rick Springfield in Lake Charles, LA

Sept 3rd 2010

Lake Charles, LA
L'Auberge du Lac Casino

Photos by: Charlotte Poe

This was a typical casino show, where the high rollers had the better seats, and the hard core fans were further back (well, except for those few people who never feel the need to actually sit in their seats and are always looking for something better). The opening music seemed different. Not sure when that change took place.

So Rick comes out and the majority of the people stayed seated. He opened with Who Killed Rock n Roll. After about 5 songs, Rick said he had just had a birthday and had everyone sing Happy Birthday to him. He asked how many people were wondering “who the f*@K is this guy, that’s not Noah Drake!”. Then he says “yes it is”. There was no stage rush, so there was quite a gap between the front row and the stage, so people would walk along that path when they were coming in and out, and Rick makes the comment “There’s a lot of F*ing people walking around.” He told them he was going to start flicking guitar picks at the people that walked in front, and he did. Every time someone would walk in front of him, he’d flick a pick at them, and he’d try really hard to hit them.

He sang IGE, and he stopped after the first verse and did some heavy breathing, and he made the comment “I’m not even breathing hard yet.” He ended up singing the first verse of IGE twice, instead of the 2nd verse. He kind of caught himself, and knew it was wrong, but for some reason went ahead with it. After Alyson, there were still a lot of people walking around in front and he said “when did this become a f*ing highway”. Right before “I’ll Miss that Someday” he said “this is about our Fathers”.

Someone apparently brought him some white wine and he said “I’m a vampire, I don’t drink white wine. On the road, only red.”

People were still sitting down and walking around in the front and he said “how many how Rollers do we have here?”

At the beginning of Crossroads, he went off stage, and stood in one of the chairs in the front row, and as soon as he did that a lot of people stood up and a lot of people came from their seats and tried to get close to him. So when he went back on stage to play the song, a lot of people had rushed to the stage, so there was no more gap for people to walk through and a lot of people stayed standing.

During DTTS, he tried to get the security guard to sing, and he didn’t want to, so he told him “don’t make me get nasty. Girls like guys that sing, it’s not hard to figure out. You’re not getting out of here without singing, its just the way things go.” He told the guy he needed to loosen up, and played around with that for a bit. He had some more people sing, and instead of singing, one girl shouted in the mic “I saw you in the 8th grade”. And Rick replied back “you were in 8th grade, or I was in the 8th grade?” Then he wanted to find someone that didn’t really know he was to get them to sing, so he found someone and asked what their name was, and after they told him, he had to ask them again, and he said “sorry, I thought you said Hitler (her name was April”). After the song he made the comment “you guys are really winding up – I’m very happy!”

Before Love Somebody, he did he normal thing asking how many people saw the movie – Hard to Watch….Hard to Swallow…Hard to Hold. How many people thought it was a great movie? How many people thought it should have won an Oscar? How many people thought his ass should have won an Oscar? He then asked how many people had seen Californication last season. He said it was a very rude show he was still showing off his butt, but he couldn’t help it. Then he said the next song had been in both Californication and Hard to Hold. During that song, a fan had come on stage and gotten under Matt’s guitar. Then when the song was done, she had a sharpie and she got Rick to sign her lower back. But something got messed up with Matt’s bass, and Rick said “see what happens when fans get on stage?” By that time there was a really big crowd against the stage and Rick says “Thank God we got rid of all those High Rollers”. (I think they were mostly still there, he just couldn’t see them any more). He then said he hated it when people got free tickets for spending money.

He went out into the crowd for Human Touch. Only went out about 8 or 9 rows. When he got back, his intro to Jessie’s Girl was “There was this girl, and there was this guy, and he was a good looking bastard and she wouldn’t even look at me twice. So I wrote a song about her. You might have heard it.

He ended the show with Fire and Kristina (shirtless, with glasses). He had to work for it, but he eventually got the crowd the way he liked it.

Who Killed Rock N Roll
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz
What’s Victoria’s Secret

Venus in Overdrive
I’LL Miss That Someday
Love is alright Tonite
Love Somebody
Speak to the Sky
Human Touch
Jessie’s Girl

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