Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rick Springfield Rocked the NW Washington Fair

August 20, 2010
Review & Pictures
by Susan Fortune

The Northwest Washington Fair in Lynden was the first of three Western Washington shows for Rick last week. The opener for Rick was mutton busting, with little kids riding sheep and wagon races around the track. Matty and George N. Were very intent on watching the races I wish I would have gotten a picture of them. Then in preparation for Rick they hooked a tractor to the stage and pulled it closer to the bandstands!
The weather for this outdoor show started out pleasantly in the 70's but quickly got cooler when the sun went down.
Rick appeared on stage with sunglasses, grey t-shirt, black jacket & slacks. He came out on stage and said this was the first time that horses had opened for him and that the stage was put in place by a tractor! Rick opened with "Fire" which I have never know him to open with, perhaps to mix it up for the other shows. Then he launched into Mr PC. which is his usual opener. He got off a few good guitar tosses & catches.
Early in the show Rick mentioned it was his birthday month and asked if anyone knew how old he was when we shouted 61 he said "shut up!" lol He thought we should sing him Happy Birthday .... so he got the audience to sing him Happy Birthday and he was please with how well it was sung!
When preparing the audience to sing the Yeah, Yeah's for Venus in Overdrive ..... started talking about Close Encounters .... had everyone sing the notes to call the aliens. He asked if this was and area visited by aliens and since it was outdoors he tried to peak out an look for the aliens .... he didn't find any and asked who believed ... some cheers from the audience and he laughed at them. He said he would believe in them when one comes down and probes him! lol
The audience really got into the concert when Rick started coming into the audience. Rick got several people in the audience to sing Don't talk to stranger before bringing on stage a cute little girl named Mackenzie. Rick got her to dance with him and when asked where she learned to dance like that she said "I took ballet" Rick melted when Rick asked her if she would sing for him she said "if you help me!" To which Rick said she might be going home with him because she was too cute! She did sing without much help from Rick.
The crowd went crazy when Rick came out for Human Touch .... finally the whole venue was standing and stayed that way for the rest of the concert....... Love Somebody, Human Touch .... and finally Jessie's Girl to close the show.
Rick came back out and sang Wild Thing and Kristina.
I think this is pretty much the set list not sure of the order.
If anyone knows different let me know in the comments.
Rock of Life
Happy Birthday
Affair of the Heart
What's Victoria's Secret
I'll Miss That Someday
Venus in Overdrive
Love is Alright Tonight
e Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Wild Thing

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