Friday, July 20, 2007

Flashback Friday

Rick Springfield - 99 Nifty Nuggets 'Bout that No-Nonsense Guy

Here are some select tidbits from this article, source unknown, circa late 1982:

99. Rick received his first guitar as a birthday gift from his parents when he was 13
92. Rick received awards for being Australia's top composer and guitarist
86. Rick was electrocuted while performing in a NY club
81. He deeply resented the emphasis on his appearance - he felt it detracted from the appreciation of his music
65. The tour was kicked off with Rick's incredible debut at Carnegie Hall in NY
60. The first thing Rick contracted to do after his summer '82 tour was a movie, tentatively titled Traveling Light, for Ray Stark.
58. His co-star is Nastassia Kinski of Tess fame.
43. Rick plays guitar, banjo, piano and harpsichord
36. Because he was always the "new kid in town," Rick was beaten up a lot as a youngster
18. Roses are his favorite flower. They remind him of England
10. Rick used to keep personal diaries for years. He didn't stop till last year, when he realized a lot of the entries sounded "....sad, so tormented..."
1. When Rick's mom visits him in California, she always has hot oatmeal waiting for him after his early morning jogs.

For the full countdown, check it out here.

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