Monday, July 30, 2007

392 days down the drain?

Patrick & Robin are concerned that they can't find either Anna or Noah and automatically assume the worst (in their eyes) that they are together. But low and behold a very rushed Noah (again dressed as Eli in the hospital) comes up to them. He wants to know if Patrick can cover for him at the hospital. Noah: "Can you cover for me? I've got to get to the Metro, (looking at his wrist) how does Eli get along in life without a freaking watch?" Patrick tells him: "You know he has people to get him where he needs to be when he needs to be" (Ok, so where is Ronnie when you need him? LOL) "Don't worry I've got ya" Patrick assures him. In Eli mode, fist in the air, Noah replies "Its all Rock & Love people" with a laugh and rushes off. Patrick & Robin immediately assume he is meeting Anna for a quickie.

Are you committed?
At the Metro Court, NoEl finds himself alone with the concert promoter. He is talking to her about how happy he is to do the show. She begins to quote Bono from U2 & NoEl has no idea what she is talking about and who he is. "You 2, Me 2" he responds and then plays it off as if he is hung over once he realizes his mistake. She tells him they need to talk over a few details for the show. (Shouldn't Anna be here to coach him???) Suddenly two fans come rushing up to him. "It is you!" "Can I have your autograph? I'm your biggest fan!" He signs something for them and then she asks for a picture. Of course he obliges but it looks awkward and the promoter notices. After they leave she asks him if he is feeling ok? She goes on to say he is "known" for being generous to his fans (just like Rick!) and she wonders aloud if he really is committed to the benefit? He assures her he is giving this benefit "Everything I've got" If she only knew! "I'll be in touch" she tells him and leaves him alone at the Metro Court.

Is that really you Bobbie?
All alone at the Metro Court, Noah calls Anna (not sure if he was actually talking to her or leaving her a message) and says he just got done with the concert promoter and he is dancing as fast as he can and he could sure use her. A waitress brings him a drink as he sits there. "One for the road Eli, on the house" "It's a little early isn't it?" he replies and she laughs. Enter Bobbie! She sees Noah and heads toward him a little surprised at his appearance. He tells her his is pretending to be Eli "Hyperventilate or ask me to me to underwear" That explains a lot she says. "Sometimes its fun, sometimes not" he tells her. She voices her concerns. "Sounds risky". He explains he is doing it for the cause, that LIFEBeat does some amazing work. "But what is it going to cost you?" she wonders to him. She asks him if he has been going to meetings or called his sponsor. 392 days sober he says. He also admits he is terrified of going on stage. "Once you get past the fear of having women throw themselves at you and guys wanting to be you, I think, I can do that for a few weeks" and laughs. Bobbie says: "It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it" Noah tells her "there was a time with my life was full of possibilities with very few regrets ... I'm enjoying taking chances again" Bobbie: "Just don't take the wrong chances ..... you've come so far" She gets ready to leave and asks him if she can take his drink with her. And she does. Bobbie returns to GH and asks Patrick to talk. Where she tells him about running into Noah and that he had a drink in front of him, he didn't drink it she assures Patrick, but the whole situation worries her.

Whats in the glass?
Noah once again left unattended at the Metro Court leaves a message for his AA sponsor telling him he is going to find a meeting. But before he can do that the waitress appears with another drink "from a fan". One of the girls before is sitting at a table across the room. He raises the glass to her, stands up and waves her over (what is he thinking??? Trying to make up for before perhaps). She of course jumps at the chance and comes over (ok, so who wouldn't? LOL) He apologies for not giving her enough attention before, had his mind on business is the explanation. He thanks her for buying tickets to the benefit. She tells him how much she loves his music and pushes the drink toward him. "The waitress said this is your brand?" "Here's to you beautiful" and takes a sip. (the look on his face leads me to believe it was not water)

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