Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rick Springfield as Eli Love on General Hospital!

General Hospital
July 30th 2008

Mothers & Daughters

Robin & Anna are at the Metro Court for breakfast and Robin isn't sure Anna wants to speak to her after last night. Anna assures her she loves her but Robin's little set up last night was probably one of the most embarrassing things that have happened to her. They have another heart to heart as Robin explains her reasons and Anna says its not necessary as long as Robin believes in her. Anna doesn't give a damn what Eli thinks!
A trip to the hospital
Eli and his managers head to GH to look for Robin. Chip tells Eli he has to go now, they don't have time for this. Eli insists he isn't going anywhere until he sees Anna and takes off after Epiphany when she walks by. Epiphany is having none of it though. Eli inquires about Robin's whereabouts and Epiphany informs him that Dr Scorpio is not in. He wants to know when she will be in. Epiphany asks him if he is sick? "Do you require medical attention?"If not Epiphany suggests he get his butt back on the elevator and stop wasting her time and walks away. Eli tries to plead with Epiphany that Robin is the only one that can convince Anna....."That your an ass?" Epiphany asks. Eli responds with a confused look. "What is wrong with everybody? So I freaked out she was to be a grandma?" He goes on to explain she has already proved she is way more than a grandma! His managers continue to try to get him to leave but Eli refuses to go without Anna. Just then Anna & Robin come off the elevator. Eli rushes over to her and wants to talk to her. Anna informs him she has already heard everything "Not this" Eli pleads with her. He wants her in his life he tells her. Robin walks over say her mother isn't interested in anything he has to say. But Anna is curious. "I wouldn't go that far" she will hear him out. Eli asks Robin to excuse them.

Don't Walk away
Eli starts by thanking her for the save last night. It was amazing he tells her. "Happy to help. Is that it?" She wants to know. "I don't want it to end like this, I don't want it to end at all" he begs. He can handle her being a grandmother, he just can't handle her walking out of his life. Just then a woman and a young boy walk off the elevator toward Eli. Eli has his back to her as she says "Why don't you say hi to your father"
Fathers and sons?
Eli begs his managers to help him. "You know the deal Trish" One of them says and goes on to remind her that if she comes anywhere Eli she forfeits child support. "Go have a seat, Trish tells the boy, I need to have a word with your dad alone" The boy goes over to the waiting area where Robin promptly joins him to distract him. She tells him her name and asks his. Elijah he responds. Patrick sees the adults getting into it and joins Robin to keep Elijah distracted. He talks to him about the race cars he is playing with. Meanwhile, the adults are having an unpleasant conversation. Eli lays into Trish, bringing the kid here and throwing him in his face won't get her a penny more he hisses. She didn't come for more money she insists. He wanted to meet his father!
15 minutes
Eli says 15 minutes in the back of the tour bus doesn't qualify him to be his father. Anna looks on taking all this in. Its a little late in the game to expect Eli to step up Chip says.
Stay tuned......

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