Monday, July 21, 2008

Rick Springfield and another hot & sweaty night in VA

Busch Gardens, VA
Review & picture by Dancy Zahn
Night 2!

If we thought yesterday was hot, we were really in for it today…it was even hotter! We began the many hours wait in front of the stage. It was a group effort, fanning each other, spritzing each other with water, taking turns holding umbrellas overhead for some relief from the blazing sun. Donna T kept us posted with the countdown, letting us know whenever another half hour had passed. What a great crowd. Lots of kids, families, and yes, men! There were also lots of fans who were seeing Rick for the first time, or for the first time since ‘way back then’. It was so exciting to see their reactions when he took the stage!
He did so right on time, and wearing a very snug and sleeveless black denim shirt. Very nice! Set list was very much like last night’s with a swap of Alyson for Kristina. And the inclusion of the medley. Didn’t think I’d miss that one, but I was happy to have it back tonight! Rick did the shirt change again, a few songs into the show.
Rick seems to really turn on the charm when he is playing to the field of strangers, as these amusement park crowds usually amount to. He was in high gear all night, tons of dancing and joking and just a really fun time. We were sweating just as much as he was, with no relief until the sun started to go down. There were some really cute kids in the audience tonight, and Rick found 3 to bring on stage for DTTS. There were 7 yr old Libby and Emma, 2 of a set of triplets. Their mom said the 3rd was too tired from last night’s concert. Then there was 5 yr old Evan.(I believe we have seen Evan sing before at the Borgata) All 3 of them did a fabulous job singing, and Rick was just eating them up.
After DTTS the guys did the medley, and the crowd was way into it. When it was time for Rick to come out for Love Somebody, he didn’t come too far. I guess he learned from last night’s human traffic jam in the crowd. He did the usual cell phone thing during My Generation. I have to say, as much as I do not love MG, I do like seeing Rick perform it because I can tell how much fun he has doing it. He came a few rows out into the crowd and made his way across from one side to the next. Fans were crushing towards him with the hope of a grab or squeeze, and many did get their hands on him. Brave man, with no guitar to shield himself! (there must have been issues with the equipment, he had just a hand held mic). He finished up with Human Touch, then made his way back onstage. After Jessie’s Girl, he took off his terry cloth wrist band, wrung it out, and threw it out to the masses. I am serious when I say a waterfall of sweat was released when he squeezed.
Another shirtless encore. Sigh. Before he came out, we knew we were in for a treat because the guys had broken into a very rambunctious sounding I’ll Make You Happy. Followed by Love Is Alright Tonight…and yes, he made us happy. As I left the field, I noticed a huge line at the merch table, good for Rick!
Set List
Affair Of The Heart
I’ve Done Everything For You
What’s Victoria’s Secret
Rock Of Life
Red House
Love Somebody
My Generation
Human Touch
Jessie’s Girl
I’ll Make You Happy
Love Is Alright Tonight

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