Thursday, July 17, 2014

"You take my breath away" - Indianapolis

Saturday, July 12, 2014
Murat Theatre
Indianapolis, IN
Photo & Review by B. Minett
Set list:
I’ve Done Everything for You
Living in Oz
Will I?
I Get Excited
Our Ship’s Sinking
Affair of the Heart
Roar (Katy Perry cover)
Happy Birthday (had audience sing to him)
I Hate Myself
Bop medley (Bop ‘Til You Drop/ Celebrate Youth/ Calling All Girls/ Jessie’s Girl snippet/ Don’t Walk Away/ State of the Heart/ What Kind of Fool Am I)
Love is Alright Tonight
Surf guitar music
Wild Thing (The Troggs cover)
Human Touch (in audience without guitar)
You and Me (acoustic)
My Father’s Chair (acoustic)
Love Screws Me Up (acoustic)
Don’t Talk to Strangers
Love Somebody
Jessie’s Girl
 - encore
We Can Work It Out (Beatles cover – acoustic)
I’ll Make You Happy
Concert notes:
* Opening act: Berlin. They are a new wave band best known for the ‘80s song “You Take My Breath Away”, from the Top Gun movie (and I think may have opened for Rick for some shows during the ‘80s, too?). They gave a very hard-rocking show, and were a good preparation for Rick’s music (in case anyone in the audience thought Rick was going to give a laid-back nostalgic performance). The lead singer, Terri Nunn, even walked out into the audience for one song, and really played to the audience during the entire performance. 
* When Rick was playing the surf guitar music, scenes from High Tide (the TV show Rick starred in during the ‘90s) were playing on the video screen. This is the third show I’ve seen with this similar set list, but the first time I noticed the video – guess I was always too busy before watching Rick play guitar to notice what was on the screen behind him!
* During ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’, Rick called up two girls who were sitting near the stage - then was surprised when two other kids showed up on stage, one from each side of the stage. He arranged the kids on stage by size and age (12-, 10-, 8-, and 6–years-old), before having them dance and sing.
* I was sitting near the 10-year-old girl, and when Rick played Katy Perry’s song ‘Roar’, she was singing along, more so than anytime else during the concert. At one point was Rick was in the audience, this girl gave him the tiara she was wearing, and Rick put it on his head, and asked if it was a good look for him (then gave it back to her).
* No promotion of his book, Magnificent Vibration, tonite. Not many rose explosions, either.
* Who was there: Rick on lead guitar and vocals, George B on guitar, George N on bass, Jorge P on drums, Paul back on keyboards and guitar, Mattie (sound guy), and new guitar tech guy, Nick. 
* What he wore: Rick came out in a black leather jacket with a lapel, a white v-neck tee, black jeans, black high-top converse sneakers, and 12 bracelets stacked on his left wrist. [Read reviews for previous nite and next nite to see why I noted the number of bracelets he was wearing.] He took the jacket off after the first three songs. He came out for the encore wearing a light grey tee with Malibu printed on it (and a hole under one sleeve), and his glasses; he took off his glasses after the first encore song. 
[Final note: I don’t recall as much about tonite’s show because I spent a good part of it trying to dodge the two drunken women beside me, who were constantly jumping around, flaying their arms, flinging their hair, screaming at Rick and each other, and almost hitting and bumping into those around them. One finally sat down when Rick was playing the acoustic portion, only to first pass out, then vomit – at which point, security finally decided to carry her out of the theatre.]

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Michele Mathews said...

I was on that side of the theater where they took the drunken woman out. My friend and I figured she was drunk. Great review!!