Thursday, July 10, 2014

Holy Toledo

Hollywood Casino
Toledo, OH 7/10/14
Review by Darla Gerken
Photo by Mike Gerken 

This was another Rick and Pat Benatar show. Things seem to be right on the mark time wise with these shows.  We had a "Rick Virgin" with us tonight, makes for a fun time to watch their expressions. She now is a Rick fan, our job is complete!

There seemed to be a few technical difficulties at the beginning of the show as Rick announced that they would be taking a short break after only a couple songs.  He came back on stage and said they had too many umbrellas over the equipment causing the left side sound to be lost. He then said we're doing the rest of the show naked, I'll start and he opened his shirt. Sorry girls, that never happened!  

As Rick reminded us about his ADD, he said the trucks going by were freaking him out. He asked, "am I playing on a freeway?" The casino is actually right along Interstate 75 and the concert was in the parking lot.  

He said that he had a birthday coming up soon, well not for a while.  He asked us if we knew how old he was going to be. A lot of us screamed 65 and he shushed us.  Rick said he would be eligible for Medicaid.  Wrong.....we need to tell him it's Medicare. He's a long way from being eligible for Medicaid..........too rich for that! Can you imagine him walking into the Social Security office and saying "I'm Rick Springfield and I'd like to apply for Medicaid".  I'd love to be there for that one.

During the BOP medley (Celebrate Youth) where he points to the "younger and older woman, it seems he always points my way.  I must be paranoid because I'm quite a bit older than most of you gals.   

Rick introduced Mitch his new guitar tech, the ladies should love him, cute blond. I have to say that I miss Rodger, but Jorge is an awesome replacement. He really seems to enjoy his job.   

The sky was beautiful last night when he sang My Father's Chair. The clouds opened up a hole as if our loved ones were looking down on us. I think Rick would agree with me, that was a special moment.  (See picture with this review).   

Unfortunately Neil Giraldo did not come out and play with Rick on Jessie's Girl. Neil did mention that it is going to happen. My thoughts are that maybe their last show of the tour may be the perfect time.
Set List
I Get Excited
Our Ship's Sinking
Affair of the Heart
Happy Birthday
I Hate Myself
Bob Medley
Love is Alright Tonight
Surf Music
Wild Thing
My Father's Chair
Love Screws Me Up
Human Touch
Love Somebody
Jessie's Girl


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Kelley68 said...

That picture is just incredible and I would agree, it would seem like the clouds opened up that way "on purpose." Gorgeous and unique shot! I love the humor in your reviews and how you describe the shows. Thanks Darla for the fun and detailed review of your night. Sounds like a blast!!