Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hot Night in Cincy

PNC Pavilion 7/8/14
Cincinnati, OH
Review & photo by Darla Gerken 

Cameras were not allowed at the concert due to Pat Benatar's request, but we were fortunate to get a few from the sound check earlier in the day.  

It was a hot muggy night in Cincinnati, sweat was rollin.  It wasn't long before Rick asked "is it hot and who else is hot?", cheers erupted.  It was only a matter of about three songs before he stripped off his new red shirt that has been getting rave reviews. He's the one who looks hot in red!  After singing a few songs he announced that he had several special guests coming out on stage, a local firefighter and his girlfriend.  Rick said he knew where this was going as the firefighter got down on his knee and proposed marriage. Luckily she said yes. Rick said he needed to get a preacher's license or become a captain of a boat to perform weddings on stage. 

Rick brought five young girls on stage for DTTS, I recognized several of them as "DTTS stage vets".  

The set list was shorter than usual since his allotted time was around 70 minutes. This is just my opinion, but I wish he would have skipped the surf music and Wild Thing and sung something from VIO or SDAA.  But should I really complain, I was at a Rick show! 

Set List
I Get Excited
Our Ship's Sinking
Affair of the Heart
I Hate Myself
Bop Medley
Love is Alright Tonight
Surf Music
Wild Thing
Human Touch
Love Screws Me Up
Love Somebody
Jessie's Girl


Kelley68 said...

Thanks for the great review Darla! YES...Rick does look amazing in red. He really should wear that color more often. :-) Sounds like it was a fun show and really funny about his comments on needing a license due to all the marriage proposals that happen at his shows (on stage or otherwise). LOL

Anonymous said...

This truly was an amazing night. I am the girl that was proposed to on stage. I have always been a huge Rick fan... he was my first concert and I have seen him everytime he has been in or close to Cincinnati. I was completely shocked being called up on stage & even more so by the proposal. Not to mention that I got to hug a sweaty, half naked Rick Springfield.