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2009 Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise Day 4

The Second Annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise
Carnival Ship Destiny
Day Four
Sunday Nov 15th 2009

The Fun Day at Sea!
First and foremost the weather was great! There was none of that rocking and rolling (well the ship anyway) that we had last year that caused so many of us to be sick! Our day didn't begin until 2:30 that day so there was plenty of leisure time!

Actors Q&A Palladium Lounge

Hosted by Mark, Rick was joined by Doug & Brandon to discuss and take questions that had been previously submitted. There were questions for all of them including Mark and they all took turns reading them.
Immediately the tone was set with the guys joking and goofing around until Mark could finally seize control of things.

The first question went to Rick-Your character on Californication is a twisted version of yourself. On a scale of 1-20 how close is it to reality? Rick quickly responded with a "pretty close" Doug also responded that hip movements go a little faster and Rick came back with "once you hit 60 its all about technique" Joking aside he did finally answer the question.....No really, very different. This was the tone of the whole Q&A so if your easily offended stop reading now! LOL

Question to Brandon (Mark injected this first part) Who did you sleep with to get the role of Johnny Z? No really how did you get the part? Jokes around about sleeping with a stage hand, cute sound guys....seriously.....He kept going in for various parts, they just didn't happen to be the right one. He commented that as soon as he printed out the audition sheet he knew it was the right part!

Question to Mark-Who has been the most difficult person to interview and why? Uh, Rick! Mark responded quickly. No really it was Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Their first time in NY and rolled in from the clubs. Mark told them that America doesn't give a s**t about them and asked if they wanted to finish the interview. I believe he said the didn't.

Rick commented at one point that most actors accept a roll because they get a call and say YES! Mark talked about how there was a casting call for a "Mark Goodman type" Apparently someone else does a better Mark Goodman because he didn't get the part.

Question to Brandon-What was the reason he changed from med school to acting? Brandon explained that he wasn't really excelling, medicine had become a back up plan and "I feel a backup plan is a plan for failure" They all agreed with this.

Question to Doug-5 songs you have on your Ipod? Next thing you know a 1970's song that Rick and Doug had written and recorded starts playing......You don't bring me......" Matty had hooked Doug's Ipod into the sound system and Rick got quite a kick out of this. (this alone might be a good reason to buy the cruise DVD!)

Question to RS- Your character from Scandalous Life vs Californication? Compare?
Scandalous Life character was very sexual, Califronication was more comedic.

Question for Mark-Do you watch MTV currently? What do you like/dislike? Like most in the room-he used to watch, now he could care less, it sucks (his words and the crowd approved). Rick commented that most kids don't know what MTV means. They talked about when Rick first went to be interviewed at MTV in NY and he thought it was a hole in the wall.

Question to Rick-Back to GH or Broadway? Rick-Taking GH to Broadway. Doug to RS-Would you ever consider returning to the #1 Soap? (meaning Y&R) Before Brandon was was joked that Rick had done a quick stint on Y&R. Rick would like to do Broadway again and wouldn't turn down a soap.

Next thing you know Brandon is running around with the sample blanket (pictures would be taken later that night for the blankets) around him as "Doug Springfield man" they all took a turn making fun of this....... next up would be the Farewell Concert.

The Fan Appreciation Concert Palladium Lounge

Hosted by Mark, the fan appreciation concert was the last show of the cruise. Mark thanked us for making this trip so amazing and he will be back next year for sure! On to the show!

After a beachy intro the entire Working Class Dog album will be performed in order! Rick and the guys worked very hard on this set! And I have to give props to the band, who never cease to amaze me with their talent. They all seemed to enjoy playing new, ok not new music but new live music. There are a couple of these songs that I hope find their way into the set lists. Richard Marx also played guitar during the set and didn't miss a beat on back ground vocals, very impressive. During Jessie's Girl, Rick talked about how the name came to be and even changed into the original jersey he had been wearing when writing the song. Keyboards were brought out for Rick to perform Inside Silvia and he really seemed to enjoy it. I don't have a lot of notes from this show as I kinda stood back and enjoyed it all so if anyone remembers any memorable tidbits please leave some comments! After the WCD songs were done Rick & Richard performed I Hear You Knocking together then a few fan favs were performed. After I'll Make You Happy Rick wanted the Squirts to play a song while he took a quick break......they wanted Richard to join them and he did. After they played Don't Mean Nothing Rick reemerged wearing......yes a KILT! From what I have heard it was given to him by the Scottish fans on board and was dared to wear it. With that Wild Thing was played as the last song and the show was over. There was a Farewell cocktail party after the show but we got there late and I don't have much to report from that so if anyone has any good stories, please leave comments!

Set List:
Love Is Alright Tonight
Jessie's Girl
Hole In My Heart
Carry Me Away
I've Done Everything for You
The Light of Love
Everybody's Girl
Daddy's Pearl
Red Hot & Blue Love
Inside Silvia
I hear You Knocking-with Richard Marx
Jesus Saves
Who Killed R&R
I'll Make You Happy

The Squirts with Richard Marx-Don't Mean Nothing

Wild Thing with Rick in a Kilt

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