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2009 Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise Day 3

The Second Annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise
Carnival Ship Destiny
Day Three Saturday Nov 14th 2009

Beach Party @ Playa Mia
Cozumel, Mexico

Unlike last year when there was an early event the day of the beach party there were none this year so it made for a relaxing morning! Yes we actually had some down time! But before we knew it, it was time to head to the buses for the beach party. Would it be improved from last year I am sure we all wondered????

We arrived at Playa Mia to find a raised stage, unlike last year and of course people were already staking their claim for front row. We decided that food and some beach time were in order and enjoyed the day before the show would begin. Mark welcomed us to the second annual beach party and the show was to begin. Rick commented on how much more fun it has been than the previous year and how happy he was to have his "friends" even though Richard stole his best friend and is now looking for a new one! Rick threatened to throw Matty in the ocean if he didn't get the sound right.

Rick and the guys started off with some surf/beachy music and then talked about how 3 Scottish guys came up to him at dinner the night before and gave him a kilt. So I believe that is where the promise to wear the kilt came from....Oh Well was next and more props to Richard Marx and his new BFF Doug Davidson, the band for how well they have played, especially for not having rehearsed at all. Milky Way was up next even though he commented he had played it last year. The Here Comes the Sun/LS medley was up next and is very cool to hear live. Next thing Rick noticed that Ronnie was on stage, so he proudly announced him. It was really nice to see Ronnie back. Rick asked for requests and Wasted it was. Rick mentioned that Brandon & Richard would be joining him shortly as would Doug because he was Richards new BFF. Next thing you know there is a harmonica and Love Me Do with some really great vocals by Matt. State of The Heart was requested next and Rick graciously complied.

A couple of
lines of Brick House as a teaser before Brandon was invited to join Rick. Chuck Berry's No Particular Place To Go was performed with Brandon on both vocals & harmonica. Rick was quite impressed with him. Gloria was next with some Rick banter about the guys, Californication and a red speedo.

Rick asked for the guitar to be tuned so that Richard could join them. Richard thought it would be a good time to do some of the theme to the Love Boat with audience participation. Richard decided on a blues song (and if anyone knows what the name of it was please post a comment!) next he did a song by his best friend (other than Doug), the lead singer of Vertical Horizon, Everything You Want.

Of course Doug was not to be left out........after chants from the crowd for Doug, he made his way down from the terrace that the families were watching the show from. Rick an
d Doug continued their comedy routine they are now so famous for and started talking about pajamas. I believe Rick wants a PJ night, he asked the crowd who had cool PJ's and decided to share that Ronnie has those pjs that come with a night cap..... Doug doesn't really sing.....Since this is the only song Doug knows according to Rick they would play I Want You to Want Me. The last song would be Twist & Shout and Rick complimented his band and off to the water he went!

Set List:
Surf music
Oh Well
Under the Milky Way
Here Comes The Sun/Love Somebody
Love Me Do
State of the Heart
Brick House (part)
Chuck Berry's No Particular Place To Go- Brandon on vocals & Harmonica
Gloria-w/Rob Kos on Bass
Love Boat Theme (Rich
ard Marx-part of)
A Mess of Blues -Richard Marx
Everything You Want (RM-Vertical Horizon song)
I Want You to Want Me-RS & Doug
Twist & Shout
Money-The band

The Piano Bar Sometime after midnight

The photo session scheduled for that night was in the Criterion Lounge which just happened to be next to the Piano Bar. Shortly after the photo session was over Rick, Doug, Brandon and some of the families joined us there. Rick & Doug immediately went to join Brad, the host of the piano bar. Superstition was the first song of choice for Rick, while Doug passed around the tip jar. Some of the songs were just sung in part, others with made up lines and some with the help of the crowd. Rick was greatly disturbed by the Ken doll that was riding the fish on top of the piano, I believe the word mangina was mentioned....sorry that is all I am saying about that one! lol The Stripper song was played when Rick couldn't decide on a song and looked through the request book and Brandon joined Rick for an awesome version of Imagine, Rick on vocals, Brandon on the Piano. Brandon then took a turn on the harmonica during I Saw Her Standing There.

Set list:
Let It Be
Bennie & The Jets
Your Song
The Stripper Song
Shoulda known better
Imagine-Brandon on Piano, RS vocals
I Saw Her Standing There-Brandon on Harmonica

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