Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stripped Down in St. Louis

"Stripped Down"
Friday, March 21, 2014
River City Casino
St Louis, MO
Set list & photo submitted by B. Minett

I Get Excited
Affair of the Heart
Me & Johnny
Light My Fire (Doors cover – only one verse)
Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Love is Alright Tonight
Rollin & Tumblin’ (blues cover)
Inside Sylvia (using guitar chords on iPhone)
Honeymoon in Beirut
Don’t Talk to Strangers
Baby Blue (Badfinger cover)
Painted Girl (original version and Beatles-esque version)
April 24, 1981/ My Father’s Chair
I’ve Done Everything for You
If Wishes Were Fishes
Love Somebody
Our Ship’s Sinking
Jessie’s Girl

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