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Milwaukee, WI 3/5/14 - Pabst Theater

Fan Review

Rick mentioned again this past weekend that there would be a DVD of the Solo tour.  Given that, and for all the people still planning to catch the Stripped Down show for the first time, we will try to avoid any spoilers.

I Get Excited
a song he wrote about his hot girlfriend who is now his hot wife.
Affair of the Heart.
At this particular show he actually started out with the line "When we make love" and caught himself.
A couple of people came in late, and he said "I came all the way from LA and I got here on time.
Also while this was going on security was telling people to stop taking pictures.  At the end of the song he told security he was ok with people taking pictures because "with this face, there's no such thing as a bad picture" (wink).  Then he goes on to say he's seen the pictures that people take and made some faces of some poses that can be captured that aren't very flattering.
Me and Johnny
He talks about growing up in Australia and his friendship with John Kennedy.
He also tells a very funny story about his grades in school
Light My Fire
He sings part of this song and talks about his experience in Vietnam
Oh Well
He explains Band in the Box
He talks about the upcoming novel Magnificent Vibration, how 2 of the 3 top literary guys from Rolling Stone gave it a good review, but Rolling Stone never really gave him a good review on any of his music so he gave a big FU to Rolling Stone.
Love is Alright Tonite
He says he wrote this song at 29 for what he wanted to be like when he was 15.
He takes off his jacket, so that becomes the "stripped down" portion of the show
Rolling and Tumbling
Tells the story about his first band being a Blues Band starting the song with "I Dig You Tony!"
Honeymoon in Beirut
Talks about living in a beautiful house, looking like they are living the perfect life, when inside all hell is breaking loose.  (He has yet to mention that he sold that house to Mel Gibson)
Inside Silvia
He has a new ap on his phone that plays guitar and he does the first part of this song using the ap on his phone.
Don't Talk to Strangers
Baby Blue
He calls this a song he wished he had written, then tells a hilarious story about an experience with Todd Rundgren.  This story probably gets the biggest laugh of the night.
Painted Girl
First song he ever wrote.  He plays the "original" version and then the version the way it sounded in his mind back then.
April 24, 1981/My Father's Chair.
This is always a very emotion portion of the show.  Most of the time he sings at least one line (this time it was "I watched my family...." during the middle away from the microphone, not playing guitar, and you really hear the raw emotion of the song.
I've Done Everything For You
He tells a very funny story about Sammy Hagar and his tequila
If Wishes Were Fishes
He talks about the story behind the phrase.  He also talks about an interesting statistic about the powerball.
The most laughter seems to come from the Miley Cyrus line - a close second is the "I wish people whole quit calling me...."  line
Most applause seems to come from the Noah Drake reference (although he never says the name) and the line following it.
At the end of this song, he spills his tea on the Magnificent Vibration book (which isn't really the book, its the cover over a different book), and on his phone.  People were yelling "save the book" not realizing it wasn't the real thing.
Speak to the Sky
He played a little of this on his phone to make sure it was still working after the spill.  He then knocks some other stuff over and wonders out loud "How do I drive, really?"
Written in Rock
He talks about being married to his wife for 30 years and when you've been together that long "shit goes down"
A string had broken on one of the Acoustic guitars, he told us the guitar had been given to him by MGM at EFX, and this it was a 10,000.00 guitar.
Just One Kiss
He played part of this song to check the guitar
Love Somebody
Talks about Patti Hansen and KeithRichards
Our Ship is Sinking
(not really a story with this one)
Jessie's Girl
He asks what the obvious next step is for a musician who doesn't seem to be making it in music.  If you've been to the shows and you know the answer, probably would be best not to shout it out, and let him tell his story.  Just Saying.
Human Touch
He doesn't always do this one, but was nice to see it.
There are rules to the Q&A, that are often ignored.  No multipart questions, no asking for hugs, or kisses, or birthday songs.
Some of the questions asked were - who his favorite current author is - he settled on Mitch Albom.
He was asked about future acting projects and he talked about Drop Dead Diva and that he was writing some stuff himself.
He was asked what his parent's best advise was, and he said when he was trying to decide whether to go after a music career or go back to school, they told him to do what he really to do, and to "never give up, never give up, never give up"
He was asked how close he was to his character in Californication.  He said not at all (at least he hoped not)
Someone said that they wouldn't sell her a tshirt at the merch booth because it was already closed.  Some laughter followed and Rick said "that's not really a question"
There was a guy there with an Aussie accent who asked him what he missed the most about Australia.  Friends and the country, dessert/terrain.
Someone asked if he remembered his banker back in the 80's (I think her name was Becky).  He asked if that was her, and she said no, but that she worked with her and she said to say "Hi".  So Rick says to tell her Fing Hey from me.  Rick Fing Springfield says Hey.
He was asked when Noah Drake was coming back.  He said he would never say never but it wasn't very challenging when he only comes back for a day or two, and his lines would be "I'm back from Doctors without borders and I need to get the F out of here in a day and a half".
He was asked what the strangest thing that happened to him at a gig, and he said he played the Buddakan back in the 80's and the audience is nice and polite and he came out with his Rock Star pose and the girls were giggling with their hands over their mouths, and he realized that his pants were unzipped and his shirt was hanging out of his fly.
He was asked if he ever got nervous before he went on stage, and he said not anymore, that is was more excitement than nerves, but that he played with his back to the stage when he was 15.
He was asked what kind of dog Gomer was, and he said they figured out he was part Catahoula, and the way they figured that out was that David Carradine had seen Gomer and mentioned it (and he also mentioned he had been in a tv show with David Carradine - aka Human Target)

The show lasted right at 2 hours from start to end of the Q&A.

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