Monday, July 26, 2010

Rick Springfield rain or shine at the Ballonfest in Reddington NJ

July 25th 2010
28th Annual Quick Chek NJ Balloon Festival
Reddington, NJ
Review: Rosie Malthaner
Photo: Sue DeVita

Sorry to say no pictures from this show so I borrowed one from a friend. The weather Gods were not quite cooperative. Just before the show was scheduled to start a severe weather warning was issued and the festival grounds were evacuated. We were asked to wait in our cars until it passed. Buckets of rain came down before the decision to start the show at 4pm in the rain was finally made. While the rain has slowed considerably it was still coming down as we made our way to the stage.

The stage was covered however and as Rick appeared the crew was in the process of dismantling the band's equipment. Rick took a seat on a stool with his guitar and told us that because of an early flight and lack of proper soundcheck the band would not be joining him. He also found it quite disconcerting that this was going on behind him and commented that it was like a bad dream, he was so bad that the band left and the crew was packing up.

Rick seemed appreciative of those of us that hung in there and asked for requests. A request for Souls was honored and he went on to play about 9 or 10 songs. DTTS was done sans audience participation but he did request the crowd to sing the choruses of several songs. The crowd was a bit disorganized with no one checking tickets and several umbrella's blocking the view up front.
Too bad they had such an early flight because if they had waited another hour, just about the time the show was over the sun was starting to come out. Better half a show than none though! I do have to say it was kind of nice to leave the camera behind for a change and just enjoy the show!

Set List:
(I believe this is the set list, if I missed anything please leave a comment)
I've Done Everything For You
Love Somebody
Inside Sylvia
Jessie's Girl
Affair of the Heart
Oh Well

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