Monday, July 19, 2010

Rick Springfield in Ohio

July 16th 2010
Mansfield, OH
North Central State College
Review & photo's by: Debbie Goldman

This was a very hot night. Rick wasn't coming on stage until 10pm but my Mom, sister and I drove from Cleveland so we got to the Rock-N-Ribs venue around 5:45pm. We found 5th row seats and listened to 2 other groups before Rick came on stage. While we were waiting, we noticed that Derek was putting out Rick's merchandise so we went up to him and chatted for a few minutes. He also signed autographs for us.

About 45 minutes before Rick came on stage, the audience was allowed to stand on a grassy area right in front of the stage. My sister and I headed straight over and planted ourselves in front of the stage. At 10:00 on the dot, Rick and the guys came out. Rick was wearing black pants, a white t-shirt and a black jacket, which he took off right after the first song, Mr. PC. He was also wearing glasses, which he threw off quickly as well. Rick was in a very giggly mood that evening. He told the audience that he didn't wake up until 3:00 that afternoon, he unplugged his guitar while playing, and he almost forgot the words to a song. He said, "Don't try to read a sign while singing." At the beginning of the show, a big butterfly landed on Rick's foot so he put it on his hand and held it up for the audience to see it. It was funny seeing Rick, George and George stop what they were doing to look at the butterfly. Rick took it over to one of the speakers and said, "I'm giving you the best seat in the house" and it sat on the speaker for a few minutes. It was a great moment watching Rick bond with nature.

During Human Touch, Rick made his way out to the audience and walked right in between my sister and I. He was standing on a curb so we put our hands on his back and held him up. On his way back to the stage, Rick walked right toward us, I grabbed his right hand, my sister grabbed his left hand and we helped him back onto the stage. He changed into a sleeveless black t-shirt, no shirtless encore that night, and finished the show by singing Kristina. It was an amazing night and the guys did an awesome job, as usual.

Set List:
I've done everything for you
Affair of the heart
Living in Oz
What's Victoria's Secret?
I get excited
Celebrate Youth
Venus in Overdrive
I'll miss that someday
Love is Alright Tonight
Don't talk to strangers
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jesse's Girl
Wild Thing

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