Sunday, June 13, 2010

Norway Welcomes Rick Springfield

Saturday June 12, 2010 Rockefeller Music Hall
Oslo, Norway

Review and pictures: Carl Thomas

My Rick Springfield day started early: at 11 am I was in Oslo to meet fellow Rick fans, and we started with some beers at the hotel they were staying. Then I got a SMS from the guys who make the fan-documentary (YellowRickRoad), and they wanted to meet us outside the venue at 5.30 for an interview. We did so, and found about 5 other fans allready standing in line; 5 hours before Rick was suppose to be on stage! Well, we did the interview and went to get something to eat. A few hours later we were back at the line, meeting the same people. I was afraid it would only be us. Now, we knew that they would open the doors at 8.30, as they were going to show the soccer match between England and the US on big screen before the concert. More people were coming, and after a while there was around 2-300, and as I guessed, around 70% men.

We have Rick in a total different perspecitve over here. Well after the match, the hole thing started with a short movie showing Rick's life from the start in Australia to where he is now, that was really amazing ! Then the stage exploded as people started cheering. And there he was ! He started playing Mr PC, and did the exact set that he did in Sweden, except for a few songs. After the first two, he told us that he was so tired from the jetleg, and I saw that. I felt really sorry for him, he looked so worn out, but he gave it all to us. His voice gave also proof for that he had a rough concert in Sweden the day before, as it was quite hoarse.

It's funny. Most of us have passed 40, and yes, we are stiff like Norwegians usually are, but after a while we all started jumping up and down. He knows how to entertain his audience ! During human touch he went out to the audience, and that was real fun. First of all he lost his mic, got another, and just walked around making us laugh. He topped it, as he continued further back in and ended at the bar, ordering a beer while he was still singing Human touch. Wow, he was crazy!

Ok, back on stage he told us that he was going to sing a song that was big over here "celebrate youth". To tell the truth, I cant say that this is a favorite song of mine, and it was not big in Norway as he said, but it was a hit in Germany (where he will be playing after Norway). I have to say, the version of the song they played on the concert was much better that the original one, so it was ok. The concert was very very short (under one hour) and most of us was disapointed of that. He only did one extra number (Kristina) and he ended the concert when he really got us going. I cant really blame him, I know how I feel when I come to the US. The jet-leg is really killing you. It's not hard to stay awake, the problem is to sleep when you should, and after a few days, you go nuts.

Well, after some more interviews for the documentary, I were invited backstage to meet Rick and the band. I was the only male going backstage, and the last to speak to him. The women in front took some pictures with him, and again, it was like he was sleeping. He struggled to keep his eyes open. Speaking to him, I felt like I had to grab his arm to get his attention. I showed him my T-shirt, (2010 cruise T-shirt) and told him that if he was there, I would be too. Then he lighted up a bit and gave me his fist to meet mine. They asked me if I wanted a photograph and a picture with Rick, and I just said, no, let the man sleep. He smiled at me, gratefull for my understanding of the situation. I spoke to the rest of the band and told them I would see them on the cruise (but only if Roger promised not to sing). He laughed... Anyway, a great experience. I think people loved Rick, he really made an impression, and I hope he ment what he said when he ended the concert: " I hope I see you guys later". We would love to have him back.

Set List:
I've Done Everything for You
Afair of the Heart
Living in Oz
What's Victoria's Secret
Celebrate youth
Venus In Overdrive
I'll Miss That Someday
Love Is Alright Tonite
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl

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