Saturday, May 8, 2010

Night 3 with Rick Springfield in Milwaukee

May 7th 2010
Milwaukee, WI
Potawatomi Casino

Photo & review: Rosie Malthaner

The third night out of 4 was the Working Class Dog night. The show started off with Love Somebody and a shortened version of DTTS. No audience participation though. George and Matt joined in for vocals on the main mic, and I hope they continue to do this as they all seemed to really enjoy playing with each other. We were soon on our way to hearing live the entire Working Class Dog album in the original order.

A fan in the audience had a copy of the WCD album that was printed in reverse and Rick grabbed it for all to see and talked about how the record company wanted his picture on the front instead of Ron's but as we all know Rick won out and Ron was on the cover, I believe he mentioned that only 10,000 of those were printed. A few fans had also dressed the part and brought a blow up version of Lethal Ron, complete with shirt and tie. Rick gave him a place of honor on the stage for the night.

Derek, not to be outdone by George & Matt's antics treated us to an excellent solo on Inside Sylvia. Unfortunately Rick had to make the announcementnt that the scheduled charity softball game against the Potawatomi staff on Saturday needed to be canceled due to the rain and crappy field conditions but we would now be going bowling, yes bowling. He showed off the trophy that was up for grabs and bragged that it would be theirs at the end of the game no doubt about it. And Yellow Rick Road continued their quest to capture the true fan experience.

Rick of course found the cheese head that had made its way on to the stage at some point during the week and decided to model it for us with a little help from Matt. The set ended on the high note of Kristina. Lots of props, great music and fun! Tomorrow we go bowling and one more show to go!

Set List:
Love Somebody
Affair of the Heart
DTTS-short version
(complete WCD album)
Love is Alright Tonite
Jessie's Girl
Hole in My Heart
Carry Me Away
I've Done Everything for You
The Light of Love
Everybody's Girl
Daddy's Pearl
Red Hot & Blue Love
Inside Sylvia
What's Victoria's Secret

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