Friday, May 7, 2010

Night 2 with Rick Springfield in Milwaukee

May 6th 2010
Milwaukee, WI
Potawatomi Casino

Photo & review: Rosie Malthaner

Night two in Milwaukee! Tonight it was truly all about the fans. I was curious about what requests would make the cut and was totally unprepared for the songs Rick would pull out of his hat. The tone was set with the former opener, Who Killed R&R making a reappearance. We were then treated to a few from SDAA that I love. Before long Rick had a harmonica in hand and was dueting with Matt on Love Me Do.

Away the band went to watch from the wings as Rick and his acoustic guitar entertained us. And entertain us he would. Rick gave kudos to Buzz for compiling all the ly
rics to the upcoming set list. Songs that have never been played live and some only done as demo's. Commenting that a few of these may be re-recorded for the upcoming album. Rick would break between songs and was quite chatty. At one point Rodger appeared behind him and was blowing bubbles at Rick. He wasn't satisfied with that and during Don't Keep the Sandman, Rodger re appeared with sand that he sprinkled on Rick and the stage. The Yellow Rick Road film crew was still hard at work capturing the fan experiences as well.

Fans in the audience had dressed the part of Rick's orange jump suit fash
ion faux pas and had brought an extra for him and he graciously obliged them with giving it a quick try on. Not to be outdone by Rodger's antics, when the band rejoined Rick for Souls, George & Matt were also wearing them. Rick decided that since he likes performing Love Somebody so much it would be repeated tonight. The show drew to a close without Jessie's Girl, much to the delight of the dedicated fans and another fan fav from SDAA, Wasted was our encore.

I had no expectations going into this show but I was really impressed with the choice of music and the performances by all. I wonder what tonight will bring?

Set List:

Who Killed Rock and Roll
Will I
Beautiful You
Red House
Love Me Do w/harmonica

Love Screws Me Up
Believe in Me
Her Body Makes Vows
Don't Keep the Sandman Waiting.
Still Crazy For You
Great Lost Art of Conversation
How Do You Talk To Girls
Ordinary Girl

Love Somebody


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