Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rick Springfield Rocks the Big Apple

April 3rd 2009
New York City, NY
The Nokia Theatre Times Square

Night two of the triple header in the North East commenced at another SOLD OUT show at the Nokia Theatre in the heart of Times Square!

With the curtain drawn, the lights went down, the stage was rushed, and the intro music started - the energy of New York City was definitely in the room, and before we knew it there was Rodger performing his great drum solo, with the man himself strutting to the mic to launch into Mr. PC.

Rick was still as jumpy as the night before and I captured my first ever jump shots! I am telling you those sneakers must have Mexican jumping beans in them because Rick was all over the place. We started the evening off with a few from Venus in Overdrive. Mr PC makes the perfect opening song in my opinion. Rick commented that since so many of us had been to the show the night before they would change it up a bit. The surprise of the night was Beautiful You. I love hearing anything fromSDAA but this is a favorite.

He commented about having a new album out, well not that new he said, he wasn't referring to the Lullaby CD but he did treat us to some of "Don't Keep the Sandman Waiting" and commented on having to get up way too early the next day for a morning show. Next they launched into VIO, which totally rocks live! This one is a keeper in the set list. Before you knew it, it was time for DTTS. Rick made his way into the crowd near me and found a few willing participants before heading back to the stage. Whenever Rick is in the crowd, I always try to turn around and take a few pictures of the band. Well, they also seemed to be having fun up there on stage without Rick, joking and clowning around. At one point Matt was standing over Rodger, it almost looked like he was on his shoulders.

The Medley came next and then on to Love Somebody, where the wireless guitar and headset made an appearance. Rick once again stayed on stage for the whole song. When he announced it was time for "Human Touch" he threw, and pretty hard I might add, the wireless guitar to George who did not catch it and it slammed on the stage. I do think it was intentional on Rick's part to do that though, as George had a strange look on his face, like "What are you doing??" Rick had actually been pretty hard on all the guitars during the night. Rick grabbed the mic and headed out to the crowd making it all the way back to the mezzanine section, standing on railings, before making his way back to the stage for the new version of Jessie's Girl. After the intro of the band, they kept playing a little longer and Rick exited the stage.

The band and Rick eventually re-emerged for yet another two song encore (I can get used to this!) Wasted and Kristina ended the night, and while the show was over too soon, there would be one more night tomorrow! On to CT!!!!

Set List:
Affair of The Heart
Living in Oz
Beautiful You
Love is All Right Tonight
Don't Keep the Sandman Waiting
I'll Miss That Someday
I've Done Everything for You
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl (new version)


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