Saturday, April 11, 2009

CT Welcomes Rick Springfield With Open Arms

April 4th 2009
Waterbury, CT
Palace Theater

We converged on CT for the last night of the East Coast shows, and Rick & Co. did not disappoint even though Rick confessed to be coming down with a cold. Despite sound issues during the first song, Mr. PC Rick continued on until the issue was fixed and we could hear this awesome song. Rick was still on fire with his jumps, twists and turns.

After a few songs he asked for a tissue and joked about selling YUCK! He talked about the new lullaby CD briefly and treated us again to "Don't Keep the Sandman Waiting". He asked for audience participation on VIO, with the "Yeah Yeah!" part, he ditched Crossroads for a guitar packed Hey Joe which sounded great. A rare treat of Speak to the Sky, with the band joining in was cool.

DTTS was an extended affair, Rick ventured into the crowd and then brought up a very cute Laurel, who didn't want to dance with him. The band even tried to get her to dance by playing Taste of Honey's Boogie, Oogie, Oogie, but to no avail. Laurel wanted nothing to do with Rick's crazy dancing, but she sure did sing! The medley came quickly after that and Love Somebody was, as is becoming the norm, done on the stage. Rick was much more careful with the guitars tonight, gently releasing the black wireless and removing the headset to venture into the crowd for Human Touch. While Rick was in the crowd, the guys decided it would be nice to converge on Derek for some goofing around. If your a fan of the guys in the band, I highly suggest turning around while Rick's in the audience and check out what they are up too. You never know what you might see!

Rick made his way back to the stage and on with the new version of Jessie's Girl, which I have become a fan of. Usually I hate to hear this song as we all know it signals the end is coming but the new version does extend it a little and Rick and the guys all look like they are really enjoying it. After Rick introduced his incredible band, off he went while they played on for a few more minutes before the encore break.

While waiting for stage return, we wondered if we would get another two song encore. Of course we did! A Nice way to end the three show in a row trip!

Set List:
Mr. PC
Affair Of The Heart
Living in Oz
I'll Miss that Someday
Speak to the Sky
Hey Joe
Saturday Night -part of this-Bay City Rollers
Don't Keep the Sandman Waiting
Love is Alright Tonight
I've Done Everything for You
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl (new version)


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