Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rick Springfield interview on

Rick Springfield: Coolest. Dad. Ever.
Once singing about Jesse's Girl, now he's singing lullabies on his newest album, My Precious Little One
By Lauren Passell,

Rick Springfield (yes, that Rick Springfield) has had his fair share of screaming female fans and wild rock shows. But as a father to two kids, he's also experienced screaming babies and wild Chuck-E-Cheese birthday parties, too. Between rocking out on stage and touring around the country, he was singing pretty little tunes to his baby boys, now 20 and 24. My Precious Little One is a collection of the lullabies he wrote during his heyday –- but never shared until now.

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So tell me about these lullabies.
Rick Springfield:
I wrote these for my sons in the mid '80s. We played them [at home] and I had a couple of copies made for friends. I discovered them last year and thought I'd bring them back.

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