Monday, March 30, 2009

Rick Springfield in Verona, NY

March 27th 2009
Turning Stone Casino
Verona, NY
Review by Pam Geiger

The 2009 Spring Northeast tour began with an amazing, energy filled show. Little did I know when the lights came down, “Nothing is Ever Lost” blared, and Rodger soloed, would be I be partaking with Rick Springfield in the superlative. This show was never the least bit short of jumps, turns, table surfs, wine ships, and “wows”; Rick seized every moment away from the mike to indulge. Even a new arrangement of “an old family member” premiered.

From the shoulders to the ankles the wardrobe was familiar however, the feet! The feet were donned in the newly toured sequined, black Converse; shinny and ready to dazzle – air borne and all.

“Mr. PC” transitioned the table seated Showroom into the journey with tracks from “Venus in Overdrive” in the starring role. Yes, Rick reminded us that “We are still talking about that new album” while also mentioning a new album to be out by the end of the year. Rick also reminded us of his roots. Remember, that place called OZ? A little tease of The Who’s “I Can’t Explain” would be all we got for that cover as “Crossroads Blues” won out.

Classic Rick Springfield then ruled for the remainder of the night. It’s really great to enjoy “Love Is Alright Tonite” again. Listening to it in the middle of the set list brings new life it. Where I used to dread that song and try to telepathically slow it down to a snail’s pace, I found myself enjoying the only party song Rick ever wrote. DTTS played its wrath on the usual suspects, and it is endearing to be a part of other people’s moments whether it be their first time or their hundredth. “Love Somebody “was performed at the mike and “Human Touch” was the one and only song performed out in the audience.

While the set list offered some changes, this show was all about what was fueling it and it could have gone on indefinitely as far as I’m concerned, which ultimately brought us to…drum roll please…a new, extended, guitar licked “Jessie’s Girl”! It was awesome!

A two song encore of “Wasted” and “Kristina” left me wondering when I last saw a Rick Springfield show like this, so off to Atlantic City to remind myself again.

Set List:
Mr. PC
What's Victoria's Secret
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz
I've Done Everything for You
Venus in Overdrive
I'll Miss That Someday
Love is All Right Tonight
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl (new extended version!)


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