Tuesday, May 1, 2007

7 Days

One tiny little week until the madness beings. We are up to the show that took place on Friday the 13th of May, 2005.
In the featured picture, Rick is trying to smash a balloon with his guitar.
Fun Fact from this show: we found out that Rick keeps his eyes open when he's having sex.....What?....During Don't Talk to Strangers he made a comment to someone who just sang that she had closed her eyes when she was singing, so that must mean that she closes her eyes when she's having sex, and he said "I keep mine open". While there were no real off the wall requests done on this show, Rick mixed it up some in the middle, and this seemed like a longer set than normal. He did an abbreviated version of Love Me Do, then before going into My Father's Chair, he told the audience that "My American Mom died on Mother's Day". He went on to say that she had saved his life when he came over here as a struggling young lad in acting class and trying to get a music career going and she had fed him and took care of him and said that it was Doug Davidson's mom. He said he wrote this next song about the death of his Dad, but he'd like to do it in honor of her.
Next, he told the audience "My Wife is here", and he said that she didn't come out very often, but when she did, he tried to play this song for her. He said "there's a lot of songs I wrote about her, but this is the one she likes the best". He then played "Ordinary Girl".

Full Set list from the show:

I'll Make you Happy
Will I?
Affair of the Heart
Rock of Life

Waiting for a Girl Like You
Red House
Don't Talk to Strangers

I Get Excited
Beautiful You
Living in Oz

Love Me Do
My Father's Chair
Ordinary Girl
Love Somebody
Jesus Saves
You Really Got Me
Wild Thing
Human Touch
Jessie's Girl
Love is Alright

More pictures from the show can be found in the concert section.

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