Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Snake King is Rising

It was a BIG day for Rick Springfield fans anxiously awaiting the January release of Rick's new album, The Snake King.

The first single was released on iTunes Wednesday morning.  By the end of the day, the full version of "Little Demon" was everywhere! A complete list of song titles from the album were also released Wednesday and they are interesting.

Frontiers Music offered a special treat for Rick's fans the same day in the form of Limited Edition Vinyl LPs. YES Vinyl records are back for those who still have a turntable to play them on! In addition to the Limited Gatefold Black Vinyl LP available to pre-order on Frontiers' website was a (very) Limited Edition Red Vinyl LP edition. With only 100 copies of the Red Vinyl LP available, they were sold out quickly. The Black Vinyl LP is still available on the Frontiers Music site. This is the first vinyl record Rick has released since his Rock Of Life album in 1988 and Rick's dedicated fans seem to be excited about it.

The Snake King track list:

1.  Land Of The Blind
2.  The Devil That You Know
3.  Little Demon
4.  Judas Tree
5.  Jesus Was An Atheist
6.  The Snake King
7.  God Don't Care
8.  The Voodoo House
9.  Suicide Manifesto
10. Blues For The Dissillusioned
11. Santa Is An Anagram
12. Orpheus In The Underworld

Photo by Renata Hearn