Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Rick's American Horror Story Debut

 Rick made his debut appearance on the FX network's American Horror Story: Cult on October 24, 2017. It was a much anticipated episode by Rick's fans after he started announcing during his shows that he would be on this season. The only notice fans had was shortly before the show aired on the east coast. Rick posted "I suggest you watch American Horror Story tonight. Just sayin..." on his social media pages, leaving his dedicated fans scrabbling to set their DVRs.

The Judgement House, led by Pastor Charles (Rick), turns out to be a torture house where Pastor Charles keeps three victims he has kidnapped and is torturing to death in what he believes is appropriate punishment for their perceived sins.

The show contains very strong language and mature content. It is definitely not for the faint of heart.

These are a few reactions from US: 

I only watched up until he was killed, but he was amazing in that role. He knows how to deliver the creep factor.  ~Sherri H

I loved it. Already watched the show anyway this just made it better. Rick was super creepy and was super impressed with it. Would love to see AHS JUDGEMENT HOUSE to see how Pastor Charles got so crazy   ~Terry B

I have been a loyal AHS watcher for all of the seasons, having first gotten into it mid-way through Asylum. I really am enjoying most of what this season has to offer, especially the creepiness and twist factors that have been more prevalent than the most recent seasons. Rick Springfield as Pastor Charles brought the creep to the nth factor tonight. *Shudder* (in a good way) While I may not like all the gore in the series, this was another great twist and I could truly see the next installment as AHS Judgment House, and they could explore Pastor Charles and his past and what brought him to that point in more depth. And if they brought back Jessica Lange to the series to look into that alongside him, that'd be even better!   ~Allycen F 

Creepy goodness!!!  ~Monique K

Love the depth of his acting and amazed how creepy he was! Ha!  ~Paula E

He did such a sinisterly fine acting job that I actually forgot he was "Rick" & that is hard for me to do . He completely embodied the character and I couldn't look away . Captivating , I believe he deserves an Emmy nomination.  ~Dawn M
He was creepier in this one than in his Lucifer and Dr. Wacko roles put together!  ~Lisa H

His performance was stellar!! Outstanding! Loved the accent, really convincing. Too bad he died   ~Denise K