Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Interlochen, MI review

Rick Springfield Stripped Down
Interlochen Michigan, July 27, 2016
Review by Laurie Bedigian
Photos by Karen Berean & Darla Gerken

This was my second Stripped Down show and my ninth Rick show in total.  Yes, I’m a novice compared to many of Rick’s devoted fans who travel far and wide to see his show.  Many have easily seen Rick dozens of times.

Interlochen was a four hour trip for me – the farthest I’ve traveled so far to see my musical hero.  And it was well worth the trip.  The venue was small and quite intimate.  Really, any seat in that house was a good one.

The show consisted of several Rick classics including “Love Somebody,” “I Get Excited,” “Affair of the Heart,” and “Don’t Talk to Strangers.”  There were a few cover songs like Badfinger’s “Baby Blue.”  And of course, some comical numbers like “If Wishes were Fishes” to keep the mood light.

With each song there was a story of how it came to be.  One particular favorite of mine is “Me & Johnny,” the song about Rick’s unlikely friendship with a boy (John) who used to bully him in school.  The two became close after bonding over their musical aspirations.

Rick shared other stories and experiences with the audience.  He spoke briefly about traveling back and forth to Vancouver to film “Supernatural.”  There was a slide show to Rick’s right which gave the audience a close look at family and friends.  And let us not forget the photos of the dogs that Rick has come to love.

Perhaps the most poignant moment of the night was when Rick shared the origin of “My Father’s Chair.”  The song plays tribute to Rick’s father and it’s an emotional story of the loss of a loved one.
Rick kept it together for the most part during the song.  But he got teary and a bit emotional at one point.  Looking around, much of the audience was also moved to tears.

The concert portion of the show concluded with an interesting version of “Jessie’s Girl.”  Rick’s band joined him onstage for the song (an unusual treat for a Stripped Down show).  The boys in the band made due with instruments rounded up at the venue.

After a brief couple of minutes, Rick returned to the stage to answer questions from the audience.  
In all, it was a wonderful show.  Seeing Rick feels like a visit with an old friend.  He’s wonderfully engaging, modestly sweet, and truly unforgettable.  This was definitely worth the four hour drive.

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