Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wabash, IN review

Honeywell Center - Wabash, IN 1/24/15

Review by Darla Gerken
Photos by Mike & Darla Gerken 

Upon arrival at the venue we were ready to cross the street from the parking lot and up rolls a Pepto Bismol colored limousine.  Guess who was inside. I've never seen a pink limo before, and I'm sure Rick had a good laugh when it arrived to pick him up for transport.   

This was the second show on the 2015 tour schedule and Rick appeared to be full of energy and happy to be on stage and back to business. I've been to many shows and actually didn't recognize a lot of faces and was surprised to see an older crowd and a lot of men. Smiles were abundant on Rick's face and ours, we even got "butt wiggles" and a few butt jokes.  

Guitar picks were flying during Living In Oz, never saw so many during the first song. I have yet to catch one, though I have come close. Anyone have a spare...........?

Rick made a comment about Jessie's Girl and said "We don't do that one anymore, it's so yesterday". For all the people who have never been to a show, they were probably thinking, why did I come to the show if he doesn't play JG?  

One of Rick's guitars had a large "I Love RS" pin attached to the strap and he said "that's not true, I really hate myself".    Behind the pit area there was a divider that was screaming.... "Rick you need to walk on me", so when the DTTS portion of the show came, he hopped up on it to the cheers of the audience.  He did a balancing act and faked like he was going to fall.  There was a couple directly in front of him that he asked to sing, both refused, so he moved on to other willing participants.  

Rick talked about "Ricki and the Flash" stating that it will be released in August and that it is much better than "Hard To Hold". He said the "Mickey Mouse Club" was even better than HTH.  

The acoustic guitar and stool came out and he said that he needed to slow down the show for the old guys. He laughed and said he was one of them.  AARP sent him a card in the mail recently and he said "don't send me that shit".  He commented that he wasn't going to retire until he falls over or fans stop coming to shows.  When he was talking about his father before My Father's Chair, the microphone went limp and he joked that someone should give it some Viagra. His father's birthday is in January and he would have been 96 years old. After he sang MFC he apologized for depressing everyone and led into Love Screws Me Up, singing about sex always makes him happy.   

By the way, he did sing Jessie's Girl.  It was a great show and now I wish I would be at the three-nighter in Niagara Falls next week, I really miss the "Milwaukee Experience".

I was a little disappointed that the set list was identical to last year's. Had hopes that we would hear some variety, but Rick has been busy with other projects that sidelined him in the last couple months. Maybe later in the tour after the new CD comes out there will be some changes. 

Set List
Living In Oz
I've Done Everything For You
Will I
I Get Excited
Our Ship's Sinking
Affair Of The Heart
I Hate Myself
Bop Medley
Love Is Alright Tonight
Surf Music
Wild Thing
Don't Talk To Strangers
You & Me
My Father's Chair
Love Screws Me Up
Human Touch
Love Somebody
Jessie's Girl
We Can Work It Out

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Kelley68 said...

Awesome review Darla! I always love how you describe the show experience. Love how you recalled Rick's jokes. His humor is part of what I love about him. Thanks so much. Sounds like a blast!