Monday, April 14, 2014

Rick Springfield - Baton Rouge Review

Rick Springfield
Baton Rouge, LA
Manship Theater

photo by Charlotte Poe

This was a fund raising gala for the Theater.  Part of the service they provide is to expose under privileged kids to the arts.

The intro has been revamped from last year, part of which includes Dorothy singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Some of the details from the show:
The front row was made up mostly of girls of a certain age (line from Hot in Cleveland that Rick appeared). At one point Rick said "these seats are for the party girls.
During IGE, he did the heavy breathing thing, then said it takes a lot longer to recover when you get older, but once I do I can go all night.
Before Roar, he said I like a good girl anthem as much as the next guy.  It was really good to  hear a current cover, he usually covers stuff from when he was younger.  Its kind of odd hearing him do a song with that positive of a message though.
When he was warming up the crowd for "I Hate Myself" he said to point to the person next to you who isn't singing.  Then he said see how easy we are to turn people in?
During Human Touch, the crowd really got into it.  It was a smaller venue so he got around to almost everyone that was seated on the floor.
Someone requested Jessie's Girl, he said "we don't do that any more"
Then he said "we need to slow it down for the old folks" and started the acoustic set.  The Girls in the front row were more interested in taking pictures of themselves with Rick in the background during this part so he was performing to a lot of heads facing the other direction.  He wisely skipped My Father's Chair (and apparently Inside Sylvia was on the set list too).

The set list was:
Living in Oz
I've Done Everything For You
Will I?
I Get Excited
Our Ship is Sinking
Affair of the Heart
I Hate Myself
 Bop Til You Drop
 Celebrate Youth
 Calling All Girls
 JG tease
 Don't Walk Away
 State of the Heart
 What Kind of Fool
Love is Alright Tonite
Surf Music
Wild Thing
Human Touch
You and Me
Love Screws Me Up
Don't Talk to Strangers
Love Somebody
Jessie's Girl
We Can Work It Out
I'll Make You Happy

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