Monday, July 4, 2011

Rick Springfield Rocked Chester, West Virginia

The Harv - Mountaineer Casino - Chester, WV 7/2/11
Review by Darla Gerken, photos by Mike Gerken

“Wild and Wonderful” as West Virginia license plates say: Rick was that and more, he was in a great mood and full of energy. The venue was situated in the part of the state, which is practically Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia combined. It basically was in the middle of nowhere, as Rick pointed out during DTTS as “where the…..are we?”

I’ve got to say that this show was another one that will go on the top of my list of “best ever”. I was quite apprehensive about going to the show since there were no assigned seats. We had VIP tickets through the fan club, but after calling the venue with questions what VIP meant, I really wasn’t sure. When they said VIP, that is exactly what it was. We were ushered to the preferred seating area, which was roped off where the high rollers usually sit. We were told we could sit anyplace within the area, noting that no one was sitting in the front row of tables, we chose front and center which also included free drinks! Wow, this is what I call an awesome Rick concert and he hadn’t even taken the stage. My apprehension turned into, “I’m loving this place!”

Usually at a Rick show when the intro music begins you have everyone on their feet in anticipation of Rick’s grand entrance on stage. We discussed if we should stand since no one else was in our area, but decided to go for it hoping security would not tell us to sit down. When WKRR began, everyone was finally on their feet to our delight since I can’t do a Rick show sitting down! The first couple songs were his usual set list until he said he didn’t write the next song, but he really liked the guy who did, which turned out to be Jet. He really rocked it.

He talked about the cruise, stating that it was going to Jamaica and also Cuba where they would buy cigars, hope he was joking! He mentioned his guest list and that his Mum might be joining the cruise. Love it when he talks like his Mum saying “Richard, don’t be so rude”.

At one point Rick tossed his guitar up in the air and then tossed it to George N, hitting him in the feet. Poor George takes a lot of abuse from Rick’s guitars. Rick commented on the cool lights on the tables in the VIP section and asked if they were there to scare away the aliens. He asked if those were the expensive seats and said “let’s hear it for the cheap seats”, the crowd cheered.

Gloria (dirty version) was next on the list. Rick did his usual spiel asking women to hold up their right hand. I decided I wasn’t going to do it and he immediately noticed me and told me to raise my hand, which I did and then put it back down. He told me I had to keep it up, so I raised both hands, he got a kick out of my refusal to follow instructions.

When it was time for DTTS, he went to the side of the stage and sat down on one of the speakers. Rick talked about how ugly he was at 15 and how he found out about girls liking guys who sing. He tried to get two of the security guys to sing, but neither one would cooperate. Since they refused, he said he needed a “real man” to sing, I started pointing to my husband. Rick came over to us and got up on the table, and asked my husband what his name was. He told him it was Mike, Rick replied that was his brother’s name. He did the usual encouragement he does when he wants a man to sing. Mike sang DTTS to the crowd’s applause. Rick then turned to me and asked if Mike was my husband, which I replied, “Yes”. Rick then asked me a question that I can’t repeat here and could not answer at that moment in front of a 1,000 people. My reply was a look at Mike and I just shrugged my shoulders! Rick can be a little rude as his Mum says; now I wish I could have answered in Rick’s Mum’s voice about being rude! I later asked Mike what was going through his mind at the moment Rick asked him to sing, he said he was hoping he could remember the words to the song! He said he wasn’t as experienced as me singing DTTS. I thought that was so funny
he was thinking that.

Rick moved down the table to one of my tablemates. He wanted Tracy to sing DTTS, but instead she said it was her birthday, he asked her how old she was and according to her answer, he said he probably dated her Mom. He proceeded into the crowd asking quite a few other men to sing and he proceeded back on stage with a young girl named Molly. Rick and Molly danced on stage, which is always fun to see Rick dance. Molly did a great job on stage singing DTTS.

When Jessie’s Girl time came, security started to allow the crowd from other areas to go to the front of the stage. You could really feel the energy surging. The encore ended with a shirtless Rick signing Wasted and Kristina. You know you’ve been “Rick-tified” when you hate to see the night end and wanting more.

Set List:
Who Killed Rock ‘N Roll
I’ve Done Everything For You
Affair of the Heart
Living in Oz
What’s Victoria’s Secret
I Get Excited
Venus in Overdrive
I’ll Miss That Someday
Love Is Alright Tonight
Don’t Talk To Strangers
Love Somebody
Human Touch
Jessie’s Girl

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