Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rick Springfield in Michigan City!


Blue Chip Casino

Michigan City, IN

Review by Darla Gerken

Photo: Mike Gerken

Rick made a fashion statement when he walked on stage, wearing a black jacket with a cool design on the back, black pants and white t-shirt with his black and white sneakers. He was loaded with energy and said it was good to be back with the band because the night before he did an acoustic set by himself. He didn’t say where he performed, but I would have loved to have been there.

We got a special treat when Rick sang Souls. He said since we were in the Midwest, he felt it was appropriate to play. When he said he was going to play the Yeah, Yeah song (Venus in Overdrive) he asked if we believed in aliens. He made a wise crack about George being an illegal alien, to which George responded, “I am not!”

Love is Alright Tonight brought a couple pairs of panties flying on stage with one actually landing on Rick’s guitar, which dangled there through the remainder of the song. He commented at the end that it was a great shot, kind of like when you play the game throwing the ring around the bottle at a carnival.

Rick mentioned that he had a book coming out in October. He said that he probably would have to take some time off after it comes out since it is so revealing.

A security guard was chosen as the first victim for Don’t Talk to Strangers, he had a very deep voice and Rick asked if that was his normal voice. The guard said that he was sick; Rick asked if anyone else wanted to sing and use the microphone that the sick security guard used. He continued out into the crowd and asked if anyone sucked at singing. He was standing about four chairs away from me and I waved my hands to get his attention because I definitely cannot sing but I wanted to anyway. He proceeded to my seat and stopped right in front of me. My moment finally arrived (after a six year wait), I belted out DTTS, after which he said “you do suck!”

This was one of the best concert experiences that I’ve had and Rick has a way of making dreams come true.

Set List

Mr. PC


Affair of the Heart

Living in Oz

What’s Victoria’s Secret

I Get Excited



Venus in Overdrive

I’ll Miss That Someday

Love is Alright Tonight



Love Somebody

Human Touch

Jessie’s Girl



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